Hang the DJY

Season 7 dawns, and with it a decisive moment in my Master League history. Which way to go with my squad? Do I spend the money on new and better players, or stick with what I’ve got and see if can get them to the pinnacle of PES?

I could go the spend-spend-spend route. I have silly money in the bank – currently close to £100m. And I have received a bid of £160m for my inconsistent and stamina-challenged Lobato. My wages budget would easily handle a couple of superstars coming in.

Which way do I turn?

There’s no decision really. I have chosen to continue on my way. I’ve had plenty of PESes where I’ve spent my way to glory. This ML will be something different. The squad you see below is the squad that will finish this ML. Defaults and Journeymen and Youths (DJY).

I’m counting the big-name Regens as Youths, because that’s what they still are. I have 3 Youth Regens out on loan who will return at the end of the season. Vardy, Arnautovic, and Romero. I’ll decide then which ones to keep, if any, and move the others on.

Regen van Persie is really coming good now. See his Goal of the Month contender in the clip below. He currently starts most games in place of either Lincoln or Lobato, as one of them is invariably unfit or off form.

The Europa League got underway with a win in my opening fixture. True to my word.I started well in last year’s attempt at getting somewhere and doing something in this tournament, before it all fell apart when I met the big boys of the group. This year I’m in a group with Borussia Dortmund. I want at least 4 points against them. I’m still on Top Player so I feel confident.

Here is the current league table after just 4 matches –I played another match after this screenshot and won it, so I’m up in 2nd now.

All the talk in recent weeks about the PC version of the game and the endless modding possibilities that it offers. With all the delights on offer on that open platform, some might have wondered why I’m still perservering with the PS4 console version and all its limitations. There are many reasons why I still love the PS4 and still feel the urge to finish my ML on it before moving on (and we’ll see how that goes).

Here’s a little compilation vid of 4 moments from my recent session that sums up why I’m still a committed console PES gamer right now:

First we see Casteldine performing a lovely bit of skill. Then Lobato scoring what must be my lowest-ever free kick from that close in. Then Regen van Persie’s sublime outside-of-the-boot finish into the top corner from 23.5 yards. And finally Schone scores his first goal for me with a beaut of a half-volley.

I hope that whenever Peter Drury’s wife asks him if the postman has been yet, the answer is: ‘He’s delivered all right!’

Updated: 26th November 2019 — 11:56


  1. Some great goals in there, RVP’s outside of the boot curler was the pick.
    The Half volley not bad either!

    ML is always more rewarding, for me, when you achieve something with youth’s and players you have scouted and developed who aren’t pre-made bought superstars, famous names in the youth team don’t count.

    What club ranking are you? this plays a big part in players deciding to sign for you.

    Season 7, you must be due some new clobber:

    View post on imgur.com

    Download Link (including matching Press room sponsor logos:


    View post on imgur.com

  2. Paul – fantastic kits all, many thanks, that third kit looks like a cross between the jerseys that the sandmen wear in Logan’s Run (maximum geek points for anyone who doesn’t have to Google that) and Denmark’s 1986 World Cup kit. The legend of these 3rd kit versions goes on. It’s getting to the point where I might have to send the CCFC supporters club a collage of them all.

    And the sponsor is a great meta-commentary on the PC theme that’s bubbling under too. #teamAMD

    Speaking of the PC scene… I will be testing the FIFA PC gameplay mod later today and should have some results tonight.

  3. Lovely goal there from PES 2020’s best player.

    I’ve not touched the game all weekend, RDR2 has cantered back into my life and is top of the pecking order. However, I did get a session in today, a very good session in fact. I’m slowly understanding what is required of me to outfox the AI, taking a step back and slowing things right down. I’m not trying to play that killer pass all the time, I’m waiting, inviting the AI to move towards me before I play simple passes around it. Nothing too ambitious, just simple play, most of the time.

    3 games left of season six, and I’m 2nd in the league, 5 points off Chelsea. So it’s looking like no Premier League title after six seasons. What!? What is this sorcery??

  4. Tommy – win your next 2 matches and there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll head into that last match with a chance of the title. If not, Master League really has changed.

