PES Stranding

Season 5, and my Europa League campaign got going with a great first-match win away at PSV. Followed by another win at home to Kortrijk.

Alas, I then met a very decent Zenit side in back-to-back fixtures and lost them both, so my Europa dream has been derailed somewhat. But I should still qualify from here. A win and a draw will do it, I think. I’ll be trying my very best. This table pic was taken just before my second encounter with Zenit. PSV also lost their 4th fixture.The Europa League is a priority this season. My League form is nowhere near good enough for a top-six finish.

I could still go on a winning run. And we all know that amazing and mysterious things can happen in a Master League table when you win a lot of matches. Superstar post-patch is still not showing me its fully-fanged self, but it is still just snarly enough that I think an upper-mid-table finish is most likely.

The table after 10 league matches:I’m not at all happy with my matches:goals ratio of 1:1. That needs to be raised, pronto.

This season my alternate away kit is yet another take on Coventry City’s infamous  brown kit from 1980 – thanks to regular commenter Paul. I wore it away at Manchester City. A strangely tame Manchester City. Superstar post-patch is definitely not what it was. This time last season I’d have been slaughtered. Now, I had chances and I should have scored and got something, or at least held on for 0-0. But while pushing for a goal I conceded two late goals and lost 0-2. It was quite a relief to see that I can still overreach and get punished.

During this match I semi-accidentally did something skilful with Daniel Alves that is in the very brief highlights video below. Also in this video: a debut goal from a player called Djaniny (young LWF for whom I have high hopes); and a late free kick winner vs Manchester United from Lobato:

Lobato was a panic buy a few windows ago, and with his dreadful stamina issues (knackered by half time usually), I was planning to sell him for profit. But a tip from another regular commenter, Tommy, has completely solved Lobato’s stamina problem. If you have a forward with stamina issues, just set him to Counter Target in Advanced Tactics (the d-pad tactics). With the tactic active, he will stay up front and conserve his energy. No chasing back.

Lobato as a Counter Target can now play full matches, usually even finishing with a green stamina bar. He is having a proportional impact. He was still on the pitch in the last few minutes to take that free kick above, for example.

It’s a measure of PES2020 that the above 90-second compilation of 3 (THREE) highlights are the only real highlights from around 15 matches.

PES2020 is not a PES of great goals. The only real chance of scoring a goal from 30+ yards is from a free kick, as seen above.

Oh, there are plenty of nice goals. Tons of well-put-together goals. There are many occasions when you can justifiably say: ‘That was a perfectly fine goal, and I am pleased with it’.

Goals in PES2020 are adequate. They do their job of incrementing one’s own score tally. They make me nod in quiet satsifaction.

But… Where are the goals that can get you to your feet screaming at 2am? I have yet to score a goal that makes me shout. I’ve scored one solitary laces long-ranger in almost 300 matches now – this one. Proportionally, it’s not enough.

PES2014 was like this – almost exactly like this. And ultimately PES2014 became one of the essential editions of the PES series for me (not quite a classic edition, it was a bit too weird and Death Strandingy for that). So there is a long way to go with PES2020.

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  1. Great FK, decent range too.
    That Alves flick past the COM player, did you just stab the cross button?

    I realised something useful yesterday, you can load out Youth players to gain experience and develop without needing to sign them to a contract.

    I had several decent looking mid 70’s rated youths in my youth squad, and wanted to keep them but not sign them as my squad is settled, so went into the youth team, pressed triangle for player details then chose Loan Player,

    Regen Tevez, Pavone and M’Vila all went out on loan, I had to pay their annual salaries, at around 500-600k each, but you get 3-5 mil transfer fee for each one, so made 15 million just loaning out youth players.

  2. Paul that’s a great Youth Loan tip. I’ve got oodles of spare wages cash and will be indulging myself in the January window with sending a few kids out.

    Think I’ll stick with my team as-is for now, it’s average in so many areas but rewarding when I overcome that.

    The Alves flick was a semi-accidental Circle tap yes. I was trying to clear. I liked it enough to include here as I think it shows that PA1 still has enough of PA0 in it to allow such things.

  3. Paul – Top tip Paul. I hadn’t touched them yet becasue in previous years you had to sign them up if you wanted to loan them out.

    Not that I need the money. I currently have around £160m in the transfer kitty and £8m+ in spare wages. The problem is I just can’t sign anybody! At least, no one that would make my existing squad any better. Hard transfer negotiations really showing here.

    I’m trying to sign an AMF called Yari Verschaeren who is up to 86ovr and still only 23. I’ve already had a couple of offers knocked back and if I’m going to get him it will probably cost me everything again. I feel he can be the big singing that will help make the difference in the 2nd half of the season, much like Milinković-Savić before he left.

    Down to 7th. I’ve got to make a backup save just in case I finish outside the top six, which is stupid really.

  4. Yes, good tip I didn’t know, but tbh cash is the least challenging aspect of this ml, it’s gone ridiculous again after previous years more careful wage budgeting.

    This was Andy Carroll making a rather laboured break for goal. I fancied my chances and after this incident it wasn’t so much ‘if’ but what colour. Unfortunately I didn’t record a zoom in, largely because the action didn’t stop. It is now my poster boy for the no fouls generation of pes.

  5. Uncle Turf – one of the worst things ever seen on nuPES. ‘It’s the way you’re playing it’ is the semi-official stance on it, remember.

