Just hope there’s an August

Another PC-platform booboo for me this week. I had heard that the latest Windows Update broke an element of the modding suite that I’m using to play FIFA20, but it was (I thought) an element that I wasn’t actively using, so I thought I’d be OK and didn’t pay any attention when I got the Update message – which I declined and forgot about.

Until my PC updated itself the next day while my back was turned. So I technically didn’t initiate the Windows Update myself – it all went down something like the image above. I popped downstairs to attend to something and when I came back the PC was happily rebooting after the Update.

I know there’s a Setting that I should have un-Set in order to prevent that happening. All done now. Too late, but it’s done now.

So I ended up playing a session of vanilla FIFA20, which has already happened to me for several sessions in the course of my FIFA20 PC adventure so far.

Vanilla FIFA20 was fine then, and it was fine now. Better than fine. Still a 9/10 experience even without the Career Mode Realism, Gameplay and Broadcast Camera mods in action. It won’t be long before I get them back but it really wouldn’t matter now if I had to play vanilla.

My tastes have changed. There was a time when my feeling of FIFA was that it was jerky and weird and ’empty’. I have to say that a couple of matches of FIFA19 that I have played recently still do feel like that – but that’s that game. FIFA20 is the best FIFA since FIFA15 for me, and perhaps ever.

But we shall see. The true tale of the tape of this FIFA will not be told until my End of Year Review in August… if there is an August. Things like days of the week and months of the year depend very much on a stable world system to make them make sense. Like everyone else, I’m watching in fascinated horror to see if everything is really going to fall over, or if it’s just teetering and will recover.

And perhaps that’s the drollest irony of all. After 13 years of this blog, I finally land on a FIFA that promises to keep me going for longer than a week or two – and bang, instant apocalypse.

Eh, we’ll see. All I can say is that it’s good to have football gaming.

I haven’t moved up the table very far. Still holdng in mid-table, still in sight of the leaders, coming up to mid-season.

Here I present a longish video that’s something different from the usual.

Most of the time with a footy game video, you know that a passage of play is going to end in a goal.

In this one, there is no such guarantee.

Here is a compilation of Misses and Howlers and Solid Goals. There is one Good Goal in there, by my reckoning (a header), but with most of these clips you do not know what’s going to happen until it happens. I could draw an obvious analogy with a certain ‘real world’ of our acquaintance, but won’t.

Updated: 17th March 2020 — 11:50


  1. Nice compilation!
    Had to giggle at your attempt for your usual corner routine, swinging it out to the edge of the box for a volley, how can you ever possibly put it out for a throw on from there?!?!! haha

    Liked the camera angle you used for the away game at mansfield, nice low down feel.

    Have a full length vidseo coming up on this weeks FIFAFX post.

  2. Paul – in the vid there are some good illustrations of how timing and player stats are crucial in FIFA. My League 2 players have gone close from the corner routine sometimes, but some have gone wayward enough as here.

    The header from the corner is the only goal I would have judged worthy of showing in its own right. I think this oculd be a new genre of footy game compilation – all the bloopers and ‘what happened next’ moments.

  3. I’d have been happy to include that chip over the defense and volley too, nice tidy creative goal!!!

  4. Paul – Was thinking the same myself, some very tidy goals in there.

    I’ve moved up to World Class in League One and although its threatening my promotion the challenge posed by the AI is hugely enjoyable. Favourite moment was a last minute winner against Championship Barnsley in the 4th Round of the Cup.

  5. Keith – After having to faff about with the modding side of things, (only drawback to the glorious world is keeping it maintained) last night, I started season 3 with the pre-season champions trophy, beat Ajax in my last group match 6-0, so i’m wondering if now is the time for me to also move up to World Class Level.

    Professional still challenged me in the Premier League last season, finishing only 7th, albeit only 3 points off 4th, but with the extra challenge comes extra reward, I might give it a few premier league matches and see how it plays out, with a possible move to WC level by match week 5.