    My RVP is now on a par with Jarvis for penalty box lethality, and will soon overtake the others, even Lobato, as an all-round player I think. On course to be the Forlan figure of PES2020.

    I’ve been eyeing up RDR2 for PC now of course. I never played the original for more than an hour. Is it required? RDR2 is a prequel isn’t it?

  5. NG – Glad you like the kits, and I thought the AMD logo suited the kits well and was a nod to the chronicles and discussion indeed.

    Look forward to hearing about the FIFA game play mod, do you have enough vanilla FIFA play under your belt to make a decent comparison?

    1 defeat and 2 draws in my last 12 games saw me climb right up to 3rd 2 points off top last night, at which point the Turdery factor kicked in and I had a run of 4 matches where I couldn’t string a pass together and couldn’t score for jack to see me slip to 5 points off the pace, definite ML scripting just in the opposite direction.

  6. nG – Not really. Yes, it’s a prequel, and the main character from the first game is a side character in the sequel. I’m only halfway through the story at this point, but I know from seeing various bits that when that’s finished, you are set up for the events of the prequel. That’s it really.

    You can waste days just trotting around, do a bit of hunting, fishing, maybe find part of a treasure map. There’s loads of random encounters and even bits that aren’t to do with anything, just interesting sights, old huts, etc. It’s great when you come across something in the middle of nowhere and it ends up being something crazy, an old crime scene, or something. No part of the map feels like dead space, you can spend ages in the same spot just exploring. It’s the most densely rich open world environment I’ve ever known.

  7. Paul – I get FIFA20 as part of the Origin Premier package I signed up to last night – a no-brainer really. The shedload of great current PC games on offer make it a better bet than PS+, which I’m going to cancel to balance things out. Downloading FIFA and a few other goodies now.

    It’s the fouls I’m interested in, the rest of FIFA has always struck me as perfectly fine, indeed excellent. My expectation is that the gameplay mod will give me a binary result, i.e. the mod will either work for fouls or not. I’m going to stick my neck out and guess not, as it’s likely EA has made it as impossible to mod that aspect of their game as Konami have.

    I’ve been reading around the FIFA-themed web the last few days, catching up on what the fandom is saying, and what EA is communicating to them – and what they’re still conspicuously ignoring, which is fouls. The ultra-professional EA will spout volumes about any FIFA gameplay-related topic under the sun… Except one topic. Konami keep schtum about pretty much everything of course, so we have to look to chatty old EA and what they’re not chatting about, to see something very peculiar. There’s an unmistakeable, industry-wide conspiracy of silence when it comes to fouls in football games. How fascinating is that. There are big bucks involved in making a product that the masses want to play online, and making sure that the rest of us aren’t over-happy.

  8. Tommy – RDR2 is very linear, as in there may be stuff to do on the side, but none of it affects the actual main storyline, which is a series of structured objectives and missions from A to Z via B, H, F M etc.
    All the other stuff is just fluff, as nice as it is to have, and the game does look gorgeous, but its not as grandiose at it may appear when you look through all the pointless content.

    I gave up due to resuming a save whereby I am stranded in the middle of absolutely masses of vast open space with nothing around in any direction, no horse, nothing, I spent a good 30 mins just wandering around trying to get somewhere to get back into the main story arc, on several attempts, and nothing, and as I don’t have time to sit and just wander round the expanse of the outback, I gave up and haven’t touched RDR2 since a week after it launched.

    NG – I highly doubt fouls ill be in the mod either otherwise the forums would be banging on about it, and after a quickish look around myself it seems that the FIFA modding community is pretty sparse, with most sites I checked not even having FIFA 20 listed, it stopped at 19 in most cases.

  9. nG – Paul didn’t like the game.

  10. Tommy – What I played of it I did like, just become exasperated at the getting nowhere bit after my save, but its not the rich open world that it portrays, its a linear game with some side bits to do that are totally separate.

  11. Tommy — it was seeing this vid this morning just when I needed to see it that re-piqued my interest (the YouTube Recommended algorithm is the first self-aware AI, I swear it). A whole section of the map that’s more or less free of quests and things to do — just empty, aimless wandering for the most part.

