A good night was had by all

Only 1 (ONE) session played since the last time, but it was a good one. I played around 6 matches – these were the first four results (for November of Season 9):

4 solid wins in a row. All were more comfortable than the scores might suggest. The game works hard to keep you within a goal or two, to make the matches ‘exciting’. That 4-3 win over Liverpool featured a lot of scripting shenanigans. I went 4-1 up midway through the second half – and the game blatantly seized control and gave itself two goals to make it 4-3, to set up one of those nuPES ‘exciting’ finishes. 1000mph, no fouls, etc.

League table scripting is also much in evidence. I was in 2nd place before this session, 3 points behind Chelsea.

I was in 2nd place after it too, still 3 points behind Chelsea.

After the above 4 matches, I drew a match and then lost a match. I wasn’t worried about the leaders pulling away, because I know Master League of old. Chelsea, above me, also drew a match and lost a match, in perfect sync with me, to keep the gap at 3 points:I’m conceding a few too many goals to currently be confident of mounting a consistent title challenge.

At this stage though, after 16 matches, and coming up to mid-season, I’ll be very disappointed not to at least qualify for the Champions League.

Gomez is joint-top of the goal-scoring charts:I’ve scored a few satisfying goals, but none more so than the following.

It comes from one of my Youth promotees. BUONANOTTE. He’s a real-life player, yet another Argentinian whose career has been interrupted by a literal car crash. I say ‘yet another’ because one of my prominent players last year in PES2018, Rodriguinho, was also an Argentine player whose promising career was interrupted by a car crash. It must be a South American thing.

Buonanotte is one of those 5’3″ Shimizu/Shaqiri types, a versatile attacking midfielder. Currently 18 years old, he’d not played much until a spell of fatigue and poor form gave him the chance to feature.

Some fine performances followed. The individuality is strong with this one. I played him as a central AMF against Liverpool and he was noticeably going on intelligent runs. I spotted one in particular and used Benat to pick him out:

That goal was fairly routine, but deeply satisfying due to the context and the player who scored it. If Master League doesn’t have that kind of satisfaction, it might as well not exist.

What I liked about the run was how early he sets off on it.In the clip, Buonanotte starts running at around 0:03, several passes before my silky midfielder, Benat, even gets the ball and sends the delicate aerial pass over the defence.

I had spotted the run and knew I only had a few seconds to work the ball into the right position to send the right ball over. Everything worked out in end, but of course it often doesn’t. Either nobody seems to go on a run, or I fail to get the right ball away in time. It’s part and parcel of the gameplay of the game.

Mid-season coming up, and I’m reluctant to disrupt the harmony of this team with more than one or two signings. There are gaps in my squad that need filling. I still have Loanees – only two. I could do with a proper big-name DMF of my own, and an LB for cover.

I’ve got £2m in the salary budget to play with. A few top players have been stewing in the Free Agents list since the start of this Master League. I might indulge myself in grabbing a big name, or a couple of journeymen, I’ll see.

Updated: 15th January 2019 — 11:22


  1. That was a good first time finish too, on the end of that run.
    Not sure how I’d feel about that league table rubber-banding. If the teams above you are on form and of a certain quality, it would hamper the experience I think, knowing the game was taking points off other teams in order to keep me involved.

    I know its probably been this way forever more, but just seems a bit off.

    Having a youth come through and play well and score is one of the most rewarding elements of any footy game career mode, waiting for the right time to fit that player in to your team and blood him in gradually, have a couple in my squad in FIFA and it is more immersive to have a developed player make the grade than just buying a ready-made name.

  2. NG Your Buonanotte comment made me smile, he was one of the first “decent players” available to sign in the 09/10 era PES games. And the south Americans who’s careers nosedived resonates too, one Andres D’Allessandro popped up in my youth team (or free agents) a couple of seasons ago. I distinctly recall the News of the world about 15 years ago claiming that not only was he the next Maradona, but also that Man United were about to sign him. Aaahhh gossip rags.

    And another thing, I signed free agent Mario Gomez as a 16 year old and he stepped off the bench to score winners in two 1-0 wins to open the season. I can’t accept how good youth players are, it’s ridiculous.

