Now I know how Simon Francis felt

What strange days these summertime days are to a football gamer. They always are strange, every year, but this year they seem extra-strange.

In my case this summer feels extra-strange because I gave a month to FIFA. Regular perusers of this blog will know that a month for FIFA is about 3.5 weeks more than FIFA usually gets from me. So perhaps it’s no wonder this year feels somewhat different.

I’m not officially done with FIFA19 yet. I’m enjoying myself at the moment doing what I feel like. And what I feel like right now is some PES2019 on the PC, modded to the gills.

One of the aspects of modern football gaming that appals any right-thinking single-player is the conspicuous lack of AI fouls. PES has few fouls, sometimes none at all. FIFA has even fewer fouls, often none at all. It’s a scandal. Both EA and Konami cater for online players first, and online players are typically 9 years old, whatever their age. They don’t like it when their frenzied button-mashing is interrupted for any reason. Ergo, no fouls.

So I was most interested to try a version of PES2019(PC) specifically modded to ‘allow’ fouls.

Take a look at this post-match screenshot. I was Bournemouth. The AI was Liverpool.

I have rarely, if ever, played a PES2019 match on the PS4 that had 6 AI fouls in it. The above is from a modded PES2019(PC). I started a Master League, as Bournemouth, using the Bournemouth squad. I went looking for my favourite Default players – and picked up Rice, Castledine and Jarvis. They all turned up on the Free Agent list.

I played 5 matches. Top Player.

It’s early days, of course, but these 5 matches in this 1 session was one of the best single football gaming sessions of my football gaming life. A slow, methodical, at times clumsy and stop-start game – everything that Konami and EA are too scared to implement in the modern era. Glorious.

My mods:

Broadcast Camera Zoom disable. Critical to prevent the cut-to-closeup thing that has spoiled Broadcast Camera forever in PES. It seems that ‘eSport Soccergame 2020’ or whatever the fuck it’s called will have a Broadcast camera that doesn’t need modding.

Speed adjuster. I know… what does this mod do that the in-game speed adjustments, from -2 to +2 – don’t? To try it out I left the basic speed on 0 and lowered this mod’s settings to a few notches below default, to see what it felt like. The result? Pretty nice actually. You can see the outcome below.

Gameplay mod, via the dt_64.exe file in the installation folder. I hunted through the many available on EvoWeb for an .exe that was specifically billed as boosting the amount of fouls.

For some reason adding the latter mod above negated some of my graphical mods – specifically, the Sky Sports overlay, the Premier League logo ‘swoosh’ for replays, and things of that nature. I am still tinkering.

Here are a couple of minutes from the Bournemouth game. You can see the notable aggression from the AI almost from the start. There are 3 of the 6 AI fouls in this little selection. And I play terribly. It feels like a long time before the Liverpool goalkeeper even appears on-screen:

(Change quality to 1080p if you have the bandwidth.)

Watch to the end to see my one meaningful attacking move of this sequence, in which L COOK picks up an actual substantive injury that forced him off the field and put him out of action for 5 weeks.

Yes, Jermain Defoe is still at Bournemouth here. I haven’t updated the squads. The danger of playing with PC stuff at this time of the footy game year is that most of the links are old and some are expired.

On to my one solitary goal. In the next match, vs Arsenal, I was already 0-2 down at the end of another tough, fouls-filled match. I hadn’t scored a single goal. I brought the young Rice on to play at CMF, and in the last seconds…

27 yards or so. The one moment in the match when the AI defence wasn’t closing me down sufficiently. It was a great feeling when it went in, needless to say. My one and only goal in 5 matches of a mesmerising, maddening, modded PES2019 on PC. The post-match average fouls count was 4 or so. Still not as high as I would like, but a lot better than the standard 0.75-ish.


A special ‘treat’ today. I’ve recently upgraded my Internet speeds and am now able to upload longer and higher-quality files to YouTube.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a full match on the blog before, or if I have, the visuals have been low quality.

Even for today’s fibre-assisted maiden effort I reduced the quality to 720p to enable a quick upload. The original file was 8GB and I got scared. Here it is, at 720p, complete with all my dicking around in menus and so on – the full Bournemouth vs Liverpool match, me as Bournemouth, modded gameplay and camera, modded speed, Master League…

Updated: 9th July 2019 — 11:41


  1. Lovely, lovely fouls!

    You’ve probably answered these questions before…

    1. What are your PC specs, roughly?
    2. What GFX settings are you running PES on?
    3. Do the mods require any additional PC grunt?

