One man Bandiera

I’ve only kept four of the starting Default players in this Master League, but the ones I’ve kept have all been well worth it.

They are Giorza, Rice, Jarvis and Castledine.

Of the four, Rice has been the most traditionally PES-like player, in terms of having an emergent character, and becoming a great sentimental club favourite.

Giorza and Jarvis have both been fine. Giorza is a first-team regular. Jarvis is a squad player who always seems to grab a goal whenever he plays. (There’s a lovely Jarvis goal in today’s mini-compilation below.)

But there is one of them who is a bona fide superstar of the game, and that is Castledine.

A few years ago, the Castolo-character started to change his name and appearance from year to year. And then of course he turned white.

It’s a shame PES isn’t a lot bigger than it is, as it would have been amusing to see the Castolo-Castledine racial switch covered by mainstream news as a scandal. Imagine it given Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey/#metoo levels of coverage. Given that the mainstream news doesn’t know the difference between a web browser and the Internet, it would have been hilarious trying to see them explain Master League.

Castledine is one of my main men in PES2019 and he will stay with me to the end now, whenever that is.

The way things are shaping up it’s just possible he will reach retirement age in this incarnation, for the first time since his original Castello/Castolo character was any good.

I’ve had an uptick of results. Here are September’s:

That 0-2 reversal versus Liverpool was in the FA Cup. I was pleased to go out of it.

Here is the table after 10 matches:This does reflect how the game is for me at the moment. I’m focusing and getting results where I never would have before. I’ll be disappointed not to at least bag a European place after this start.

Finally today a mini-compilation of 3 interesting moments. None of these are great goals, as such – just moments that provide potential talking points.

  1. A stylish chest-down, toe-trap, and finish from the dependable Jarvis.
  2. A rare sweeping counter-attack by myself, of the sort that the CPU does to me all the time. So nice to get one back at them.
  3. One of my few free kick goals this season, a true ‘Beckham vs Greece’ effort from Captain Castledine.

You have to be very quick to see what I did when defending the free kick (vs Leeds) in the counter-attack clip. Whilst defending a free kick I switched my formation (press and hold the d-pad) from 4-2-2-2 to a swashbuckling 2-2-1-5. I recovered the ball and as I swept upfield my players were running forward to get into their attacking positions. This little ruse almost never actually works in PES, and can be costly if you don’t win the ball back at once, but when it does work, it is deeply satisfying.

And that final free kick… At approximately 32 yards, I think it’s the farthest-out I’ve ever netted one from. And what a Beckhamesque outswinger it is! I love how it flies in with plenty of room to spare.

There’s lots of chatter about how free-kick-friendly PES2019 is, but it rarely has been such for me. I’ve only been able to get a couple per season, so they have great value.

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  1. That’s the treble gone for this season then NG πŸ˜‰
    Great free kick, it was very Beckham vs Greece-esque, lovely whipped bend on the ball.

    And that counter attack goal is the kind I thrive on in FIFA, I don’t like the having to pass around the edge of the box to find a nano-millimetre of space to pass into to shoot, I like swathing fast counter attacks, sweeping up the field, outnumbering the opposition and putting them to the sword, Liverpool Style, so was nice to see it can be done in PES.

    Castledine or Rice for the new Mug then ?

  2. Paul – I don’t know about a mug yet – if PES2019 gets close to PES2012’s 18 seasons then we’ll see.

    PES2019 has settled down a bit again. I think the levelling off is a permanent thing though, which is what we want from football games. Comfort and routine.

    To continue discussion from the last post, all of the above action discussed is from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. There has to be that cushion of distance between when I play and the blog, I have to be able to assemble a post at my leisure, in bits and pieces when I can, or I would feel too stressed out by deadlines and probably wouldn’t make them. I rarely get much time to play in the rest of the week now.

  3. NG – It doesn’t really matter to me what night i assemble content and material, If i was to post once a week, say a wednesday, and then captured material from play sessions on sunday night, monday night, I’d still have to make time late at night, to assemble it all, edit it, compose the post etc, so nothing really changes in that respect, its still effort and time that goes into it, which is fine if its being engaged upon, but for 9 comments, of which 5 are mine? nah.

