Final week of the PES2019 season

My last season of PES2019 Master League moves into its final third.

I’ve now played 27 league matches. There are 11 league matches remaining. I’m in the Champions League Quarter Finals.

Assuming I get all the way to the CL final (a big ask on current form, as will be seen), that means there are a maximum of 16 (SIXTEEN) matches remaining in my PES2019 career as a whole.

By this time next week it will all be done and dusted.

The current table:17 points behind the leaders, with 11 matches left. Not even the most generous Master League table scripting will bring me the title now. Maybe if I won literally every single match of the remaining 11, there might be a chance. Even if that were possible for me (and it’s not), PES has never ‘allowed’ such unlikely runs anyway.

I felt the last shades of the title slipping away from me in the very first match of my most recent session. Man Utd are unpredictable in PES2019. They’re either annoyingly troublesome, or disturbingly easy to brush aside. (Punchline not required.)

I had 20 shots, 11 of them on-target, in a game I absolutely dominated. I have had 4-0 wins that were not as comfortable as this match was. Man Utd had 3 shots, 1 on target. The final result? 0-0.I must admit, I was sorely tempted to replay this match. I’m always tempted at least once every year, and this was the match I was tempted by in PES2019. It seemed so outrageous that I could have so many clearcut chances but either hit the post/bar (three times) or see the keepers pull off miracle saves – or see my uber-strikers mysteriously drag shots wide for no reason.

I’d finished the previous session with 4 straight wins. The scripting fairy really came to town for this one. Oh yes, I bet I could have won it at least once, if I’d replayed the fixture several times. Maybe I’d have won it on the very next attempt, who knows.

Either way it’s a moot issue as I only ever move forward with my Master League progression. I never stay in place to fool around with settings/patches/versions/whatever. I never go backward,. So I had to take the monstrously unfair outcome to this match and move on.

A couple of matches later I met one of the other teams around me at the top of the table, Man City, and there were no complaints about this result. I was well beaten at home, 1-4, a particularly bad result given that I had scored first.And so to next week. I’ve a busy weekend coming up, so Monday will be when I resume the struggle, and it’s likely that I will finish PES2019 midweek. Tuesday’s post will be a scene-setter for next Friday’s finale.

I’m also saving up my notable goals from this second half of the final season, for a farewell highlights reel next week. I’ve scored a few nice goals of al varieties and it should be good.

Updated: 19th April 2019 — 10:28


  1. NG – nobody could argue that you haven’t had your money worth out of this years game, which on reflection is a huge bonus.

    I am currently back on Fallout 4. I played it when it first came out and lost momentum with it for some unkown reason. I picked it up for £4 and have become obsessed once more. I am playing it a little bit different this time. I am not rushing the game and quite happy following the Minutemen quests and building up my settlements and supplies. I have also added two mods. One gives me more building options and the other gives you army ranks based on your game level. This means you feel you are leading a Minutemen Army. In one of my settlements I have my own office with bookcases and a trophy cabinet. It is a game in which you can play it any way you want. The critisism from the community at the time was it had just become a glorified Far Cry game. The way I play doesn’t feel so.

  2. Darryl – it is a great game. If I may give you a suggestion – play it on survival! Did about 3 playthroughs on normal and had great fun but survival is definitely the way the game is “meant” to be played imo.

  3. Darryl – it’s coming up for a year next month I think since I started Fallout4 and I still have it on the go. I’m Level 29 now I think, and enjoy just loading it up for half an hour every so often. When I’m post-PES and post-Master League this summer I think I’ll have more of an appetite to really get back into it again. I was too obsessed with my settlements and if I got a notification that one was in danger I’d go haring off to see what was happening, interrupting whatever I was doing. A truly great game and I imagine it’ll be another year or two before I’m done with it.

    What #1 says is undoubtedly true too – Survival would enhance the experience massively. I’d want to play it that way from the start though. I can’t jump horses in the middle of the ride.