    My desktop rig is OK, nothing special. It has struggled with PES on top settings in the past, but I’m wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. My main issue is that I play PES on my PS4 in the comfort of my lounge in front of the big TV, and I don’t see that changing, but I’m interested none the less…

  2. PC ver looks nice NG, as we all know, but underneath its still the same game, that first goal conceded against Liverpool was pure evidence of the shit AI, 2 players coming together bumping into each other, your defenders having absolutely no awareness of the situation and standing there allowing the Liverpool forward to slot home an unchallenged goal.

    Also what the hell are you recording your videos on? settings wise?
    If its even a 15 min match, 8GB is massive overkill.

    A 90 min movie in full 1080p HD is less than 8GB.
    Are you using H264 format? uncompressed?

    If you change your settings (I don’t know what formats your PC recording sw gives you?) try an MP4 based encoder, a 15 min recording in 1080p should come in between 500-800MB.

    Theres a 20 min full match of the EFL playoff final from FIFA 19 on my YT channel, this is only 693MB.

  3. Tommy – I’m running PES2019 on max settings for my ‘rig’ (as we say in PC gaming), which is 2560×1440 resolution. Performance is excellent really, no complaints, and there’s no noticeable impact from the mods. The most impactful thing is the GeForce recording software which delivers, when it’s running, a 5-10% performance degradation that translates as occasional stutters (too occasional to bother me).

    Full specs (this machine was £700 in December 2017, I haven’t upgraded it in any way)

    AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor, 3500 Mhz, 3 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s) 3.50 Ghz
    16GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    256GB SSD (main drive that everything runs from)
    1TB HDD (used for storage etc.)

    If I had to get one again, I’d go overboard on the cooling. get ALL the cooling. I only have a solitary stock fan running in this machine and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner sometimes, particularly during the likes of XCOM2. I’m going to upgrade the cooling myself soon. I last fiddled around inside a PC 12 years ago, so I’ve been putting it off and putting it off. I’d also make sure I got a motherboard that accepted RAM up to 32GB and beyond. The ASUS motherboard in this one will only accept 16GB. Won’t be long before 32 and 64 GB are the new standard.

    Paul – I thought you might approve of that goal! Didn’t bother me at the time as I was panickily button-mashing. The AI was all over me in that game. I was lucky to get nil.

    I just checked my settings. I’ve been using the stock GeForce recording software and the mystery of that 8GB file has bene solved. I was recording at 2540 4K resolution! I’m going to have a fiddle and find a nice tradeoff. I think there’ll be at least a couple more reports from PC land before the summer is done.

    I’m also still adjusting to life with my new fibre internet. I took one look at the size of that 8GB file and immediately thought ‘no way’ and opened up Handbrake to convert it down to 1.5GB or so – which uploaded in a couple of minutes… It wouldn’t have been totally impractical to upload a slightly edited 8GB file after all. I’m still in the headspace of basic broadband.

  4. Ng – That will explain it, notch it down to 1080 and set a an mp4 or m4a encoding and it will come down in size tenfold.

    RE That goal, its just inexcusable and is the main reason I ditched PES 19 after a month and a bit.
    The LCS was bad enough, but the moronic AI and lack of awareness just made the game a farce, no matter how many glitzy mods, overlays, scoreboards, fouls patches etc you plug into it, the underlying core Ai remains, and its gash.

    When I tinkered with PES 19 again a month or so ago,m I was enjoying the matches, until things like that happened, and it happens often, it makes the game unplayable to me.

    I seriously doubt PES 20 will be any better, the demo wont give much of an indication, but if they have improved this area then it could be worth a tilt.

  5. Paul – it didn’t bother me at all whilst playing, and did you see the rest of the game? The way the AI played? It gave me a damn good hiding. Far from being a ‘gash’ AI, it’s solid and serviceable. I’ve enjoyed contesting against it these past nine months. Controversial statement of the week: there is nothing wrong with the PES2019 AI that is not also wrong with every other football game ever made. Every one of them features brainfart moments due to misprogrammed reactions to player input and AI (or both, in combination). I have loved and still love PES2019. Best game ever, form and essence, 39/10, etc. etc. We’re different players with different expectations from a football game.

    I’m looking at PES2020 vids and feeling interested, but that’s another regular summertime feature.

