Mersonesque unbelievable belief

Work and life has got in the way again, and hampered my progress – which has been interesting nonetheless.

In what increasingly feels like my real, definite, no-changing-my-mind-this-time Final Season on PES2019, I am positioned for the best chance at the League title that I might ever have:With that healthy gap between me in 2nd and Chelsea in 3rd place, it looks like it’s between me and Fulham for the title.

Having come this far I don’t think I will fade and fall away now, as I have done many times in the past.

But will Fulham ever drop points?

I predicted before this season began that I would have a meaningful go at the title, which has happened. Just goes to show what unbelievable belief can do.

I also predicted that if I did have a good go at the title, the team(s) around me would keep pace with my results – and so it has proved.

When I lose, Fulham lose.

When I draw, Fulham have also drawn.

Every win I notch up, I wait to see Fulham’s result on the post-match screen — and there they are, winning.

The only edge I have on them right now is my goal difference.

I’m scoring lots of goals by adopting an approach that is foreign to my football game instincts: the ol’ Pep Guardiola-style doctrine of not ‘wasting’ possession on long shots. It really is the case in PES2019 (and nuPES as a whole) that the % success rate of long-shots to goals is so low (easily under 1%, i.e. you have to try 100+ times to get just 1 in the net) that the more optimal strategy is definitely to craft chances from inside the box. Boring, boring football in other words. But it’s paying dividends as the goals tally shows. My Gomez and Forlan are currently joint top of the scoring charts.

I got to January and a certain wandering Regen returned from his loan spell:

Sadly I think my PES2019 juice has just about run out now, and we will never find out what Jarvis could have been (again).A few suspensions in my defence prompted me to play Mathieu there for a few matches and he’s been a revelation, so much so that he kept his place and made it into Team of the Month. Along with five other players of mine, which I think is the best performance I’ve had in one of these things. Reflective of the season I’m having, especially going forward. Xavi and Mascherano behind Gomez and Forlan. The outcome is goals.

I’ve got a few days off work coming up next week, and plan to push through to the end of the season. All being well, this time next week should see the end of Season 15 and PES2019, for reals this time.

Updated: 31st May 2019 — 10:49


  1. I suppose its a good thing that Pep’s players don’t always listen to his advice about not wasting possession on long shots, because if Kompany hadn’t taken that long shot, Liverpool would be Premier league champions.

    Carrying on from the last post ….

    The fouls omittance from NU-era footy games are as much a conspiracy theory as 9/11, the moon landings, and others, we all know the truth but ‘they’ will never come out and confirm or deny the reason through fear of alienating a large % of their customer base.

    If a game was ever geared up for flexible fouls then FIFA would be it, with its slider settings, as you rightly said.

    We absolutely need a referee model within each game, each ref having different leniency levels which dictate how many fouls are given.

    In FIFA’s case though, the fouls being given isn’t the issue, it’s just that the COM players rarely commit a foul.

  2. Paul – I’ll have a look at the post-match stats for fouls in an Ultimate Team match on YouTube later when I get the time. As we know online footy gamers play in a hyper-aggressive manner, so in theory there should be massive amounts of fouls. If there are, great, we just need the AI tweaked to be more aggressive in single-player (again a slider would be useful). But what if they’re low? Off to see…

  3. You can probably look forward to a couple of months of me talking about FIFA through the framework of the things I’m interested in in footy games, by the way… Bad and good of course. Fouls’ removal from modern single-player footy games is something we’ve all adapted to, but it continues to bug me, not least through the lens of how the game devs deal with the matter, i.e. not at all.

  4. NG – will look forward to your thoughts and opinions on all things FIFA after coming off the back of a very heavily invested PES ML campaign.

    Says it all really …..
    Look at the score, and the fouls

    View post on

  5. Paul – I just watched a couple of online FIFA19 matches and they didn’t look too bad at all, much as we both found in myClub last year, there is something to the online modes depending on the players. All these baseball-capped and bandana-wearing YouTubers with their greeting of ‘wot izz goin’ on, guys?‘ just make me feel old. I found more or less the same stats, high scoring and low-ish fouls (3 between the players). Which isn’t bad, but it’s single-player that counts. And we are older, we spend less money (typically just the money for the game), we’re not visible on YouTube and social media. We all know where the tide of things has taken football gaming. A good rule of thumb: in any commercial context where the question is ‘Why?’ the answer is almost always ‘Because money’.

