One of these men is 19 years old

It’s the one on the left. Let’s assume he’s had a hard life and move on.

He’s a new Youth CB signing, whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten. His first initial is A and his surname starts with M, and it is something Romanian-sounding. He has good OVR (77) and great supporting stats. He’s fast (Speed 80), which counts for a lot in PES2020. He also has RB as an alternate primary position, which is always handy. I have the usual high hopes that he will be distinctive. I hope I’ll remember his name by the end of the game year. That’s all we can ask really, isn’t it?

I still have the Default E CANNING in my squad, by the way, and he still plays regularly when my first-choice LB is out, and he still does great. A nuPES Ruskin is what he most certainly is.

I also brought in a Regen ‘name’ player whom I spotted in the Free Agents list. One of these two men is 17 years old…

I’m still in the middle of the January window and these two are my only youngsters.

I’ve got some experienced players too – Ikone at AMF, for one, and others currently in mid-negotiation.

I’m on the verge of selling Bryan Gil but with no one coming in for him he may get a stay of execution.

The latest news on my so-far-disappointing Regen van Persie: no goals and precious few near-misses for him. I just cannot get him into any game. I’ve played him in the middle, on the right, on the left, as a CF, as an SS dropping deep – nothing. His close cousin (in terms of player type), Jarvis, pops up and tucks them away for fun, and is on-target to be my top scorer again, so it’s not my play-style. RVP has scored 3 (THREE) goals in almost 4 (FOUR) full seasons now. This is becoming a thing. He’ll get two more seasons after this one.

I have played a short session of 4 matches on full manual! Well, on my version of full manual – PA0, with shooting left on Basic. So not full manual, Persie, but the next best thing to it. All with an eye to eventually playing PA0 full-time.

Verdict? It’s too soon for me. I’m still in the throes of building my club and finding my feet in PES2020. Manual settings are for a mature PES and for when ML is past a certain stage. One for when the days start getting longer again.

I beat Manchester United 2-1 in the FA Cup Quarter Final to make it through to the semi. I’m very interested to see if I can retain the trophy this season, and make another Europa League.

In the domestic league I’m still paddling in circles in the middle of the table:Goal-scoring has picked up a little. Only a little. I still keep trying shots from distance. It’s about stubbornness and nostalgia more than hope. I refuse to stop trying long-range goals. Scoring long-range goals has been one of my principal footy gaming pleasures since I played my first proper football game at the end of the 1990s.

I will never give up on long-range efforts. I will never stop judging football games by how long-range shots are treated. PES2014 didn’t allow them until one of its excellent late patches (February, I think it was). PES2020 currently doesn’t allow them either, but it’s only November.

Today’s post is yet another where I don’t have even one goal worthy of showing off. There are goals in PES2020 that make you grin and shake your fist, but they tend to be good because of the context of the match, or a player who has suddenly sparked into life, and that kind of thing. PES2020 is not so far a PES of great goals as a visual spectacle in their own right.

So here is one of my full matches on PA0, for the curious. Arsenal vs Coventry, in the league.



Updated: 12th November 2019 — 12:01


  1. Paul – abbeyhill and perhaps Cook are much more knowledgeable about exactly how good that GFX card is so wait for them to chime in, but after my shenanigans with having to fit a new power supply to accomodate an upgrade I can say the power supply is a cheap and cheerful one and you might want to upgrade it before buying. It’s similar to the one I got in mine two years ago. Not only did it sound like a jet engine whilst running anything stronger than YouTube, but it had no spare power sockets on the unit itself, which are vital for future upgrades. If you commit to this PC thing you’re likely to ‘get into it’ after some getting-to-know-you teething troubles, and you too will join the PC gaming master race (Arkham Asylum on silly settings is strangely alluring). Which means that even if the cheap and cheerful PSU doesn’t sound like Concorde taking off, you will want to upgrade some or other components in a year or two. I’ve just done an image search on the power supply and it doesn’t look as if it’s expandable. So you’d be stuck with whatever wires the manufacturer decides to give you and that’s not going to be enough. Spend an extra 40 quid or so and upgrade to a 600-800w range with these kinds of sockets on the side:

    View post on

    All else looks good though. I have to say an i7 AMD processor has been great for me and you’ve got that, also 16GB RAM – and you’ve gone for liquid cooling! I would definitely get liquid cooling too if I had my time again, but check a random YouTube vid to make sure you’re OK with the occasional maintenance on it.

    Wise choice not to go overboard with the SSD sizes when they’re coming down in price so much – and you could even just get a 1TB/2TB old-school HDD to slot into a spare bay for a 3 hard drive setup with plenty of storage.

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