  3. Paul – the table scripting is quite comical this year, with the game bending over backwards to keep the player interested. It’s a certainty that the game is manipulating other teams’ results, which does take some of the gloss off.

    Mike – the curious thing is that I’ve had now two young talented Argentines in successive PES editions whose careers were both interrupted by car crashes. Is that a particularly Argentinian/South American thing? I think it must be. Young flash footballers, in a culture of enhanced machismo, driving fast cars recklessly, leading to a statistical uptick in crashes. If you know of any others name them and I’ll put together a weird Custom XI one rainy day.

  4. NG – I think its more of a curse that you bring about.
    Nacho MonGrande is out enjoying life, as a spritely 18yr old, just broken into Bocas first team, cruising down the cabana highway on route to training when a huge dark grey cloud materialises over his head and an embellished demonic face appears and says ‘NG has just put you into his Master League Team’ … at which point the player loses all concentration, freezes under the immense pressure that has bestowed upon him, and steers his car into oncoming traffic.

    That’s what happens I think.

  5. Paul – and in the nature of these things, the curse works retrospectively, so e.g. when I had Gordon Banks in my star-studded team in PES4, I think it was, the curse immediately made him have the 1972 car crash in which he lost his eye.

  6. NG – Can you do me a favour? Sign as many Man City players as possible.


  7. Paul – these are going to be the longest 4 months of your life. The slightest wobble, and Man City will be in there. They’re already had their big wobble for the season I think. Talk about squeaky bum time.

  8. NG – I didn’t expect us to win the title before the season began, and I still don’t.
    We haven’t had a run of poor form yet, it will happen, we dont have any players experienced with a title run-in, and we don’t have the strength in-depth to sustain the challenge I don’t think.

    With our defensive injuries at present we will have to rely on playing players out of position, or playing inexperienced young players, both of which will disrupt the team harmony.

    It will be an interesting few months though.

  9. Paul – believe mate, it’s happening.

  10. Paul – I don’t believe you one little bit. From here Liverpool can win the title, and you’re setting up a mental strategy intended to dull the pain of another fadeaway job a la 2014, if it happens again.

    I am watching carefully the whole ‘Liverpool are getting too many penalties’ thing though – as you will know, I assert a simple truth: a foul in the box is a penalty, and should always be given regardless of any other context or consideration whatsoever (and fuck Jermaine Jenas and his constant ‘not enough for a penalty’ – show me the rulebook, Jermaine, show me the rulebook). I take careful notice of when officials, players, managers and clubs clearly indicate that they have failed to grasp this fundamental rule of football, which is of course ignored in every single match from park level upward. There is NO ‘too many penalties’ clause in the rulebook. E.g. on Saturday I was at work and only read about the Salah penalty online, and from the way the discussion developed, I was sure I’d get home to see on MOTD that night that it was a dive or a semi-dive. Lo and behold it was an actual stonewall penalty. But the way comments appeared (on the BBC live feed) from Twatter etc, it seemed the football fan community was griping about ‘too many penalties’. I would now place a bet that Liverpool will have at least one instance of a clear penalty in their next few matches not given because this false aspect of football has been highlighted in their case. It’ll be firmly lodged in the minds of referees (who all give decisions in keeping with a variety of influences and contexts, unrelated to the actual incident, as we all know – Uncle Turf’s recent love-in with them notwithstanding).

  11. Can’t disagree with anything you said there NG, if a penalty is a penalty, or a FK a FK, or a yellow a yellow etc then it should always be given regardless of whether the team has already had 3 penalties that match or is 5-0 up, otherwise whats the point of the rules.

    Liverpool being given too many penalties is a completely false accusation.
    Both Bournemouth and Palace have had more, Brighton, Chelsea, Leicester, Man Utd & Southampton have all had the same amount.

    Liverpool attack at speed usually on the counter with 3 very agile and fast payers in Mané, Firminho and Salah, so they are often tripped, late challenged, or whatever and therefore that style of attack will always create more fouling opportunities in the box.
    Penalties haven’t been awarded to Liverpool because refs like Liverpool, they’ve been awarded because they were fouls in the box.