    Here’s a little clip showing the new updated GFX Mod, with enhanced pitch Turf, and a new sweeping panning broadcast camera:

  6. I have been on World Class and started OK but am now getting thumped on a regular basis.

  7. Really regretting not sticking in with Fallout 3 now….

    Mrs Turf is now home working which is a major change to my gaming prospects. Once the schools are closed the PS4 will be out of action and it will be FM all the way. I am still finding it a bit overwhelming, despite delegating lots of jobs. I follow a CM01/02 feed and he does make it seem so much more user friendly. Not sure going back would be wise though, too much knowledge of wonderkids, too far removed from what I now know.

  8. I’ve got to say that there is a serpent in the New FIFA Utopia and it is the lack of fouls, or rather, the non-aggression of the AI. One to work on in the PC modding scene over the summer (if there is a summer, etc etc). I’ve just reached that point where I’m looking for the odd free kick to break up the play and give me a chance to unlock a stubborn defence with something different (not necessarily a shot on goal, just a routine or something) but my free kicks per game average is currently something like 0.33. 1 in every 3 matches! I’m enjoying the general gameplay and the enironment too much for it to be having much of an effect on the overall experience right now.

    Paul – great camera and I particularly like the distance. Having to play with vanilla camera over the past few days has been more of a chore than anything.

    Keith/Darryl – I am still a Professional level player and just cannot go up until I have thoroughly beaten it. My League 2 players are roughly on the same level as the ML Defaults, which is what I wanted so I am not complaining, just reporting that my, uh, UK development curve is lagging behind all you Italys.

  9. Uncle Turf – it’d be hard to go back for one weird reason – unless you mod CM0102 there are no transfer windows – you can dip into the market whenever you like, all season long. Remember those times? You might like that of course, but for me it’s far too easy in CM0102 to have a bad few games and start wheeler-dealering to rotate players in and out of the squad. There is a mod you can install that updates the squads to today and imposes transfer windows, though.

    My FM19 gameplay consists of little more than looking for players and getting them when I can, picking the team and tactics, playing the matches. That’s the CM0102 rhythm as well, pretty much. I do the odd bit of man-management, team meetings and the like but not a lot else. If you’re doing more than that in FM20 you haven’t delegated everything you could.

  10. NG – I’m playing with FIFERS 2.1 Alpha Mod, and noticed the locale.ini is different from the last mod, it has code lines to do with standing tackling, and aggressiveness. I also edited my refs via RDBM to all strict, and in the first 3 matches of seaosn 3 using these settings, there was 2 red cards in one match, and I had 2 shooting range FK’s in one match and at least one in the other 2 matches.

  11. NG – I may be going back to Pro until my team is much improved to balance up the World Class difficulty.

  12. Blog lurker here. You can undo windows updates…https://www.dummies.com/computers/pcs/undo-windows-update/

  13. NG – yes, I suspect it’s me still trying to get familiar with the interface. It still feels quite a busy screen and I’m deleting columns on player attributes.

  14. Paul – and that’s just one angle of attack on the fouls front, I know. Looking forward to getting my teeth into it. Hope world doesn’t end before.

    FoottiBalla – thanks for the tip, if I had time to fiddle with the PC at the moment I might just dive in, but the next version of the mod will be out very soon.

    Uncle Turf – hunt down the staff responsibilities menu and offload everything except player buying, team and tactics, and you’re away. You can gradually take on a few other duties as you acclimatise to the game. And don’t neglect the great value of transofrming the cosmetic side of FM too. I hope you’re at least using an icon pack to get real badges and other logos, and you’ve implemented the real competitions names hack?

    I’ve got an everything pack – stadiums, faces, badges, leagues, the lot, and I added a different skin as well as I love the dark look. This is FM2019 but its vanilla appearance is purple like FM2020 – I changed it:

  15. That looks nice!! I’m a big fan of the dark or high contrast design look too.
    Just got the new Samsung S20 5G Ultra phone, the dark mode theme on that looks gorgeous, applies it across the whole OS and 3rd party apps too, much easier on the eyes.