  4. NG – I am currently at level 14 as I have just been able to set up as a trader using the Local Leader (2) perk. Like you I was a bit obsessed about the settlements but am learning which one’s to ignore. I have Sanctuary as my main supply line hub, but anything I am fearful of losing is kept in the Castle. I have turned the radio towers off the others as I don’t need them to have more people. More people means more pleasing folk. I suppose I am lucky having come out of playing Tropico 5 as it is the same principal. I think #1 is right though as you lose the immersion of time and the whole notion of coming through in a situation like that. I would like to do Survival but like you it would be only when I am finished with this one. I wouldn’t be able to let go.

  5. Following on I have made loads of mistakes early as the game forces you down certain routes because of your lack of resource or expertise. But the more advanced (resources and skill) you get the easier it becomes to manage those settlements. It makes me laugh when you read people saying it is not a true RPG game.

  6. NG – Wishing you all the luck in the universe, for the champions league, and you will need it, I know how PES increases the shenanigans in later stages of competitions, but would be a fitting way to end a largely positive year of PES for you.

    My Career is loosely mirroring yours, busy bank holiday weekend so new post will be up Thursday detailing all but a derailment of sorts will be discussed.

  7. Darryl – I might join you in turning off most of the radio beacons while I focus on the game itself. Sanctuary is the main one for me too, but I also have a nice base developing at the drive-in movie theatre, and I think that’ll do me. When people say it’s not a true RPG game I believe they’re referring to the combat. It has the VATs aspect to it, but is still real-time and FPS-style. Tactical turn-based combat is the hallmark of the classic RPG. Did you ever play the likes of Final Fantasy 7/8/9/10?

    Paul – the champions league is realistically my only chance to see my players holding aloft an actual trophy in the entirety of PES2019, and I’ve got a great chance, should finish it all today. My post later features a goal that also feels like the game’s way of sending me off in style. I saw you hadn’t updated yesterday. I think now you see how much it takes to keep a twice-weekly blog going! I have bedded down into it over years of course, and it takes that long to really get into your routine. I think come September and FIFA20 you’ll have a renewal of energy. Have you considered trying to get into any FIFA betas that’ll be going on? It’s not something I’ve ever tried to pursue on the PES front with this blog – I once declined a personal offer from the Adam himself! – but I think with your penchant for networking, you could look at it.

  8. NG – With the long bank holiday weekend and the glorious weather we had, I was barely inside the house all weekend, so a new post just wasn’t going to happen, the last post has been up a week and has had 2 comments, so i doubt anyone other than you even noticed or was bothered.
    It will probably be a one post a week job now to see out the final season and a half of FIFA before calling it a day, with renewed vigour and twice weekly for the start of the 2020 games.

    I’d attend a FIFA play test day, in fact got an invite a few years ago but it was in EA’s office in Middlesex somewhere, and I was busy.
    Doubt id get too involved in a BETA, the excitement of picking up a new game and exploring it would be dampened by having early access and getting shown everything in a formulaic way, I want to be knee deep in a game and see little new animations and features, rather then be drip fed them on a corporate powerpoint presentation.

    Quite surprised there is no news at all surrounding the new games as of yet.

  9. Paul – this time of year and the context is a huge factor in footy game blog commenting activity. Until Darryl commented over the weekend about his Fallout 4 activity, this post had no comments at all. I don’t do it for that though. The original motivation behind this blog was to turn the hundreds of hours of gaming into some tangible output that I could look back on over time, and it’s still the main motivation. Every so often I look back at a post from 2009, say, or 2012, and I can see and feel myself back there again, and that’s valuable to me more than anything. Time passes.

  10. That’s fair enough NG, not posting to receive hundreds of comments either, but the comments are the only gauge as to whether anybody is reading or not, as you know its a lot of time and effort to prepare and write posts with all the associated media if nobody is even looking.