    Its all just perception, just like the ‘fergie time goals’ being accredited to Man Utd always scoring winners in injury time, when in fact during Fergies reign, Man Utd were only the fifth highest scoring team of Injury time goals, Liverpool were top !!

  12. Paul – the footy chatter says that there’s a refs’ conspiracy to give the title to Liverpool, and awarding them ‘too many penalties’ is one of the ways it’s being done. This kind of talk is nonsense of course, but it gets into refs’ minds. I refer you to Luis Suarez being kung-fu kicked by Mirallas in the Merseyside derby a few seasons ago, but Mirallas only being yellow-carded, not sent off, largely due to the ‘chatter’ around Suarez as being a diver and an exaggerator of challenges. That was also a case of a ref wanting to favour ‘common sense’ refereeing and not wanting to unbalance a derby, etc. Referees do not enforce the rules of the sport. They typically conduct a match according to a range of intuitive subjective values that dynamically shift according to what happens, who’s playing, what the big talking points are, etc. None of which is written down in any rulebook. And nobody in football will ever acknowledge this.

    Watch the next few Liverpool matches and you will see qualified referees waving play on after clear penalties. ‘Liverpool are being given too many penalties’ will be the context. ‘He’d have given that 3 weeks ago before all the talk about Liverpool getting penalties’ etc. And one of those non-football contextual decisions could cost you the Holy Grail.

    It’ll be interesting next season when VAR comes into play. The top teams with the better players will have disproportionately more penalties awarded via VAR than all other teams.

  13. A much maligned and misunderstood group. However it is true that you would never hear in American football the phrase ‘the referee has ruined the game there by giving too many ten yard penalties against (e.g) the bears’. The fault is always the bears, never the official who simply calls what they see.

    And I have no sympathy for Liverpool fans. At worst you will be second. Newcastle are doomed. Even if they don’t get relegated, they are doomed. They are the next forest, Wednesday, Leeds, etc. I have seen the days of 14,000 in the ground, they could easily return. We have no obvious playing assets to sell. No likely investment. Even at home, against bottom of the table clubs we do not rise much above 40% possession. And I think Benitez has to accept some of the responsibility. Only a bit, but definitely some.

  14. Quite possibly NG, but then that’s whats required to win a premier league title, not just skill and being the best overall team, but luck.
    We are much more likely to miss out on the title due to dropping points via bad performances, as a result of injuries etc though than by being done over by refs.

    Turf – Newcastle get 55000 every game because there’s nothing else to do in Newcastle other than get pissed !
    If they were relegated, that figure would drop but I bet they’d still get at least 30,000 in.

    They are also lucky to have a coach of Benitez’ quality at the club, and I think he’s been quite patient and done the best he can considering the complete lack of investment or interest from Ashley.

    Best thing that could happen is for Newcastle to be sold off and get some cash injection to bolster the squad, because currently, the first 11 is a lower mid-table at best side, with no quality in depth.

  15. And the cultural Mecca of Milton Keynes…

    I agree that Benitez did well with what he had last year and nobody could blame him for walking given the impossible owner but he also bought most of the hugely mediocre squad and he is seeming to be trying to prove a point every game by defending from the start – the old master league 0-0. They sometimes average less than 30% possession and zero shots on goal. Maybe it’s the scouting but Joselu, multiple full backs and centre halfs, numerous wingers, the wrong Murphy – he doesn’t really seem to know what he wants and ends up with identikit players for the same position. You could lump atsu, Kennedy, Ritchie, murphy together and not know which two to pick. Same with Perez, Joselu, muto. They really haven’t bought one player who you’d say has been a success. At least it feels like Cardiff, et al have one player who might make a difference. It is very master league come to think of it, too many mid 70s free agents rather than a smaller squad boasting one or two 80s.

    Sunderland would have said the same a few years back, the numbers can rapidly fall away, especially if Ashley doesn’t sell.

  16. Uncle Turf — oh dear you went there… Liverpool fans adore Benitez. What Ted 2 is to me, Benitez is to Paul.

  17. We’ve always had liverpools rejects, usually when they’re passed their best – dalglish, souness, Barnes, rush…wouldn’t pay you in tap washers for the lot….

