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Season 15 has moved on a little – not a lot, because of work and life intervening, plus other reasons (including one Big Reason, mentioned at the end of the post).

I’ve played about 10 matches of the League, and almost finished the group stage of the Europa League, which yielded the above screenshot. Where it almost looks as if me and Mascherano have just heard that we’ve qualified for the televised stage of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The league table is more or less the same as it was on Friday. My form has gone back to being so-so, but my good start means I’m still up in the top 6.

My winning run was ended by two very strange back-to-back matches versus Crystal Palace and Huddersfield. I lost them both 1-0, and they were two of the most suspicious matches I have ever played in my entire football gaming life. Both teams were ferociously ultra-high-powered, and nothing I did worked. I could dish out a full description of all the suspect things that happened, but everybody reading this will know what I meant without me needing to go into details.

You just know in the marrow of your finger-bones when a football game is up to shenanigans. The human player getting too many wins in a row is simply Not Allowed. Is there anybody out there who has won a league title with 38 wins out of 38, on Superstar? I would say that would be an impossible feat even for the greatest PES player of all time. The interesting question is why is it impossible? The fact that it is impossible is proof, on its own, that the game monkeys with the player when it deems it necessary to do so.

I thought some might be interested to see the Manchester United team here in Season 2032-33:Man U in my ML world are roughy where their real-life counterparts are today in 2019: a decent outfit on their day, but still only just about top 4 material. Always a tough match though – I managed to scrape a 1-0 win out of this one. Rashford is still the original, not a Regen, and close to retirement. Other teams in this ML world have a similar bizarro look to them. Regen De Bruyne is at Burnley, for example.

In other news, look what arrived in the post yesterday morning:Having played the demo last week and been impressed, I simply had to.

I won’t make the mistake that I have very often made in the past, of trying to play FIFA before I have thoroughly concluded all business with PES.

But I did put the disc in the PS4 last night to perform all the updates and implement the current set of Operation Sports sliders. I had time after all that for one solitary match at 1am – England vs Scotland, of course. I even scored a long-ranger – note in one of the replay angles how the lines on the pitch change to vertical, just like in PES. There must be a coding-side reason for why this is observed by EA and Konami. Anyone know what it is?

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  1. Wow – 15 Seasons. It’s a shame personal life deprived me of digging deeply into either game this year. They didn’t provide me with the escape from reality I needed.
    Things are looking up now and I might get an Indian summer out of one of them

  2. NG – great goal and the meat behind the long-range goals were one of the highlights of this years FIFA for me. You will like it.

  3. From previous thread (as I have yet to experience 19) – yes, it’s not so much the aloof, self sufficiency and scoping out the territory cat behaviour (I expected that) but the way it wanders around miaowing at me, yet when I get up to do whatever it is I assume it wants it ignores me and goes and sits back down. It’s like it’s deliberately testing me. I had imagined it would be like bringing home a new born but it seems much brighter and dismissive than that. Then it goes and sits in a hole behind the tv stand like a complete plank. These don’t seem to be logical animals!

  4. You’re approaching this wrong Turf. Everybody knows that it’s the cat who’s the owner.

  5. Turf – Sockwulf is correct and all that is normal for a cat settling into it’s new environment as it is asserting control over you. Is it a male or female as it does make a difference here?

    The other problem with cats is their tendency to disappear for days at a time. This can be difficult when you have kids. The worse thing is other people feeding them as cats have no loyaty. A rabbit would have been an easier option.

  6. Ha, ha yes sockwolf, I’m starting to realise my logical approach is completely redundant. I’m effectively staff. It’s a female cat. It’s apparently never been outdoors so at the minute it’s not likely to explore. Next door have two Maine coons (I did a double take when I heard that, surely this day and age, etc) that similarly don’t go out but have a huge chicken run they go in that they’ve offered us. That’s likely to be the preferred option as I don’t want some snotty kid thinking he’s acquired a nice new cat.

  7. Uncle Turf – most cats I’ve known well in my life have been more or less friendly and it sounds like you’ve got a friendly one if it’s mewing at you and scoping out the premises. Say I’ve met 10 cats (“I’ve met ten cats”) – only about 2 of them have conformed to the haughty and remote stereotype that’s always said of cats, but they certainly are loners compared to dogs.

