What a hit, what a hit!

My most recent session saw me handing a proper thumping to one of the trickiest AI teams to play against. Lowly Huddersfield have Regen Samuel Eto’o up front, and he is always a handful. I kept him quiet in this one using the trusty technique of ‘secondary pressure while tracking his runs’. And we ran out 6-1 winners, with Aduriz getting a hat-trick. Their goal was scripted, scripted, I’m telling ya.

In the same session, I also scored what might well be my Goal of PES2019. I stated in Friday’s post that I was saving all my great and good goals for a special End Of PES2019 compilation at the end of this week.

This goal is too special to bury in a compilation. It has to be shown off on its own. I’ve been trying to score this kind of goal from the start, and finally did score it. Here it is – the goal comes seconds after kick-off:

Not quite postage-stamp, but still a true laces-hit long-ranger, one of my very few scored in PES2019. I’m giving it a solid 9/10 in the Gallery of Long-Rangers. Testament to the great truth that if you keep buying tickets, sooner or later you will win the raffle.

I have indeed scored quite a few goals from distance in PES2019, compared to previous nuPES editions – but most have been R2 curlers, and most of them came in the first few months, before Konami nerfed them almost to oblivion.

When this ‘true’ long-ranger went in… longtime readers can well imagine just how pleased I was. It was the kind of moment that I play PES for.

Results have been good, but from 13 points behind with 5 matches remaining, I’m not catching Chelsea now. I’ll do well to finish in the top 4. The table:

A slight tweak to my formation has helped improve results. I’ve made more of a connection between back and front by pulling the two wide AMFs back to the halfway line, and made one a CMF and the other an RMF.

I’ve used two specialist players for the roles.

Benat (the scorer of the 35-yarder) takes the CMF role on the left.

The RMF is a Loanee, G Acosta, who has a great turn of pace and a wicked crossing foot that’s almost Beckhamesque in the execution.

The goals have flowed and with them the enjoyment. Classic PES was never noticeably frustrating when it limited the player’s scoring rates, which it blatantly did and still does under certain circumstances. (If you doubt this, consider the last time you had a winning run of X matches in Master League, and how that winning run of X matches came to an end. No, you were never going to score in that match, were you?)

NuPES certainly is a frustrating affair when its internal flag is set to ‘inhibit human player goal-scoring’. It’s always nice to be out of that zone.

I’m in the Champions League semi-final. I head for my final session on PES2019 (ahem, probably) with a good feeling about the game, and no regret for the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on it again this year. Friday will be the finale.

Updated: 23rd April 2019 — 10:51


  1. Great goal there as I loved the build up at the beginning, even though you seemed to have a lot of time and space.

    NG – with regards to Final Fantasy I played a great deal of the early ones versons 3 to 5 on the Playstation. Yes they were proper RPG games.

  2. Decent goal NG, but you’ve scored better in this PES IMO.
    All ramped up for a Friday finish then, want to see that Shiny UCL trophy hoisted high in the air.

    Whats up next? a break? some retro PES? some non-footy gaming? FIFA ?

  3. Darryl – it was a rare few moments of time and space just after kickoff, and when they come along I still try them. 999 times out of 1000, no goal. This was the 1 time and I felt proportionately rewarded.

    Final Fantasy 8 is the greatest in the series and the greatest RPG for me. I replayed it about 5 times back in the day.

    Paul – it’s a weird one with our favourite goals, as they’re so often dependent on the context of that particular day. I haven’t experienced a glorious rush of joy with a goal like that since I got that very first ridiculous R2 long-ranger with Lincoln back in September.

    I have to have a footy game in my life in some form, all the time, and I’m still determined to go for FIFA first, even though experience tells me it never quite sticks after many months of Master League. This year though I have a funny feeling that something will be different. I’m ready for a change. I won’t make the mistake of trying to jump immediately into a Career Mode though. ML fatigue would soon put paid to that. I’ll start out with a League or Cup.

    p.s. I replied at length to you in the previous thread re. your blog conundrum.