  4. Paul – it has to be for yourself first and foremost I think. That’s how it started for me. I never, ever started a blog with the aim of generating comments and discussion. It’s like a model train set in the attic. I was genuinely taken aback when – after it had been going for years – suddenly there were regular comments to deal with. If you continue, do it for your own value first and foremost. I’m interested from a general footy gaming perspective, but the regular commenters will end up being fellow CM enthusiasts (of whom I might be one in the future, you never know). You have to give it time for a hardcore of FIFA CM players to coalesce around what you’re doing.

  5. of course castledine is different… (cue Homer Simpson expression humouring the clearly cuckoo blogger).

    Last night I got a trophy. It related to scoring a free kick. One. In 12 seasons or so. Easy, pfff.

    And re comments Paul – I’m one of the lurkers who rarely posts on your site, not because it’s not interesting but down to purely not playing FIFA. On this one I often don’t actually respond to much of what NG has done or said, it’s more me being self centred and saying ‘I hate the game’, ‘I love the game’, ‘Abbeyhill has caved in’ etc. I think most of us are still on pes, and maybe just you, Darryl and one or two have switched. If I was posting the chances are it would have to be ‘nice goal’, ‘have transfers changed’ and so on, until such time as I’m actually a fellow player. That hasn’t been for a couple of years. I’ve found the same trying to bump my research on twitter – it’s something that isn’t part of the main conversation in my chosen field so I don’t get much comeback. However, when I do the people are worth knowing.

  6. NG – I don’t know what id get out of it if it was purely just for myself.
    I know what has happened in my game, I know what players I have signed,m I know what goals I’ve scored, I don’t need to post that up on a blog to see it.
    I created FIFAFX as at the time people on here said they would be genuinely interested in following a career mode on FIFA even if they was playing PES, as it offers a different environment and storyline, but that just hasn’t been the case mostly.

    I don’t play PES at all, havent for months, yet I still visit this blog and comment regularly, about my game, about PES and about other things, to engage, support the site, and converse with people.

  7. So given that their skin colour, appearance, dominant foot, position (AMF v CF), best stats (passing v speed) and style of play (dreamy playmaker v pacey striker) are entirely different, why do we think Castledine and Castolo are the same guy, simply the first 4 letters of their names?

    Paul – I’m the same as Turf, really enjoy reading your blog but don’t often feel I’ve got much to contribute by way of comments at the moment without playing FIFA. Would be a shame if you stopped. Have you tried publicising it on some of the mainstream EA/FIFA message boards to get the audience it deserves?

  8. Paul – building an audience for anything takes time these days. Remember that marketing thing you linked to a while back? Lot of sense in that.

    I certainly am interested in seeing how a Career Mode develops, it’s been interesting watching you make it to 6 seasons, and Darryl as well.

    But you’re right I didn’t anticipate how not playing FIFA myself would leave me feeling shut out of the nuts and bolts of things, but as you know I always appreciate a long-ranger. You being able to come here and engage about PES speaks volumes about your history with the series and your time spent on it this year, and of course your abiding scepticism about the true quality of PES2019. I don’t have a similar perspective on FIFA19, pro or contra, having never played it. Just wait till the spring, when I will have to at least sample the bugger…

    Uncle Turf – got a replay of the FK? And what do you think of my dodgy explanation of the non-penalty last night?

  9. abbeyhill – Castello-Castolo-Cinalton-Castolis-Castledine(black and white versions). Yes, the Eternal Hero of Master League is certainly the same character, in the way Doctor Who is a single entity no matter how radically his/her appearance changes. The key here was Cinalton. Without him as the bridge we might not have connected the Castles to the Castos. Don’t forget the first Castledine (PES2016) was basically Cinalton/Castolis, and was black. When he suddenly went white in PES2017, not a word was said.

