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Yesterday I finally found time to play the PC Demo of PES2019. I played 10-minute matches thanks to the Demo Expander tool, which really could not have been simpler to use. None of that fiddly, annoying ‘drop this file into that folder, then toggle this setting, then run as Administrator‘ stuff. Just run the Expander, and run the game. Sorted.

I only played three 10-minute matches. The option was there to play 15- and 20-minute matches (or even longer, apparently), but I am now and always have been a 10-minute man. Titter.

First I played the Liverpool-Inter fixture that I spent most of my first session playing on the PS4. I thought it would be a useful comparison tool.

Here are the highlights of that match – apologies to those who are triggered by PC gaming in windowed mode.

(Very happy with performance on my late-2017 specced gaming PC. I think playback here defaults to 720p, but 1080p is available.)

That’s a worryingly simple couple of goals from me there. Unkind comparisons could be made between the AI and the Red Sea.

A few fouls on show, which is excellent. One of those free kicks was for offside, but two were for fouls, as seen in the highlights video.

Zero shots from the AI – even if ‘only’ a Professional one – is a worry.

There were plenty more fouls in the two matches that followed. I played as Sao Paolo vs Flamengo, and they were two great matches. I lost the first one 2-3, on Top Player, and won the second 2-1, also Top Player.

PES2019 really shines in the longer match times. Both matches had 3 or 4 AI fouls. Still nothing like PES5-levels, but still exactly what single player PES gamers have needed for the past 4 editions.

The burning question for next week is: will this apparent change of heart by Konami be faithfully replicated in the retail game? And even if it is, will we ever be ‘safe’ from online-crowd-pleasing patches?

Towards the end of my final Sao Paolo match, I was very happy to see the ‘player clutching hamstring’ animation. And was stunned to see this popup message:

Húdson was very worried about his legs.

After this message, I hoped to be taken directly to the squad management screen, but no, the game carried on.

So I paused and went there myself. Húdson in my view should have had a yellow medical graphic beside his name, but there was no indication at all that he was struggling. I subbed him anyway.

This is the most overt evidence of Visual Fatigue that I have yet seen, and just like the fouls thing, it gives me a lot of hope for the full game.

I’ll be back on Friday midday as normal with another brief go-round on the PC demo, which I will be playing again in the next few days.

And then – next week. Release Week. All back to normal.

Updated: 21st August 2018 — 15:10


  1. sounds good so far NG, haven’t gotten around to installing the extender myself, but maybe I should and have a go at a few 10 minute games myself.

    Any noteable differences between PC and PS4 version for you? Couldn’t spot any besides the occasional stutter on PC.

  2. #1 – no gameplay differences at all between PC and PS4, other than as you say the odd graphical hiccup. The 10-minute matches feel very luxurious after all the 5-minute matches on PS4. Only concerns for me are how faithful to the full version the fouling is, the AI, and the lack of long-rangers (which I do keep trying, as the above highlights show me doing). I’ve seen enough long-rangers from other players posted on the forums to feel happy that they exist.

  3. Only two side notes to say: I’d have raised the flag for Henderson there, and he wouldn’t have scored that goal.

    Maybe visual fatigue will be clearer after consecutively playing matches, like accumulated fatigue? Not sure how this would be handled by online mode though. I’ve seen out there people commenting of players that would simply not run anymore at some point

    You should have let Hudson go off injured hehe

  4. Araraquara – I have a feeling Visual Fatigue will be ultra-rare online, as will fouls. It looks and feels to me as if Konami have implemented a modes-based ruleset difference. We will need to see the full game and get a few weeks of play in before knowing for sure.

    Oh, and the offside thing is one of my long-running hobbyhorses. I have never personally experienced an incorrect offside decision in any PES game, which must account for around 10,000 or so individual matches by now. So I always investigate whenever anyone says a moment I’ve posted is an incorrect call by the game.

    Frame by frame analysis reveals this to be the precise moment of contact:

    ” alt=”” />

    Henderson is around a foot onside at the moment Firmino plays the pass. Even in the next frame, after the ball has left Firmino’s foot, Henderson is not even level with the defender.

    I know there are plentiful clips of PES getting offside calls wrong, but I have never personally experienced one, and still haven’t!

  5. Talking of the offside calls I did see an unusual thing in the demo when I played it on release. With one of my goals the linesman raised his flag for offside (and he was) but the ref ignored him and play carried on with me scoring as a result.