    Seriously, I don’t dislike the fella, he’s the best manager we’ve maybe ever had, but I just don’t think he’s blameless. Unless of course he has no say in signings (entirely possible) in which case he should move to someone more appreciative.

    Ted 2, Ted, makes no odds, they’re both terrible.

    Uncharted series….dreadful.

  18. Turf/NG – I like Benitez obviously for what he achieved at Liverpool, but don’t hold him with such reverence that I wouldn’t hear a bad word said about him, by all accounts he’s quite a cold character in that he doesn’t do the fluffy feel good interaction with his players like Klopp does.

    Ted, Ted 2 both genius pieces of comedy, Uncharted, the single greatest story-telling and cinematic video game franchise to date, and Milton Keynes – the fastest growing City in Europe with the highest concentration of head offices of FTSE 100 companies, one of the best technology infrastructures with robots delivering our take aways and shopping, and Gigabit broadband speeds, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the UK, and home to a Professional football team, basketball team, and Ice hockey team, all with only a 350k population, it also happens to be one of the flattest, most characterless cities in the UK. 😉

  19. I hear you Paul, just NG trying to drive a wedge between homies.

    I forgot to add…worst ever pes, 5 of course.

  20. Good shout Turf, closely followed by PES 19 and Civ 5 !

  21. I’m afraid PES2019 has taken a turn… not so much for the worse, but the levelling-off is now a solidified thing. I do blame the cumulative effects of patches. Fouls counts in all matches, in all sessions, are now pitiful – 0,0,1,0,1,0 etc. PES2018 levels. I played a session of 6 matches yesterday in which I didn’t have a single free kick in shooting range. Overall pace is 1000mph. I played a match vs Spurs that was absolutely abysmal, just pinball with 22 moving parts. A few months ago I could have played all year, but I’m now thinking ‘1 League title and at least 2 attempts at the Champions League and I’m done’. Football gaming as we knew it is dead, really. Even if – if – PES (or FIFA, I suppose) puts out a single-player-friendly edition of the series, it won’t be single-player-friendly for long, as single-player values are fundamentally at odds with the values of online multiplayer. At some point we will have to walk away for good and leave them to it.

  22. It was only a matter of time NG.
    PES over the last several years has done the same thing.

    PES 16 by the same point in the year was playing the same way, PES17 culminated in a full on arcade fest, PES 18 was from the start….. now PES 19.

    Unfortunately Konami don’t have the skills or confidence to stick to their base plan for the game when the game was actually released.
    That’s why its such a mockery that the licensed SPL teams, Celtic and Rangers, that they sold many pre-copies off the back of, still do not have their proper stadiums, and won’t until sometime in Feb – 7 months after release, PES typically has a 6 months shelf-life, so the new stadiums etc become irrelevant because people are fed up with the game by now.

    On the flip, FIFA is still playing amazingly, EA have stuck to their simulation roots and each season feels better and better, with player development and player ID shining through.

  23. Paul – it is truly appalling about the Old Firm stadia. Even a few weeks after release would have been bad, but just about acceptable. I’m not up to speed on the issue – has anyone anywhere given a reason for the delay?

    I could roll back my PES2019 to vanilla, and I could go all PC, but I don’t want to do either. I will ‘complete’ my ML and call it a wrap, and be reasonably pleased with the overall experience, but I will always be bitter about the way football gaming and PES have gone in recent years, and how what was a perfectly respectable single-player experience was progressively diluted and destroyed by patches. I know what Adam would say – ‘we have to cater for everyone!’ – but it’s funny how ‘everyone’ never includes the old-school single-players.

  24. NG – you hit the nail right on the head with that last sentence – ‘Everyone’ does definitely not include single offline players.

    As a recap, in amongst all the lies about transfers being fixed, and photoshopping screenshots to hide it etc etc, prior to release Konami put out press releases stating that as they had the SPL licensed, they had agreed license partnerships with Celtic and Rangers and would be face scanning every player, and including the licensed stadiums Celtic Park and Ibrox shortly after release via a DLC.

    Lots of people pre-ordered the game on the premise that they would be able to play as Rangers or Celtic, in a licensed SPL, and have the proper stadiums.