    New FIFAX post up at 10 am !

  16. Paul – I never thought I’d come to love Football Manager again as much as I have now, and part of it is being able to dark-mode it as I always found the glaring white colour scheme you used to be stuck with hard on my ageing eyes after a while. It is a great game as we all know but so user-friendly now, and it wasn’t always.

    I had the thing again this morning – woke up and for a few moments forgot all the Corona stuff was going on. Then it rushed in and of course, how shit is everything now. Turns out the Apocalypse isn’t fun. Who knew!

    At this time right now it seems crazy fantasy to think we’ll ever see a real football game again. I’m sure we will… hope we will… but this could be life for a year you know, and who knows what’ll happen in that year.

    I won’t be able to put together a post for tomorrow – just too much going on; no home working for me – so it’s all over to Paul’s to discuss the games I have played in my CM.

  17. NG – Sounds rubbish in your working world. All the best and I hope (perhaps over optimistically) that this settles down for you…….

  18. I expect this whole thing to blow over a lot quicker than expected, once the scaremongering and overhype has doed down and people start behaving rationally again.

  19. Paul – you have a lot more faith in people than I ever will. Irrationalism is the core of everything. People are more than capable of burning down the village to save it, be under no illusions there.

  20. NG – I certainly dont, I am of the opinion that 99% of people are absolute Grade A C*nts, and I avoid them wherever possible.
    You only have to look at the way people are behaving during this to see that.

    But this is being treated like its the plague or something, its not, its a new strain of flu, which 95% of people get, recover from fine and carry on, and just like the copmmon flu, in the elderley or those with underlying health issues, it can be fatal.

    Everyones acting as though its some super death plague, Uk population: 67 million, Corona virus active cases in UK: 2626, deaths: 104

    Thats 0.004% of the population have contracted the virus, and 0.0001% have died.

    Even if over the next 6 months the virus spreads 10 x more in the Uk thats still only 0.04% of the population and a projected death toll of 0.002%

    COVID-19 has a mortality rate wirthin itself of 2.8%, Common Influenza is around 1% and SARS duringthe early 2000’s was over 10%.

    Not a single normal healthy person under 60 years old has died from the virus, most have fully recoered in about a week.

    Overhyping, scaremongering, irrational behaviour.

  21. Paul – the crisis aspect is about health services all being overwhelmed in a short time. Society is fine with thousands of people dying of complications arising from flu and the common cold every single year since years began – because they’re all spaced out in an orderly fashion. Budgets and logistics and resources are in place to accommodate them. This right now is predicted to occupy so many resources in a short time that the regular business of healthcare will be compromised too. E.g. people who are in road accidents will die from lack of treatment because everything is tied up with corona. I say allegedley because the storm hasn’t happened yet, and I’m hoping it somehow miraculously just won’t. Right now work is quiet and the people I speak to on the frontline are telling me they’re just waiting. If the storm breaks the govt will order an enforced mass shutdown, guaranteed. The army personnel being called up are for exactly that. Knock-on ripple effects will have unpredictable consequences for a long time to come. It’s in this context that we might be lucky to see a football match before 2021, or even 2022.

  22. So with 2626 confirmd corona cases, most of whom are all quarantined outside of hospitals and doctors, and 104 deaths, all spread all over the country, that is stretching our health service to breaking point??? really?!

    The footy season will pick back up again asap, there will be no military parading the streets and within 6 months life will be back to normality.

  23. I think NG has suggested before that the NHS has been at the stage for years where half a dozen kids with pans stuck on their heads arriving together could be enough of a tipping point.

  24. I WILL be posting at 12 noon tomorrow as usual. A good session on FIFA20 this afternoon, and I recorded a match that I will post on its own, probably without accompanying text (I’ll chunter in comments if required).

