I’m going to score that corner volley goal one day and then you’ll all be sorry

Just a compilation video today of my last session of Season 3.

I saw the season to its conclusion and amassed lots of clips of goals (and near-misses) that I have assembled here.

Every goal by me and the AI is here from all 6 matches (except for a couple from Chelsea that I forgot to record at the time):

On to Season 4. And perhaps to World Class difficulty.

Some of the goals above indicate that it’s time for World Class, and in truth, it’s a rare match I lose now. I have to be sloppy or inattentive in some way. So it should be time for the step up. I’ll see how the pre-season goes.

Transfers. Friday will be all about transfers…

Updated: 12th May 2020 — 11:49


  1. I know the bird has flown on the old girl but I can add some insider info from ‘a source close to the PES commentary team’…“Do you get a script or are you able to use your own words?”……”there is a laboriously long script but there is a bit of leeway for invention”.

    So yes, written by some Japanese intern who’d rather be watching baseball while our brave host tries in vain to make it sensible

  2. Turf – its gone beyond what the excuses are now, whether it was a shit script or shit delivery for both, its still complete dogshite commentary in PES, always has been, always will be.

    NG – Still a decent finish for your first season in the premier league.
    I’d possibly wait until you finish top 4 or win the league before moving up to WC, there was still 20 games that you did not win, on professional, WC is a tough task master and I fear without the squad you’d get your ass handed to you prematurely.

  3. NG – WC is rock hard. I had a smattering of 86-90 rated players. Struggled but really enjoyed it.

  4. NG, It’ll be interesting to see how the change to World Class goes for you if you decide to go for it. Glad I don’t have to contemplate that change, which has been a problem for me with some recent FIFAs. For the moment, I couldn’t be more satisfied with FIFA 19 on professional and mainly manual settings.

  5. Big End of season climax to season 5 coming up for me in todays session, 2 league matches left, and a key UCL match!!!

    Squeaky bum time.

  6. Paul/rhymes450 – I really want to see what signings I get and how pre-season goes. For me I’d like to move up to World Class in order to mount an assualt on the top 6, rather than move up after I’ve cracked it. Not because of some bogus Uncle Turf/abbeyhill Purity-style consideration (which isn’t much of one these days, I note with satisfaction: neither party seems to have the appetite for Ultimate difficulty, manual settings etc.; strike one for us enjoyment-first moderates). Just because that’s the weight I want the bar set at to get a satisfying feeling of heft and accomplishment in motion.

    Also rhymes, can’t recall if you’re on PC or not, and of so whether you play with the same mods, but Professional on PC modded is a few % tougher than vanilla, so that is a factor too.

    Uncle Turf – FIFA20’s is the first commentary I’ve listened to with attention for many years, but PES commentary never has offended me as it has some others. Like many aspects of PES, sadly, the commentary has always been a case of ‘it’s adequate, it’ll do’ etc.

  7. Shall I take this one abbeyhill?….

    First up, yes,I accept legendary/ultimate/whatever top is called is just too hard. It used to be hard but could be learned and overcome. The last couple of years it’s been a piss take on PES, as if they are doing it just to say don’t ever complain about difficulty again. I found legendary just unplayable thanks to the ridiculous physical batterings – that’s the real problem, the appalling AI boost to challenges. I can exclude that from my purity idea as it’s just broken.

    Manual settings, zero assistance – yes, I see why that could be a thing. I know there’s a big enough community for it but I’m just probably too much of an old dog for that trick.

    What I can’t exclude from purity, and is my real definition of it, is getting a head start by playing a ridiculously easy level (#notgreg, lolz, hat backwards, what’s up guys). And then deciding to move up one level when you have Brazil 1970 assembled. Might as well start with Man City or Liverpool starting squads on the higher level. Which of course wouldn’t be the done thing. That’s the behaviour of a cad, the hand of a rascal as bobby Robson said of maradona, the Harry flashman school of activity.

    But honestly, I think games are dying for a lot of us – football or not – and whatever port in a storm just to enjoy yourself. Personally I’ve enjoyed resurrecting my dead means dead Skyrim Game – still finding locations after all these years.

  8. Playing on Xbox One NG. Out-of-the-box settings apart from manual passing, and semi-assisted crossing and shooting. 11th in the Italian League on those settings, and enjoying the challenge and gameplay greatly, so no additional tweaking required. Long may it continue. Think I will probably require a top 8 finish to avoid the sack, though it may not be enough in Season 4. If I get sacked, I may go for the long-haul experience of starting in a lower division.