  4. That’s a good a goal as any to (almost) call it a day! Nice one there, let’s hope for some silverware eh.

    Joining in on the rpg talk, Fallout 4 is not regarded as a “proper” rpg by fallout purists because there is a hardly any decision making with consequences. That used to be there in spades in the older fallout games which were made by a different company than Bethesda. In fact the last Bethesda game that had this was morrowind. Maybe oblivion.

    I’m not one of those purists though and to me fallout 4 is a great rpg.

    BTW on the subject of final fantasies. If you liked 8 NG (and others) you could perhaps try to play xenogears which is also made by squaresoft. Pretty obscure but great rpg game that I’m sure you could get running on your mobile phone nowadays.

  5. n-G – Lovely goal. Nice and top corner-y, as all the best long rangers are. Good luck for this (probably) last chapter of what has turned out to be a very decent PES for some.

    PES 5 is still doing it for me in that must-have-a-footy-game-on-the-go kind of way.

    As for RPGs, I played 100 hours of Final Fantasy VII on the PS1, lost the save file and never went back.

  6. super goal, hit like a hammer, I would say that’s one of your best this year not-Greg. Suitably imperious musical accompaniment

    #1 – am I right in saying that Xenogears was a precursor to Xenoblade Chronicles, the epic Wii & 3DS RPG? Loved that one, although the fact it took over 100 hours to complete put me off committing to the sequels

    after an Easter holiday in Barcelona I’m back on season 4 in ML. Pleased to see that after running away with Ligue 2 there is a marked step up in difficulty in D1, hovering just above relegation at the moment. Getting a good 500-600k per month into the wage budget which is now looking more comfortable

  7. Just back from Mallorca here. Now exclusively on rdr2, so much so I’m having those weird visions of game activity when out IRL eg. Wanting to shoot birds out of the air. I’ve had it with minecraft and more clearly with Tetris, occasionally a little bit watching football where I think I should trigger an off the ball run before realising where I was.

    However, and this relates a bit to darryl’s comments, rdr2 is not to me a completely immersive game with much replay value, mainly because it’s not a proper rpg. You really can’t play the game in different ways, you are always the same character, if you want to do certain things you have to follow the same story and you don’t get to work on different traits. You can buy different kit to give certain things a bump but ultimately you’re Arthur and you are simply a bit nicer or meaner. It would be so much better if you could customise him at the start and maybe be a former marksman or an expert horseman or something just to have a different type of experience. You can’t even catch fish unless you play through big lumps of story, it’s just GTA in a hat. How I long for another skyrim, sadly fallout was not it either.

  8. NG – I did see your lengthy reply and replied back myself, many thanks.

  9. #1 – I had Xenogears running on my low-spec old Windows laptop a few years ago – ran brilliantly, no problems at all, and I played an hour. Emulation really is flawless nowadays.

    I am a bit of an RPG purist, having cut my teeth on the JRPGs that came to the West in the early 2000s. The Final Fantasys of course, but also Grandia and Suikoden and many others. Around 2003 I remember playing a much-hyped RPG called Dark Chronicle, which was good, but the combat was real-time ‘Action RPG’ based. It was what the public wanted apparently. I felt a strong sense of foreboding. Fast forward to 2019 and the ‘Action RPG’ style is regrettably the model for ‘RPG’, but I will never budge. Games like Skyrim and Fallout and RDR2 will never be RPGs to me. They’re Action RPGs, which are something else.

  10. Shed – what were you doing for 100 hours in FF7?! I think I finished it in about 30 and that was stretching it.

    Viva PES5.

    abbeyhill – the goal was one of my very few laces long-rangers in PES2019, it was the farthest-out, and it was in the last season, so all in all, it’s my pick (until I look back on the game in August at least).