    I’m not actually playing this PC version of PES2019 as I feel my energies well and truly used up by it as a whole. A good example of how my summer footy gaming is going is that at midnight last night I installed PES5 on my Windows laptop and played it for a couple of hours. And right now in another window on this very PC I’m playing FIFA07 (oh-seven!), the PS2 version via PCSX2. I rather liked that game back in 2006 and just wanted to see if it holds up and it sort of does. I might have a nuzzle at FIFA19 Ultimate Team later if there’s time.

    Still can’t believe I was inadvertently recording at 4K resolution. No wonder my PC was complaining about it.

  6. Looks and feels pretty good eh NG! Which dt file are you using? It’s a .cpk file and not an exe though (the dt file that is). There are modded exes as well but the dt-files are separate entities that go in the “data” folder.
    I do agree with Paul though (and yes I know you won’t actually be playing it in a serious manner) -> underneath it all it’s still quite mediocre (IMO). I tried playing it again a week ago after a couple of months of FIFA and my lord…it felt so rough. I just couldn’t go back. Will wait for the travesty that is eFootball-whatever 2020.

  7. Without looking, I think I have a i5-2500K processor, 4GB ram, 2GB gfx. Serves me fine and can still play most things on high settings, when I occasionally need to. But maybe it will need upgrading if it’s to out-perform current PES on the PS4.

    Would a beefier GFX card be enough?

    Don’t have the money for that right now, so probably won’t. Just wondering if there’s life in the old dog should I consider it, or if it’s time for a new rig…

  8. NG – When your own players bump into eachother leaving an open goal to be scored by the COM, or the COM CF runs straight into your defender, fouling him and knocking him off balance and is then able to run in on goal and score, then its gash, especially when this is a common occurrence, not every now and then but common, as it was when I played.

    FIFA’s AI isn’t perfect, it has brainfart moments for sure, but they’re nowhere near as common as PES, and the absolute lack of player awareness situational or contextual again makes the AI gash.

  9. Paul/#1 — disagree with you both, I find PES2019 pretty decent actually after a month of FIFA19. What we like and dislike isn’t something that has to be submitted to public vote. That would be total gash if it was the case, wouldn’t it? I love how ‘gash’ is the word of the week!

    #1 — re. my dt_64.exe thing… Ich bin ein PC noob. I might actually be done with the PC side of things already. It’s just too fiddly and inconvenient. E.g. before playing the PC version I have to manually start three different .exes to get all the mods running. That’s gash! Not for me, and much like Tommy in his living room, I have to be reclining on the bed in my bedroom. I could set up a little mini-PC in there… but I won’t. PS4 and consoles are where it’s at for me and always will be.

    Tommy — you could just try it of course? Download the PC demo and put it through its paces. Bit late in the year to be faffing about maybe, with e2020 Soccerball a few weeks away.

  10. NG – Well we disagree with you!! 😉
    Peoples differing likes is subjective therefore should never be put to a public vote.
    Your tolerance levels are obviously higher than mine, therefore you are able to largely ignore the often gash Ai doing moronic stupid things and ruining the flow of the game play, I however am not able to ignore it, and it bothers me and when I defend stoutly for 80 mins only to have a zombie ignore the ball, and player, and everything around him to gift the COM a goal, that’s not decent, its enjoyment zapping gash.

  11. Paul — that’s very true, I am a tolerant footy gamer, and an analogy from film and TV captures my tolerance levels best. Do you remember the days when you would often see the boom microphone creeping into shot at the top of the screen in a film or TV show? Doesn’t happen these days of course with post-production digital editing being what it is, but pre-1990 or so, boom mics creeping in used to be a regular feature of a show like Starsky and Hutch or The Good Life etc. I remember watching them with people who would immediately cry ‘Gash!’ and have their immersion spoiled. I never did get yanked out of my immersion, not once. (You might be just too young for this analogy.)

  12. It’s an interesting analogy to make NG, in terms of we know that the tv show/movie is scripted, we know they are actors and it is a fictitious storyline, much as we know a video game is in part scripted and we are just a part of the overall story, however my argument would be that the stray boom mic creeping into the top of the shot does not directly or indirectly affect the story, the story carries on as it was intended regardless and we as viewers can still enjoy the outcome, which doesn’t change, therefore noticing the boom shouldn’t have much of affect on us.

    With PES, that stray boom leaking into shot, or the equivalent, a player becoming a zombie at a critical moment and allowing the COm to score an easy goal , DOES directly affect the storyline, it zaps enjoyment and immersion from the game and changes the narrative massively, because it feels like no matter what you do, the AI is so poor, the game mechanics so lacking that the outcome is not in your hands.

