Lincoln Scream

Season 2 has come to a close. In my final session I scored the goal I’ve been waiting to score on PES2019 – and on nuPES – for a long time.

I posted the goal in comments on the previous post, and spoke about it there a great deal.

For the many casual readers of the blog who won’t have seen it, here it is – the goal that well and truly scratched my long-range itch:

It’s an R2 sidelong ‘whip’ from Lincoln – that useful Free Agent signing that nearly everybody will come across. The distance travelled is about 40 yards, which has been scientifically proven. It was intentional.

I have been trying to score this exact sort of goal, specifically with Lincoln, from around that distance, for a few weeks now. I usually have a couple of goes at it per match if Lincoln is playing. This was approximately the 60th such attempt.

I am still not tired of watching it. I accept that this is akin to laughing at your own jokes, but I don’t care. A huge element of the enjoyment I get from football gaming is the occurrence of moments like this one. I shrieked like a girl, at 2am Saturday night/Sunday morning, when it actually flew in. I find when I watch it back now that my eye follows the trajectory of the ball, and I still can’t quite believe it when it drops into the net.

At the end of the season there could only be one name in the running for My Favourite Player.

To be fair to the rest of my squad, this goal was the only real thing of note Lincoln has ever done (apart from hit the post and crossbar from similar range several times through all of those 60 attempts).

The season ended with me firmly mid-table. At times this season I had threatened to put together a run good enough to get into playoff contention. But that oh-so-mysterious aspect of nuPES – the great performance that’s followed by an inexplicably bad one; players who are great for a match or two, then go missing for long stretches of the season – always came to the fore.

The final table:

Next season I will finish in the top 6. That’ll be my aim from the outset.

I got one player into the Team of the Season – Tomas Necid. His place was totally justified based on his goals this season. He bagged 19, in a side that averaged only 1.3 per game or thereabouts.

I was surprised in the week post-season to see some actual moving pictures in the Master League screen.

Rice had one, and so did the new main man, Lincoln. Check his final line here.

I continue not to see the infamous AI Low Cross phenomenon. This is huge. I’m not ‘coping’ with Low Cross, or ignoring it, or mitigating it, or somehow making the best of it. I’m not seeing it. No more than would be expected, anyway. The proportion of AI attacks that flow down the wings and then develop into the centre, is entirely proportionate. About a third of attacks, scaling up to half sometimes.

I count myself extremely fortunate. AI Low Cross is the main factor in the general community disenchantment that surrounds PES2019.

I now only occasionally see the PES2019 quirk that does bother me: the AI striker with a nailed-on shooting chance, who will instead shuffle off to the side and play in a teammate. I see instances of this roughly 1 in 5 matches. Not good, and I hope the patch obliterates it along with whatever causes LCS syndrome.

And so to Season 3.

Performing my customary health-check on the state of PES2019 at the moment… everything continues to be strangely ‘very good’. 9/10 good in fact.

Updated: 9th October 2018 — 10:36


  1. Turf – the bars definitely change in game. I’ll upload a full game over the weekend for you to skim through and see.

  2. Only in your copy Jay. and NG’s.

    Turf – is your keepers training set to ‘defensive minded keeper’ ?
    Wouldn’t surprise me if to Konami this means he wont move further than the 6 yard box.

  3. Uncle Turf – yep, on Ted 2’s life, Triangle-rush for my GK works exactly as it has always worked in every PES since creation. I heard it mentioned that there was a problem with keepers coming off their lines, but that was the AI keepers. I’ve not heard until you mentioned it that there was any trouble with player GKs.

  4. Offline Master League videos, different teams, different leagues, different match cores/situations:

    CPU att/def bar doesn’t move once.

    CPU att/def bar moves up and down

    CPU att/def bar moves up to attacking, they counter, score, then it immediately moves down to defensive to defend the lead

    These were just a small randomly picked selection of vids, I think it shows that COm teams definitely do vary att/def levels during a match.

  5. Paul – genuine question: do you believe me when I see my keeper will come off his line and the AI change bars or do you think I’m lying? Happy to upload proof but also interested.

  6. NG – do the AI keepers come off their lines to narrow angles in your game?

    PS: my last comment was held up for moderation i assume (3 links?) maybe you could up the limit of links to 5 or something.

    Jay – I believe you, the issue is with the AI keeper never moving off his line, and waiting for NG to un-moderate my last post re the att/def bars

  7. Paul – the AI keepers do for me but nowhere near as often as they should. It’s sporadic and a definite AI issue.

  8. You really do have some kind of golden copy then Jay.
    the AI keepers being rooted to the line is a bigger more common issue across the whole of the PES community than LCS.

    until NG un-moderates my post, I posted several videos of offline ML play showing varying use of the Att/Def bars by the COM, they certainly do use them, and quite wisely, as one of the examples I posted shows.

  9. Paul – I can see your links now 🙂 saves me having to upload. Re: goalies, like I said it’s an issue for me. I’ve seen it happen but only sporadically. I remember not expecting it, accustomed to having time.

  10. Paul – I’ve never noticed them not coming off their line, but will keep an eye out.

    Uncle Turf – just for you:

    …and the AI missed because it knew Paul would end up seeing it. Paul being the Quantum Cat of PES2019.

  11. Today’s post will be 10 mins or so late because I was fiddling around with that.

  12. I’m assuming that was a manual triangle keeper charge NG, and not during a ML match?!
    I’ve never had an issue pulling my keeper out manually either, its the AI keepers that dont move.

  13. Paul – of course that was an ML match, what makes you think it wasn’t? Manual triangle keeper charge, yes. It works and I’m baffled why anyone says it doesn’t.

  14. I just thought you’d done that to prove a point that you can bring your keeper out, didn’t think you’d normally bring him out like than in an important match.
    BTW, was only Turf that said he couldn’t bring his GK past 6 yards, no one else.

  15. Paul – no, I was 1-2 down at the time and on full-attack mode trying to get back into it. The situation occurred naturally. Leaving myself open at the back like that happens a lot. That match is on Pause right now and I will get back to it soon.

  16. Getting confused now – who is saying that AI att/def doesn’t change and triangle doesn’t bring your keeper out? Basically just Turf?

  17. OM actual G! I have never been able to do that charge thing in this PES. WT very real F!! I am going to look at keeper settings now and see if some default fuckuppery has caused me this issue. I knew AI not doing it was on the list of issues for the community but seriously, I haven’t been able to either.

    The att/def thing I absolutely believe Jay. Just because he is the reincarnation of one our most terrible kings is no reason to doubt his pes experience. I simply haven’t seen it myself, and I think that’s part of the NG ‘third eye, we see what we want to see’ Mysteron shit. I’m so busy feeling ‘here we go again’ that I don’t notice.

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