Release Week at the knees

I didn’t get to play another session on the PES2019 PC demo with the Time Expander tool after all. Life and work intervened. When I’ve played, I’ve played other games. (There are other games than PES in my life.)

There’s always something to worry about in the post-singleplayer-focused world, which is definitely the world we now inhabit. The problem is that while we know this intellectually, we still manage to think and feel as if cuddly old Seabass is still at the helm, that it’s basically still 2004 right now, and that the new PES simply must be awesome.

The only football game action I’ve had since Tuesday has been keeping an eye on the forums and the general chatter about the full PES2019 game. Early copies have reached a few outlying regions.

I don’t like what I’ve seen and heard about the speed of the full game. I don’t like what I’ve seen and heard about player individuality in the full game.

I definitely don’t like what I’ve seen and heard about AI-committed fouls in the full game. There’s not much evidence out there that the demo AI fouling levels have been scaled up to longer matches in the full game.

In the 5-minute PES2019 demo on consoles, many matches were agreeably ‘full’ of fouls. There were still too many with few or none, but there were enough with many to appease me.

‘Wow,’ we all thought. ‘Imagine this scaled up to 10-minute matches in the full game!’

The burning question is: have they done the dirty on us? Has it been a bait-and-switch operation?

This is potentially the mother of all PES betrayals over the past decade. Every other anti-singleplayer indignity the series has suffered would, in my view, pale into near-nothingness in comparison to this.

This is the final red line that must not be crossed.

As ever, playing the game with your own hands is the only analysis that really counts.

Roll on next week. Release Week! It’s this special feeling that makes us keep coming back, year after year.

It feels good to be here again, after genuinely feeling earlier this year that I could no longer participate in the nuPES era.

That feeling might return, might not, who knows. I suspect that at some point over the next few years, PES will really have to make its mind up and pick a side – and it’ll pick the other side – the online side – but that time is not quite here. Not just yet. Theres still enough of PES left for me to feel this special feeling today.

In this coming Bank Holiday week I’ll most likely get the game via Royal Mail on Wednesday 29th August. So I should be able to post my 1st Impressions post that same evening.

Updated: 24th August 2018 — 12:05


  1. I’m very fussed about getting the game tomorrow. I’ve arranged the day off especially. I’ve got all next week off to really get into things, but that Day 1 feeling just wouldn’t be the same on Thursday when I have to go back to work.

  2. I understand the release day feeling, for me though, i’ve more than sampled the gameplay with over 80+ demo matches, and there’s nothing new to explore, no new ML features or anything, so isn’t such a necessity to get it early.

  3. Shot myself in the foot with my Shop.To pre order as I used an expired card! It’s since been rectified, but I’ve probably set myself back another day. Drat!

  4. Tommy – shouldn’t make a difference. People who place a new order with one of the Big Two by as late as 4 or 5pm today will still get the game tomorrow same as those who preordered weeks or months ago.

    Simply Games are making all the right noises on Facegramtwit, promising dispatch today, so looking good.

  5. Just got the text. The bird is in the air.

    They spelt ‘dispatched’ as ‘despatched’. That nearly ruins it.

  6. Me too…as the current hashtag has it. I’d have no problem with myclub being online if they didn’t also insist on a subscription to plus. I’ll likely play it only when I’ve hit the wall with ml.

    Abbeyhill – blimey, you must have better nurseries up there than we have. I don’t even bother with ‘garden centres’ now as I don’t want some cottage delight biscuits, a regatta fleece or a jigsaw (garden centres now are like NGs public library – everything except what they should be). We have one good nursery locally that specialises in alpines but it’s small and very hit and miss. Lobelia to me is purely the purple and white mass that tumbles over walls, a plant I never buy, but the red is striking. Others you mention I’ve never even seen in back gardens. I have to buy for part shade due to the neighbouring trees and full sun – we have very little in between – but I’m going to try and think a bit more along those lines if I can get them.

  7. First time I have ever bought digital only on Pes and really looking forward to it. I have never bothered with the demo before this year and to be honest would say I have only played about 10 matches after a look/see I was satisfied and did not want to remove the learning expirience from the actual game. My PES day expirience is always the same straight in ml we united with Castledine and co. This year I know I will be straight to MC to see is offline nerfed and to see who I land from the initial freebies. I honestly cannot say after that if I will embark on a day 1 MC campaign or ML so many variables for me. Fouls are in my opinion from my 10 games on the demo an improvement but not enough. Fatigue and injuries I am far from convinced time will tell this time next week/month is where the real opinions are….