  11. Paul – do you not get stats for website hits and engagement? I always read and look forward to your posts even if I don’t leave many comments

    nG – hope there is a suitable denouement to your long ML career, it would be nice to round things off with a flourish

  12. of course Abbeyhill, but website hits aren’t always a true reflection, as these days there are so many bots and click-through schemes that can falsely impact website visit numbers, the only true reflection of engagement is interaction, ie comments.

  13. fair point, I was wondering if you also got stats for the amount of time spent per hit or extent of the post scrolled down, but I’m not an expert on this sort of stuff

  14. Abbeyhill – get stats such as clicks, posts viewed, number of page hits, by country, week, month, post title etc but nothing like time spent scrolling or anything that in-depth.

    The once a week post schedule in this ‘dead period’ makes more sense anyway as I can get a quality post out and make it a bit more of a bumper one, rather than 2 smaller less in-depth posts.

  15. Paul – I was just about to say – and I know you don’t like it but it’s true – that posting irregularity is a massive part of your site’s teething troubles. The only way to get readers and commenters is to build an audience. The only way to build an audience is to have a set posting schedule that you never deviate from no matter what. No interruptions, ever. No missed posts, ever. I moved house two years ago and kept up the schedule. I’ve also had family upheavals and bereavements that I’ve never mentioned here, but still kept the schedule (and they’ve been some of my best posts, as I let myself disappear into PES for an escape).

    I know you’ll say ‘but I had this going on, I was in that place, I’ve got a busy life’ and so on, so you need to make a decision. Maybe pick a schedule you can stick to, without fail. Once a week every week is far, far better than posting twice a week for a bit, then nothing for a bit, then one or two for a while, then nothing again – which is how it really has been since the end of last year.

    Visitors and readers need to have that programmed-in feeling of ‘oh it’s Monday/Thursday, there’ll be a new post up’. If they don’t have that – and your posting irregularity means they definitely don’t have that – things are only ever going to stutter along.

    Couple of inside tips. 1) build up some lead time, to allow yourself a more relaxed framework to assemble posts. I.e. always be blogging about what happened a few sessions ago, not your most recent one. You have to have a buffer to allow for production time. I nearly always do this. At the moment, I am blogging in realtime – I really will be finishing my season later – but about half my posts have a buffer of a few days or a week. This Friday’s post will be entirely based on tonight’s action, giving me a lovely 2-3 full days in which to assemble the post. I’m planning a long-ish goals compilation, which adds to the time needed, so I have to have this buffer.

    2) Don’t write posts all in one go. I can’t remember the last time I sat down, started from scratch, wrote a post, scheduled it, and was done. That would take up a chunk of time I just don’t have in a typical day. Instead I’ll gather the screenshots, anything from 2-3 days before, resize them or whatever, and upload them ready for the post to be written. Then I might jot down a few paragraphs, very rough. Then later – the next night, say – I’ll dash off the post in rough, a jumble of typos. Then the next morning, usually in the hours before posting, I’ll make it all nice, add anything else that occurs, slot in the YouTube URL if needed, etc, and that’s it done. If you’ve been doing the whole ‘sit down, write the post, post the post’ thing, in one sitting, late at night, I’m not surprised you’ve skipped so many in recent months. In fact you did well to keep the regular posts going for so long!

  16. NG – if the blog had the reach of dozens and dozens of regular commenters, then I perhaps would introduce a bit more structure, but it doesn’t, and like yourself, its not the reason I do it, but merely as an aside from PES related content that you provide.

    I don’t have the same rigid structured lifestyle that you seem to have where you have strict routine, plans can change literally at the last minute, which affects time to prepare posts.
    I also find it very difficult to blog about what happened days ago, by that time i would have perhaps played 2 or more sessions and captured more screenshots and videos, all sat on the PS4, and would never remember what clips belonged to which day or session, I find it much easier to play, over one or two days, edit videos and screenshots, write post, put it to bed, move on, which means you do get a near real-time diary of my exploits. This works for me, historic posting doesn’t.

