Trudging slowly over West Stand

Season 12 of my Master League career in PES2019 has ended.

And once again – it has ended empty-handed. I missed out on the League title. This time I finished in 2nd place, quite a bit behind a rampant Arsenal.

I was knocked out of the Champions League in the Quarter Finals by a bewilderingly good AC Milan.

And it was all apparently going so well. When I posted on Tuesday I was quietly confident of winning at least one of the big two trophies, and possibly/probably even both of them.

I won 4 league matches in a row, with one of them including a 94th minute winner – a truly transcendent PES moment that’s on show in the video at the bottom of this post.

That goal went in and the final whistle went, and I snapped this screenshot below. I believed my name was on the League trophy, invisible or not.But the game of course had other ideas. Results went screwy. With 2 matches left I was still 3 points behind Arsenal, who had embarked on a supreme run of all wins and a single draw.

Cardiff were pretty much relegated in my ML world as well as the so-called real one, and it was them who tripped me up. I took the lead early in this one with a fine stooping header from Gomez (also in the goals vid at bottom).

But soon I had my GK sent off after triangle-charging a Cardiff striker who was clean through on goal.

This was the second time it’d happened to me in this PES, after never happening in any previous edition. I don’t keep a keeper on the bench, so I had to put one of my big CBs, Fazio, in goal instead. He promptly conceded straight from the resulting free kick. I conceded another soon after to make it 2-1 to them. I was losing and down to 10 men in a match that I had to win. Anything else would give Arsenal the title. I really went for it, knowing the entire season was on the line. The final whistle went and my players all sank to their haunches.The final table:I suppose I can’t complain too much. I’m fortunate to have been in the running for the title, with that WDL record, and with that amount of goals conceded. I was delighted with how my strikers have performed this season. Not so much my defenders.

Milan were just too strong for me in the Champions League. They caught me unawares in the first leg, winning it 2-0, and once again I left myself too much to do to get back into it.

So that was that. Season 12. No trophies.

What now? My plan was to win something this season, and potentially move on from PES2019 with the air of a job done.

That’s all changed now. I won’t even try to walk away from PES2019 when I clearly have unfinished business. Regular readers will know that if I tried to walk away, I’d be back, in secret at least, before too long.

I’ve done some thinking, and here’s the PES2019 end-game scenario:

I will not walk away from PES2019 until I have won a trophy.

Any trophy. I’d prefer it to be the League or the Champions League, but I would take the FA Cup. I cannot quit this Master League until I have got one of these three.

Season 13 is already underway as I type.

A goals compilation to finish with. Some interesting goals from the last third of the season. Watch out for a very ordinary goal that meant a hell of a lot – the 94th minute winner, followed by raucous celebration, that seemed as if it was going to win me the League. What could have been…

I believe this video sees my first use this year of a famous piece of music from PES history. I use this music in a vid at least once a year, most notably back in the days of PES2015, and before that with PES2012.

Bonus points to the first person who can put a name to the face of the long-forgotten Master League legend in the thumbnail.

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  1. NG – Awesome post!!
    Some tasty goals in there too, I especially liked the Robben goal where you actually dribbled round a player and planted it in the bottom corner.

    Great job too digging out that Jap-Trance-Track from PES 5/6 days.

    Commiserations on missing out on a trophy, even if you’d have won that game you lost 2-1 to Cardiff, Arsenal would have still pipped you by a point.

    The Thumbnail – Is It Ximelez ?

  2. Paul – yes some rare footage there of me actually beating a player. At the start of the run you can almost see me looking for the pass but it didn’t seem on.

    Re. the maths of the table, I dropped other points as well and I didn’t know the Arsenal result until the final whistle. It was all over in the penultimate game for once.

    He’s not Ximelez. He’s a Master League legend mainly for only being in one edition and for having that terrifying face model. Uncle Turf will win this one when he sees it.

  3. Don’t recognise the fellow but definitely PES2 music! Liked Casteldine’s dramatic penalty

  4. abbeyhill- I think the mystery guest is from a PES that you never played… I know Uncle Turf played it and hated this player, so you’ve probably got until he sees the face to get it.

    The vid with the music makes PES2019 seem exciting and interesting, and to be fair that’s pretty much how I’m finding it currently. Thoroughly bonded with my players and I want that trophy. Any trophy.

  5. Sorry to disappoint, I recognise the god awful Pinocchio like creepy dummy cherub face but I’m buggered if I can put a name to it. I think the trauma of 2015s multiple sideshow Bob types has left me with a mental blog. There are so many players I hated, I’m sure the nausea will come flooding back when you mention him.

  6. Uncle Turf – he was part of the ML crew from PES2015. Not Gellazca. Not Rustwyth. if you still give up, he features at around the 0.55s mark in this montage of PES2015 goals (and that’s him in the thumbnail too):

  7. Jeez, the Pes 2 goal replay music was and is excruciating. Maybe Seabass on his Casio??

  8. rhymes450 – ‘excruciating’ is very subjective there. I would say ‘exhilarating’. I could listen to it all day, every day, without botheration. I used to have it as my ringtone. My phone rarely ever actually rang, but when it did, it always pleased me to hear the greatest PES music ever.

  9. haha ….. “My phone rarely ever rang” the core feature of the device, not being used, just shows that we don’t have phones for the phoning these days, just more as personal mini computers.

    Agree with NG, that music is more than just the audio, it conjurs up memories of when PES truly was innovative and the ultimate football simulation.
    Those on-pitch medal ceremonies, and actual trophies with THAT music in the background!