    Well here we are 7 months after release and not only have the stadiums not materialised, but hardly any of the Rangers or Celtic players have face scans either.
    Even if they release a DLC in Feb which has been touted, who realistically is going to start a ML then, 7 months in, just to play as Rangers or Celtic. Not many.

    Add to that the same thing happened last year with Fulham, partner club, they played with PES splashed all across the backs of their shirts, yet no face scans or stadium materialised.

    SO why did Konami bother paying to license 7 new leagues this year, Russian,
    Bulgarian, Belgium, Dutch, etc etc which are ONLY useable in OFFLINE single player matches, when they have NONE of the stadiums for any of the leagues, no face scans, no proper advertising, presentation or anything, it is literally just kits, thats all, nothing that isn’t included anyway in any option file.

    What a total waste of money.

  25. Ah, the time has come. As Paul said this was inevitable from the beginning. I still think the game lasted longer than expected for you NG considering you initially were not getting it at all. I’m in the same place as you and many others judging from the forums, but I will say mods make a difference. I play the odd game here and there and always get 4-6 cpu fouls, hardly ever any exceptions.

    Unfortunately Fifa isn’t doing it for me either… Not yet at least. Half a season gone but no fouls at all (slight exaggeration but not far from the truth for me) is jarring and I have a hard time getting to grips with the ball physics. It is far less cheaty and formulaic than pes though and for that it deserves praise. Just plop PES’s ball physics and fouls in there and that’ll be me sorted for years to come.

  26. #1 – The one turd in FIFA’s punchbowl is the fouls – there aren’t many, saying that if a foul actually happens it is given, I’ve had more penalties in 5 seasons on FIFA than I had in PES 17/18/19 put together, that’s over 20 seasons combined.

    It’s just that FIFA COM controlled players aren’t aggressive enough with their tackling, for me though personally, its far less noticeable than in PES where fouls do happen but just blatantly aren’t given.

    In over 200 matches on FIFA, i could count the number of times i’ve thought ‘wow hardly any fouls in that match’ on one hand, whilst I’m not defending it, the realism of the matches, the presentation, the living breathing world of CM masks over the fouls issue, whereas in PES, there’s nothing there to hide behind, its so bare-bones that every little thing shows up.

  27. I’ve just installed football manager 14 on my better laptop. I asked for a random club and got Colchester.

    Plan is for fm as a quick diversion by day ie. one match, and console by night. I really should try and get a job though.

  28. #1 – the time has far from come, but it is certainly coming, and coming hard. It’s been most of two seasons now since the mid-December patch and the game is definitely no longer the same. Most of the things about PES2019 that I loved for several months have been nerfed. Long shots, fouls, individuality – none of these things are the same. And I haven’t given a thought to Visual Fatigue for a long old time. As was expected – the onliners always get what they want.

    Your 4-6 fouls in every match and all the free kicks you concede lead me to believe that somewhere in all your modding activity, you’ve left one on without realising it. Every single FK the AI takes now goes into my wall. I don’t even have to make it jump.

  29. Ng – if I was you I’d be busting balls to setup PES 19 on the PC with the various mods.
    I’ve watched numerous recent videos on Youtube and the game looks incredible, a distant 3rd cousin to the Console version.

    Nevermind all that ‘the setup isn’t convenient etc’ mallarkey, make it work!!

  30. Paul – well out and I understand what you mean by the rest being so good drowning out the fouls “issue” on fifa so to say. I think I’ve been spoiled with all the pes mods since actually presentation – in some aspects mind you – actually comes quite close to fifa if you have the evoswitcher mods et al installed. Maybe that’s why the absence of fouls is sticking out more to me. Anyway recently I just play what I fancy and switch between the two whenever I see fit. Both have aspects the other hasn’t as far as I see it. Of course a bit unfair comparison as my pes is modded to the hilt and fifa is played as-is with some slider tweaks. Distant cousin as you say.

    NG – oh I do have a mod stuck on which is a very conscious decision. Went back to vanilla a while back and that had me tearing my hair out. Also fouls are definitely way down on vanilla, that much is clear so not disputing that. The tweaks in gameplay mods are subtle but the cumulative effect can be a real joy. 4 new ones have been released just now and I’m impressed so far. Off now to try an “increased fouls” patch, see what it does.

