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One of my shortest posts ever today, not because I’m not playing PES2020 on PS4 (i most certainly am), and not because I’m not immersed in the ML that I have going on it (ditto). A few real-world things mean I’m stitting down to write this post from scratch at 11.44.

16 minutes to post time. No pressure.

Something about the colours of Borussia Dortmund just say ‘football’ to me. And European football in particular.For this Season 7 I’m highly prioritising the Europa League. I don’t know if or when I will get to compete in tjhe competition again.

Currently top of my Europa League group with 10 points after 4 matches. I have played and beaten Borussia Dortmund. Yes, this is still ‘only’ on Top Player, but this level can be plenty tough when it wants to be tough, believe me. I’ll probably go up to Superstar for Season 8 now.PES2020 still isn’t a PES of great goals – they’re all much the same, really, with only the odd goal standing out – but it is a PES of great goal-scorers.

This is a box-finisher’s PES and so the likes of Default Jarvis is a treasure – as is my 18-year-old Regen van Persie.

Goals from all my box-finishers and others have fired us to 2nd in the table.And look at whose name is 2nd in the goal-scorers’ table.That’s not too bad at all after 9 matches. He is still only 18, remember. A few seasons yet before he hits his stride properly. This kind of developing story is what PES and Master League are all about.

And finally today – yes, I said it would be a short one – here are 3 moments of interest from my most recent session.

First up is a team move that ends in a nice headed goal from Lobato. Then a free kick from Castledine that felt too far out for a shot, but I thought I’d try it. And finally a 29-yarder from Castledine that still doesn’t satisfy my stringent requirements for a satisfying long-ranger… because it’s more of a ‘dodgy keeper’ moment than a true long-ranger.

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  1. Nice to see the new kits in action. I forgot to mention, and totally your preference of course but the shirts should use collar type 2. They were designed with that in mind and look better IMO.

    Nic goals. very patient build up for the first to work it wide for the cross instead of just forcing play down the centre, PES20 is a game of satisfying team goals for sure.

  2. Paul – for that sequence I was consciously not using R1 sprint. In fact I now play whole periods of matches without touching it at all on either attack or defence, and PES is massively improved because of it.

  3. Castledine goal was on his weaker right peg, so that’s something at least.

  4. Tommy – your best compilation yet, lots of your trademark composure on show. I enjoyed the RVP ones the most, as a fully paid up member of #teamRVP now. Glad I kept him. One of the stories of this ML for sure. His chip at around the 4m mark was wonderful – and yours looks like he’s got a bit of pace too, have you trained for that?

  5. nG – No, I’ve left him to blossom eau naturelle. His hexagon shape now closely resembles his 36yo self. Not the speediest, but his high agility/dribbling/ball control etc means he’s no slouch with the ball. He has more of a striker’s instinct to play off the shoulder of the last man too, something I’ve noticed over the years only top strikers in the game possess.

  6. NG – Absolutely with you on the laying off sprint, the game opens up much more when you don’t clamp sprint, the only time I do use it is when essential, either to get into position to cut passes when defending, or chasing a player, and when theres pure open grass in front of me to stride into when attacking.

    Other than that its just stabs of R1 to get past players.

    Major developments within my ML, I will save details for Thursday’s PESFX post.

  7. Tommy – that ties into an old debate on here, one that I’m never sure which side I fall on: just what does Training do, if anything? An interesting scientific experiment to carry out – get a star-name 16-year-old Regen and leave him in the squad for 5 seasons without playing him at all. No loans, no sub appearances, just nothing at all, and leave his Training on General. At the end of those 5 seasons, if he is still somehow a fully developed 21-year-old, then we’ll have our answer. I suspect we’re better off not knowing.

    Paul – I’m guessing your development might be a torrid love-affair with Superstar? I’m thinking about it at the moment because I had another go at moving up that didn’t end well.

  8. NG – I remember having this debate with Jay who used to post on here last year, remember?
    He was adamant that you could train and develop players in specific skills and traits, its an interesting experiment waiting to happen.

    The player development graph shows 3 data points: Expected Growth, Growth with training and current growth, does the ‘growth with training’ line change depending on what training plan the player is on?
    The chart has to be based on something to get a visual, but you can’t rule out Konami just putting it there purely as a pointless visual, much like the ML cutscenes.

    No, my development has nothing to do with Superstar, still firmly on Top Player.

  9. Paul – I’m 100% convinced that the strategy sliders do nothing, and would not be surprised if Training doesn’t either. The Training experiment would take time I don’t have, unfortunately, but it would prove it once and for all.

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