    So many game-games go the way Paul has described, and it’s significant that only now are you, Tommy, picking RDR2 up again. I know I’d love GTAV if I gave it time but I just haven’t got it. I’m making an extra special effort to play Death Stranding though.

    Paul — FIFA20 is up and running on my machine, and running more comfortably than PES does so far. The fans barely kick up at all. Fan noise, or lack of, is a crude measure of how the hardware is coping with the software. PES of course has to run with 100 mods. FIFA20 is a standalone thing.

    This will interest you in particular — FIFA20 PC’s resolution goes one notch higher than PES PC does. Better for your big telly.

    ” alt=”” />

    I went with that resolution for my monitor, ultra settings, and it looks good. I’ve just played a couple of vanilla matches to check that FIFA is still an almost literal fouls-free zone, and it is.

    Now for the mod.

  12. I agree with Paul. I played it hard and for a good few weeks so I got my money worth but ultimately it’s just GTA in the Wild West. Missions are the only way to unlock a lot of features – so you can’t just go fishing if you haven’t done mission x, you can’t use the big rifle if you haven’t done mission y, etc etc. There are the usual side quests of animal pelts and so on but none of it leads anywhere, you don’t improve skills or make any particular progress. And large areas on the map are unavailable until you’ve done the mission. It’s nowhere near as free roam as is suggested, but it looks stunning and it’s worth whatever deal is currently on offer. But it ain’t skyrim!

    And rvp really isn’t that good – look at gameiro for a proper striker.

  13. nG – My absence from the game was purely down to circumstance. I was happily plodding along at my own slow pace, not in a hurry to complete the story. I’d paid nearly £50 for the game, so my plan was to always stretch it out, savour it, make it last. But then a combination of Christmas, children, car accident, moving house, children and then ultimately PES 2020 meant I haven’t returned to RDR2 until now. It was not the game’s fault. The game is wonderful (in my opinion) and I knew that when I picked it up again I would be thrust fully back into that gaming world and wouldn’t be able to leave again for some time. I had to be sure I could commit before jumping back in. it’s definitely not a pick-up-and-play game, and a lot of the mundane tasks (keeping your weight at the desired level through eating and sleeping, for example) can start to wear on you after a while. You can spend hours playing in an evening and not really accomplish a lot.

  14. Tommy — duly noted, but I think what I said does hold true even when life is less lively than yours has been over the past year. Every week seems to bring yet another open world triple-A game that would have been the Game of Games 15 years ago, but today is something that most of us over-20s will only ever look at a few videos of.

    Paul and any other interested parties — long story short: FIFA20 handles great, much better than the demo; there are of course no fouls once more — and the mod I tried just flat-out doesn’t work. This was the match I played while waiting for the full game to install. Me Spurs:

    And this is after the mod was installed, my traditional opening match. Me England:

    I played another couple after this in other modes, including a Career Mode ICC match just to check if teh mod might only work in competitive matches or not. Not! Me Fiorentina:

    I recorded the Eng-Sco match and have uploaded it, when it finishes processing I’ll post it here for the curious.

    All in all, a positive welcome for this year’s FIFA — a few tweaks and modern FIFA could be the best football game ever made — but my head is not turned from my ML on PES2020, where my Season 7 is going to get a serious session devoted to it later.

  15. Disappointing re the fouls count there on FIFA20 not-Greg. I do genuinely have an average above 1 on FIFA19, albeit not much above 1

  16. abbeyhill – in a few later matches I did my absolute best to foul the AI, just to see if it was possible, but somehow never managed to. Football games in 2019 are streamlined to cater for online players’ habits, no question. Once again let’s marvel at the curious fact that the same EA whose engagement and communication are second to none have only ever stayed steadfastly silent toward its FIFA playerbase on the topic of fouls. Every year I read on the FIFA forums that they’ve emailed this and twittered that on the topic of fouls – and nothing.

    Here’s the Eng-Sco match for the curious – pardon my initial setting-up of camera and controls, the full-install game somehow forgot my settings from the partial-install game.

    I concede almost immediately to go 0-1 down. My equaliser is on 30 minutes, the winner on 60 minutes, both good, satisfying finishes. Professional difficulty, all settings on assisted.

    Pretty good game otherwise though. At some point this year I’ll want to play a season or two to make sure I get my money’s worth from the Origin sub. And late summer early access to FIFA21.