    Darryl – I already really like what I’ve seen of FIFA19, just the sudden feeling of a different taste and texture to a footy game is appealing. I think if I win the title this season on PES2019 I’ll be enough ‘done’ to have a go on the other side.

    prsgame – 15 mostly great seasons too. Over the course of them the game has never dipped below a 7.5/10 experience, and has more often been a 9/10 one. Well worth a look – as is FIFA19, which is indeed very different from ’18.

  8. Turf – you have confirmed it for me as I had a cat once called Freddy, who was meant to be a male but my Dad picked the wrong one up. Only weeks later did I discover that Freddy was a female cat. In the first week or so she displayed the same behaviour that you describe. The good news is it didn”t last long.

  9. Cool, cheers guys. I’ve only ever had a hamster and fish so I’m on a whole different scale of relating here. She will get enough stimulation from mini turf but I don’t want to be the wicked uncle causing shrieking cats and mayhem.

  10. Turf – We have three cats in ours. A female and two males(her offspring)She will quite happily lounge around all day in her various happy places and venture out occasionally when nature calls. The male tabby will stay out all day then come home and curl up next one of us for hours. The black male who we thought was a girl until a visit to the vets, will bring home all sorts of gifts for us. We’ve had mice, small rats, birds and the odd bat. They all have their own personality traits and quirks. The tabby likes me best, the mum loves my wife and the other one loves our chorkie

  11. NG – What a beautiful sight!!! A decent footy game on show on the Chronicles! 😉
    Joking aside, if you invest the time into FIFA 19, which may be too late in the year to properly do so now, you will thoroughly enjoy it, long range goals are there, its meaty, weighty and stats matter.

    Also good to see you playing in Broadcast cam, the best cam there is.

    Have not had any gaming at all over the long weekend as the missus and I went down to the New Forest for a long weekend, booked a secluded cabin in the woods and spent 3 days exploring, was nice to get away from urban life, technology and everything else just for a bit. Beautiful part of the world.

  12. There is a black and white cat which constantly visits our garden and hunts and decapitates pigeons leaving me a gruesome mess to clean up. Wondering if I am legally within my rights to kill it. Suspect not

  13. Sidestepping the cat discussions for a moment, in the video I don’t think the lines on the pitch changed direction. The pitch had a chequerboard design, so maybe when viewed from behind the goal the vertical ones just appeared more noticeable?

    The stand out thing for me though was how well they had modelled Sterling’s pigeon run.

  14. Chris99 – EA have got Sterling down to a tee with his running and playing style, you can see its him from a mile off.

  15. Abbeyhill – I thought we had that too, was right hacked off with the mess and having to clear up the bodies until one morning I saw the kestrel that actually was doing it. This pigeon was dicking around on next doors lawn and all of a sudden it was hit side on by this bird. I thought it was a magpie at first but it looked up when I shouted ‘wooah’ and took off leaving the pigeon to limp away probably thanking the feathered god. The other possibility is the local fox, the cats round here are simply too fat and useless to be responsible.

    Personally I care not for pigeons but I believe you’re not allowed to despatch those either, only vermin.

  16. Chris99 — yes you can certainly tell the overall cross-hatching effect is still very much portrayed in the vertical graphical rendering — but those vertical stripes are enhanced in a way that is completely over the top that doesn’t match what we’ve just seen in the side-on view. I’m guessing it’s something to do with frame rates and smoothness etc. Similar to how cartoon animals such as Mickey Mouse et al always have one thumb and three fingers because the animators who created them found it more straightforward that way. I’m making a prima facie case here for something similar being done by EA and Konami coders when it comes to replays in these footy games. Remember the appalling stuttering replays of PES2008(PS3)? Konami would have said ‘never again’ and of course EA are ultra-professional anyway in terms of doing what needs to be done. I would put a cool tenner on this ‘Vertical Lines-gate’ being an accommodation with current technology.

    Paul — I’m definitely impressed and intrigued, could feel straightaway that weightiness and I mostly love the pace it’s played at. I think there will be enough time in this footy game year to just get enough of a taster in. It’ll depend on how Season 15 goes in PES2019 of course.

  17. And this sort of thing is exactly why EA and Konami are galaxies apart in terms of quality and attention to detail.

  18. Paul – that is excellent, and as a hopefully-soon-to-be-FIFA19-enthusiast, very encouraging – but there’s a sizeable ‘but’… I’ve been following the FIFA forums on reddit and EvoWeb all year so far. There’s one issue that players say they’re constantly feeding back on, Twittering to various people at EA, etc. and nothing happens. All they get is silence.