  10. Paul – one other thing, you might have noticed I do a lot less nitty-gritty about squad-building and transfers etc. than you currently do. I do a lot of general, bird’s-eye view stuff about how I’m feeling with the game, and if anything peculiar happens I’ll post a vid and talk about that. Mix up your style, and do keep going. Admittedly if you’re doing it mainly for external consumption and you don’t feel it’s getting that, it’ll seem pointless. I honestly do do this blog 95% for my own selfish pseudo-autistic reasons (the model train in the attic was not a random analogy) and if anyone wants to come and look and share their own model train stories, bonus. In 2007 PES was a sacred object in my life and I wanted to chronicle it. That original feeling hasn’t changed much, even though PES has.

  11. NG – no, largely because I didn’t expect it to go in so was stunned into inaction. Basically I was so fed up of putting them over the bar/hitting the wall I just got my hardest shot (Gomis) aimed at just inside the post, and leathered it up to a third of the power bar. It did exactly what I hoped – an Alan shearer, no frills, it’s hitting the net before the keeper can react. Went in about two feet off the floor just inside the post.

    And yes, I agree, the AI has decided there was a touch of something just on the fringe. It wasn’t a foul then, that came in the box, but the touch was outside. Like your brush of hair own goal. It clearly wasn’t but in black and white terms the whole passage started earlier. It’s very American football – replays in slow from every angle to determine when a knee glanced turf.

  12. Got your token freekick goal there NG! Nice one. Quite a nice run of results, set to enter the European competitions I would say. Shame that European football won’t give you any type of visual recognition when not on pc though (not meant as dig at pes or pc uber mensch snob talk). As for castledine, he IS really good this year isn’t he? I left him at Liverpool but he’s dirt cheap and his opr shot up to 86.85 shot power and 90 finishing which means he can be trained for rising shot if I’m not mistaken?

    Shame I’m currently on fifa so won’t be finding out anytime soon.

  13. Unrelated to anything but something I discovered today and am sure I am not the only one not to know! This is in MC but imagine that it will apply to ML: If you compare players using the side by side on the formation screen and go 1 screen to the right it will show the players appearances for the club, goals scored and assists total! I lost an hour of my life going through my MC squads and was amazed to see that Marcelo was my appearances leader. To those who know this apologise for wasting your time!

  14. Nice find Gary, is that available in Master League not just MyClub?
    If so, would have made sense to put it somewhere more accessible.

  15. Paul-konami at it’s finest I love stats like this. I am hoping some of the master league’ers will confirm. by the way I am a lurker on fifa chronicles also hope you keep going with it your doing a great job!

  16. Gary – Always used to love in PES of old, looking at players stats and seeing how many club career appearances, goals, assists, and how much he has developed or declined since joining.
    Maybe NG can have a look and confirm whether its in ML too. and not just MC

    Thanks mate, appreciated.

  17. Gary – that is a good find and I had no idea was in there (if it’s there in ML that is). If so, I wonder how many instalments it’s been in?

    Not played a single moment of anything at all (not even a swift few minutes of a phone game) since Thursday night due to work and life, but I will definitely get a session in this evening.

  18. Just checked and the feature is NOT in Master League. There are 4 pages in the player comparison display. Basic information (age etc), two pages of attributes, and a page of skills. Nothing else. Yet more evidence (none was needed) of the attention priority at PES Productions.

  19. Ng- ridiculous right there, the fact that I have been playing the game since release and only stumbled across it shows how poorly designed the interface is. That it’s available and not in master is just beggars belief.

  20. Master League has the player stats on a screen in the negotiation menus. It shows goals, assists and appearances for the current season and total time spent at the club.

  21. The Obvious place to put it!! haha.

    PES 2011

  22. I’ve seen it in the Negotiations area and the team stats as a whole in another menu, but it should really be at the formation screen regardless of the mode.

  23. With FIFA they have a squad hub which contains everything you need to know about each member of your team all in one place. There are tabs at the top for:

    – Status
    – Stats
    – Attributes
    – Finance

    This works so much better.

  24. Darryl – I rely so heavily on thyat squad hub screen, I use it for everything from setting up player loans for youth players to identifying contract negotiations etc.


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