  6. Your post sums up why I jumped the good ship PES after numerous efforts to get going, a lot of invested hours and the beginnings of a decent career – the replication of results is way over the top this year. When you can do a mini invincibles for the last dozen games and yet never see the other teams in the promotion hunt drop a point then you know it’s deliberately stringing you along. It’s bad enough when it’s a top two shoot out that goes into RL Man C-Liverpool mode, but mine was purely promotion from France 2. Made me feel like the entire season boiled down to four games or so, potentially early on in the year before you’ve realised they will determine your final position.

    BTW I’m playing 2 player 2017 (both on same team) to ease my way back in and we are seeing a fair few fouls. Maybe it’s not the same issue for modes outside of master league? I know we’ve been down that route before and something about coding and something about rules and something…but, well, I don’t know.

  7. Turf – PES 2017 was more devoid of fouls than PES 18 and 19 were, at least in ML mode.

  8. I’ve got the patched version Paul, the one with the diamond upgrade and gold insert. It provides a different form and essence.

  9. got a few fouls on 2017, on the whole it was about the same as 2019, 1-2 per game. Really like the idea of 2 player co-op with the kids, not tried that yet. Might give my son some hints on how to position himself on the football pitch in real life

    not-Greg – ‘but when will Fulham ever drop points’ is not a phrase often heard! Surely the game will have to give you a break at some point. There was definitely a PES in 04-06 where Real Madrid would sometimes win all 30 games in a season, can’t remember which one. Sadly Jarvis’s amazing finishing stat is not quite enough this year, I have him at the peak of his original (non-regen) powers but just the occasional goal off the bench. Season 5 finished in 4th place, a crucial late Castledine goal against Nice gives us European Masters Cup qualification. Given that French teams aside from PSG are quite weak it will be a great challenge to play some different opposition. Just signed Forlan at last, got a really good 3 year deal at 1.5m wages, will start him off at AMF where we are a bit short of options

  10. Abbeyhill – definitely helps explain offside. Him shouting pass as he tears 15 yards past the last defender and then wonders why I’m casually dribbling it around midfield. Was the only option for us as I’m still able to take him to school with complete ease in 1v1.

  11. Uncle Turf – nuPES has been a disaster for fouls and the like. I remember last summer the PES2019 demo bringing 6 or so fouls per 5-minute match, and thinking fouls were back. Of course it was a bait and switch thing, as we knew at the time.

    abbeyhill – Forlan takes a season, and my Jarvis the 2nd has already got the odd goal off the bench at age 17.

  12. NG – the Vanilla version of Fifa 16 is serving me well on the fouls front and still have an average of 5 or 6 per game. I am sure they patched these out quite quickly. The downside is that the Playstation is now permanently disconnected to the Internet as I have a habit of leaving discs in and before you know it we have the game updated. Why is there not an option as to whether we accept patches?

  13. Fulham! That’s fun. I can’t recall too many PESes where an AI controlled smaller club has become a real contender.

    Are you sure you’re sure about finishing with PES 2019 n-G?

    Still totally absorbed in PES5. Just had a great phase of ML where I’ve had to manage injuries, international call ups and fatigue caused by a fixture pile up. Oh and I’ve signed Jean Pierre Papin!

  14. what a website! piced up pes19 and delighted to see you can dive and transfers have moved on since 16. getting fouls around te box and was scoring fks on the reg till i starrted thinking about them too much and hitting them into the wall. seems finishing now takes second place to passing it in as you say..

    keep playing and sharing eg patches for championship teams


  15. Shed – I am totally done with PES2019 this time, yes. Winning the Europa League last season ‘completed’ the game for me. You’re doing a fine job of selling me on turning my weekly PES5 couple of matches into something more permanent! If FIFA19 goes belly-up after I start it, my escape hatch might be the actual Greatest Ever Football Game. I won’t return to PES2019, feeling really full up with it.

    Jeddah – that might be it with me lately, I seem to either sky them or clip the wall a lot more than I used to. Certain other 1337 gam3rz have no such problem of course…

  16. Get on the practise field then NG, as G4m3rZ who stop the power bar just on the green, and hold the LS left or right, score them much more frequently.
    Not beneficial to be in the N0OB1e club.

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