    CTRL-F for ‘fouls’ and ‘free kicks’ on that page and there’s nothing. Zero. The only reasonable conclusion is that EA are deliberately just ignoring the issue. Not bothering to engage with the fanbase to explain in all honesty why they’re not doing anything (we all know why of course, but they won’t say it). Not great quality or attention to detail there.

  19. That’s a fair comment NG, but they do go into detail to say they are refining the AI defending, tackling mechanics, player positioning and intelligence etc, all of which could have a vast impact on how and how frequently fouls occur as a result of these new mechanics, I guess we’ll see during play tests when people start getting their hands on it at play tests etc if this has improved the fouls.

    Neither game, PES or FIFA does fouls very well, PES admittedly has more, but still very very few and the foul logic is way too inconsistent, whereby you can be assaulted in the box and get nothing, yet when the COM defender jumps into your standing defender and falls over him, a foul is awarded.

    FIFA’s only let down is the fouls, or lack of, yet it hasn’t stopped me enjoying an 11 season career mode, or you a 15+ season ML in PES.

  20. Paul – it’s highly significant for them not to mention the issue at all on that page, in an article where they’re crowing about their responsiveness to customer feedback. And total silence in replies to the many tweets etc. that people have sent them over the past years (if they reply at all).

    It all suggests there will never be any fouls fix, as we know there won’t be. PES’s 1.5 fouls per match (on a good day) is barely acceptable either. The interesting thing when it comes to FIFA is how big they are on user customisation. So where is the slider to raise and lower foul frequency???? Its absence is very significant and suggests that ‘no fouls’ is a dominant policy at a higher level, something that is a required part of the ‘product’ in the year 2019, just as it is over on PES. The fact that the whole topic is taboo to EA’s army of PR people is VERY interesting indeed. Remember Shed’s PES5 screenshot last week of his 11 fouls per side in the CL final? And no, it’s not too many. I play PES5 at least once per week and the fouls are an intrinsic part of the gameplay, and force you to play football. We all know how much fouls and free kicks enhance gameplay. It’s what makes good football games great, and great football games legendary. We will never see the like again. So I’ll be a lot more impressed with EA’s response to customer feedback if and when they ever substantively… respond to customer feedback.

  21. Agree with everything you said NG, literally have no counter argument at all.
    All I would add is that my main point of night and day between the way EA and Konami operate/communicate still stands.

    Fouls specifically may have been ignored, but everything else, along with every patch they release is intrinsically detailed with notes, videos, diagrams etc.

    What do paying customers get from Konami? Blocked on twitter if they even dare to criticise any part of the game, lies and false promises.

  22. Paul – that’s what makes EA’s total silence (as far as I know) on the topic much more interesting. Konami’s no-show on it isn’t inconsistent with their other behaviour, but the contrast between EA’s ‘we will never stop telling you how great we are at answering your feedback’ and the total lack of response to this one specific feedback, is very interesting indeed. As ever, I have a memey way to illustrate:

    FIFA HQ on an average day:

    FIFA HQ when asked A Certain Question:

    And I know the second picture is pretty much all of Konami, but I’m in the process of pivoting to FIFA here and I’m starting my fouls moaning early (although I’ve got a surprising amount in my few warmup matches).

  23. Well I’ve asked the EA Game Dev manager directly about fouls, will see if i get any kind of response.

    I could of course do a response meme about the meetings at Konami HQ around fans asking for ML changes, and all the other stuff but isn’t really worth the effort, and irrelevant because this last year has shown that PES fans are happy to be blatantly lied to by the actual developer, promised things that simply don’t materialise, and have key figures within the company doctor images and make false leading statements about the game, yet they still accept it and support it anyway.

  24. Paul — memeing would be a waste of time surely as I’ve not placed Konami’s uselessness and evasiveness in doubt anywhere in this mini-discussion. It’s interesting that EA are so Konami-like in this one specific area. I’ve noticed it all year – for a couple of years in fact – but it’s not affected me because I’ve not been a player. Now I nearly am one, hopefully, I’m suddenly intensely curious. Even if you get a generic ‘something the team is aware of and that we’re looking at moving forward blah blah’ bit of boilerplate managerspeak from the EA guy, it’ll be more than anyone else has got from anyone as far as I know. At least us here and a few on the footy game forums know how and why fouls are absent from all current football games, but I’d love an acknowledgement of that reason from the makers – and an explanation from EA at least of why there can’t be a slider to control it.

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