  9. Quick question; is there any mod for FIFA that allows you to have a master league like experience? I.e. pick a team, get the same shite players regardless of team and build your way up? I seem to remember that being a thing around FIFA 15-ish…but not entirely sure.

  10. That statement make my ears bleed, ‘gives you a Master League Like experience’ …..euuugh thats the last thing FIFA needs.

    Seriously though, there’s no mod I know of as you need to change the squad files, and these aren’t done by mods, but by RDBM changes or LUA scripts.
    You could use RDBM to change the names of the players for a specific team, to random ones, and change all the players stats and development curve stats, then save that as a new squad file and load that into FIFA which would do what youre asking, but theres some work to it.

  11. #1 – as Paul said, using the RDBM tool you can make a homebrew ML-Default-like team in FIFA20. If the FIFA modding community was more visible (don’t think any of us even knew it was possible until recently!) there’d be dozens of custom mods out there. Might be you’ll need to start the ball rolling… Failing that maybe go for a Cambridge United or similar in League 2 (or equivalent leagues around the world). That was a very Default-y feeling club when I played with them briefly.

  12. #1 – As Ng said the homebrew style is totally possible, I was originally going to ‘port’ my Dog & Duck FC team across from PES to FIFA and use RDBM to overwrite a league 2 team with them and change the team name, players names, etc, you can even set their emotion level from 1-5 which affects things like contract negotiations, ability to follow team instructions, whether they are greedy or not, etc, theres tons of stuff you can change.

    Some good news, seems COVID-19 hasn’t affected EA’s release schedule, they have announced that FIFA 21 is still set for a Sept release, on PS4, XBOX One etc, but if you buy a current gen copy, you can then upgrade to the NEXT-GEN (PS5 etc) free of charge, so there will be a FIFA 21 on schedule and a next-gen version too.

    Also EA Play event is schedule for June 11th and EA have mentioned a FIFA 21 announcement there, so all looking good.

  13. Paul – I wish English football would just shit or get off the pot. Make a decision. Watford legend John Barnes on the radio this morning making the case for resuming the season but not until early in 2021, and playing this season’s remaining fixtures then, effectively cancelling the entire season 2020-21. Finish the 2019-2020 season in February-April 2021 to give the players a nice break before the postponed Euro Championship. Best idea I’ve heard that solves all the niggles in one go. There’s no way I want to see facemask football in empty stadia right now. There’s also no way the relegated clubs would accept it without playing the remainder. But the Barnes plan assumes that we’ll even be back to normal by early 2021, which isn’t certain.

    And with my Origin subscription I should get EA Early Access access to the PC build sometime in August. If a bus is late these days it’s Covid’s fault, so we’ll see.

  14. Re your last comment NG – I’ve just been on a call with other folk doing researchy stuff and everyone was saying how they expect problems in their field to be blamed on Covid. Brexit has been shuffled into the background as a news item but is still happening. Climate change gone very quiet. All we will hear for years to come is “well, because of Covid we couldn’t…” whether it’s delivering the wrong parcel to your house or because the tea tastes funny. It’s the great get out reason of our time.

    In fact I was thinking about this as I attempted to play a legend purity career but of course Covid makes that impossible.

  15. NG – quite a sensible suggestion from Barnes in theory, but falls down in reality.
    Theres billions of pounds, paid to clubs, and the FA/premier league by tv companies, if no televised games are played, the clubs are liable to pay it all back, with interest, which along with no other income streams from not playing football, would bankrupt many clubs, also every other league in europe would have to do the same to the same schedule to make sure participation in champions league and europa league could be aligned. way too much behind the scenes hassle that makes it a no-go.

    The only plausible, logical solution is to resume this season as quickly as is safe to do so and get the final 9 games played and finish the season late.
    Quite amusing that its only the clubs and fans of those clubs who have nothing to play for or are facing relegation, that are being difficult in negotiations.

    West ham, Norwich etc, all kicking up a stink because they want the season voided so they dont get relegated and lose millions, using the situation as a get-out for their piss poor peformances all season long.
    City want the season voided so Liverpool dont win the title, its all rather pathetic.

  16. nG – Never going to happen as money talks. Sky are currently allowing me to still watch all the sports channels (for what that’s worth) without having to pay for them. They must be hemorrhaging money. There is also talk of clubs in the Premier League being asked to repay their remaining TV money if they can’t meet their obligations.

    I see Paul has replied in the time it took me to type. I agree with all his points.

