There’s only one Saban Ozdogan

I’m not playing PES2020 right now, or any other ‘gamepad’ football game.

My gaming time is roughly 60/40 between Football Manager and Death Stranding. I won’t talk much about Death Stranding. Everyone who plays that game deserves to discover it for themselves.

I’m playing Football Manager 2019 a LOT. It’s been a long old time since I was properly into the FM/CM series. I drifted away from the series, as many have, when it seemed to be overburdened with fiddling instead of picking the team and playing the matches. These days you can configure the game to do as much or little as you want. I find players, pick the team and tactics, and watch matches. And I manage coaching staff who manage everything else for me.

Probably FM2005 was the last time I played for a long time and got anywhere near obsessed. That time is back now. I’ve had several 3am sessions this past week alone. I read somewhere how starting unemployed and seeing where fate takes you is the FM equivalent of PES’s Default Master League (in the good old days).

So I started as a 38-year-old nobody and landed the gig as manager of BK Avarta in Denmark’s 2 Division (the country’s 3rd tier). I’m closing in on promotion toward the end of the second season.

It’s a strange season in Denmark, as they have a proper winter break from November to February, after which your players return unfit and in need of pre-season training all over again, so it’s like two mini-seasons every season.

Promotion is looking odds-on at the end of season 2 and I will have to decide. Do I try to survive/thrive with Avarta in the next division up, with the same sort of minuscule budget, or do I see if I can get into a decent lower league club elsewhere on the strength of my Avarta achievements? This is the only real show in town for me right now.

I have had a look at PES2020 on the PC, but in the few weeks since I played most of my mods have gone out of date and need to be updated. That will take an hour or so that I couldn’t spare this week.

I did play a few matches of PES5 on PC, with a new 2019-2020 Option File that a commenter was kind enough to link me to. I played an Ex. match to test it, as Wolves vs Man City. There’s a goal about 30 seconds after the start of this clip:

I’ll be back on Tuesday with… something.

More than likely, I think it’ll be the start of my PC PES2020 ML with the OG Defaults. For those who are not hip to youth-speak in the effortless way that I am, ‘OG’ in this context relates to the Classic Defaults team made up of Castolo, Ordaz, Dodo & co. ‘OG’ stands for ‘Original Gangster’, or Gangsta, and is an idiomatic way of declaring authoritative antecedence.

Or I might just blow all that off and continue Football Managering and Death Strandinging.

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  1. Currently playing between Fifa 20 and Death Stranding. After being a bit underwhelmed by Fifa at first it is now starting to show promise. I really like the overall of the Defending, which gives the game a more measured, tactical feel. When you look at the variety of goals in both 19 and 20 it is mightily impressive.

  2. Darryl – after plodding through almost all of my last season on PES2020, I need some time for the juice to be recharged before plunging back into a gamepad-footy game. I’d like that to be FIFA20, actually, but I’ll have to see what modding turns up. I’ve got a week off work at the end of the month and plan to get something up and running then. Until then I’m just enjoying being footloose. It’s unusual for me to be at this stage by January, but that’s nuPES. Bit by bit, year on year, the PES edifice is being eroded.

  3. Congratulations on the title nG and I share your slight disappointment with PES this year. I’m planning to get back on the PES modding train at some point so will keep an eye on the blog to see how you get on. In the meantime, looking forward to the FM posts.

    I’m playing Witcher 3 for the first time. Not prompted by the Netflix series but thought I’d test out streaming via GeForce Now in preparation for Cyberpunk. It works brilliantly via the Shield/laptop and I’m hooked. I’m considering game streaming as an alternative to PC/PS5 ownership, come April there should be 3 decent options (Stadia, Shadow & maybe GeForce Now) for around £15 per month. The only problem is how to mod PES come September.

  4. Frosty Editor and Mod Manager 10.5.8 is now out, and live, and can confirm the FIFER realism Mod (with hotfix) and the associated game play mod both work fine again. It also includes a revised realistic squads file which I’m using.

    Started a Career as Crystal palace, needed an environment I’m familiar with, and Palace was a a decent midway choice, few decent players but a lower half team, the challenge now is to do what I did with Newcastle in FIFA 18 and Forest in FIFA 19.

    Cook – judging by your comments it doesn’t appear that you have seen the news ….

    View post on

  5. Was that last post a record? 18 comments of just you and Paul exchanging increasingly unfathomable technical detail?

    I’m nearly finished tomb raider (2013) and think it neatly encapsulates modern gaming and young gamers. I loved the original – played it for what felt like months, just the one time through because it was buggeringly hard. Puzzles were fiendish, routes through and up were never obvious and had to be worked out, the scale was awesome, etc etc. Now, it’s just a shooting game with a few sideline walk through tombs to pick up a thing. It’s impossible to be stumped as pressing a button reveals ‘survival instincts’ ie. glowing objects you need to use. The tombs are tiny, with no enemies, it’s the Indiana jones film progression really – archaeologist who sometimes shoots and runs while solving a mystery now takes on whole armies and tries to nick the odd object. I have enjoyed it as it’s a decent story but it could have been so much more – at the start you have to use the bow to down an animal for food. I thought survival was going to be a thing and was really keen to do the whole eat, sleep, scavenge – but no, it’s immediately junked and life becomes remarkably easy. Shame, they made it easy.

