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A slight bump today in the so-far smooth road of FIFA20(PC, modded). Nothing to do with the game as such – it’s the platform.

One of the inherent risks of using PC mods is that a title update from the developer can easily break those mods, leaving you stranded in place until an updated mod comes along.

The trick is to be quick enough to decline the developer-side update, so you can toddle merrily along as you have been doing, until the new mods are ready for you to use (if you even want to).

I wasn’t quick enough. Which is frustrating. I would have happily played my setup of a week ago indefinitely.

Normal business should be restored by Tuesday’s post, but for now I am stuck with vanilla or nothing.

I’ve got access to FIFA19 on PC, and all of that game’s entire year of updated mods… That one would be a long time setting up though, so I played a bit of vanilla FIFA20 using spare saves that I started (on vanilla) way back when.

One of the football gaming habits that is changing for me is my need to always play the same thing, all the time. Playing a few different modes, with different teams, is good. Again I would cite the democratising influence upon me of Football Manager 2019 (heading into Season 4 of my increasingly epic save there).

Vanilla FIFA20 is a still a good game – 8/10, easy. But my Leeds modded Career Mode is what I was playing and loving on a consistent 9/10 basis, and that is unavailable to me for now. And perhaps forever! The mod creator, Fifer, is currently producing a Version 2.0 of both the Career Mode mod and the gampelay mod that supported it. Everything is promised/threatened to be different. This makes me nervous. I can’t help wondering if I’ve unknowingly departed a Promised Land that I will not see again. But we shall see.

Here is a brief 45-second clip of me messing about and doing things in vanilla FIFA20. The goal at the end is a very unusual type – downward header into the turf that realistically bounces up and over a flailing keeper – that I don’t recall ever seeing in a footy game before. FIFA20 modded might be better than vanilla, but vanilla still has something special.

As can be seen, the Broadcast camera mod at least does still work, as it was unaffected by the EA update.

Above you first see me playing a group match as Spurs in the Champions League. If the camera angle I settle upon there seems strange and unnatural, let me assure you that you very quickly get used to having the ability to sling the camera that low and that far out, and the gameplay that results feels very special indeed.

Hopefully Tuesday will see a return to Hernandez & co. I am on the list of eagerly waiting subscribers for the mod.

Updated: 14th February 2020 — 11:57


  1. Lovely header. I’ve had one similar this year on the PS4 that made me pause for thought but it was closer to the goal than that one.

  2. Chris99 – been highly impressed at the type and variety of goals on offer on the FIFA side this year. To be fair that was probably always there, but my PES juice had not been spent, which it seems it is now. The last time I played or even thought much about PES was the last session recorded on this blog — exactly one calendar month ago, the longest such stretch I can remember. I haven’t even had a secret session back on PES2020 or any other edition. Could this be a watershed year? With 6 months of it left to run, it’s too early to say for sure, but it seems bloody likely with the quality of gameplay on show in FIFA now.

  3. First few games of the season show this is going to be a struggle to stay up.
    The AI seems much more switched on that FIFA 19 and just step forward and cut off my passes. The pre-season tournament continues to lull you into a false sense of security.
    Fifa still feels very ‘British’ for want of a better word. PES is trying to be La Liga while this is very much winter in the premier league stuff.

  4. NG – It was there and even on the console last years Fifa was something special in terms of variety of goals. This year is no different. Currently 2nd with 10 games of season 1 to go. Only gripe is the long shots have now dried up after the last two updates. This happened last year when there was no doubt that the timed finishing and long shots were overpowered. This year the balance was just right and didn’t need tinkering with.

  5. prsgame – I think it was always a matter of me sticking with FIFA for me to get into it again. The last time I gave it this amount of sustained attention was in 2014-15 when PES2015 was delayed until November and I gave FIFA15 a good go and loved it. Very shrewd observation about it being more like a British football version of the sport.

    Darryl – that’s one of the reasons I love the modded gameplay on PC, as you may have seen from my vids, it does seem to ‘allow’ long-rangers and in proper proportion too (albeit weirdly just for the one player so far). I hope the latest update (which has hit PC too, hence the interruption to my CM progress) doesn’t nerf them in modded PC terms as well. There’s no doubt the developers do NOT have our best interests at heart (single players).

