1. NG – What do you think of Co-op cam this year as it is one of the few angles I haven’t tried?

  2. Can’t stand co-op camera, looks horrible, too far out, and the LOD is awful.
    If you’d have downloaded the up to date GFX mod I sent you then the broadcast cam works perfectly

  3. Paul – I couldn’t open the filetype you sent me straightaway – 7zip didn’t recognise it – and this time yesterday all I wanted to do was play, not go in search of WINrar, install it, etc. I needed those few minutes. And I had in mind this total-vanilla match to show that yes, FIFA20 is a good game in its own right. I’m loving the PC platform to explore mods on, but it’s a good game at its core regardless. (NB: not strictly total vanilla as I had the GFX enhancer running of course.)

    Darryl – definitely a second-favourite camera after the modded Broadcast camera, but I enjoyed the ability to see more of the pitch and players. It changed the gameplay for me a little. When I eventually get set up again with my all-modded setup I’ll be back on Broadcast though.

  4. Oops! Apologies NG. Been commenting inadvertently on the previous post rather than on this one.

  5. Me too :-0

  6. NG – you need FreeArc utility to extract it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/freearc

  7. Here is a full half of a match played during my Career mode, testing World Class AI.
    Spurs played me off the pitch, I just couldn’t break them down, things I usually do with success just didn’t work, it was tough, will stick to professional for now.

    Also notice how gorgeous the game looks with the mods, reshade, and GFX Mod,

  8. Paul – spotted your vid just after you uploaded it and watched it, there really is no going back to console footy for me either, which I still find very weird to think about, like moving house after living in one place for so long that you can’t get out of the mental habits formed around the old place.

    I’m up and running with FIFER 2.1 and the Broadcast mod.

    It’d be interesting to hear you have another go at some live commentary. If the fiddliness of the GeForce settings continue to frustrate, just go for the quick and dirty method of recording your voice on phone and importing the track.

  9. NG – same here, way too much freedom with the PC environment to ever consider playing on console again.

    I will attempt a full match with commentary tonight, in a few mins and post up on FIFAFX if I get it done.

    PS: Professional has been made a lot harder on FIFER2.1

  10. Full match with commentary vid now up over on FIFAFX

  11. Strange how things have come around in a circle. When I first found this blog I was the only one playing modded PES on a PC. Now all the cool kids are on the PCs.

  12. Glad FIFA is finally doing it for you n-G.

    I haven’t anything to say about this new fangled FIFA direction as I’ve gone completely the other way – into the past with PS2 PES.

    Given current events, I’m lucky that working/playing from home/shed has long been my routine and while I’ve tried to get into the current gen of games, I just haven’t.

    I now have an improved PS2 and PS3 set up in the shed which has cost me next-to-nothing and requires none of this fiddling, patching and upgrading. Midi-Shed and I were rather enjoying searching charity shops and boot sales for old PS2 games, bits and bobs before Corona kicked off.

    All the best n-G and keep up the great work and the best FIFA-dedicated PES blog on the net.

  13. Paul – viewed last night and commented on FIFAFX.

    Chris99 – true, and yet another sign of the end times.

    Shed – good to hear you’re still with PES5 and a proper retro gamer! The PC is the best of every world as I get access to all of the old ‘uns in emulators of course, but the actual console is the only real way to play the old games. Somehow an emulated game lacks ‘authority’ in a weird way. It has to be in its original environment.

    It won’t be all work, work, work for me. I’ve got a few days off next week and a couple of weeks at the end of April, and anyway they’re looking to move as many support staff as possible out of the way to working from home if possible.

  14. I bet you’re still flashing the nhs staff badge to get a free coffee and a round of applause from the neighbours… (actually, although I don’t really know you I can’t imagine anyone less likely…)

    Good man Shed – resist this Fifa and pc plague. I now have a whole collection to select from – minus the overpriced ps2 versions of 2012-14. I know I could buy them relatively cheap but getting them for 50p is the real ambition.

    I had a look at 2018 the other night, to see if I could love again with the addition of long rangers and it looked strangely plastic. Paul would be disgusted at the turf patternation. It was a good game, a hard fought 1-0. I’m cracking on with fm2020 though but I would really like to remove panels from the info screen – I don’t want to see other teams shite, or the wealth of stats – but I can’t see any way of doing it.

  15. Uncle Turf — it’s a measure of how NHS-adjacent my role truly is, that I only asked a couple of days ago for a few days off next week, fully expecting my manager to burn the leave request form in my face. ‘Oh, haven’t you heard about the meteor that’s on its way?’ But no, it was authorised without a murmur. Wish I’d asked for the week now.

    Right-click top-right of any panel to change it in FM. There’s a little drop-down triangle thing. Even if they can’t be removed/resized, you can change the info to just your own stuff.

  16. Ah right, cool thanks. I’d muted the social media nonsense and subscriptions to far flung leagues but didn’t know that.

    Am I the only one thinking you must be something approximating the bloke who dresses up as a nurse in carry on matron and gets felt up by Terry Scott?

    Have to be honest, I don’t recognise any of the scenes the media seize on. Shops are well stocked, nobody round here sitting on walls eating chips, the odd dog walker and cyclist at most. I’d welcome a dictatorship right now.

  17. Turf – you must live in a little hamlet stuck in the 50’s with a little centrsal conveninence store then, as out in the real world stocks in shops are bare, shelves empty, people panicking, and still irresponsibly out in numbers.

    As for the FIFA plague, the onky plage in the video game world is konami, and PES and the constant dribbling out of piss poor, shallow, degenerative game play.
    Year on year reducing features, weakening ML and churning out the same crap on repeat.

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