    Keep normal life going. If I start skipping posts because I’m stressed, before you know it there’ll be no bread and eggs on the shelves and- oh.

    But yes, a post as normal Friday at 12, and twice a week every week until the end of the world comes along. Or Christmas.

    Paul – what Uncle Turf said. That’s the sole reason for all the brouhaha over this virus. As we all know, regular colds and flu kill millions every year and nobody cares (apparently) about doing anything special to save them. Part of life, etc. Even the elderly and infirm quite cheerfully accept that one year they might get a sniffle that turns into a coffin.

    Coronageddon is about having to fit thousands of people at once into a system designed for mere hundreds at once, and which runs at full capacity anyway under normal conditions. Societies are rapidly re-organising themselves in readiness to get hit hard. The ripple effect from a big enough hit genuinely has the capacity to end an entire social and economic era. Interesting times indeed.

  25. So apart from NG is anyone actually a key worker? Mini turfs school is 200 yards from our local hospital (a very big one) so tons of kids will be going in as their parents are involved in it. Lloyd – aren’t you sir topham hat? you must be at home Paul?

    Reality check for those of us who ponce about writing academic guff – no one needs us or cares…they’ll chuck me in a skip when I die of starvation.

    Meantime I did swap the skin on fm2020 – it’s a hideous purple red effort initially. Helps with the clutter having it dark. And I’ve offloaded everything but the necessary. Finding transfers a bit more clunky than previously.

  26. Uncle Turf – I’m not really, I’ve got some leave booked in April that hasn’t been cancelled, so I cheekily put in for a few more days on top of that (going to need a rest I think) and it was allowed without a murmur, which I was surprised at. Support service only in my office. There’s also vague plans to work from home, which isn’t impossible, it’s a computer and phone based job. Depends how extreme things get.

    The empty buses to and from work this week are the spookiest thing.

    And please let this ‘mass webcam-based online jolly singalong’ genre of event that’s started happening end. I sincerely hope all the participants get Ebola. Not Coronavirus, you understand: Ebola. And die of it.

  27. nG Just read this https://www.visualcapitalist.com/history-of-pandemics-deadliest/ Ebola has only killed slightly more than Covid 19.

    My wife is a nurse, so our kids could go to school, but the advice begins with “if there is no alternative”.

  28. Wish your wife all the best Chris. My sister is also in the medical profession. We owe a lot to our medical professionals. They are on the frontline in this one, both in terms of treating patients and exposure to the disease.

    Nice video NG. The game looks great. I’m really enjoying my Torino Career on FIFA 19. It’s slightly but noticeably better than 18, if that makes sense. If, as you said in a recent comment, FIFA 2020 is a far superior game, then it must be quite something. I also like Coop camera, but now that I’ve had to move to my smaller PC screen, I’ve changed to Tele.

  29. Thanks Rhymes. Truth be told I’m more worried about herd mentality and overreaction at the moment. Can’t help wondering if the nagging flu like thing that so many people had over Christmas was unnamed Covid 19.

  30. Chris99 — my wish was for all the webcam singalong people to die in excruciating and horrible fashion. The numbers don’t count as long as we get them all. I am absolutely serious, this is a rational and proportionate response, and this is in no way a joke of any kind.

    My iceberg analogy for the virus, in which the world/society/civilisation is the Titanic and it’s already too late, reflects my still-large concern that we will burn down the village whilst trying to save it. A run on the banks would make things interesting.

  31. Found something curious in FIFA 19 for the Xbox one. Torino are assigned Odromo as a home ground. Not really happy with the default “triangular” nets, I went to customisation and changed to “rectangular” nets and loose net tension. Back to Odromo and found the biggest goalnet I’ve ever seen in a FIFA game. Around one and a half times as deep as other “rectangular” nets, somewhat reminiscent of Bundesliga 1970-type nets. I like it so I thought I’d mention it in case anybody wanted to give it a go.

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