  6. Turf – You wanted a hybrid of the Forest and Uncharted!!
    Hoping the 5 month delay to cyberpunk as detailed above leads to CDPR releasing a polished, truly deep interconnected world with stealth, brute force, and all the other elements and isn’t just a linear A to b with no deviation and repetitive quests type of game, I’ll take a 5 month delay if it means they make something truly different from today’s stale games.

    Sorry about the PC chatter going over your head, come join us, I have been converted, you can be too, with all the mods etc that are possible you could probably get a mod for Tomb Raider that adds in all the game play elements you feel it lacks.

    On that note, NG – tweaked my Re-Shade Mod for FIFA last night, added some occular DOF, and Luma contrast to make the Turf pop, and dirt and divots show up more etc, will .ini it up and send over to you if you want to try it.

    Also plan to make a few scoreboards for EPL too, BT Sport, BBC, Fox etc.

  7. Watch it Turf, they’ll try and convert you to the dark mode side.

  8. Paul – no chance. I’ve just bought a new uhd tv and it’s driving me nuts – constantly fiddling with the picture settings seeking a perfect view, finding a great vision of the snooker, then switching to uk gold and finding it’s like watching through a cloudy window. I think it’s a matter of picking something medium and getting used to it – it’s the wormhole of FIFA sliders and your mods of pitches and the like.

  9. Paul – I hadn’t seen the news, which is disappointing, but as you say, better to wait and release it finished rather than the old No Man’s Sky approach. And it at least gives me some breathing room on my next gen decision.

  10. Cook — re. disappointment with PES2020, at this stage of the footy game year I think PES2019 was better. I know that’ll be a controversial call with many citing reasons A, B and C why it objectively can’t be, but my own subjective feel of all the PS4 PESes is that PES2020, currently, doesn’t even come in at number 2. (PES2017 is number 2.)

    PES2019 is to PES2020 as PES2012 was to PES2013. In both cases the latter game was in most ways ‘better’ than its predecessor but had flaws that made it a touch worse.

    I’m not making any final call on it with the footy game year only being just over 4 calendar months old though. And the PC modded phase still to come. The last Holland Hard exe was very promising. I also have a lot of previous for secretly going back to games I’ve said I’m abandoning.

    Football Manager 2019 is my obsession right now. I’ve reached the point with Death Stranding where it’s like a great TV show I’m watching episode-by-episode to the end — I played MGS5 in much the same way. Death Stranding is like a David Lynch movie.

    Paul — please do send over those files, I’ll be up and running with all mods sorted on Monday after a weekend of work.

    Bad news about Cyberpunk but I’d rather not have a glitch-infested mess coming out, and as I’ve decided to go for the PC side with that one (modding reasons), whatever bugs exist are always amplified on the platform for new games.

    Uncle Turf — Tomb Raiders 1 and 2 were the only two games I owned when I got my PS1 way, way back in the day. I loved the feeling of wandering around, alone, in huge environments, with occasional enemies, solving puzzles and problems, for ages and ages and ages. I ended up having to abandon Tomb Raider 3 because I never found my way out of one huge area, and I must have tried for real-time weeks. I’ve looked for that feeling in so many games since and rarely found it. Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and Death Stranding — particularly the latter — all nicely fit the bill. Special mention for No Man’s Sky too of course.

  11. After last seasons treble, TP has been interesting. Was bottom with 5 points after 10 games but have clawed it back to reach the FA Cup Final and the possibility of 4th with 2 games to go. And Rice has scored a proper rasper.

  12. Got battered 4-1 by Arsenal in Final and finished 8th.

  13. Got sacked. Boom!!

  14. Lloyd – wow, I’m very surprised, are you going to roll back to a previous save or start over?

  15. A video example of FIFA 20 with my custom Re-Shade Mod and my own made BT Sport TV logo Overlay Mod

  16. Paul – that’s the deepest red Liverpool kit I’ve ever seen! Please do send over the shader mod. I plan to get all set up today, FM2019 willing (I really am addicted).

    Lloyd – that Rice rasper really was worth all the love you gave it. And I’m amazed you got sacked. Obviously a goals compilation vid specifically only shows good goals and good play, so it give the wrong impression of how your career was/is going.

  17. NG – my mid season objective was reduced to getting a CL spot. Lost the last 2 games to finish 8th. Maybe winning the FA Cup could of saved me, but Arsenal destroyed me.

    Restarted as Blackheath Wanderers with a custom kit Paul kindly did for me. Signed 16 year old Harvey Elliot from Liverpool. He’s gonna be mustard I think.

  18. NG – Just composing an email to you with some goodies inside, check in 10 mins

  19. Paul – package safely received, and you have been busy! I think all things considered I am going to give FIFA20 a good go on PC for my next project. Somehow I just cannot face PES2020 after 8 seasons of its shenanigans. With 8 months of the footy game year to go its time will come again I am sure, but for now, vive la difference etc.

    Bloody Football Manager has had me by the throat for a couple of weeks now and today’s post will be a non-standard rambling special, but the real deal will begin this Friday with a FIFA20 CM up and running.

  20. NG – I’m loving FIFA 20 so far. Palace, middling team, Realism Mod, new cameras, game play mod, it feels very realistic and difficult, just as it should be, also feels a bit weightier than PES, took a few in game videos, need to get round to editing up a highlights video.

    Also installed another patch last night which adds Sky Sports branding to the news ticker, press conferences etc within CM, can send that over to if you want it.

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