Staying in is the new staying in

Everybody who thought back in mid-January that me playing FIFA was a harbinger of dire events — step forward. I have medals for you.

So a new week and with it a new reality. No, I’m not talking about the Introduction phase of lockdown. (Hope you’ve all got printers at home for the public permits you’ll need by this time next week.)

I’m talking about FIFER 2.1 and the return of the modded Broadcast camera.

All on PC of course — which, as we discovered last week, also boasts a pretty-decent-actually standard of vanilla gameplay.

But modded is better.

The new modded version of FIFA20 on PC, itself recently updated by EA in various wholesome ways, feels just as good as it did when I first fell for the game a few long months ago.

Players have true weight and solidity — vanilla just seems to lack that a bit, for me. Passing is a joy, because you can’t get away with gamey-style no-look reverse passes, or only rarely. What did we always used to say of PES vs FIFA? That the former was a proper football game because it represented and respected player stats. FIFA has overtaken it now.

Two caveats go along with the joy.

Long-rangers seem to have dried up. I have not got a proper one since the early weeks with my Leeds save (which I still have and will drop in on out of curiosity soon). This could be because I am playing with lower-rated players in a lower league. One of the ways a football game can represent lower skills is by a vastly reduced likelihood of scoring from range. It is the most likely answer, if not a strictly realistic one — because in a compendium of TV highlights (oh, the days…) from all the lower leagues, you would see long-ranger goals scored every week, probably more than in the higher leagues thanks to poorer defences and goalkeepers.

The other caveat is of course the lack of fouls, which continues to, uh, plague me (excuse my language). In my first post-Restoration-Of-Mods session, I played about 8 matches, across a few modes (had a few Champions League mode warmups). I had my standard 0.5 fouls per match, for both teams. As ever in modern football games, it’s not only rare to be fouled, you really have to try hard to give one away yourself. We all know this is a deliberate choice by the developers of all football games over the past decade of games. We all know exactly why they’ve done it. We would all do exactly the same if it was our job to sell as much product as possible. So there’s no point flogging this dead horse.

Suffice to say on both caveat-ed fronts — fouls and long-rangers — that the PC platform equips the player with a suite of tools that should, in combination or alone, be able to mitigate or solve them.

And I keep meaning to get around to those tools myself, but I keep just wanting to play the great modded game I have with the time I have available.

Like many others I will have an increased amount of time on my hands for the foreseeable future, until our sci-fi-style emergency is declared over, or at least eased. (Which won’t be simply 3 weeks away. I’d pick June before the streets are open again if I was a betting man, which in fact I am, so June it is. Let’s look back on this post then.)

Back with my Cambridge United in their vastly superior made-up world, and for every step forward I also seem to take a step back. The current table:

I’m happy with my goal-scoring suddenly. I won my first two games of the new session 4-0 and 3-0, which at first made me concerned that Professional had been nerfed, somehow. But then normal service was resumed with a frustrating 3-2 defeat away to Salford, in a game where I was 2-1 up until the last 10 minutes. I got complacent and tried to play keepball and semi-showboat to the final whistle, and conceded two terrible goals. A lesson to be learned and relearned again and again.

To end with, another little highlight reel of goals, with a curious moment or two, and a couple of amusing sightings of what the Broadcast camera mod can do to the pre-match mini-games. I like the far-away view that the mod can provide as well as the low-down pitchside view, so I swap between them as I feel like it. With interesting results sometimes…


Updated: 24th March 2020 — 12:05


  1. NG – Still some nice looking goals in there. I’ve just signed a player with Long range shooting ability and decent shot power in the January transfer window (can’t remember his name, it was on a hastily squeezed in one game session last night) so am hoping to see some more long rangers when I get a chance to play him. However my gaming time will be very limited during all this as last week I decided to move in with my other half before London/UK lockdown (I did bring the Xbox of course……)

  2. NG – some cracking goals, particularly liked the chip over the top and volley.
    That initial camera angle was like watching sensible soccer!!!

    Have you copied the locale.ini from the FIFER2.1 into your FUFA Settings folder?

  3. Paul – re. the ini file, I didn’t, but I have done it now, and everything is different, thanks for the reminder. I dropped in on my Leeds save as mentioned, and this happened:

    Very pleased to post one after all this time. And I think I will stay with my wonderful Leeds save from now. I already put down roots.

    Keith – I will return to my Cambridge save and I WILL score a long-ranger with some of them, but I need Leeds right now.

  4. NG – 2.1 with the locale file is much harder. I’m struggling g this season after using it and have had 3 warning from the board. Its dodgy times right now.

    That was a heck of a strike!!!

  5. Just so you know, our street didn’t think a clap for the nhs went far enough so last night we had a collective sing song of wartime favourites while I held up a banner saying ‘this ones for you NG’. They all know you and the work you do now and every one of them is ready to get on the roof and belt out roll out the barrel in your name.

    Cobh ramblers into the playoffs with a few games left. Not only is it odd coming into a club from unemployed halfway through the season but Ireland has a very strange summer football programme.

  6. Uncle Turf – that was very kind of your street and warmly appreciated by me. I fair enough had a tear in my eye at 8 last night as the strains of We’ll Meet Again started to waft over the rooftops. What a wonderful time this is in some ways. If we all work together we can get through this. #TeamCovid

    One of the joys of FM in the start unemployed zone is that you take your first job or two in leagues and countries you’d never normally look at. In Denmark where I am they basically hve two seasons every season because of a proper mid-winter break, November to March, and the promotion/relegation setup is weird too.

  7. Today’s post will be up at about 1pm

  8. excellent, got your clocks forward already not-Greg ready for our extra hour of evening daylight

  9. NG – Looking forward to today’s post. I never thought I’d miss football (have always been more of a “hate football, love Coventry City” in recent years). However, I’m clinging to every bit of football I can get now (including your blog). I somehow managed to sneak a 1-0 away victory against Man City in the 4th round of the Cup on World Class (3 days after getting pumped 5-1 at home by Rotherham). Very impressed by how well and differently both teams played.

  10. abbeyhill – ‘the time’ is a construct that we have created, but time itself never changes. As I has to explain to an incredulous office, again, just last night…. one of the many things that Coronavirus has impacted is that I won’t be in all weekend to tell them that they’re not losing an hour in bed, as I am now off for a few days supposedly ‘working from home’.

    Keith – I know and it’s something I’m feeling keenly as the weeks slip by. Midweek European games, weekend and Monday Premier League, it all seems like a fanastical long-ago ‘before times’ now. If you’ve never been into the likes of Football Manager (or Champ Manager), or have falled out with it in recent years, now is the time to get back into it I think. It does fill the gap a bit better than hands-on footy games because you’re that bit removed from the action.

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