Goal of the first two months

I swept through the mid-season transfer window here in Season 4, picking up two youngsters of note: T CAHILL (for his heading, hopefully); and K HONDA. Both are just 17 and not much use right now. I am investing for the future – of which it seems there will be a considerable amount.

Currently about 15 matches from the end of Season 4 in PES2019.

I am not going to get promoted this season.

The table after 31 matches:Yes, that’s me all the way down in 15th.

Superstar is absolutely kicking my backside, hard, every match.

I started this season the day after last week’s patch landed. I started on Top Player, which suddenly felt very easy post-patch.

My record on Top Player at the start of the season: W8 D0 L0.

My record on Superstar since I changed up: W3 D6 L14.

Leading to the overall position above.

I have considered going back to Top Player – and I did go back, for one match.

I was 3-0 up by the 30-minute mark.

I couldn’t have that, so I quit to the main menu, reloaded, switched back to Superstar – and lost the fixture 2-1.

It’s Superstar or bust. Even if I have to stay in Division 2 for many seasons to come. I cannot, in all conscience, drop back to Top Player and its guaranteed comfortable wins.

I might one day consider Top Player, with manual passing. PA0 remains one of my great undiscovered countries in PES

I dunno, though. I am excited about the prospects for PES2019’s longevity. This is shaping up to be the most epic PES year since PES2012. It now seems certain that I will have a double-digit amount of Master League seasons. This hasn’t happened for a few years.

Is PES2019 shaping up to be something of a classic? Way too early to call, but it’s got a chance.

Finally today, a tongue-in-cheek Goal of The First Two Months contest. Vote for your favourite goal in the comments. No prizes.

Updated: 2nd November 2018 — 10:01


  1. Jay – two novel goals there, and I’ve seen my players trying the outside of the boot thing a lot since the patch. Not scored one with it yet though, so kudos!

    And I think Uncle Turf is noting that the R2 curler from all angles and distances (not the Lincoln-style distance ones, which are still rare) is a reasonably common feature of PES2019, which it is. This edition’s signature flourish. Each one has one.

  2. Few observations.
    1) 25 yard R2 curlers are way overpowered in PES 2019.
    2) Player marking and positioning still looks horrendous
    3) The Ref was right to book the Leicester player, even leicester themselves said it was the right decision
    4) Session variance absolutely 100% is fact in PES and always has been
    5) the COM in PES does NOT adapt to how you are playing, it may change attack/defensive levels during a match but it does NOT change formations to counter what you are doing, or overload the left wing if you constantly attack down that side, or make it defenders step off your forward 2 yards if you are getting a lot of joy from using that CF as a target man to knock balls down etc.
    The limit of PES’s ‘adaptive intelligence’ is to wait until a player has scored 2 goals then employ man marking on him.

  3. Paul – 25-yard R2 curlers are nowhere near as common as you might think from the posted evidence here. On Superstar I’ve got 2 in an entire season, which is about right. Even on Top Player they’re not that much more common.

    Jay – I’ve just realised you might be puzzled why everyone is shouting OI, SESSION VARIANCE IS A THING in your direction. A few days ago you said

    […] differing experience on the replayed game after the first one could be explained by session variance, if we presume it exists

    (my emphasis added for extra infamy)

    I realise in the context of your much longer comment that’s more nuanced than it appears there, but even the suggestion of scepticism as to the existence of Session Variance in PES is doubleplusungood. There are two things that can never be questioned: the existence of Session Variance in PES, and the comic genius of the films Ted and Ted 2.

  4. NG – Just must be a coincidence that over the last 2 weeks I’ve seen various people posting them left right and centre, not just here, but all over twitter too.
    Some are even calling it a bug as the probability of scoring from that distance and with that method is way overpowered.

    The Ted films are hilarious. Don’t know if you managed to catch the Directors Cut of Ted but if not, you need to, so many added extras that are close to the bone but hilarious.

  5. Paul – oh they’re definitely a feature of PES2019, but they’re not common as muck, and certainly not common enough to spoil the overall experience of the game in any way. You can’t go 0-1 down, for example, and think ‘ehhhh, doesn’t matter, I’ll get myself a 25-yard R2 curler’. Just not the case. You’re only seeing the successful 25-yard+ R2 curlers. You don’t see the dozens of failed attempts at R2 curlers – the times (particularly on Superstar) when the defenders close the space down and/or the keepers save. For me the attempt:success ratio is around 20:1. In fact most of the time on Superstar, an attempt at a 25-yard R2 curler is a waste of possession.