  31. Hah – got castledine back from my old club Liverpool for 14mil and 4mil salary. He was Single handedly responsible (goal and assist leader in the championship) for getting them back in the prem as they got relegated after I left. Fitting I’d get him since I’m responsible for his footballing education. Contract for 5 seasons so he’ll be with me for the duration. 86 opr with excellent stats, one of the better players in the game now. Sneijder continues to be unimpressive for me so hopefully ol’ Castolo incarnate will bring the goods instead.

    Nice little story developing at the tail end of this pes. Perhaps.

  32. #1 – it’s things like my own ML’s Castledine story and others too that keeps me playing. That and the fact that ‘only’ 3/5 matches are poor now (was maybe 1 in 7 before).

    Paul – not a chance I’m afraid. The sheer time cost of a PES2019 PC excursion (installation and maintenance) is just undoable for me right now. I work in the NHS. It’s January. ‘Nuff said.

    I’ll finish my PES2019 adventure and feel content enough. I think another 2-3 seasons after this one. Which would take us close to March!

  33. NG – I hear ya. It’s why I haven’t abandoned it fully yet either. The game only went to relative shit when I was already very much attached to my squad and ML adventure.

    I will say this though (again) even though you’re not going to go this route – mods make a huge difference. The gameplay mods are getting better and better and the one I’m test running right now – oh my. Injects team / player individuality right back in. How this is done is beyond me but I do know that there are parameters in the game file that override stats / other parameters. It’s my suspicion is that this is what causes the game to be progressively monotonous as more of these parameters / switches are turned on during the game’s life cycle.

    Example: in this newest mod I’m trying a parameter has been removed that makes the CPU do does awful 1-2’s; first sucking you in, executing the 1-2, bang top corner goal. Most probably know what I’m talking about. THe knock-on effect of that being gone (it’s literally either on or off; no in between and stats have no effect on the succes rate) is astounding; varied passing on the pitch by the CPU and suddenly they’re taking different, multiple routes to goal.

  34. #1 – I watched a few of the True Brits Man Utd Master League videos on Youtube last night, he uses PC Modded ver of PES19 and has links to all the files he uses and literally the game looks indistinguishable from the PS4 version, you could easily believe it was a total different game.

    Firstly the camera angle is superb, and the game play mod he uses, the COM team plays like another human, a non-retarded, rage quitting human, its intelligent, pulls of some awesome moves and skills, and there were plenty of fouls.
    Plus all the presentation mods adding in the premier league overlays and gfx, he has stadium server installed and has 12 of the 12 proper premier league stadiums in, it looks amazing.

    The most depressing thing is that this is all possible with Konami’s game, so why do they either not bother with it or strangle the life out of it so much?
    If they released what is shown as possible with the PC mods as a base game, it would be better than FIFA game play wise, I have no qualms about saying that, the ML would still be hollow as shit, but at least it would look a finished product.

    Here’s one of the videos

  35. Paul – I checked out the video (have seen a few others of ttb) and it looks great. I’m using most of the mods he’s using as well though I’m using a different gameplay mod from the one in the video. He’s using “fox” while I’m using “golf” (don’t know why the files have such silly names but they work, so..) which brings the speed of the game down a notch or two. Video did look a bit fast to me but otherwise great.

    It’s only when the game updates and I temporarily am without mods that I realize how utterly barebones it is out of the box. Very much true about the depressing fact that this all IS in fact possible from the get go. Keep in my mind these are all fan-made mods made my amateurs, (like you alluded to yourself a few months back when the gameplay mods first started coming out) especially the gameplay mod is just trial and error and the thread is a damn mess. But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t just work.
    I had a brilliant match against St. Johnstone (thought it was a Konami fake team but no) in the Europa League that had it all. Tactics (they dug in from the get go instead of going all out all guns blazing like every team, all the time, on vanilla), stats (their players were poor and it just showed in everything, I loved it), non linear and unpredictable gameplay, fouls, the business. Of course my newly re-acquired Castledine bagged 2 goals in his opening game in only 30 minutes that he was on.

    I had all but abandoned pes for fifa but if things stay as they are I could play this pes for 10 more seasons,easily. I’m remaining wary though as Konami are keen to destroy what others fix for them.