  17. A few mid rangers.

    In season 2 now. Season 1 on professional pa0 finished midtable with 66 points. Started season 2 on TP and had 7 points after 19 games. Back on professional for now.

  18. Some nice goals Lloyd but what was that box with ‘goal scored by rice’ assist by Jarvis? I’ve never seen that! Is it always there and I’ve just not left it running long enough?

  19. Turf – Match highlights, used it because it Had a good camera angle.

  20. NG – Thanks for that detailed FIFA setup explanation, so its fair to summarise then that FIFA is not worth playing modded on PC as all the graphical elements are already in the game and the mods do not do anything worthwhile?

  21. Lloyd – your Rice looks a bit more of an action man than mine. Around season 5 you’ll start to get huge offers for Lobato…

    Paul – there are other mods that I’ve yet to try, among them Career Mode overhauls. I’m more than happy with Origin Premier on PC (got that new Star Wars Jedi game to play with among other things) so I don’t regret the purchase at all, but no reason to trade in your shiny PS4 copy of FIFA20. And of course there is the unfinished business of PES. This time next month Christmas will be over and the days will technically be getting longer again, so time is moving.

  22. NG – what do the ‘Career Mode Overhaul’ mods do? if Anything?

  23. Ah right, never used them.

  24. Paul – cut and pasted from one of them. I like the ‘English players rarely leave England’ tweak. They just do not travel at all well.

    FIFA 20 Career Realism Mod

    Match simulation, League table and Goal Scorers

    Top teams will win the league with realistic points & goals scored
    Top scorers and assisters are more realistic

    Team Selection

    The AI will always pick their best 11 players, rotating only for Friendlies


    Financial Accuracy
    Increased Shirt Prices to be “Kit” prices therefore more realistic
    Increased Shirt Prices for Popular players so that signing good players earns money back
    Substantially Increased Ground Maintenance for ALL clubs
    Transfer Budgets
    Substantially lowered the amount of transfer budget smaller teams have to be far more realistic
    This in turn, helps the AI Transfer Market become more realistic
    You receive far less additional funds for the next season

    Board & Objectives

    Board are much more likely to sack you if you fail a critical objective
    You can save your job if you significantly overachieve a separate objective


    AI Teams will only search for players within a small range of themselves (no more Wolfsburg buying Neymar)
    Loans are much more likely to occur – Lower league teams use it much more
    English players very rarely leave England
    Player movement between countries is based upon real-world data of player nationalities in each league
    Free Agents
    Free Agents wont just play for any team, there will be no more picking up gems from the Free Agent market with a poor team

    Player Search – GTN

    Searching for players now reveals attributes much faster

    Player Values

    Player Potential (young players who future stars are expensive) – Players with over 5+ above their OVR potential have 25% higher value – Players with over 10+ above their OVR potential have 300% higher value – Players with over 15+ above their OVR potential have 400% higher value
    Redesign of the existing system to ensure realistic values throughout the game

    Player Wages

    Lower league players ask for 20% less in wages
    Top players ask for 20% more in wages


    Players wont “retire” from your youth system until they are 21
    Generated players will now be between 16-21
    All youth players should have at least 1 trait
    Generated center forward players are much more likely to be larger slower players
    Generated wingers are much more likely to be faster rather than mentally skillful
    Scouts are much more likely to find players of the type you searched for
    It is much more difficult to find gem (high potential) players
    Attributes will unlock much faster

    Player Growth

    Players degrade much less (older players should keep their OVR for much longer)
    Dynamic Potential is not used as much and not as high
    Player attribute growth affects all attributes for all players


    Last match reaction
    Calm players will react a little more to their last match
    Hot tempered players will react much more to their last match
    Players react far more if they think they should have played and wasn’t
    Team performance
    Draws barely affects their team performance morale, unless it was a must win
    A loss outweighs a win in the balancing act in Team Performance
    Players are generally harder to keep happy
    The values at which players become happy have been increased substantially
    Players are more unlikely to be happy with their contracts, this is to reflect the current nature of the sport, where money is everything to players

