El Necid

36 matches played of Season 1 and this is the state of play. I’ve actually picked up a few good results since my last posted league table.

I’m at the stage now with my ‘Defaults-plus-a-few-Decents’ where I can usually give the AI a good game on Top Player.

But the overall trend is one of defeat. Sometimes, abject defeat. I can receive proper thrashings, as that Goals-Against column indicates.I was pleased and surprised to see a couple of my players make it into the March Team of the Month.

Both places were merited. Jarvis scored a couple of goals, and has started playing well for the first time this ML.

Vasilj netted himself a lovely angled free kick (replay at bottom). Bit of a dodgy keeper moment, but I’ll take it.

I’ve added a new 3rd kit to the club, courtesy once more of PESFX impresario Paul.

This swish black kit is a necessary addition, as my first two kits often clashed with all the opposition’s options. My first two kits are Sky Blue and white. It’s amazing how many Championship teams play in some variety of blue and white – and how many of them seem to have a similar 2nd kit (and no 3rd).

I’ve eased into that first-season mode now where I am comfortable in most matches, until momentum shifts via some incident and suddenly the AI is all over me. ‘Momentum’ being nuPES-speak for ‘scripting’.

This all sounds grouchier than I actually feel.

I’m toddling along quite happily in my own PES-playing bubble, trying my best to party like it’s 2003. Giving PES2019 a score right now, I would give it a solid 8/10. Maybe an 8.5/10. I remain very concerned about long-range shooting.

Also, that thing the AI does where it turns away from goal, is one of the worst AI behaviours imaginable in a sports video game. How the hell did it get through QA? Needs patching, pronto.

But I’m having a great time assembling my team, getting to know who is worth keeping and who will be stepping through the next available Exit door.

I’ve decided to observe an informal House Rule this year: no identikit, clone-style, nuPES players.

New signings must feel like true PES individuals within half a season, or they’re out.

Today’s couple of goals: first that free kick from Vasilj, and second a goal scored by Necid from a low cross put in by me. Hoisting the AI with its own petard.

Necid seems to have come good, after a worryingly anonymous start. He might have a chance of making it through the individuality filter. Currently he has his nose just above the waterline. I’ll drown him without a qualm if he lapses back into anonymity.

Updated: 21st September 2018 — 10:29


  1. Tommy – good to know Legend might be some form of fix if a gameplay patch doesn’t arrive. I’m exactly halfway through my season with the Legends and I’m one point off of top, which is the best I’ve done so far on Superstar. Barcelona, I think, are top. I’ve hit some form, winning five of my last six and have settled on a 4-1-3-1 formation that seems to counter LCS and give me enough options going forward with one DM and the two CBs allowing my FBs to bomb forward.

    Also Tommy – thanks for the feedback on the Patch. He did say the Japanese teams were kit only for now. He has a V3 coming out mid-October, which he says will accompany PES’s DLC release. I wonder if that is when we will get the patch for transfers too? Did you install it all in one go or in two as per his instructions?

    nG – I’m with you on the point about the AI and having had not read so much about it would I notice it as much. I’d have noticed LC but it isn’t every single attack and I’d say half of them at best and even then I can spot patterns of play to negate. I suffer minimal of the turn away from goal when clean through though.

    Also nG & Paul – 6 fouls per game is par for the course on this PES for me. It’s great.

    IF, a big IF, PES do a gameplay (LCS and the other apparently prevalent issues) AND a Transfer Bug Patch, this will be the best PES ever. There, I said it. But will they?

  2. NG – It was all very inevitable when I purchased the game. No doubt the same cycle will be repeated next year, which poses the question as to wether we really have any control of events at all.

    Filbert – 2011 and 2015 are my favourite PES games. Ironically the only thing that let 2015 down was the AI reluctance to cross the ball. Great game and much better balanced than anything that came later.

    Jay – you could be right but from a personal point of view I think the game is a long way off.

  3. Jay – if they fixed all those things you mention, but don’t ‘fix’ long-range goals (because they don’t regard them as ‘broken’; they’re working as intended, ‘balanced’ for online play, i.e., not allowed), PES2019 will only ever be a second-tier PES for me. A top-tier PES edition has to have long-range goals. A second-tier PES is still a great game of course. Great second-tier PES editions for me: PES4, PES6, PES2009, PES2017.

  4. The fifa awards last night, presenting was a little sketchy,,Salah goal was never the best and to not include him in the top 11 was crazy. Messi and Ronaldo not to show up pathetic really, Modric deserved it!

  5. Gary – I had to puzzle over your comment for a minute before I realised you are talking about ‘real’ football. Others are welcome to join in with you, but after the World Cup I resumed my general rule of not talking about it myself.

  6. I can’t help myself but I’ve tentatively set up a new ml with Bolton in the championship. Taking it very very cautiously. It is so like 2014 this, experimenting with camera angles, formations, tactics etc to try and get something you can live with. I’ll say it now though NG…long rangers are nerfed, there should have been plenty of footage around given the collective number of games but it’s just not there in sufficient quantity for there not to be a deliberate dialling down of them.

  7. Uncle Turf – I’ve yet to do what I did on PES2014, which is take to the training ground for a half-hour or hour-long session, and really blaze away with constant long-rangers and test it out. In PES2014, that exercise showed me they were gone. I might get time later today to do it in PES2019.

    Rising Shot looks nice and feels nice – but is there any footage, anywhere, of one actually finding the postage-stamp corner from 30+ yards, Bobby Charlton-style?

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