    There’s a Director’s Cut of Ted?! Why am I only hearing this now? Excuse me, off to the shady web… (And I will of course be ordering a boxed collector’s edition DVD in due course.)

  6. They still seem very ‘common’ as in every one is posting those R2 curlers from distance,
    you see one of those once or twice per season, across all teams, not every other game, per team.

    There is indeed a directors cut of Ted. I saw the original and found it hilarious then one day was flicking through sky and was waiting for something else to come on,and saw Ted: Directors Cut, so put it on and was in tears.

    Its the version that was too rude for the cinema.
    I wont spoil anything but Fat Kid running and one other line in particular amuse me still to this day, we’ll confer once you’ve seen it.

  7. Paul – ‘everyone’ is only posting their successful attempts. 1 or 2 R2 curlers from 25+ yards per season is my ratio right now. You can indeed get a few more on Top Player – around 4 or 5 per season.

    If you’ve got evidence of them occurring literally (i.e, literally) ‘every other game, per team’, I’d be interested to see and hear and scrutinise that evidence.

    I’ll be watching the magnificent Ted tonight!

  8. True NG, and I have no ratio reference to go by, as in are these 5 successful attempts only 2% of all actual attempts? Or do they account for 50% of all attempted 20+ yard R2 curlers?

    All I can go by is the regularity of which I see people posting these exact same type goals, the ones Jay has posted, and yourself with Lincoln, and the ones I’ve seen all over social media, are all pretty much identikit, same area of the pitch, same same shooting stance, same curl, same trajectory, same GK flailing at it, enough for it to be proof that this particular shot type is not realistically represented.

    2 or 3 per team per season is about average. You posted 5 in one clip with one player.
    Not realistic.

    And different player, different abilities, different stats should mean differing motion, animation, etc, but every goal of that type is identical in the way it travels and moves, as if there is just one pre-set animation for an R2 curler from distance.

    Just doesn’t look right IMO.

    Enjoy Ted!

  9. Erm…I’m getting them a lot more frequently than that. I’ll start the count now, although the fact I’m now thinking about them and counting them will surely influence the frequency with which I attempt them. I do think the curl is significantly overpowered given how infrequently a straight shot from the same distance and power will fail to go in.

  10. Paul – It’s around 5% for me. Other, better players may have better rates of return. Maybe if/when you circle back to PES2019 you’ll have a more informed view on the matter. Right now you’re on the outside looking in at posted highlights of much longer sessions and seasons. The R2 goals are satisfying and reasonably proportioned for my footy gaming expectations and needs.

    Uncle Turf – you’re now getting tons of 25+ yard R2 curlers?! When did this start happening? As of late last night you were only getting the lesser curlers from inside the box!

  11. perhaps NG, I just find it odd that dozens, many many people all over, social media etc, are all having success with the exact same shot type, which looks identical, even though its performed with different players, different clubs, differing play styles etc, it never looks any different.

    Kind of a ‘copy and paste’ preset shot. For me personally, scoring one of those, for the first time, would be amazing, a second time? Mmm coincidence, a third time, Ok so this wasn’t that special after all, for a fourth time, Ok this is getting boring now, and by the fifth time, especially if with the same player, Id never try one ever again as they would infuriate me.

  12. Paul – in a PES of conventional laces long-rangers – PES5, PES2010, PES2013, PES2017 – you could say exactly the same thing. In fact we did, with PES2013, and it was true – what an overpowered long-range mechanic in that game! So it’s happened before and could happen again.

    Not with PES2019, not so far anyway. It’s all about frequency, and the long, long periods of no R2 curlers scored and the many failed R2 curlers. I’ve scored about 10-12 in total, in 200+ matches now, approximately a 0.5% frequency rate.

    If I go a goal down there’s no sense at all of ‘doesn’t matter, 30-yard R2 curler coming up’. It’s just not like that. In fact, trying the R2 curler is an almost certain way to lose the match, as it wastes possession more often than not. That’s the dimension here that you’re absolutely not seeing. It’s like looking at GOTM on MOTD and taking those goals as representative of a typical Premier League goal. Or, to focus the analogy more precisely, looking at the equivalents of our GOTM from other countries and taking them all together as representative of a typical goal in the sport of football.

    PES2019, almost bafflingly, continues to amaze me, every session. Best PES since PES2010, I’m saying now, for certain. My End of Year review, if it happened now, would be a solid 9/10. By next summer, who knows? The first 10/10 PES since you-know-what…?

  13. Mike – belatedly, as I’ve only just found this comment in the spam queue – no idea why it found its way there – your vote for Goal D is registered.

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