    For now though: pc is king and mods rule. I would be content if Konami just gave us the tools and laid down the barebones part of the game. Charge us 10 euros at the most and make your money through shitclub. Let the fans take care of the rest.

  36. #1 – re. those 1-2s you mention: I defend them by using my controlled player to track/block the second player, and harrying the ball-carrier with secondary pressure, so they’re not an issue. The AI still exploits its inhuman machine-like precision a lot, but I prevent it enough for me to be satisfied, and that goes for all the other bugbears too (free kicks, the ghost of LCS etc.). Rifled unstoppable top-corner AI goals are a rare event for me. So another reason why I won’t go to PC is that there’s no real need to.

    Paul – At nearly 10 seasons into my ML, I’m not budging. I don’t care if PC mods somehow suddenly channel the spirit of PES5 and all the puppies and kittens in the world, I’ve got business to finish.

  37. NG – I wasn’t suggesting you should , and I knew you wouldn’t go to PC PES, I was just saying that it is a possibility considering you have invested in a souped up gaming PC, and the modded PC ver would alleviate all of the disgruntlements you have with the console version.
    Better gameplay, better Gfx, better presentation, more stadiums which means more realistic ML, fully licensed UCL and Europa League, trophies included, etc etc.
    Its only your blindsided stubbornness which is stopping you experiencing a PES 2019 which is the PES 19 you loved so much months back but x 10,000.

    #1 – It really does amuse, confuse and frustrate in so many ways that Konami, a multi hundred million dollar global Games developer with a dedicated team of programmers, GFX artists, animators etc are unable to produce over the course of years, what a group of amateur normal people who are just fans of the game, can produce inside weeks.

    There is absolutely no justifiable reason for Konami not releasing a game with all these ‘mods’ added in, obviously licensing issues mean they cannot ship the game with the premier league graphics, Champions League etc in, but all they need to do is hire a few of the guys that make these mods, give them early access to the code, let those guys do their stuff, then build in to the PC ver and console ver a mechanism that allows users to easily load in modules.
    That way they remove any licensing infringement issues, and give the customers the ability to easily patch the game to look like a PC ver without needing to spend close on a thousand pounds on a PC to run it.
    2K do EXACTLY this with the CAW stuff on the WWE games, the customisation community is huge, and uses copyrighted graphics, sound files etc, but there no issue there, so woudn’t be an issue for Konami.

    The Likes of Bhatti and Asim are meant to be community and brand managers, its their job to be on top of shit like this, all they actually do is pose as hype machines and PR puppets.

    There is just no common sense, will, or desire to make a quality product from Konami anymore.
    Its do the absolute bare basics, as long as MyClub functions and the money rolls in, thats the sole focus, and the reason why I will never buy a PES product ever again, regardless.
    If I ever do play/acquire PES again it will be a pirated copy, or avenue whereby Konami do not benefit financially from me.

  38. Paul – going PC would mean restarting ML, which is never going to happen. There’s no stubborn resistance involved, just a reasonable determination to finish the good book I’ve started, that sort of thing. No, I couldn’t do both. I do very well to find time for gaming as it is, believe me.

    I’ve got a little bit in today’s post coming up about how we should not place any trust in anything that anyone says about PES2020, for the simple reason that they will simply change it to please the only customers that matter to them – the online players, who en masse do not have football gaming at heart.

    I don’t think you answered the other day, maybe because you don’t know: is there an actual concrete reason why Old Firm stadia are delayed 6 months? I’m guessing there must be, and that it’s somebody else’s licensing deal not yet expired. Do you know? Just curious.

  39. NG – I did reply to your old firm question, look up above, should be in the comments!
    15 comments above this one, dated 17th January 2019 at 12:19

    As for PES 2020, couldn’t have less interest, seriously, I am done with Konami and will never put another penny in their coffers

  40. Paul – I saw that reply, but there was no reason, and I’m interested in that reason. I’m guessing another license holder still has the stadia until February, because that’s the only reason that makes any sense. If that is the reason it’s one they would have known about from the start, in which case it was really poor to pretend there’d be DLC soon after release, which is what they did.

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