Going at it hammer and tongs

The weekend saw me put in a few late-night sessions after work when I was a) tired, and b) had relatively little time to play.

Not a good pair of conditions to play any football game, especially not nuPES in particular – and so it proved. The game felt fast and cheap in the most PES2018-like session yet. 6.5/10.

Monday, though, brought a more considered couple of sessions, and brought back the joy. Back up to around 8/10, shading into 9/10 when I factor in the squad headache that Master League is giving me (gloriously giving me).

I’m still not seeing that many more fouls in PES2019 than I saw in PES2018. My overall stats now show an average of 1.97 AI fouls against me per match. Matches with 0 (ZERO) fouls in them are unfortunately more common now than they were to begin with. This is partly down to be getting more familiar with the game’s ins and outs and what works and what doesn’t.

And dare I say it, but I am starting to get the better of Top Player.

I had 6 (SIX) wins in a row at one point, one of them a 4-1 drubbing of Swansea.

Which all brought about this table after 22 matches:

I took that screenshot with a few matches left to play of my most recent session. I won most of next few matches and am currently 6th (SIXTH – or, as people weirdly insist on saying nowadays, SICKTH).

I think Villa are realistically out of reach at the top for me, and probably Southampton too, so the chase is on for 3rd place.

January came and with it I ran full-tilt into a trap of my own making.

nuPES hasn’t yet brought about a very common scenario that would affect us all back in the glory Golden Age days of the PS2 editions, and on some of the PS3 editions. That was a time when you could very easily misjudge some aspect of the transfer system and leave yourself with a bare-bones squad. I remember many seasons on Classic ML where I would play full seasons with a First XI and a subs’ bench, and nothing else. And a large number of those players would be last-minute panic-bought Youths.

That situation couldn’t happen in nuPES.

Could it?

It can happen and it has happened to me. I have run full-tilt into a trap that everyone has to watch out for.

Maybe there are a few ways to fall into this trap. The way I fell into it was to fail to realise that being able to go into minus-figures on the Wages budget doesn’t mean I should merrily go ahead and do it. And then keep doing it. And keep doing it. And keep doing it…

Just before the January window came along, I started to renew all my key players’ contracts.

Rice, Castledine, Necid, the lot – about 8 or 9 players, all of them got fat new contracts, negotiated as low as I could go of course, but still substantially more than they were on.

Each new contract bumped my wages bill even further into the red. Each time the minus-figure got larger, I thought, wow, this is great!

I ended the spree with a Wages bill of -£865,000. And yes, I pretty soon realised what I’d done when I tried to go shopping for new players.

Being in the red for Wages means the game won’t let you sign any new players. The only way to get out of this would be to transfer out 2 or 3 of my top players, and then that would only just about allow me to afford 1 new player, who would probably not be better than any of them.

An all-round disaster (that I am thoroughly enjoying, needless to say).

There are two ways out of this:

  1. Sell many of my high-earners and replace them with journeymen or Youths.
  2. Get promoted this season and hopefully get a boost to the Wages budget. I’d still have to let a few key players go, I think, but it wouldn’t be so bad.

This is my full squad – for this crucial last half of Season 3:

19 (NINETEEN) players.

1 suspension and/or 1 injury and I’ll be sweating.

I have had a few menu-screen injuries for a few weeks apiece.

Almost 3 seasons in and I am yet to see a proper forced-to-squad-screen injury.

Although I did see this:

I’d already used all my substitutes and couldn’t take off Lincoln. He had no ill-effects, other than a down-arrow for the next match. He was fine after that.

He’d better stay fine, too. Him and the others.

Updated: 16th October 2018 — 13:54


  1. We will have to wait and see Turf, wouldn’t be surprised of you have to restart a ML to see the changes either.

  2. Paul – I’m assuming the datapack will mess up ML saves regardless of what the patch (but that’ll likely screw it up even further) does. Most of us are using option files which will make the fake leagues – replaced by the option files – be replaced by officially licensed leagues. I’d bet money that would throw players and teams all over the place, causing “blank” and “removed” players as was the case last year.

