PES2019 arrives

Earlier than usual. I wasn’t expecting it until my usual local delivery time, lunchtime or just after. I now have to pop out for an hour before playing it (I really wasn’t anticipating delivery this early), but will have all afternoon on it later.

My first impressions post should be up at about 8pm this evening. I’ll record and post my first goal for posterity, no matter what it’s like.

Happy PES Day.

Updated: 29th August 2018 — 10:45


  1. always knew this would happen

  2. I’m glad you got it!

    And following the previous post no PC for me, because in the lower settings I get 15 fps in the demo. My laptop is more than 5 years old and gaming in laptops is not a good option.

    But I have installed PES 5, so I can play something good.

  3. abbeyhill – you were waiting poised to deliver that one, weren’t you? (The quip, not the game. Unless this whole thing really is a Simulation.)

    JS Hutt – if you have PES5 to play, you don’t need anything else. As we saw with my PES2011 seasons, what ultimately stops me going all-in on retro PES is the inconvenience, for me, of using the hardware.

  4. Well, we made it to another one. Happy PES Day.

  5. Shed – yep, that chill in the air, the edges of the trees starting to turn colour, and the uneasy knowledge that while it can’t ever be what it was, it’s still good enough being what it is – PES Day indeed.

  6. Mine plopped through the letterbox about 11am too. At work though so cant play it until later this evening, by which time i will have read your 1st impressions post and be eager to fire it up.

    I could be up and running with a Master League tonight, MK Dons in The Championship, or Rangers in the SPL !?!

  7. Happy PES day one and all. It seems to come round quicker every year.

    I’m on PC so I won’t be able to play until tomorrow evening but consoled by the fact I’m WFH on Friday.

  8. Mine here too. I never thought that would happen.

  9. Blimey turf, I never thought you’d go day one!

  10. My hour out running mysterious errands turned into two hours, so I’m only just now getting set up.

    Thinking of grabbing that PES World OF and starting ML this very night (after my traditional opening session of fooling around with Exhibitions and a Tournament of course).

    I’m also planning a change of routine. It’s making me slightly anxious but… I might not do a Coventry City ML for the first time ever.

    Paul – just looking at your bespoke kits on PESFX. I’m going to grab four of them and use them as a made-up team of my own in ML. I will of course give full credit on the blog

    Uncle Turf – here you are, not just a day 1 player, not just a day 0 player, but a day -1 player! And here am I too. Funny old world.

    Can’t wait to get stuck into it now. Off for a few hours

    1st Impressions Post will be up at 8pm sharp tonight, barring anything unforeseen.

  11. Cook – a quick Google suggests you’re either going to the World Federation of Haemophilia on Friday, or you’re Working From Home.

    And this one has come round quicker. This is the first August release of PES since… PES5, it seems. I wonder if that’s going to mean anything.

  12. NG – Wise choice, I still haven’t decided whether to use Rangers in the SPL or a MK Dons ML.

    If you need any tweaks to the kits such as sponsors or club badges put on just let me know, although I’m sure your capable enough in Photoshop to do it yourself.

    What team are you considering using?

  13. The Irregulars this summer in myClub gave me the appetite for creating my very own bespoke club from scratch. It’s time for CCFC to retire from my ML. I’ll have to think of a non-cheesy name – one that fits in the ML world (i.e. not like ‘The Irregulars’) and might ask you for a custom badge, although one of the Konami made-up ones might do just as well. Focusing on playing just now.

    On the larger OF front, is the PES World one any good? That’s available right now.

  14. Typical I ordered it before anyone and have to wait unitl midnight to get it! Gutted off today and all.

  15. NG – I know. It’s a combination of the great price and not wanting to repeat the start late/leave early of previous years. With moral support I reckon I might get to season 4+ but I’ll need to get hold of that update file first. Previously it’s been Gateshead for me but having become a little more familiar with the club I’m no longer a fan. Might have to be a start small, move frequently, journey type career rather than you one club men. Scotland appeals.

  16. PESWorld OF is very good, but for me the PESUniverse OF is the best, the detail is amazing.

    Have the PESUni OF ready and waiting to install later.

    Don’t forget, game isn’t officially out until tomorrow, so squads will be out of date, and we will get a day one patch.

    apparently the squad updates etc are due to go live (live update) at 2am.

    Decided on a MK Dons ML, proper championship/prem structure.

    here are my starting kits,

    View post on

  17. I’ve been looking at my existing downloads and I don’t know that I’m fussed about a full option file. I might just import the existing badges etc, change a few names and away you go. If you aren’t playing in the championship it doesn’t need patching for me. The premier league is the thing that matters most imho. What else does pes universe give you?

    Btw where’s Werd on this fine day? Is he lost forever in a time loop of editing?

  18. No postman today, so no new PES today. Sadface.

    For my ML, it’s a toss up between Rotherham in the Championship or Red Star in Ligue 2 (or whichever team is statistically the worst in those leagues after the day one patch). I’ve never done a proper ML in France, so that might be the winner, once house rules have been established.

  19. Gary – as a PES completist, I have to have the physical copy. PES, Civilization and Metal Gear are the only game series left that I prefer physical to digital.

    Uncle Turf – that’s good thinking but my rationale is, if there’s a current OF available, why not take it? I’d rather do that.

    Paul – I’m going to wait till tomorrow or Friday to start my ML now. I’ve just played a load of matches and have almost had my fill for today.

    Tommy – you can count yourself very unlucky there, but can console yourself with the fact that there’s nothing meaningful to do with the game until tomorrow’s data update anyway.

    1st Impressions at 8.00.

  20. There isn’t yet for pesworld, similar reason for my voucher code not working and the annoying online server not available message…we are t-1 are we not?

    I want to play my ml NOW

  21. Uncle Turf – yes, with the online servers down there’s a lot more than just myClub blocked off. No update, so no point risking an OF installation just yet (even if one was available). And the bonus code not being accepted. And not receiving any GP for shooting and tackling! I don’t recall last year’s early receipt of the game being hamstrung in this way, but it is this year.

  22. Fingers crossed for everyone.

    nG – Hope you average a foul per 4 to 5 minutes of game length. That would seem reasonable to me, ie 5 minute halves would be 2 to 2.5 fouls as an average.

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