    Its rife in previous PES games, and even more so in PES 19, and doesn’t look to have been improved at all for PES 20.

    Take a look at this clip from the recent Manchester Play test day, baring in mind the game will go into mass production anytime now for a global shipping date in just 6 weeks. Any changes to the game now will be made via patches, not to the master image thats pressed for retail.

    I have started the clip just as this happens, the COM plays a through ball, you see the human player tracking the forward with his defender, then just as the ball is payed, the COM enforces a weird stutter/hesitation glitch on the defender, causing him to stop for a brief moment, allowing the COm CF to score.

    This happens time and time again, every match in PES 19, and is inexcusable.

  13. There have been far worse public votes recently…

    I think you should go for it. What’s your backstop though? If the public is split 52/48 Gash/not Gash is that binding? My instinct is the nation would be split along age lines.

    After God knows how many years, weeks of play time, multiple character journeys, etc I found a new big dungeon in Skyrim last night. I can’t quite believe it is still possible, talk about the game that keeps on giving.

  14. Paul – I’ve already seen it, and much worse, and not just in eKick SuperFunTime 2020, but in PES2019, PES2018, PES2017, PES2016, PES2015, PES2014, PES2013, PES2012, PES2011 (*shudder*), PES2010, PES2009, PES2008, PES6, PES5, PES4, PES3, PES2, PES, ISS2 Pro Evolution Soccer, ISS, and I’ve probably missed one out, but not going to Wikipedia it. That exact moving players out of the way/slowing them down is also in other football games. I saw an interesting compilation of examples from FIFA19 that I’ll try to find in my YouTube history.

    Along with what is still laughably called the catch-up ‘bug’, being subjected to mysterious forces that we know are dodgy, is a fundamental part of PES gaming. Remember your regular wintertime nerf in Career Mode? There are dozens of glaring moments across every football game ever made. You either walk away or accept them. If we knew how scripted and controlled all football games are we probably wouldn’t play them – actually, no, I still would…

    Uncle Turf – in my 30 hours of Skyrim a few years ago I remember stumbling into a dungeon quite early on that you’d never seen or heard of, which was very not-gash. You need to step on the gash.

  15. There’s a little bit of everything in this clip, which I actually watched the day I started playing FIFA 19 a month ago, and it didn’t spoil any of my enjoyment, because this is just how things are. (I also think this guy’s button-mashing led to the initial delay in taking the shot – FIFA19 is strict with button-press timing, unlike PES you can’t really ‘store’ input ahead of time.) The other instances are all Football Game Scripting 101, nothing truly remarkable about any of them.

    The action starts at about 40 seconds. What is it with YouTubers who spend ages introducing the thing that their title clearly already says it is…

  16. NG – Yeah, I never said FIFA wasn’t without its issues, but the levels of of Gash-AI in PES far outweigh that of FIFA.
    The fact that I am at heart a true PES fan first and foremost and always have been, and have played at least 8 ML seasons on every PES except 14, but I could only stomach 1 season/1 month on PES 19, and yet I managed to play 11 seasons on FIFA 19 kinda says it all.

  17. Paul – I’d say that’s true, and I follow the similar conversation on the forums, especially this time of year. A substantial part of the fanbase of the series are disenchanted and seem to want things from PES that I’m reasonably OK doing without. Bring back fouls and long-range goals and I’d be happy enough, but they analyse things at a depth I rarely trouble myself with.

    I was on FIFA19 until very late last night (continuing my Ultimate Team), played a few matches, and the timing is exquisitely rendered IMO. In the clip I posted it’s pretty plain he’s mashing Shoot long before the ball is anywhere near his player’s foot. The other things in it are less excusable, of course, but on the macro scale it works nevertheless and works brilliantly. FIFA really is the simulation nowadays, and arguably has been so since… as far back as FIFA08? Maybe FIFA13.

  18. Oh the joys of summer. The listing pf PC specs, cricket jargon and of course the minute critique of footy gaming in comparison to the real sport of VAR assisted Association Football.

    n-G/Paul – Surely one of you should be doing one of these eSoccer tips and tricks YouTube channel things. “Whazzup guys? It’s not-Greg/Paul here with more PES Chronicles/FIFA FX. Don’t forget to SMASH like and subscribe.”