    Uncle turf – as I say in reply to #1 above, for me an RPG is defined entirely by its combat style, so even if RDR2 had a perfect 1:1 correspondence between game and reality in terms of life choices and character divergences, it still wouldn’t be a proper RPG for me. I’m aware I’m in the minority on that front.

    Get yourself a decent PC and a maximally-modded Skyrim Ultimate, by the sounds of it you’d be in faux-RPG Nirvana…

    Paul – looking forward to tomorrow’s FIFAFX post, and to expand on the discussion we had on the previous post, I did finish my season late last night (2am) and here is how I’ll be getting Friday’s post together: today I’ll be gathering the screenshots, trimming them to size and uploading them to the server. I might do the goals compilation vid if I feel like it. That’ll be all for today. Tomorrow morning I’ll do the vid if I haven’t done it today, and write the skeleton of the post itself. Likely to be a longer than usual one so it’ll take a bit longer than usual. Tomorrow afternoon and evening I’ll flesh out the post. Then Friday morning I’ll do the last 15% of the work, neaten everything up, and it’ll be ready to publish. There is no way I could ever sit down Thursday night and do everything in one go.

  11. NG – Look forward to reading about your season finale on Friday.
    See that’s where we differ, I couldn’t spend 3 days preparing a post, i just don’t have the time, our lifestyles are different, I’m not sure what your work patterns are, if its shifts etc, but having a full time job, gym commitments, then a wife to spend time with of an evenings also means I would never get the time each day for 2 or 3 days to dedicate to preparing a blog post, even if i did get the time, I’d either use it to play the game in order to gather material and actually have something to be writing about, or I’d be writing, no way there’s time for both.

    The ‘using the 2.5hrs I have late of an evening to play, gather, prep and write post’ works for me, by default as its the ONLY choice I have if I want to run the blog.

  12. Paul – I forgot to break it down to actual time lengths. Today I’ll spend about 10 minutes on the screenshots (I’ll leave the vid for tomorrow). Tomorrow morning the vid will take me about 30 minutes to do (fiddly as the proverbial fuck, a goals compilation vid). I’ll spend about 20 minutes tomorrow afternoon before work on writing the skeleton of the post. Then Friday morning it’ll take probably another 30 minutes to shape it all. This is only because it’s a big special post. A normal post – 95% of all posts throughout my typical blogging year – would see these times at least halved. This will be my last ‘big’ post before August/September and the 2020 games appear.

    I never use playing time for blogging. I do a lot of the blog stuff on my laptop before work and on breaks at work. If I wasn’t working on the posts I’d be reading or watching TV or browsing the Internet. It all works for me.

  13. NG – it obviously works for you as the posts are always enjoyable, but i seriously just don’t get the time that you seem to have.

    I’m up, washed, ready and out the door for 7am to work, no time before work for doing anything blog related.
    I finish at 5pm, go to the gym, get home around 7:30pm, shower, cook, eat, and sit with the wife talking, watching tv etc for an hour or so, from 10pm – midnight on a Monday and wednesday is my only free time. The other days im busy seeing family or whatever

    I often work through lunches, eat at my desk as i work etc, so again, blogging during lunch breaks is not an option.

    I may look at, for the new season, switching to a once a week schedule, but making each weekly post longer, and more content rich, that way I would have the 2 or 3 days I do have free each week to prepare the one post, no confusion over sorting clips and what happened where or when on what day etc.

  14. Paul – looking at your daily schedule I reckon there are inefficiencies in both your gym routines and speaking to the wife routines, could easily free up well over an hour of extra time per day through rationalising those……

  15. Haha No Chance Abbeyhill – Gym is more important than gaming and the wife trumps all of it, so no wriggle room im afraid !!!

  16. Abbeyhill – I think they’re “loosely” affiliated but not necessarily chronologically related… I’ve only played xenogears though.

    NG – ah so you’ve played it then. As for what makes a proper RPG, I used to be in your camp and was strictly turn-based, JRPG all the way. Final fantasy 2 (or 4 depending on where you’re from) was my first rpg ever and set the tone.

