Robben Hood

So my current feeling is that this is certainly my last season on PES2019. The Charity Shield win at the start of this season technically satisfies my declared wish for a trophy before quitting the game. It was almost as if a friendly spirit was saying ‘will this do?’ I think it might, you know. I think it might.

What has kept me going through all these seasons has mainly been the affinity factor. Getting to know my crop of players in PES2019 has been one of the most rewarding Master League experiences of my PES-playing life. The way Gomez dominated the early seasons. Then the way Forlan eclipsed Gomez and become one of the greatest strikers I’ve ever played with in any Master League. Forlan of PES2019 has long since surpassed Forlan of PES2012. (Nobody will ever exceed Bergkamp of PES5, for the record.)

But there’s also Robben, a player who can be anonymous for a few matches but then have one match where he dominates and is decisive. And of course Castledine, a wonderful all-round AMF and the best incarnation of Master League’s eternal Cas-man since the original Castello. There’s Fazio, a big stopper so strong and dependable that when he’s out for whatever reason, I notice he’s out. Remember Lincoln from the early seasons? I only moved him on because I was trying to wrest control of the finances. I wish I’d kept him now. This has been a great Master League for the individuals, the best such, overall, since PES2015.

Season 13 will almost certainly be the last one now whatever happens, as I do feel fatigued with the game as a whole. Tending to my squad and seeing the players through matches isn’t enough on its own to keep me going here.

Knowing it’s the last one (almost certainly) gives the passage of time an extra frisson. I believe I will be thereabouts for the league again this season. Looks like Spurs are this year’s runaway leaders who need to be caught up with:I’m reasonably happy with my defensive record so far this season, My goal-scoring needs to pick up if I’m to storm up the table in classic Master League style.

The Team of the Month for November told the story of the league so far in miniature:Those players from the lesser and newly promoted clubs – Leeds, Cardiff, Huddersfield et al – show just how tough the matches are against them. I was beaten quite badly by Leeds and Huddersfield, and I struggled to a scrappy win against Cardiff. Three of the hardest matches I’ll play in all of this footy game year.

Time being at a premium again for the next week or so, this final season might take a while to play out. I’m estimating Easter will see the culmination of PES2019.

Updated: 12th April 2019 — 10:42


  1. Carrying on from last post …..

    Turf – seems I have been stranded in no mans land somehow, I will return though as the game is great, albeit the missions too linear, and deserves some more time.

    Bloody expensive eggboxes.

    NG – Thanks, our house is directly opposite a first school, so its a peaceful suburb, but not between 8:30 and 9:15am, or 3:30pm and 4pm, when the road is like a stadium car park!

    If you do embark on building a man cave, I’d be happy to share any tips or suggestions based on my extensive research and experience putting it all together.

    I’ve already earmarked a projector upgrade for when I get back off holidays end of June, a nice BENQ 4K HDR Projector.

    Tonight will be the first ‘christening’ of the room per se, the Beer fridge is installed and fully loaded, and the Popcorn maker (proper retro one with cooking kettle, lights etc) came today, I have also setup a plex Media server and created a playlist for tonight with Idents from Odeon cinema, recent movie trailers, intro card, and then the film, to recreate that authentic cinema experience.

    The Missus is more excited than I am !!!

  2. Paul – there’d better be a Pearl and Dean bit in there or she’ll leave you.

  3. NG – What the hell was that!!!?

  4. Paul – you may be just too young for that to mean anything to you. Time was that ident was the cinema equivalent of the Mac startup chime.

  5. NG – I have honestly never seen or heard of it, but will take your word for it 😉

  6. !!! You really haven’t heard of pearl and dean, dear me, a mere boy. Somebody sampled it for a record I’m sure.

    You must surely also have the badly voiced and scratchy screened ‘the bengal lancer/garden of India/last days of the raj, just around the corner from this cinema’?

  7. Paul – Can’t believe Pearl & Dean means nothing to you. As Turf said there was always a dodgy 70s curry house advert, and in my local cinema the speciality of the house was the one for the carpet shop where, when the housewife stepped barefoot onto the cold tiled floor, the whole cinema took an exaggerated intake of breathe.

  8. I was born in ’79, so didn’t go to a cinema until I was about 8, so would have been mid-late 80’s my first experience, so no, have never heard of Pearl & dean or curry house adverts at the cinema.

  9. That would explain why your home cinema has a popcorn maker rather than a kettle and a Bombay bad boy pot noodle.

  10. In this compilation of Pearl and Dean-era adverts, there’s a Hai Karate ad at 4:10 that would be banned today:

  11. Haha That Hai Karate ad is hilarious, seems weird seeing commercials for cigarettes too.
    How times have changed.

    Having a bit of an issue, took the FIFA 19 disc, which as you all know I have been playing solidly, out of the downstairs PS4 and put it in the movie room PS4, and it wont recognise the disc, or rather it recognises it but then says ‘cannot acces media’ and puts a big X through the FIFA 19 icon.

    If I keep trying it sometimes gets as far as saying ‘installing game data …. xx of 40.9GB’ …… gets to about 4GB and fails. There’s no reason it should be attempting to install 40GB of data on to the PS4 anyway.

    Have contacted @AskPSN on twitter but no response.

    Hence the reason no post yesterday, I can’t actually play the game at the moment, hoping to try a few things tonight and sort it out and will have the post up Thursday.

  12. Paul – could that be a ‘main PS4’ thing? I’m very hazy on it, but isn’t there a thing you have to do to register a single PS4 as your main console?

    By coincidence I had an Internet problem yesterday and it took ages to coax my PES2019 into life, it was stuck on the connecting screen for several minutes, restarted, still the same, took several attempts before it gave up trying to connect and let me play. Shouldn’t be that way of course as it should go into the ‘connection not found’ much, much quicker.

  13. NG – No its not a primary PS4 issue, my PS4Pro downstairs is registered as my primary PS4, and the PS4 in the movie room is registered as secondary, both using the same PSN Plus account, I can transfer game saves and data between the 2 and carry on playing from where I left off between the 2 with no issues, I can access all my purchases and downloads from both PS4’s, no problem, the issue is literally with the FIFA 19 disc it seems.

    There are no scratches or anything on the disc.

    UPDATE: Opening up the PS4, removing the disc drive, hoovering out any dust, and cleaning the drive, re-assembling and cleaning the FIFA 19 disc, seems to have sorted the issue.

    Put FIFA 19 in, it downloaded a 2Gb v1.0 base file, then applied the latest 1.12 update over the top, I then downloaded my latest save game and game prefs data from the PSN online storage and applied that and good to go, just played 2 matches resuming my career, pretty seamless once the disc not recognised issue was fixed.

  14. Paul – relief! I still have my old PS4 and will eventually get it set up in another room, so it’s good to know it’s a straightforward thing to do.

  15. Just a few years worth of accumulated dust was the technical issue, strange though, every other disc worked just not FIFA 19.

    The sharing of game saves and data across multiple PS4’s is very streamlined and easy to use NG, simply press options on the game icon from the main PS4 menu screen and choose upload/download data, and away you go.
    Of course if you have a PSN plus account all your game data and save data is automatically backed up online, so you just go to your other PS4 and download it and carry on playing.

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