    Meanwhile, I have my first cold of the year (thanks to a coughing and spluttering fellow filmgoer in Avengers: Endgame a week ago I reckon) and am still on a footy gaming break.

  19. Shed — unlucky with the cold there. Sure it’s not hay fever? It can wax and wane at any stage of life.

    I have two ongoing YouTube beefs. First and foremost, is when you Google something like ‘Windows Explorer not responding’ (a common thing on Windows). One of the first links is almost always a YouTube video that somebody has been thoughtful enough to make about that very issue. So you click it fully expecting instant Enlightenment on the topic in question, but the poster spends AGES telling you that ‘this is going to be a video about what to do when Windows Explorer stops responding. Sometimes you might get a case where it won’t respond, and this is a video about that. Get all your information here about Windows Explorer not responding. I am going to tell you what to do about Windows Explorer not responding. If you like my channel don’t forget to like and subscribe! Okay, here is what to do when Windows Explorer stops responding. First, here is what it looks like when Windows Explorer stops responding…’ And then you click ahead in frustration, but you click too far, and at that point you do what you should have done in the first place, which is to go and READ one of the hundreds of solutions on a website. (Open Task Manager, right-click Windows Explorer, End Process — it automatically restarts.)

    Second is the common greeting that they all have. ‘What is going on, guys!’ (Rendered in pseudo-streetspeak as ‘wot izz goin’ on, guys?’ It’s not just the backwards-baseball-cap-wearers in the corner of a myClub screen, they’re all at it.

  20. For anyone who might be remotely interested, I’ve been continuing with my post-Master League Master League using those house rules I mentioned a few posts ago (when a nationality is transferred out, same nationality must be transferred in). I did it to test it out a little bit, but I’ve found myself simulating 6 seasons now. It’s quite addictive.

    Last year simulating games was very biased in favour of the player, it seemed. Not so much this year, it appears but there may not be any fact behind that.

    I was curious to see if I could get promoted without playing a game, just changing the game plan and making singings. I’ve found the wage budget very tight (constant roster of 28 players at all times), and I usually end up having to make about 9 transfers every summer as I just can’t afford to keep young players more than a few seasons. My best players usually end up leaving every summer! I’ve moved to picking up older players over 23 years old so I can get them onto longer contracts.

    Made the play-offs season before last, but still in D2 going into season 7.

  21. Tommy — it is intriguing, but the acid test of any House Rules as you know is how they inform the experience of actually playing the matches. Week in, week out, day in, day out — do they enhance the MLness of ML and the PESness of your PES, or is it all a joyless slog? See if you can start ML in eBootsAndFaces myFun 2020. About 8 weeks to wait…

    Did we hear any more about the release date? Is the Tuesday 10th Sept confirmed — a Tuesday release in UK for the first time ever? Copies should start thudding onto doormats from the Friday/Saturday before if so…

  22. Yep sept 10th. Global release too, no separate dates for america/europe etc.

    Re: Youtube. There’s serious amounts of money to be made on YT, so can understand why they do it, but as you all said, every channel is identical, same intro, same speak, same content, to stand out you really need to offer something different.

    I still don’t get the premise of streamers, why on earth would you want to sit and watch someone else playing a game you could be playing yourself for 2 hours, often more?!
    And they’re the most fragile snowflake princess fucktards on the entire internet too.

    View post on

  23. nG – Of Course. I have no doubt I would have been promoted by now if I had been playing the games, and then the wage budget would have gone up, etc. Things would be a little different.

    But it works because I’m forced to sign players from Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, etc. Limited to Europe and some countries with very few players in the game, so I have a smaller player list to chose from. I can’t just sign all the best looking free agents and they’ll last me throughout. The pool of free agents is far too vast anyway, especially after options files etc. This restrains that.

    We’ll see in two months.

  24. Paul – Are there any changes to the kit template this year? I have it, looks more or less the same…

  25. Haha ekickfun 2020 indeed. In one of the gameplay vids for Pes 2020 I saw the Replay wipe and it just said “efootball”…a stark realization of what konami is doing. I’m at an absolute low as far as hype is concerned. Even less so than last year. I’m actually looking forward to FIFA a bit more and think I will only get Pes if it is cheap on cdkeys ( which I always do to be fair).

    NG – i understand why you would disagree regarding the mediocrity of pes19. As you know I was quite firmly on the positive side of the fence early on but it’s just unplayable to me now. I don’t know exactly why but I think FIFA has spoiled me with the unpredictability in any given situation. In Pes I can honestly see everything coming a mile off…which completely destroys the reason to play to me.