    I wonder if I can get custom stadia into the PC version of PES5…

  6. Did someone say PES5? Just about to start another season. Couple of signings, new kit and tinkered with the camera angle ahead of trying to win my first back-to-back league titles.

    Still following the nuPES progress but no intention of picking up 2020 again.

  7. Shed — in my 40+ seasons I only managed to win consecutive titles twice in all that time, so good luck.

  8. wow Turf, one of the worst examples of being ‘brushed off the ball’ I have ever seen. FIFA19 is also light on fouls but they do tend to be awarded correctly when the AI lunges in, including in the penalty area

    not-Greg – so as an old Kojima aficionado are you tempted by Death Stranding? It does look really good to me, although might just wait to play the PC rather than console peasant version….

  9. abbeyhill – no Death Stranding for me at this stage. I know for sure I would play for an hour, rave about it, and then it’d be a week later and I’d have to refresh myself on the buttons and the map and remember the story and so on. It would sit and gather dust. I will indeed hold out for the master race version, cheaper and of course moddable if appropriate. Q2 2020 is fine by me.

  10. My mate is a postman. He reckons Death Stranding is basically his job. Not a ringing endorsement.

  11. Uncle Turf – Kojima has had the ‘weird cutscene-heavy wannabe film director’ thing hung around his neck for 20 years or more, but somehow he keeps making games that lodge in the memory. In 20 years’ time I’d bet the average ‘Gears Of Duty IV: The Marioing’ type of game that comes out every week nowadays will be long forgotten

  12. As long as shite like Ico is also forgotten….(it seemed too easy to say ‘pes 5s’)

    Whisper it but after 11 games I’ve won 8 and drawn 3. Top by 5 points. I also won in the cup. Salah is nothing special, bale can’t get in the team. It is disheartening to think the top players that we should long to have in the squad are both easily purchased by a championship side in season 5 and add very little to the game.

  13. Death Stranding looks beautiful but is a glorified and weird amazon delivery game. Not one for me I dont think.
    Due to being grounded by flu I have been playing a lot of PES20 over the last few days, will have a new post up on PESFX blog at 10 am, been a while since I posted there so a fair bit to cover.

  14. Saw you on there the other day Paul, thought you’d joined the ranks of us home ‘workers’… btw we’ve booked that Harry Potter tour I mentioned ages ago, someone told me Hemel Hempstead is a good place to stay? Is there anywhere in your hood worth visiting? I’ve been to mk a few times, and cranfield uni but the rest is a north of London -south of midlands blur.

    Needless to say the game kicked my arse 4-0 next match up – Leeds had 74% possession! Basically I couldn’t get near it and knew straight away I might as well bring on players to save my first team stamina. Do we know if playing players alters their development or not? My van persie has raced away stats wise since he’s been ever present but he’s still relatively ineffective as he’s just too slow. It’s definitely a pes for fast players, if you search there are a huge number of made up players with very high speed ratings.

  15. How annoying! The ball was OUT! Replay at the end.

  16. I was all ready with the ‘one pixel’ argument but no, that is out, a clear error. They were obviously earmarked to score, the goalie foot save rebound is such a ridiculous angle for a start – straight to the attacker. Commiserations, youve been shafted by the AI.

  17. Tommy – great close up replay, I was expecting to see a pixel or two hanging over the line, and that I’d have to come back with a spoilsport VAR-like verdict, but that is clear daylight. I’ve had a few instances like that myself thinking about it now, and not looked at them assuming the game was correct. Could the ball’s hitbox be larger than its visible form?

    Uncle Turf – my Regen van Persie scored the other night. That’s 3 goals in 4 seasons for him now. I will remain patient.

    Paul – I’m starting to think this is the oddest PES since PES2014. It’s dull and it’s great at the same time. Peculiar so far.

  18. Turf – Heard alot about that Warner Brothers Studio tour, looks decent.
    Hemel Hempstead is close enough, whilst being outside of London to not pay London prices and there are trains direct in fro there too.

    Milton Keynes has one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, SkyDiving simulator, 4DX Cinema, various Museums, lots of bars and restaurants and cosy pubs but theres nothing standout to visit I wouldn’t say. Bletchley Park if you are into all that war history stuff.

    Tommy – That’s ridiculous.

    New PESFX blog post up now:

  19. Cheers Paul.

    Kean 55 games, 17 goals, 2 assists
    Gameiro 38 games, 11 goals, 1 assist
    RVP 114 games, 17 goals, 14 assists.

    He’s not shit, but nor is he crucial to my first 11. A regen Robben would be more valuable for assists.

  20. I got £72m for van persie.

    The January window offered very few top level regens, it’s like they are all waiting to go together – robben, Messi, Ronaldo, aguero, etc etc – all playing well into their 30s. The only regen who could perhaps slot into a team of the leading players is my Chiellini. Even Buffon returned as a fairly average keeper with very modest stats. I took Lallana and Henderson who may only ever be squad players.

  21. Uncle Turf — I’m determined to give RVP another 2 seasons minimum, i.e. to the end of hs very expensive current contract. By then he’ll be 21, 22 or so and if he hasn’t started producing for me, he will go. I saw Tommy’s old, original RVP doing the business and had the idea that his young clone would be the same eventually. And he should still be, unless… It’d be typical of the PES devs to nerf Regens as a solution to all the complaints about them being in the game and so plentiful in the first place. For me they’re an essential part of what makes ML great. A Regen nerf would be truly horrible, as bad in its own way as the long-range shooting nerf, and of course the long-running fouls nerf.

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