  6. Anyone messed about in Dreams? I’m in a real flux with no title locked in, bouncing around various options. Did I say I started the witcher? Like the world graphics but thought the opening scenes were really clunky – bodies and faces are still way off reality, too shiny and plastic. Noted your cyberpunk is now very delayed, a no man’s sky perhaps?

  7. Been “away” for a while, didn’t see this FIFA love story coming. Interesting! I know from FIFA 19, 18 and 17 as well really that it really is a very solid game.

    I’m intrigued to pick 20 up now as Pes20 has really become a chore to play. I must be the only one here still playing it occasionally? The latest update brought nothing but repetition and all matches are just the same now. CPU players are stronger, faster, all individuality is gone now it seems, CPU players just block you with that silly half turn and then shield the ball, turn, shoot. Your players are bumbling idiots, indiscernible from one another and can’t get anything done. Rinse, repeat.

    Ugh – I guess my Pes juice is well and truly spent already. Shame to say but 20 has gone the exact same route as 18 and 19 which in the end were very mediocre. I guess that still makes 17 the last good Pes game for me and 13 the one before that one…not a good track record at all.

    Is vanilla fifa20 on PC worth bothering with? I’m really not looking to get into the modding thing with another footy game now , waiting for updated mods and whatnot. At least not for the time being.

  8. I tried returning #1 but found exactly what you said, it would be 38+ repetitions of the same game. I can’t believe online is any different as you can do so little to vary the routes to goal. I’ll never mod a game so I guess we’ve reached the end of the road as surely no one will ever believe a konami press release again.

  9. Uncle Turf – what is ‘Dreams’?? I have had a couple of failed attempts to get into The Witcher, bounced off both time as soon as the quest markers started overwhelming the HUD. Not a fair reason of course as it is a great game. I think I’ll be concluding business with Fallout 4 (which also needs a Survival playthrough) first though – and that could take years!

    And re. not believing Konami again… their most cynical ploy in recent years has been pushing out a summer demo with the exact gameplay that us older single-players want to have, then bait-and-switching it on release.

    #1 – FIFA20 vanilla feels like an 8-8.5/10 game to me, but that’s compared to the wonderful 9+ experience of the modded gameplay. FIFA modding is incredibly straightforward but as you say, there is that wait for refreshed mods when a title update breaks them. I’m feeling a bit anxious about the next version(s) of the mods I’ve been using until now, as their creator is trumpeting the changes to them, and I’m thinking, no, I want the gameplay of the ones I had!

    All of this is a bit like my shock foray into myClub a few years ago, except it feels like something has shifted in me and this is permanent.

    Loving the move to the PC format as well. I never knew how much I needed to be able to Alt-Tab to a browser whilst playing.

  10. https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/dreams-ps4/

    Exhibit one m’lud. Surely the perfect vehicle for reviving ‘Grendel’

    Apparently it’s been in beta, open thingy for a while so that there is plenty of content on day one. I’d struggle to create anything but a mate who’s played it said there are loads of things just to fall in and out of. I doubt it’s for you…

  11. Uncle Turf – that Dreams thing looks fantastic really, the kind of thing I powerfully want to get stuck into but know that I would struggle to fit into my already crowded schedule. I am loving the combo of FM2019 and FIFA20 in my life right now and they take up all my spare time. Even XCOM2 hasn’t been played for a few weeks (the classic ‘storing up the energy’ manoeuvre for a future XCOM2 spree…). I’m obsessed with my FM2019 save and digging into the kind of detail that is often in short supply in my PES Chronicles chronicles. Inside Forward or Wide Target Man? The good finisher or the nippy winger? Etc. Humble old BK Avarta, currently of the Danish 2 Division, have no idea of the grand adventure they’re on in my digital world. The NordicBet Liga will be ours!

    And FIFA20… I have resorted to playing it unmodded (vanilla) as there’s some sort of snafu going on with the latest EA update conflicting with the new versions of the mods, or something, and am finding it fantastic.

    So Dreams may have to come true some other time. Got my eye on it though.

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