    Only the japanese would have electric guitar in a Synth Trance track!

  10. Musical appreciation is very subjective NG, but I understand the frustration of the critic who said “It’s a scientific fact that Randy Newman is better than the Spice Girls”, even if it’s just a matter of taste. Anyway, I would say that the Rick Ghastly song you linked to the other day was a veritable tour de force compared to Seabass’s effort on the Casio, which ironically came in the same edition where Konami really pushed the boat out by paying for the rights to the Queen music. Maybe they wanted to make you suffer with every goal until you finally won the trophy and experienced a kind of catharsis in the form of some half-decent music.

  11. NG – I knew he was 2015, that’s why I mentioned the sideshow bobs – those infinite long faced white guys whether the player was a Brazilian defender, Colombian midfielder or Saudi forward – but just couldn’t place him. The whole 2015 world was awful, the first time the lack of editing options really hit me, and god, those d…e…l..a..y…s. I knew it would likely be a forward or amf as they always boil my p*ss first but zalsztyn wasn’t one I recall hating specifically, he was simply one to go asap, yet another in a long recent line of ‘no redeeming qualities at all’. 2015 wasn’t the beginning of the end, it wasn’t even the end of the beginning, it was the end of all that was good or promising and the first indication that something was rotten in the state of Denmark. I dare say I vented my spleen at zalsztyn plenty.

    Had you landed the title were we going to get ‘win yourself a cheap tray’?

  12. rhymes450 – I enjoyed every single time the music played following a goal. If there was a way for me to get every PES to play it now after every goal, I would!

  13. rhymes450 – sorry I love the music too, although as Paul says probably mostly for its evocative memories of classic PES

    on the subject of defaults, nice to see Valery and Redmond putting in such a good shift against Liverpool this evening

  14. I’m certainly enjoying the goals – had a fiver on more than 3.5 goals. 23 quid is mine!

    I believe I enjoy the PES2 goal music for its own sake, but seeing as I don’t like music at all, it’s probably the PES2 goalscoring conditioning, Pavlov style.

  15. Fair enough NG and abbeyhill. I can see I’m outnumbered on this one 🙂

    Maybe we can agree that PES/Winning Eleven used to have some great intros, even if we often skipped through them after a few viewings.

    One of my favourites was the intro to Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution, an enhanced version of PES 2 only released in Japan, which some of you may not have seen:

  16. Rhymes – I hate most pes music but that one is good for me. I can’t stand queen so the one that a lot of folk like just irritates me, I appreciate it’s mood setting power though. 2013s imagine dragons ‘top of the world’ has to be the best but sadly is now ubiquitous in all kinds of shit adverts.

  17. A trophy! An odd-looking trophy admittedly, but a trophy nonetheless

    View post on

    EDIT: Hmm, copying pictures from a dropbox link doesn’t seem to work – you’ll have to take my word for it about the trophy!

  18. abbeyhill – I took the liberty of grabbing your pic and uploading it to Imgur for the sake of postability, hope you don’t mind. This is an important picture as it’s an actual trophy being awarded. At first glance it looks like your player is holding up a picture of a trophy and it made me think, Bloody hell Konami, taking the piss now or what.

    Dropbox pics have never worked on here for some reason. I was on a website the other day where copying (either CMD/CTRL-A, or click-drag) was disabled. When you tried you got a popup saying the site’s content was protected. The Internet is changing.

  19. thanks nG! I’m sure I managed to post a dropbox picture of my pond here last August but no luck this time. The very thin trophy did look peculiar at first glance, but a quick google images of Domino’s Ligue 2 trophy confirmed it is legit

  20. abbeyhill – allegedly any link ending .jpg or .png should just straightforwardly post as an image, but I’ve never managed to get Dropbox pics working. I think they want to ‘drive traffic’ to their site and maximise their clickthrough bullshit metric thingumajig, or whatever. We’ll look back on the Internet we knew before all this sort of thing as a Golden Age of lawless fun. Kids won’t believe you didn’t have to have a licence to post a video on, etc.

    A trophy is a trophy is a trophy. I’m interested to see what happens to your finances now.

  21. Just a quick pointer to readers – check out Paul’s post this morning on his blog about his revamped games room. Lots of material there for fans of home interior redesign and his alleged lord of the manor lifestyle! The resulting 85″ screen looks bloody good too.

    I was up late last night playing my Season 13. I’m slightly regretting my vow to secure a trophy before quitting PES2019. The game really does blatantly take goals/stop your goals when it wants to. So frustrating and the thought of potentially several more seasons (if no trophy) doesn’t inspire. I think practically I have to limit this to maximum of one or two more seasons, trophy or no trophy.

  22. Thanks NG.

    You have that objective in your mind now, knowing you, you wont leave the game until you have secured a trophy, however long it takes, but blatantly being handicapped by the COM does get frustrating, its in both games, just more so in PES.

    On the subject of PES, I had 20 mins at the weekend, wasn’t really worth firing up the FIFA career for half a match, so I popped PES 19 in, let it update, and had a quick friendly, Me as Liverpool, vs Chelsea, Superstar level, I lost 1-0, I had 68% possession, 11 shots on goal to their 3, I was denied several blatant FK’s, including one that was a professional foul and Red card worthy, and I lost late on to a low cross in to the box and tap in from 6 yards.

    I just laughed and turned it off.

  23. That’s exactly what was happening to me as I turned off for good Paul. The odd glitch I can accept, outright fuckery is just too much.

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