    Press Conferences

    There is much more of a risk or reward scheme to all press conferences

    Player Conversations

    There is much more of a risk or reward scheme to all player conversations

    Fitness Recovery

    Players take a little longer to recover from their last match


    Form is much more balanced for AI teams and simmed matches
    Form now affects gameplay in a much more subtle way


    Add composure, acceleration, jumping & GK attributes to player individual training


    Severe injuries now take twice as long to get to “Match Fit”

    Match Attendance

    Ensured that teams in the English Championship teams only sellout “critical” matches

    Board and Objectives

    Provide fix for “profitability” clubs that require you to not give out large wages, resulting in a sacking

    Job Offers

    Made it so a job offer can happen to anyone at any team at any time

    Player Customization

    Enabled full customization of players in Career Mode
    Enabled full edit of created players in main menu

    Teams / Clubs

    Juventus are now fully licensed – Thanks to @Muzzley#6327 for the Logo and Kits


    Added Edit Kit Numbers to Squad Screen
    Added Injury List to Squad Screen


    Made it so commentators take about your players more often before a game

    FIFA 20 Unofficial Career Mode Patch

    This Unofficial patch is designed to fix all the bugs/desires in the #FixCareerMode movement.

    Features @ 03 October 2019 – Version 2

    Team Selection
    AI will always select best First 11 and subs
    Match Simulation & League Table
    Best teams in the league will finish with 90+ points

    Goal scorers & assisters are much more realistic
    Press Conferences & Morale
    There is more of a risk and reward to most of the press conferences (not all yet! There is a lot to go through.)
    Player Editor
    The Player Editor is now fully unlocked (you can edit any player’s attributes)

  25. Wow!!!! thats some incredible depth, that would be worth FIFA 20 on PC alone.

  26. Trust me, even without that patch it plays great :). I’m completely in it.
    And yes, I’m not commenting much, but still watching you guys.

  27. I’m looking forward to giving FIFA 20 CM a good go once I’m done with PES Abbes.

    New post up on PESFX: https://www.pesfx.co.uk/blog

  28. I haven’t had time to try another mod with FIFA20 since my first try (there’s two supposed ‘fouls mods’), but should get a chance later today. After about 6 matches in various modes I can say the base game feels as good as ever. FIFA with proper fouls – or even just current-PES fouls (a few) – would be a true phenomenon. Everything we can infer from the current state of football gaming tells me that the fouls logic is buried deep within both games, and buried on purpose.

  29. NG – The fact that both EA and Konami ignore fouls chatter, and bury the code so deep its hard to mod, says it all, Konami made a token effort by apparently ‘balancing’ fouls within the last patch, which basically meant they removed the fouls from the demo, and did nothing else.

    Look forward to your FIFA fouls mod testing.

  30. Paul – it’s some proper X Files-Twilight Zone stuff the way the ultra-talkative EA just goes totally silent when asked about fouls. It’s not like it’s an obscure part of football or something that has no effect on the experience. It’s not like they’re being asked about the exact colour of the simulated white lines on the pitch or whether the cirrus clouds should be cumulus clouds on match day. No – it’s about a portion of gameplay as fundamantal as shooting, passing, heading, offside, injuries, transfers, etc. Imagine you had a query about the way a football game dealt with shooting or transfers – a query shared by hundreds, if not thousands of users over time – but the only response from the company that made it was only ever TOTAL SILENCE. That alone would tell you what you needed to know.

  31. Im with ya, no convincing needed, although I do think there’s a distinct difference between PES and FIFA on fouls are (not) handled.

    On PES, the COM does tackle, and foul you, the refree logic just doesn’t give it, and often gives fouls against you when it was actually you that was fouled, whereas on FIFA the COM players just aren’t aggressive enough/do not tackle enough so there’s much less chance to give a foul, but usually, when a foul does occurr, the ref/collision detection system gives it correctly.

  32. Lovely Van Persie goal nG, was that a finesse shot? I’ve posted my first long ranger of PES 2020 below but I think I prefer the Van Persie goal.

    I’m happily playing through season 8, currently top of the table in February and I’m pretty sure the title will be mine, and so it should be with the Galacticos squad the game encouraged me to assemble. Europa League and FA Cup could result in a treble with any luck.