    Also the reason why 2020 doesn’t have me hyped at all…I looks EXACTLY the same. TTB even indicated that the AI has regressed. Not a good sign as Pesuniverse is now in konamis ” inner circle” so to speak..

  26. Paul – brilliant! Many thanks and if the rumours are true you can see Man Utd wearing that kit before the end of this month. What a great kit it looks this year too – a softer sky blue is always more appropriate than the darker blues of recent years. Back to basics. We don’t see Real Madrid (almost as big a team as Cov) mixing it up with darker whites do we?

    Re. YouTube I almost wish I had it in me to do what they do. There’s a Football Manager streamer in his 40s whose only job it is, and shows you don’t have to be the ‘hey guyz!’ sort to make it work. Now I’ve got my fibre internet I might stream the odd match next season. Maybe that’s the slippery slope.

    #1 – hard to tell anything from watching other people play the game, and perceptions of the AI are so different. E.g. I only semi-jokingly call it ‘the AI that we need’. To me it’s fine. I never had LCS remember, and found it a solid and only occasionally infuriating opponent for 15+ seasons. Been playing a bit of FIFA the past few days and what a phenomenal game it is – but its AI often lacks teeth. For better or worse, the PES AI, much-maligned and mocked thought it be, isn’t a problem (for me).

  27. I think the dream for a lot of people is to be able to play your favourite video game for a full-time wage. But like you say you’ve got to be a likes whore to make it work for you financially. It’s more suited to kids, still living at home, some not with a real job, not paying a mortgage or busy being parents.

    If the Football Manager fan in his 40s wants in on streaming scene, he needs to start doing it because he would get self satisfaction and enjoyment out of doing it for himself and himself alone, because it’s probably not going to amount to anything. If it makes him happy doing it and isn’t driven by likes and monetisation, then power to him.

  28. Talking PCs again, would whacking a Radeon RX 570 Gaming 8GB GPU into my current machine be worth it?

  29. @Tommy – Not if you whack it with a mallet.

    @Paul – Really nice kit, although I was disappointed that the link didn’t go through to a video of a fragile snowflake princess.

    7 wickets down!!!

  30. Me again. Any PES 6 on PC users here? I’m looking for an option file. I don’t care how many seasons old it is, just a complete one with a link that still works would be fine. Any recommendations?

  31. *I meant PES 5

  32. Tommy — it so happens I needed a PES5 OF just the other night when doing a fresh install on a Windows laptop, and was happy to find this:

    The download link works. I played a couple of matches and can confirm the squads are 2013-14 (Sterling at Liverpool etc.). I spotted a typo (“Quen’s Park Rangers”), and would bet there are others, but they’re easily enough fixed.

    If that doesn’t suit there are loads of links to various other OFs on that site (check every part of the side-menu), can’t vouch for the vitality of the links.

  33. NG – whats with the rumours and man utd wearing the Coventry Kit ???
    Have I Missed something!?!

    Tommy – Kit template is the same, the actual model in-game has changed, but the kit template itself remains as-is.

    EFootball name change explanation:

  34. Paul – if Man Utd are in the demo, and if Edit Mode is in the demo, then Man Utd will be running out in the Coventry City kit!

  35. NG – Ahhh I see!
    That will be weird!!

    Not sure if edit mode extends to changing the kits, Adam commented that you could change the sponsor board logos, but would be strange to include edit mode just for that, surely the reason to include it is to give kit makers head start on release.

    The way things are going it could be more likely to see Pogba and Lukaku in a Cov shirt rather than a Man Utd shirt.

  36. Paul – Thanks. Good news. It means that the nice Freebridge kit I made for 2019 that I ended up never using can be used for eISS2020.

  37. nG – Thanks, I’ll look into it. Turns out I already had an option file installed from when I last played the game in 2015, and I was halfway through a ML season with Galatasaray.

  38. Wimbledon final, British Grand Prix and the cricket World Cup final – one of those rare multi sport days and a bit of a clanger dropped by a few marketing folk.

    Reading between the lines Konami would have called it esoccer if they thought they’d get away with it. I am in no doubt that this means you will see faster games, fewer long rangers and almost no fouls in every single mode. I’m only ever going to go backwards with football games, retreating to the safe haven before ‘esports’. They might tinker with transfers but at the heart of it the football is going to be everything most of us hate.

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