  17. Lloyd – 25 yards that last one? 27 yards? Somewhere around there. Sumptuous hit! I was wondering when it was coming – now for the 30+ yarders…

  18. NG – got one from a bit further out, will be on next highlight video.

  19. About the same distance.

  20. I agree with Paul as to all the reasons he states as to why they will want the season to finish. Attendance fees generate such a small amount of revenue that the clubs won’t care about empty stadiums. However, what a damp squid the end of the season will be in neutral/empty stadiums. As an old school football fan I wouldn’t want to see my club win the title like that.

  21. Paul , NG : thanks for that, will give that a crack! If that fails I’ll go with Fulham as was the plan originally. Even though their away kit is hideous.

    Paul I meant “default experience” btw but you get what I was getting at 😉 having just dipped my toe in career mode, it’s leagues ahead of master league in every respect. But that has been the case since FIFA 17 at least.

    Over here in the Netherlands real football has just been nixed, full stop. No promotion, no relegation, no champions. There’s almost zero money from television deals to be made which makes such a decision a whole lot easier to make I suppose. Curious to see how the Bundesliga Will handle things as that is set to start this weekend.

  22. Darryl – as a Liverpool fan the title is really just a moot point now.
    If the season is restarted, Liverpool will win it, needing just 3 points from the last 9 games, and will play and lift a trophy iun an empty stadium, with no city parade, just one massive anti-climax, and if the season is nixed and Liverpool just awarded the title on sporting merit, then again its a complete non-event.

    Typical that the best team in Premier league history, with the biggest points gap, who have been head and shoulders superior to every other team all season, gets the accolade of a title romp pretty much stripped away from them by some bat trading chinks!
    And I’d be saying the same if it was any other team winning the title by such massive margins, not just because i’m a Liverpool fan.

    #1 – If you want a replacement Fulham away kit, if you decide to go with them, let me know.

  23. I haven’t got time to lay out a detailed set of reasons, but the players and coaches don’t want to play in the current climate. When training, they will be facemasked (breathing hampered), and they won’t be allowed to tackle each other – is such ‘training’ really going to lead to actual competitive matches anytime soon?! I think that’s what will decide the issue. There are plenty of billion-dollar industries losing money in this and Sky don’t have anyone by the balls – Coronavirus has them by the balls, as it has everyone else. I’ll eat my hat* if the Premier League season resumes before 2021.

    *in the form of a cake in the shape of a hat, a la Paddy Ashdown

    A January commentator after another thumping Liverpool win: “Surely nothing can stop their long wait for a title win now!”

    Little did anyone know…

  24. NG – I will eat your hat as well if it does restart this year. I am even doubtful if we will ever see competative football again.

  25. Darryl – putting the cork on the bottle was relatively easy, alarmingly easy in fact. Taking it off without the bottle exploding might be the work of a generation. No medical person I know, and there’s a few, thinks this is even nearly over.

  26. Sky kinda have everyone by the balls, as do BT and other broadcasters as there are legally binding contracts in place that state if the clubs, and/or EPL do not fulfil their obligations of playing x amount of matches per season, or the EPL d not make x amount of matches available for broadcast, then its a breach of contract and the 64 billion pounds sky/BT paid for the rights to clubs will have to be paid back.

    on the flip side, Corona has Sky, BT etc by the balls because whilst the pandemic is around, there can be no games played, which means Sky/BT can’t broadcast = drop in viewer figures = drop in marketing revenue and drop in new subscribers = less profit.

    Its absurd to even think there will never be competitive football again, of course there will, you think everybod, every country, every governing body, UEFA, FIFA will just disband and say ‘well we’ll never play football again in someone gets the virus’ ???

    Whilst Corona virus may never actually go away, it might always be around forever, there will be, in time, vaccines and antibodies to treat it and it will become just another flu, peoples lives and existences won’t just stop and nobody ever plays sport or goes outside again just because there’s a new virus around, we are only 10 weeks in and already seeing workplaces, shops, schools etc all opening again.
    Whether or not this season actually finishes, there will absolutely 1000000000% definitely be next season, it may start late but it will start, guaranteed.