    I’m still using the Gabe V3 DT mod with the vanilla exe. I tried a few others recently but nothing grabbed me, which combo are you using now? The number of fouls on average has doubled for fouls against me and tripled for fouls against the CPU. Clunky and relatively unresponsive controls lead to more mistimed tackles but the barging still isn’t called so plenty of room for improvement hopefully.

    Here’s my first long ranger, definitely 30 yards.

  33. NG / Cook – Just seen that there was an update for PES on steam, and its killed sider module, and Juce, who built and updates sider is no longer maintaining the tool, he’s on a ‘break’, a lot of people on PC are reporting their sider and exe no longer work after the update, and with no one to update the files, is the modding side of PC PES now broken?

  34. Cook – exactly 30 yards indeed, very nice, and it gives me encouragement to keep plugging away from distance. After trying all the available mods I too have circled back to the realtively straightforward dt18-only solution. I’m swapping between Gabe V3 and the Our Demo one lately. My main focus is on tweaking the cosmetic mods and getting everything working with minimal Sider overlay input whilst the game is running. Don’t know if you’ve tried the ball-weight mod that’s doing the rounds, but that makes everything as heavy and clunky as you like.

    Paul – somebody else will pick up the mantle and fix it, if not Juce himself eventually. It usually does take a day or two after a Konami update for it all to settle down. With the PC PES modding scene being all about an ad hoc fan effort, it tends to ebb and flow with people’s lives. The wise thing would be to keep the game un-updated until things like this are over, there’s an option in Steam I think not to update without manual prompting.

  35. Paul – I have the old exe backed up so assume I can use that, I’ll try later. It’ll be a shame if the sider can’t be updated to work with any new exe. Konami may actually release something better in the late patch cycle but without mods it’ll be half the game.

  36. Cook — I’ve still got every modded exe I’ve ever used plus all the vanilla exes from the patch cycle, so I’ll be fine if that’s all it takes. Sider is too big a deal for somebody not to sort it out pretty quick. The code’s open source isn’t it? And all a Sider update usually is is a different .dll?

    Paul — when the time comes, make a folder where you will keep all your old files, inlcuding all the old Konami files. Better to have them and not need them than to need them and have to hunt through forums for the links and then go through all the captcha sites once more.

  37. ooh that’s unfortunate re. Sider. There is no option to stop STeam updates unfortunately so looks like i’m mod-less from here on in for a while. Luckily Serie A and B are fully licensed so I’m not losing out on too much…

  38. #1 — not at all, I’ve just been into the game for a play with all mods running, and that was after the update. Any custom exe from the modders will still work (I used Holland6) and I still have a copy of the previous vanilla exe that still works if you need it. I’ll be surprised if Sider hasn’t been updated by morning anyway.

  39. Have found much the same Ng. However steam will install the new exe upon your next login, at least it did for me. Sider stopped working after that. Just plopped the old exe on and now it’s working again so no big deal. Also like you said, sider will most likely be updated quickly anyway.

  40. #1 – Steam did update and did install the official new .exe earlier today. But I’ve got a little library of other .exes by now and they all seem to work. Currently running with the last Konami .exe and Gabe’s V3 via the cpk gameplay folder (vanilla dt18). If you need any of them jus shout. I’ll be astounded if Sider isn’t updated by midday tomorrow at the latest.

  41. Some developments late Thursday night on the PC modding front… for FIFA20!

    Brace yourselves, PC modding haters, because there is a PC modding community around FIFA and they’ve got a custom tool that can access literally every gameplay value in the game, as well as many of the cosmetics.

    Here I am working with the tool to model my kit design, which is basically a stretched blog logo to cover the pre-existing one, which for time reasons I didn’t want to do (yet):

    ” alt=”” />

    It took some fiddling to learn what goes where and how, but finally, I got my custom sponsor into the game itself:

    ” alt=”” />

    Here is the kit in action, in a match. I also tried a gameplay mod here that doesn’t seem to have worked. It was to make every foul a red card, so I could see if I was tweaking the right section of the code. It’s hard enough to commit a foul, never mind be fouled.

    The tool is the Frosty Editor and Mod Manager.

  42. nG – No fairytale ending to season 6.