  8. There’s a post on the WEPES reddit listing Master League changes. It’s a short list for sure but a couple of potentially good changes to budget allocation and training.

    I’m on mobile so not sure whether that’ll work.

    For the first since the 90s I’m looking forward to FIFA more than PES. Spanish league stadiums and Champions League licences done properly, supposedly slower gameplay although it’ll be patched 4 or 5 times before it’s known for sure.

  9. No text or email here
    EDIT: No text or email but my account on SimplyGames website says shipped, so fingers crossed.

  10. Just had the text. DPD delivery tomorrow. *thumbs up*

  11. Paul – phew, shades of 2015 there, or whenever it was that your copy ended up in Vladivostok.

    Gary – strange that I was satisfied by the demo fouls – on condition that they translate to the full game and scale up to 10-minute matches. My PC demo matches with the Time Expander really set my mind at rest here. The danger is the Konami patches, of course.

    Uncle Turf – my lawn that I asked you about mid-summer has shown signs of recovering well on its own. Still patches of soil here and there but already about 80% grassed again. I did buy a bag of grass seed and chucked them down at one point just after the rain returned. I ‘broadcast’ them using that little plastic scoop thing, and then walked up and down on them after, properly tramping them in. ‘That’ll do,’ I thought.

    As for myClub and how my strange summer of playing for the other team will affect the upcoming ML year… I doubt it will, much. I’ll start an Expendables and keep them going, but it’ll be a few matches every other session or so.

  12. NG – yes, I’ve noticed parks and the like returning here and my lawn has been in full bloom for a few weeks – annoyingly as it’s now full of weeds. Basically you couldn’t have done enough as a domestic lawn owner to combat the weather of the time, best to just let it run its course.

    Did I ever mention Lawn people?

    It’s an interesting book, not a turf science/management volume but more a look at how we got to a situation of a rectangle of greenery being of such importance and shaping our practices. I really love that whole ‘sense of place’ idea in geography/sociology. Only downside is it’s American and I don’t believe we have ever hit that level of Disney village and intensive chemical use to keep it so Truman show like, we can be a bit more free form and natural with our ponds and rockeries, etc.

  13. I got a dispatch email around 5pm, so looks promising!

  14. Announce thumb shot!

  15. yeah Shoot let me down in 2015 NG, just a good job I received a promo copy a week early, but then ended up with a paid for copy from Shopto 2 days after release.

    Our lawns have pretty much regrown, no longer a hunk of straw coloured dry mess, had to mow them at the weekend.

  16. Shop to*

    PESUniverse Option file is out. Just await the DPD delivery of the game now.

  17. Uncle Turf – big fan here of stuff like Lawn People. I know a little of the social history involved, how the ‘do not walk on the grass’ thing has been handed down through the ages etc. It’s a bit like how our collective habit of ‘keeping the time’ led to the belief that Wednesdays and Augusts exist, and of course the twice-yearly delusion that an hour of time can be created or destroyed. Better not get into this today….

    Paul – that bloody Shoot magazine, always diverting- oh. You paid for DPD delivery?! I did once, years ago, but have taken the risk since with Royal Mail, and fingers crossed, touch wood etc…

    Tommy – The thumb shot will go up five minutes after the thud on the doormat. I have everything ready.

  18. Yeah NG, Didn’t want to leave it to Royal Mail.
    just had a text from, DPD, item will be delivered between 10:50 and 11:50am by Rob.

  19. Paul – oh, Rob – he won’t let you down. Good man, Rob.

    My Royal Mail delivery is usually around 1pm or later. But I just heard a rustle at my door…

  20. Paul has Rob, n-G has Russell (bad spelling there n-G), where’s my man with the goods?

  21. I hope everybody gets the game on time.

    I should be on the same wagon as you, but sadly life has given me a good hit in the face (or it has kicked my balls, whatever you prefer) so I still don’t have a game system to enjoy the newer PES games.

  22. JS Hutt – no PC options on low settings? I was surprised by how my not-bad-but-not-great-spec gaming PC handled PES2019 on high settings, so you never know.

    Shed – the eagle has landed.

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