Down to nerf

I have got to May in Season 1 of Career Mode, and am just a couple of matches from the end.

There won’t be a Season 2 – but this doesn’t mean what regular readers might think it means.

I’m ditching Career Mode in order to play FIFA19, not to bury it.

I just haven’t got time for the long grind of Career Mode. I am hungry to play FIFA19 with better players now, not in a few weeks (or months).

This maiden season was useful in so many ways. I wanted to see what Career Mode was like, and I have seen what it’s like. It is wonderful! Great transfer system (I love the restrictions on it via the Scouting system). Good training. Good development and Youth systems. Overall, a superb, slick environment that does credit to its designers.

But I can’t play through this summer (what there is of it) doing the whole ‘Master League-style progression’ thing, with poor players, slowly inching my way up the ladder. If I stuck to that, I would get to August, and the PES2020 demo, and have my head turned (and my head would be turned) –and then drop FIFA19 without ever really experiencing it. This scenario does not appeal to me.

I want to play FIFA19 with great players, now. The ‘Billionaire Takeover’ option in Career Mode is one I have considered, and might return to.

I will conclude this season of Career Mode, and then probably take to League Mode or even Ultimate Team (offline of course), purely to get a taster of what this game is like with top players.

Barcelona in La Liga? Tottenham in the Premier? Or a custom team of aces in Ultimate Team?

The grind of Career Mode is not for me, right now. I have no need of it. There is no itch left for it to scratch. 15 seasons of Master League was quite enough of that sort of thing for one footy game year.

The search for a camera in FIFA19 has led me back to the vanilla camera. Good width, good depth. I’m sticking with it.I love the gameplay, with reservations. The most serious one is the lack of fouls and free kicks. Every so often there’s a match with one or two fouls, but the majority of the time it’s one match after another with literally zero fouls.

The other issue, which is a work in progress, is long-range shooting. Nerfed or what!

When you play lots of football games a lot of the time, you get a good sense of when a game is doing the whole ‘scoreline management’ thing. You know when it is managing the flow of the game in certain conditions, and the outcome of certain things.

The nerf of long-range shooting in FIFA19 is palpable. I hit the post and crossbar FOUR times from range in one match recently. Ooh! Aaah! Exciting! Just imagine all the gasps and roars that such thrilling near-misses produce in multiplayer – while keeping the scorelines reasonable and competitive, of course.

Needless to say, one of the main interests I have in moving to another mode and playing with better players, is seeing whether I can start to knock the 30+ yarders in. I have enough muscle memory and understanding of how FIFA19 works now. PES2019 certainly nerfs long-range shooting too (for the same nefarious online-balancing reasons), but I did get a few in that game. I hope for the same in FIFA19.

Updated: 28th June 2019 — 12:26


  1. I understand not wanting to get into anything too heavy at this point in the PES calendar. You’ve done PES2019, many seasons of in fact, and more or less put it to bed. With new PES, what, 10 weeks away? The summer break is needed.

    Carrying on with my house rules practice ML at the moment, I simulated the whole first season (bar a couple of games). Finished rock bottom with 2 points. The cpu controlled defaults are not given a sniff on superstar. Got through the second summer window which was enthralling only being able to pick from one nation at a time, depending on offers. I definitely think I’ll be doing this for iSoccer2020.

    Football Manger 2019 mobile is greatly reduced in price at the moment. Time to don the sunscreen and take the PES Chronicles summer side-quest on the road, perhaps??

  2. NG – I totally get it as my 10 seasons on FIFA were immense and really struggled afterwards and the thought of another marathon would be too much.

  3. Tommy/Darryl — as it says in the post, I’m not thinking of quitting FIFA19 at this stage, just Career Mode. 1 season is enough for me to see Career Mode’s qualities, but I’m really not up for another massive in-depth stint as a manager. I think Ultimate Team offline will be the way to go. Whenever that’s run its course, PES2020 will be just around the corner.

    I have FM2018 on the ipad and plenty of versions on PC, but no ‘juice’ left to devote to the genre now. The rest of my summer will be all something in FIFA19 and XCOM2. Might have a dabble on that PC installation of PES2019 too, which will have to have an honorary few sessions of ML at some stage.

    iPES 2020 ftw!

  4. Even playing classic fm 2014, with most options left alone it is not a rapid game. The advantage for me is you can watch the cricket, Wimbledon, women’s World Cup, Glastonbury etc while playing. My pes game has stalled as a result.

    Speaking about Glastonbury I believe the drummer for Coldplay would be another in the line of ‘looks like darryls’ based on that scary onsie pyjama effort of a few years back. Wide of the mark?

  5. Turf – Funny enough the drummer from Coldplay is a spitting image of my brother, so you are not wide off tbe mark there. As for Glastonbury I didn’t think the coverage was very good this year as in previous years there was more options via the red button.

    Good win in the cricket yesterday and have always been of the opinion that England are better batting first. It is a mentality thing as they are not the best in handling pressure situations. Batting first they can play with more freedom and thus score bigger totals. I think it is the only way we can win this World Cup.

  6. Wise Choice NG – this stage of the year isn’t conducive to a long in-depth career mode, especially FIFAS in-depth one.

    Just back from my holiday, so settling back in, should hopefully have a post up Thursday, resuming my International Journey in the Euros.

  7. Uncle Turf – FM has its seasons for me that come and go, and it is currently totally gone. When there’s more of a halfway house between Classic and standard is when I’ll be more interested again. And PES/FIFA of course take a lot out of me that could be used for the genre.

    My installation of CM0102 with 2012 squads and a transfer window etc, still sees occasional action.

    Paul – hope you had a good holiday and yes, I just want to see everything FIFA19 has to offer before time runs out. If I stuck with the CM I’d be feeling frustrated very quickly. Other modes are where the action will be for me for the next few weeks. I’ve already played a one-off Exhibition match Barca-Real that was excellent. Ultimate Team offline should be fun.

  8. Catching up on the weekend PES news on the forums. Demo coming 30th July, and includes… Edit Mode! This could mean the editing community gets over a month to create their option files prior to release. Good news, if you’re big on that sort of thing. We may get fully fleshed out option files close to launch day after all!

  9. Tommy – good find, and it really does feel like the middle of the night in the football gaming year. All is a-slumber.

  10. darryl – agree (about cricket and glastonbury not your brother). England seem to lose their minds when they need to chase, particularly if the run rate required begins to exceed the run rate. Each new batsman tries to whack it out of the ground rather than nudge it around the field. Root and Morgan should be the steady nudgers but they don’t seem to do pressure too well. And yes, glastonbury only became interesting for me with the Cure – who were tremendous, like 30 years of life had never happened. Some people clearly can’t sing without autotune and there are far too many get major slots on the basis of one album or well known song. I wonder how many end up forgotten about, there’s probably a really tricky pub quiz question about who headlined in 20XX and the answer will be ‘how the f+++!’

  11. When The Cure came on the telly, my first thought was “Blimey, Jo Brand’s let herself go a bit”.

  12. Turf – Yes The Cure were fantastic. I quite like Liam Gallagher but if you watched his set from last year, there was hardly any difference aside from the clothes he was wearing.

  13. Darryl – there was a programme on a few days before and Liam Gallagher described his glastonbury appearances in terms of ‘that one I wore my.., and that year was my white coat..’ – so I think that’s pretty much it.

    Chris99 – with the passing of time he now looks a bit like an entry in a kids school egg decorating competition. Mind Tim Burgess looked like someone you’d not let the kids anywhere near.

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