  43. As we have discussed via email NG, I will be all over that FIFA editor once my PC is up and running, plenty of editing opportunities there.

    exciting times

  44. Tommy – interesting, did you fail to win all 3 or did the ML scripting not work?

    Paul – just to clear something up, the FIFA20 modding tool works by copying the values into itself, and then placing anything you change in its own folder inside the installation folder, which is then run as normal with those mods. Then if you want to revert, it still has the original value in store. So you don’t have to worry about backing up while tinkering. And if all else fails you can restore everything via Origin anyway. It’s fiddly as all modding is fiddly on PC, but if you have the patience to play with the values there are real effects to bring about. I’ve discovered a value called RefereeStrictness that has a range of 0-3, that is set to 0. I’ll be setting it to 3 later.

  45. NG – that’s FIFA for me on PC this year as well then. or next year, but it looks ace. “literally every gameplay value”> except fouls?

    Also, am looking to put together a good gaming PC as the oldest components in mine are from 2012.

    NG, Paul, (and others): what “build” do you currently have? Parts are a bit more expensive here in the Netherlands but I’m aiming for a build between 1000 and 1500 euros (dead max). Has to run games smooth as butter on ultra on full HD and 4k on 30FPS, want 500GB or 1TB SSD and above all fans need to stay *quiet*. I hate when fans sound like a vacuum cleaner, had that for a few years.

    Found this (excuse the Dutch): https://www.sicomputers.nl/high-end-gamesysteem-september-2019-tweakers-net-best-buy-guide-id-762621.html

    Sound like a good deal?

  46. nG – Quite the opposite. Last two games I was never going to win, it was like all my stats had been nerfed by 20pts and the AI boosted by the same. Wouldn’t have mattered since 1st placed Chelsea won all their remaining games. No league finish crafting to be seen. I had a similar scenario in 2018. Tbh, I’ve not seen any of those shenanigans for a few years.

  47. #1 – the Frosty Editor tool works for FIFA19 too, which I think you have? Worth practicing on if nothing else. All the fouls and ref strictness variables are there to play with, the question is working out what they do and how they interact with the other variables, in every situation. I can already see that it’s tricky. My first job will be to get literally every single physical contact called as a foul, just to make sure I can (I need to know it’s possible), and then work down from there. I’ll also be paying attention to things like game speed and of course kits. This is a side-hobby that I probably won’t mention much if at all on the blog.

    I’d get at least a 1660ti – perfect 1080p, near-perfect 1440p, and adequate 4k (30 fps). When you look at what’s coming a generation or two down the line (assuming you’ve seen the 8K vids on YouTube) I’d stick with a GPU in the $300 range like the 1660ti rather than invest in a $1000 monster that’ll soon look old-fashioned. Just my personal take on it.

    And make sure the motherboard can accommodate up to 64GB RAM. One of my many noob errors was limiting myself to 16GB RAM because I knew no better at the time. 16GB is fine for now but I think it’ll soon only just be fine, and in a few years it won’t be.

    If I had my time again I would go for watercooling, not just from a noise angle but efficency too. Having watched a few vids on watercooling on YouTube though, I’m glad to avoid the maintenance side of it. Adding a drop of anti-fungal liquid every few months (or however long it is) might not sound like much, but it would annoy me.

    Tommy – I would put a tenner on if you’d somehow managed to win all three of your matches, the AI would have lost or drawn in the right sequence to make a last-day decider scenario. I think the ML scripting has got better in that you have to fulfil your side of the equation first for it to happen. If you don’t, the AI teams will happily pull clear.

    Were you tempted to replay at least one of the three matches to see how much of a lock the game had put on you?

  48. nG- thanks for the feedback! will take a good look at all the options. I had FIFA for PS4 btw, not PC so didn’t get to play around with the Frosty editor. I will this time around, though…eventually.

  49. #1 – after quite a bit of fiddling with the editor last week I can report two things for sure. One, the kits editor angle is as easy as it gets. Easier than in PES. It’s worth it for that alone I think. Two, editing the gameplay side of things is dauntingly difficult. Lots of trial and error, and so far I haven’t managed to make any sort of change in anything that I can tell. It’s no wonder the modders struggle the way they do. I’ll keep plugging away though.

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