    I know that if i promoted the blog via the usual social media channels, and forums that it would get more traction, as at the moment, its only a small handful of commenters from the chronicles that too, read and comment on FIFAX, but as I said, it’s not about having dozens, hundreds of commenters etc, but my original comments was more aligned to just wondering if anybody reads at all this time of year when the season is winding down, the nights lighter and warmer and footy gaming in general takes a back seat.

    I’m not gonna worry about it as the blog is just something that I enjoy doing on a casual basis, was merely making observations.
    I do appreciate the time to pass on the tips though, and are points i’ll consider for when ‘next season’ gets going on the ’20 games, there will certainly be more structure and regularity with posts, I have just been busy with the man cave conversion, and bank holidays etc, I know as you said that doesn’t stop you posting to your schedule, but as I said, our lifestyles and routines are vastly different.

  17. Paul – with me when the blog started I posted literally every day – no idea how I ever did that now – but it was a case of always having to blog about a few sessions ago, in order to meet the schedule. So I adapted to meet the requirement, rather than the other way around. If you try it it might work for you. I do get muddled from time to time over clips and screenshots but it’s a minor muddle compared to the advantage of building up that lead time buffer. I couldn’t do regular posts without it.

  18. NG – every day …. were they more watered down, generalised posts though?

    This is my usual method …
    – Play x amount of games over a 1 or 2 day period, capture videos and screenshots of note along the way.
    – After the sessions go into capture gallery on PS4 and trim goal vids down to the 2 secs or so containing the goal then upload to youtube as private
    – copy screenshots on to USB stick
    – the night before a post is due, copy screenshots to macbook, write post, attach screens and schedule YT videos to go public on morning of post
    – Finish writing post with screens and videos linked, set tags and categories, schedule post to go live next day.
    – YT vids go public at 9:30am, post goes live at 10am.

    Will do all that sunday night for a monday post, then again weds night for thursdays post

  19. Paul – they were variable, some were detailed, some were quite basic, and sometimes I posted twice a day – a swift look at December 2007 shows that I posted twice on the 11th December for example.

    Your routine there wouldn’t be sustainable for me even with my less busy lifestyle – I couldn’t do all that the night before a post – so for you, I’m not surprised your schedule stutters and stops so often. Either go weekly for good, or adopt the lead-time model, is my advice. E.g. if you know you’re going on holiday in a month, play loads now and make darn sure you’ve got material to cover your absence. Like radio and TV shows that pre-record their Bank Holiday output. They re-jig things and do a bit of behind-the-scenes hocus-pocus to make sure there’s something to go out. The shows and the posts have to come or there’s nothing for audiences to be familiar with. If that’s untenable for you then once-weekly might be the answer.

  20. if you know you’re going on holiday in a month, play loads now and make darn sure you’ve got material to cover your absence

    If only it was that easy !!!
    ‘Play loads’ – I get to play twice a week, late at night, for an hour and half or 2 at most, maybe the odd game here and there on a sat afternoon.

    I am at work all day, then gym, by the time i’ve got home, showered, cooked dinner, sorted all my shit out for the next day, sat down for an hour with the wife, its gone 10:30pm at night, hence I can’t play loads in order to stockpile material, then have to remember what happened when, on what day, in what order, posts would be inaccurate and disjointed, hence why the near real-time night before a post routine works better for me.

    Probably, and you’ll get an idea why in Thursdays post, that the schedule has been lacksisaidical lately is due to a waning interest in the game, or more, frustrations with it, leading to a reduced interest in putting out posts that only garner 2 comments in a week.

    I’m sure once FIFA has been put to bed, and had a few months break of footy gaming, and the next season of games roll round, the enthusiasm level will be replenished, and I won’t have any issue sticking to whatever schedule I choose, in the meantime I may even fill in the post-FIFA void by posting about some other non-footy related games I play.

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