I am not Legend

I have played 39 matches of Season 4. I have been on Superstar difficulty since Matchday 9. PES2019 on Superstar might be the hardest PES I have ever played.

There will certainly be no promotion this season. With 7 matches remaining, here is the table:

I have only just unlocked Legend difficulty with my 5th victory since switching to Superstar.

It took me 31 matches on Superstar to notch up those 5 wins.

Many are the readers of this blog who will find this to be an astonishing and scarcely believable confession. It took this guy 31 matches to win 5?!

However. As I’ve mentioned numerous times on the blog, I am an average-skilled player of football games. I haven’t been misrepresenting my skills. I am average. ‘Tis true.

I’m not sure I will ever play on Legend. I didn’t last year, and probably won’t again this year. Superstar might detain me for the entirety of the rest of my time on PES2019.

The game in general is holding up incredibly well. The challenge is immense. The gameplay is deep. Solid 9/10 session follows solid 9/10 session. I am in PES dreamland. I never thought a nuPES game could deliver this kind of sustained satisfaction. I caught myself looking at PES t-shirts and baseball caps on eBay last night. (There’s a PES2009 woollen scarf on there right now for a tenner if anyone wants it.)

There are still downsides. PES2019 will never be perfect for me so long as I continue to regularly experience matches without a single AI foul in them. My average AI fouls count is still something like 1.3 per match. Of course this is another outcome of my individual play-style.

A couple of unusual moments in video now.

First, a heel-flick from Robben that takes a wicked deflection and loops over the keeper. One of those goals that you score, and know that something weird has just happened, and you scrutinise the replay frame-by-frame.

Second, something I’ve waited a decade to see make a return to PES: my Goalkeeper being sent off. Of course I never keep a reserve GK on the bench – because why would you, this is PES and keepers don’t get sent off… So after some dithering and confusion on the Squad Screen (why is every outfield player rated the same for Goalkeeping? pissing hell, Konami) a defender had to go in goal. Watch the restart to see my calamitous ‘defending’ at the free kick:

Updated: 6th November 2018 — 10:57


  1. I’ll grab my results so far this season and post them up shortly. I’ve been adept at scoring since season 1 though.

    Also, I’ve become proficient at picking off the opposition as they come at me in the final 15 minutes if they’re trying to draw level. My past few games I’ve not scored until last 20 and then finished 2 or 3 to the good.

  2. Kits Look good jay !!

    Deportivo Wanka ???? hahahahaha …….WERD ??? 😉

  3. Paul – I’ve been called many things but not a Peruvian club, Young Boys of Bern’s stadium…back at ya! 🙂

  4. For someone who doesn’t comment much that is a rapid response by Werd!

  5. Wasn’t it just!!!!
    i meant more that it was the type of strange obscure club you’d be all over WERD, not that you are indeed a deportivo wanka 😉

    Gary – Hows this? Can change the club crest as wasn’t sure what one you wanted

  6. 2-1 vs Wolves
    3-2 vs Leicester
    1-0 vs Real Madrid (CL)
    3-2 vs Liverpool
    1-1 vs Stoke
    0-0 vs Spurs
    2-2 vs Olympiakos (CL)
    2-3 vs Manchester United
    4-2 vs Bolton (FA, AET)
    4-4 vs Juventus (CL)
    3-2 vs Chelsea
    5-1 vs Newcastle
    4-1 vs Watford
    2-0 vs Juventus (CL)
    2-1 vs Everton
    1-4 vs Fulham
    1-0 vs West Ham
    6-2 vs Real Madrid
    3-1 vs Notts Forest
    3-0 vs Cardiff.

    Obviously two anomalies there: losing 4-1 to Fulham and beating Real Madrid 6-2. Fulham are 100% my bogey team. I f#%king hate them. I don’t know my actual win percentage against them but I bet it’s small. I was 2-0 down with 10 left and committed a professional foul out of sheer anger and they went and got another two. I hate them. Against Madrid, as commentary pointed out, they had to win. I was 3-1 up with about 20 left and then 3-2 and then I executed them with swift breaks. This was Aduriz’s 9.

    Current form would have me finish on 86.85 points (real life PL record is 100) and with 89 goals (real life record is 106); so it’s far from showing it’s belly yet! I’ve won one trophy in six seasons.

    I’ve turned on the PS4 to get those results and it’s 10am on a day off when I have jobs to do around the house. Dangerous territory.

    Paul/Gary – that is a sexy kit. Would look better with Bimbo on it though….

  7. Sorry, Jay, you need to write the scores in ‘1 (ONE)’-style format, as per the Vidiprinter that you hilariously don’t remember, or I can’t read them properly.

    That’s some healthy goal-scoring though. Interesting indicator of where you are with Superstar.

  8. NG – I can score and I can’t defend. Very representative of the real life me.

  9. Jay – 2 defeats in 20 matches? Maybe you should go up to Legendary.

    Videprinters didn’t always use the text equivalents after the scores

  10. If I win the treble this season, I will (probably).

  11. Paul – I know, and occasionally I have used Vidiprinter-style format for extraordinary/unexpected scorelines or numbers in general, which Jay has picked up on to the extent that he does it for every conceivable number, without having any memory at all of the original that I was ironically echoing.

  12. Like rats that attack other rats but don’t know why in that famous rat experiment.

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