I have only played 4 matches since my last update. This is how things might be for the remainder of PES2019. Things have reached the stage of all nuPES editions where less is most definitely more. It’s now obvious, in retrospect, how the game has subtly changed over the seasons.

I’d still take Seasons 1-6 gameplay over any version of PES of the last 10 years, and I mean that. I’d have given PES2019 9/10, easy, based on my experiences until December.

Seasons 7-10 gameplay? Ehhhh… Better in parts than previous nuPES editions, but overall, much the same as them. No AI fouls. 1000mph pace. Limited sense of player individuality. The usual gripes I’ve always had about PES’s Bronze Age, really. I’ll be marking PES2019 way down for this.

In this group of 4 matches I played Huddersfield away. They’ve been the Season 10 pace-setters and league leaders nearly all season so far. It’s interesting to look at their starting line-up below.I’ve speculated before that somebody on the PES dev team may have inserted a ‘Leicester wildcard chance’ into Master League, to give lesser teams the potential to raise their game and compete at the top.

I was 3 points behind Huddersfield. This was a definite 6-pointer.

I lost 3-1. It was a good match. They were tough, but not in the way the Man Citys and Chelseas of this league are tough. Dogged effort seemed to be how Huddersfield played.

I went 1-0 down, then pushed too hard to get the equaliser and left myself open to the counter-attack, and went 2-0 down. I switched to 4-2-4 and played very well to grab a goal, making it 2-1 with 10 game-minutes left. While pushing I left myself open again for them to snatch another on the counter. 3-1 it finished, and Huddersfield probably just about deserved to win. No complaints.

Which left me 6 points off the lead. I wasn’t too downcast, because I knew I’d be kept in the title race no matter what, thanks to Master League’s rubber-band scripting. I knew that Huddersfield would lose their next match. I only had to win my match and I’d be right back behind them.

I only managed to draw my match, but Huddersfield duly lost, as I knew they would (thumped 4-1 by Brighton).

The table with 7 matches of the season remaining:With 7 matches left I have set myself the target of not losing any more, and taking at least 17 points from them, i.e. 5 wins and 2 draws. I have a strange feeling that this will go to a last-day scenario of some kind…

Finally today a couple of notable moments from recent matches.

First, it’s common to see keepers pat the ball down and let it bounce before they claim it or a defender hooks it away. It’s rare that one of your players even gets close to the bounced ball.

And second is a rasping 36-yard (THIRTY-SIX-YARD) long-range drive, a low one, from my growing-in-stature young DMF, Mascherano. It’s always a quintessentially PES feeling to see your DMF hammer one in from distance.

Updated: 12th February 2019 — 11:57


  1. NG – The One im going for is the LG Minibeam, UST PF1000U.
    Its full 1080p up to 120″ from just 30cm away from the wall.

    The Ultra short throw is essential due to the small room, and as the lenses that UST projectors use are more complicated and costly to manufacture, the price point is higher, that one is around £900.

    You could get a standard short throw, or even a standard throw projector, full 1080p for half that price, if you have rook to mount or place it at the back of the room.

  2. Haha Paul I don’t usually put much stock into vague rumors but this one seemed pretty legit. But let’s see what CDPR comes up with, I’m a patient man.

    Don’t you just love when games deliver on expectation. Enderal is quite the acclaimed mod / conversion and rightfully so. Feels good to be playing a proper game again.

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