  3. The perils of not finishing your product before rushing it out.
    I really hope the patch does do what is intended. It could set us all on a level playing field pardon the pun.

    I always play both games each year so could still get. Good 4-5 months out of PES if it is drastically improved.

    NG and Jay will be in season 15 by then, both still struggling to cobble a tenner together to pay the kit man to play because all their loanees have left.

  4. Only if you’re still supplying the kits, big boy xxx

  5. A few goals from season one.

    Early season two observations: I’m not getting out of this league on Superstar!

  6. Tommy – I’ve just started season 6 in the Championship!!!

  7. Paul – I’m not holding my breath for the patch but I will say that this year feels different as to the effort Konami are putting in. Yes it is still far too late and yes they are only doing this because of public outcry but at least *something* seems to be done. I’m still glad I paid half price after all is said and done though.

    Werd – I knew that would trigger something re. Roosendaal out of you 😉 Are you playing the game at all at the moment?

    Tommy – surely you’re kidding? How in the world are you burning through those seasons so quickly? Simming (partially) or…? That’s 230 games and counting for you then!

    I like that there are bogey teams or at least it looks like it again. I cannot beat Swansea for the life of me. They gave me a drubbing last time out, this time I had a better team and TS but was still no match. “only” lost 1-0 but they outpossessed and outpassed me and intercepted a lot of my passes. Bony was a nightmare once again. A few games earlier I beat Bolton 7-0 so at least in that sense there is some variation. THe patch just needs to make the game a bit less formulaic…then Konami could have gold on their hands. But like I said, not holding my breath as that would mean they would deviate from what NuPES has now become and that is exactly that: formulaic and far too often, predictable.

  8. #1 – I think you mean Lloyd!

  9. Tommy – some lovely goals! Are they all scored on Superstar? Nice to see De La Cruz for you! Coincidence or you remembered him from my comments? Stick with Superstar – it’ll feel good when you get promotion!

    I had another 9/10 session earlier. 4 games long: Spurs (W 2-1) Chelsea (W 2-0) Watford (W 2-0) and Fulham (1-1). N’Zonzi is really sticking out for me – great to play with. Rooney is too. He’s declined from 73 to 71 already and I’ve only had him 3 months but he is 36! Plays well above his stats and has scored me some nice goals.

  10. Tommy – sorry, did mean Lloyd!

  11. Jay – Yes, all on SS. De La Cruz didn’t really do a lot for me, but then no one did really, such is the struggle. I’ve got him on loan for a second season regardless as he can play a lot of positions. Lincoln is another who has been very ordinary for me.

  12. Tommy – Lincoln was utterly ordinary for me for most of an entire season. I had him earmarked for an early exit, particularly with that massive salary he’s on. But then suddenly – well, you’ve seen what he can do, and there’s more to come in tomorrow’s post. Another Lincoln Curler. And a laces shot to the top corner to show he can get regular long-rangers too.

    #1 – a patch that required an ML restart to see the gameplay changes would be unprecedented in PES history. It’s literally never happened before. There’s absolutely no reason to suppose it will happen this time. If the ‘Removed’ player thing strikes again as it did last year, I’ll just live with it. We’ve already got blank-faced silhouettes for player faces on the squad screen.

    I won’t restart ML for any reason whatsoever. If an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth, and somehow the only way to stop it was for me to restart ML, I would still not restart ML.

    The following clip represents the situation with me and the idea of restarting ML. Here, I’m Alan Partridge, and his assistant’s idea that he should drive a Mini Metro is the suggestion of restarting Master League:

  13. Question(s): Gameplay changes would probably come in the form of a patch, right? Would the CSL and Thai league also be included in this “package” or would it be a separate download from the PSN store? Or is it through live update? I have my game updates set to automatic at the moment, wondering if I need to turn them off because I don’t want the DLC, I just want the patch!

  14. For me the curled long ranger is the only real bet this year with superstar keepers and for some reason certain players can pull them off – completely unrelated to stats or traits. Lincoln is one, I have a cmf called okeguchwu or similar who can but a much better amf with better all round everything and his always go straighter and are more wayward.