    However since playing morrowind I’ve come around. My view is that CRPG’s like it and Fallout and whatnot are just as much rpg’s and maybe even more so. I realize you won’t budge so I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty details on why I think so. Will save that for a rainy day.

    I loved suikoden btw. Huge game with a gazillion characters. Never finished it though.

  17. Paul – yes you could take the wife to the gym (or have a gym installed at home and let your wife watch you pumping things while heavy metal music plays), thereby consolidating two activities into a single activity block, thus freeing up a slot for playing/blogging. Go for it.

  18. As a time/motion study project I’d also like to ask how long your commute is? Out of the door for 7am, do you start work at 8am for example – even then that’s more than the usual 37 hour week unless of course you finish early on a Friday? Could that commute time be utilised in other ways? Driving while exercising or talking to the wife spring to mind. The evening shower/cook/eat sounds inefficient too – could you stuff a microwaved pasty down you in the shower for example? We need more detail on those timings and activity Paul…

    Agreed, rdr2 just isn’t an “RPG” to me, but I disagree by saying skyrim is. I get the turn based point as that more recent monstrosity of a final fantasy I played was a crime to the name. However, it’s character choice and development that maketh the ‘R’ of the RPG to me.

  19. Turf – I don’t have a fixed start time as such but I’m always in for 8am, and leave around 5pm, unless i have a meeting etc, I’d love to do the 9am start 5pm finish with an hour lunch but unfortunately when you earn a certain amount you are expected to put the hours in, no early friday finishes either 🙁

    I doubt a microwaved pasty would taste any different if eaten all soggy in the shower, so is a possibility, however a harder textured snack such as a bag of pork scratchings and a mars bar might be more workable.

    NG – just found a way to hack the firewall, and thus access wordpress.com so in taking on your advice, I have just draft written and saved around 600 words for tomorrows post, and added some images, so after playing for an hour and half tonight, all i’ll have left to do is upload any videos, and schedule the post. Winner.

  20. Paul – even just jotting down a few hundred words to a text editor and pasting them in at home later would have done, but if you’ve bypassed your work firewall even better. It really makes a difference, doing the posts in modular style over a day or two. It’d drive me crazy having to sit down and do them all in one.

  21. Yeah it did help. new post is up.

  22. I think a truly innovative techie would have a speech/text convertor rigged up in the car so he could dictate copy on his commute, would wear some sort of interactive eyeglasses during his workout so he could update the webpage as he pumped, and installed a human version of a car wash so that as he walked through the door he was automatically soaped, scrubbed, rinsed and blow dried. You’d be then free to talk to the wife over snacks.

  23. shame I’m not a techie eh Turf, life would have been so easy.


  25. NG – asking Amazon Echo (Alexa) how to make your wife happy the other night whilst messing around, it gave the response “You have happy wife enabled”.

    All seeing eye.

  26. Apologies Paul….I obviously meant code monkey….

  27. Looking forward to the end of season climax later today NG !!! Hope its a good outcome!

  28. Paul – cheers and to continue our ‘inside baseball’ style discussion of footy game blogging: this morning I have about 5% of the post left to do. Tidying up a few typos, slotting in the video links (I made two vids for this one), and deciding on a title, and that’s it. What would have probably taken about 2 hours start to finish if I’d done it in a single sitting, took about as long but was spread out over 3 days, in a variety of settings, so it didn’t feel burdensome at all.

    And this morning I have to grab one last screenshot from my Master League, which means starting it up, and it’s making me nostalgic looking around. I’ll have to keep an eye on that feeling because as we all know, or it’ll have me secretly playing season 14 and not really valuing any other footy game, PES or FIFA.

  29. I hear ya NG, its definitely the most efficient way to do things, for me it would only be possible with a once a week post, maybe that’s the way forward.
    To continue on the baseball reference, I know you’re a fan, and of ‘MLB The Show’, not sure if you have seen but MLB the Show 2019 is on sale in the PSN store.

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