  27. Paul – all business contracts have clauses in them to take account of extraordinary events like this, I’m sure the lawyers are busy, and I’m sure there’ll be no element of Sky forcing anything to happen. I know it was a throwaway remark of yours, but we do live in the kind of world where the slightest risk causes mass panic. I think football will be back, but not this year. If it happens the matches will be an absolute joke. Closed doors. No goal celebrations allowed. Players taking to the pitch for competitive matches having not been allowed to tackle in training. And no players, for some teams – I hear the Premier League is saying any players who want to drop out of the rest of the season because of health worries can do so. A few players will do so, which means a few more players will do so, and then you’ve got integrity of the matches and the compeition to consider. A nearly full strength Liverpool team playing a depleted Brighton (who you know will use every lever they can pull)? No, won’t happen. It would make a mockery of the competition. I speak as a Coventry fan too remember – 5 points clear, top of League 1, a league title likely. 7 points clear of 3rd place, automatic promotion almost certain. The biggest thing since 1987. So on a much lesser scale Coventry and Liverpool are twinned over this.

  28. NG – I agree, foir this season, its looking doubtful to have any kind of finish with integrity in tact, but next season, will absoliutely go ahead as normal, guaranteed, even if delayed by a few months.

  29. Paul – that is why I said ‘competitive’ as what we will be left with will be anything but. It will be more like exhibition matches, with the over regulation of the game. Football as we once knew it is over.

  30. Anyone missing football who hasn’t watched Sunderland ‘Til I Die should do so, it really hits the spot right now. Both seasons, back-to-back. I was surprised by it as I didn’t think it’d be that good, but the way they weave the match footage in with the various storylines is genius. Best use of match footage I’ve ever seen in a documentary too. I know I’m late to the party on this one and most here have probably watched it, but for those who haven’t… This, and Football Manager, and FIFA20 (plus the 2021 game(s) if/when they arrive) are keeping me going.

  31. NG – I watched the first series of STID when it came out and didn’t know there was going to be a season 2 until it came out and watched all that series in one go as well. It is the best of those types of documentaries and there have been some real charachters running the club. On reflection I think I enjoyed the second series more than the first.I think Chris Coleman came accross really well in the first series and had an impossible task, when he took the reins.

  32. Metal Gear Solid 5 is keeping me going right now and have taken this as slow as any game I have played before and taking in every side mission as I go along and building my base up. I have put lots of hours into the game but have only completed 12%. I moved from Afghanistan to Africa last night and really appreciated the change of scenery, which makes it feel like a new game

  33. I watched the Steven Gerrard – Dare to Dream documentary on Amazon, and started watching the Man City one, but haven’t seen the Sunderland one, did see it listed but as I have no interested in them as a club it didn’t appal, if it comes recomended though i may give it a try.

  34. Paul-thanks for that! Will get back to you on that later on…

    I’m really having to De-PES but already seeing glimpses of that FIFA magic. good stuff! Really solid gameplay once again though not much different than before (which is a good thing)

    Will watch Sunderland till I die, lots of good docus out there nowadays. The Michael Jordan one has me wanting to go outside and play basketball again. Otherwise I’m bored to tears. Being a single man during this pandemic….no, not for me. It’s not as strict (yet) over here in the netherlands in terms of lockdown as in the UK I believe, I still go out and visit a few mates at times for a beer or two. But otherwise… I am definitely NOT the introvert, stay-at-home type I’ve found, more than ever. the fact that gyms are closed sucks big time as well.

  35. Paul – I watched some of the Man Cty one too and wasn’t gripped by it (no drama in their season really), and that led to me ignoring the Sunderland one for a long time. There is drama galore in their season, even if you know what’s about to happen (which I was never too sure of, as the season depicted in Season 1 is 2017-18). It’s funny, sad, uplifting, agonising, all the good stuff. Lots of David Brent moments from the pen-pushers behind the scenes. Good heroes and appalling villains. Give it two episodes.

    Darryl – I envy you the MGS5 journey and wish I could embark upon it again – which I easily could do, of course, but my Metal gear dream is to start it again at 1 and work my way through to 5, and unless we get a proper Second Wave in the Coronathing that properly Mad Maxes us, I won’t have time. If you’re confused as to why Snake is so silent so much of the time, it’s because they recorded Kiefer Sutherland’s lines too early in the game’s development, then couldn’t afford him or he wasn’t available to record the rest of it. A lesson Kojima learned well when it came time to deal with Norman Reedus for Death Stranding.

  36. Started season 6 yesterday, with the new GFXMod v6, some really nice new cinematic cutscenes during gameplay, new turfs, and a new broadcast camera.
    Opening game vs reading, just promoted, sun blazing down around the Madjeski, and a 2-0 win with both goals from my 2 new signings, lovely start to the season.

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