  15. Tommy – the leagues are additions rather than replacing the fake leagues. So says somebody I know who works for PES. I hope this means it doesn’t affect existing MLs.

  16. Hows that working then as they officially said they dropped the Spanish and Italian div 2’s to make way for the new licensed leagues, if they can just add the new leagues then must mean there is space, so why need to drop the other leagues?

    And how is the Chinese Super League coming to PES when its fully licensed already in FIFA 19 ?

    A patch of this size will not go smoothly, its Konami, they have a track record of ballsing things up and having to issue patches to fix patches, don’t see why this would be any different.

  17. I’m simply posting what I’ve been told by a PES employer in private on 10th of September.

    My personal advice for anyone not wanting to risk damaging an existing ML is disconnect your PS4 from the internet until the community has made a consensus on what it does and does not affect. Though I expect @officialpes themselves to communicate that nearer the time.

  18. Tinfoil hat time Werd….your fears were confirmed, disconnect now!

    Abbeyhill – what do you play PG on? I’m on an iPhone 5s and the new update has really knackered my catching screen. All white with crazy movement. Seems to have affected a few.

  19. Turf – Galaxy S7, seems ok so far with the update but wife on iPhone has noticed this problem a few times

  20. Jay – that’s it, you are definitely Daniel Henry in disguise.

    Anyone who has a PC capable of running PES 19 smoothly, this is what can be achieved:

    Night & day compared to Konami’s bland out of the box offering.

  21. #1 – too right :), plodding along with my Armenia Bielefeld ML 6 games or so a week, and Assassins Creed Odyssey. Enjoying it though LC and other Paulbane AI are not a prob in my world, I must have a Jay/NG Gold Copy signed by Willy Wonka 🙂

    Tommy – Massive stadia like in Ligue 2!? I would have edited most of them to smaller ones by now 🙂

    NG – love that episode, I sometimes talkover MiniWerd one like that.

  22. Turf – Lincoln does have good shooting stats but I agree the ability to score from range is a bit mysterious. I will be buying my long range specialist from 2018 to test asap.

    I’m having good sessions, the game refuses to surrender to my better overall rated players and the extra games in the Europa League are having an effect on form and condition. I have a run of 7 games in 28 days and realised my squad is thin so will have to fill it out with some cheaper players if I qualify again next season. Accumulated fatigue really showing later in the games now too and money will be a big deciding factor come January. All in all ML is holding up well and appears to have real longevity this year.


  23. Uncle Turf – 2x R2 curlers coming up in today’s post, plus 1 laces shot – you’ll have had plenty of laces shots from range now, any gone in? I recall from PES2012-ago that long-range goals are your white whales.

    Tommy – there’s no reason to suppose it’ll be any different from other patch days, i.e. it’ll come as one download, no separate picking-and-choosing.

  24. I hereby declare the nG/Jay Golden Copy of PES 2019 is now known as the nG, Jay, Werd & Cook Golden Copy of PES 2019. I suspect Lloyd is included too as he is yet to show signs of not possessing the Gold Copy. Tommy can also confirm soon.

    I’m doing this in the faint hope it’ll get Paul off my back. He’s heavy and I’m only little.

  25. Mines more silvery. Fouls, penalties, cards and a tiny bit of LCS

  26. Abbeyhill?! And why is mrs hill not a friend? I’ve just completed the special research hand out 20 gifts challenge and it was bloody tough given my tiny circle of acquaintances.

  27. Well, it makes sense that Konami would create roughly 2 in 10 games that played differently from the others, in order to something-something-something [insert forumy reason based on nothing here].

    Lloyd – I believe I’d swap no-LCS for some-bleeding-fouls right now. I’m down to a 0.88 average. PES2018 territory. After starting on PES2019 with at least 1 goal-scoring free kick in pretty much every match, they’re back to being a nuPES rarity. 1 or 2 per session.

    werd – it had to be you that opened a box with the Willy Wonka ticket inside.

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