Boys and curls

After 33 matches of Season 3 in my PES2019 Master League, the upper part of the Championship table looks like this:I have got to be happy with that right now. PES2019 continues to surprise me in all sorts of ways. On the pitch, gameplay is great and the AI more than adequate. I continue not to see most of the problems reported by others, and can’t base my view on things I don’t see.

There is a slight sign of a serpent in Paradise. The serpent named ‘nuPES’.

‘nuPES’ is a pejorative term for a particular kind of crappy-shitty-sprinty-slidey football gameplay. The sort that goes on without interruption, in a button-mashing trance.

PES2019 has always cleverly masked its essentially nuPES nature, of course, but the mask has started to slip of late. Matches are faster and interruptions are fewer.

Since last weekend I’ve played quite a few matches that have left me unimpressed. The PES2019 victory procession isn’t anywhere near being called off yet, but it has been slowed.

Still. They were only a handful of matches, out of many more that have still had that old-school feeling I crave.

A video next, and three goals of interest, The R2 curler from 25-35 yards is a relatively common type of goal for me in PES2019 now – here are two more examples of it, one from Castledine (with his wrong foot), and yet another from Lincoln. Finally there is a good old-fashioned laces bullet-strike into the top corner from Lincoln

The R2 curlers are now so common that you might think I am tired of scoring them. I am not. The ones I put on display here are the attempts that go in. What I don’t show are the dozens of attempts that don’t go in.

Individuality continues to feel high, although that always takes a nosedive when the game decides to put on its arcade-’em-up mask.

Stitching passes together and constructing a move that leads to a nice finish continues to be my most common type of goal. I never show them here. Why would I? Occasionally on the blog I will record every single goal I score for an entire season, and stitch them all together in one package for perusal. I might do that next season.

Where will that season be spent? If there is any justice in the world, it’ll be in the Premier League. I have worked hard to get this team where they currently are, on scant resources. I have been running with 19 (NINETEEN) players since mid-season.

By Tuesday’s post I will either be at or close to the end of the season.

And then the Konami patch arrives next Thursday with a whole host of AI ‘fixes’, some of which I am not sure I need. Low Cross has never (NEVER) been an issue for me in PES2019, but I know it definitely has for many others, so I can’t wish for the ‘fix’ (if it works) not to come. Certain other fixes – such as lack of AI long shots, AI strikers shuffling away from goal, and weak headers all round – will definitely be welcome.

Updated: 19th October 2018 — 10:20


  1. #1 – – I’ve considered it but I’ve got the PS4 set up nicely and that’s my footy gaming platform of choice.

  2. NG – understandable. As far as comfort and ease of use goes nothing beats the PS4 imo. But as I’m a tinkered at heart I love screwing around with mods etc almost as much as playing itself which means pc is the way to go for me.

  3. If I had a PC capable of running PES 19 with mods to look like the TTB video I posted last week, I’d damn well MAKE space for it.

    On the subject of tinkering, I fired up PES 5 on the Macbook pro at the weekend, and airplayed it to the apple tv in the bedroom, on to the 42″ Tv, played flawlessly.

    Also paid for and pre-ordered Red Dead 2 last night on the PS45, 89.6GB download, took 40 mins. now it has a countdown timer on the PS4 menu icon…. teasing me!! Unlocks midnight Thursday!

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