    Still happy playing the wonderful, The Long Dark. The game has a few frustratons but love the steep learning curve. I must have died about 20 times already. I made a new discovery last night that you have to do your own mapping. I am also trying to learn the patterns of wolf behaviour and animals within the game. In my new game I am currently bunkered up in an abandoned farm. I don’t know how they farmed before as I was expecting loads of useful tools but nowt really. I also have a very big bear that visits me from time to time. Love it.

  6. EA have announced that this year is the final chapter in the Alex Hunter Journey story

    Hopefully they continue this type of game mode next year.

  7. Hahahah I’d sure make an awfully terrible linesman. He was just so ahead of the last defensor when he got the ball, and we’re talking about Henderson. Hard to believe

    Darryl6464, I have recently had a somewhat similar experience but after intense discussion with the present colleagues we found out that the linesman had actually raised a flag for a foul.. which was tricky, because there had also been a tough offside call during the same play (in which the player was onside). But Player 2 stopped playing when the flag was raised. Honestly, it was actually nice to experience a “controversial” call by the referee, and a fair decision as well

  8. Evening guys. Just back from a long 3 day weekend at a secluded cabin in the New Forest, much needed getaway from everything, and what a stunning place.

    Good impressions there NG and promising.
    Did you pre-order? who with?

    scored this nice mid-ranger on the demo earlier

  9. Darryl – my copy of The Long Dark is on the PC platform – bargain at a fiver in a Steam sale a few months back. I only really get to game properly on it whenever I have time off work, which I have the week after next, mainly for PES2019 but also for a few other things… Long Dark might be one of the other things. Solo survival in an empty world sounds good to me.

    Paul – that’s a very nice mid-ranger, I’ve not really got anything like that yet.

    Re. your video playback, that weird ‘sunwashed’ quality is very evident in my own PS4 captures. The HDR warning on the PS4 about recorded video quality being affected is very true isn’t it?! Is there any tip or trick that will capture on the PS4 at non-HDR style, without disabling HDR on the TV? Sounds like something that could do with being patched into the PS4 operating system, if not.

    I’ve preordered with Simply Games, and still vaguely hope for a Tuesday delivery through the letterbox, as in the last few years, although that Bank Holiday Monday is going to spoil it.

  10. Paul – I drive through the New Forest on my commute. It’s surprising how quickly it goes from “beautiful countryside” to “get out of the road you stupid horse”.

  11. Pre-ordered with Shop.To. It says that that orders will not be dispatched until the Tuesday, so looking like a Wednesday delivery for me which is fine. Usually takes a few days for me to start a ML anyway while I get the patches and possible option file bits sorted.

  12. Chris99 – what a beautiful commute, and the horses really dont care do they!!!

    NG – I noticed that, wasn’t sure what it was but suspected HDR too, I will need to research, must be a way to disable it.

  13. Somebody streamed the full game – looks a bit faster to me here.

  14. I’ve got official Playstation UK twitter account looking at the HDR upload issues.

    Can’t see that stream from here at work NG, but seen full game videos such as this one below, and the game pace looks fine to me, guess we can only tell when we get the game.

  15. It ought to be simple to instruct the PS4 to capture the ‘raw’ footage untouched by the HDR thing, and maybe there is already a way. If not, it’ll be sunwashed clips from me all year!

    Incidentally re. the big new telly, I was playing a 4K YouTube vid and marvelling at it, and ?dl=0″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>took this photo with my still-great Note Edge camera (full resolution 8MB image).

    Looks great for a lower-res phone picture of a 4K picture. Note the shabby reality around the TV frame. 4K is definitely the next step up that everyone will take over the coming few years. By 2025 the current HDTV flatscreens will be on their way out.

  16. Nice photo, those colours really pop.
    Doing some reading sounds like its a known PS system issue with the HDR washed out uploads. Does mention Youtube updated to take HDR uploads a while back though, not sure if a youtube app on the PS4 itself has to be updated.

    Will just capture to PS4 then load into FCPX and adjust colours before uploading anything if thats the case, as I mentioned, I have official Playstation UK looking into it though, hopefully get some advice.

  17. Paul – I would say that’s just a phone photo, but I just checked and its resolution is 5312×2988 – I bet there’s some techno thing where that’s still lower res somehow than the original image, but it’s still pretty good. They say Samsung have the best cameras, and that’s a shot taken from a 2014 phone.

    It would be nice to capture images and clips directly to PS4 as seen on the TV, or even just as would be seen on a standard TV – this latter option must be possible. I will have a fiddle around next time I’m on the console and look for settings etc. All that transferring to other platforms for adjustment before uploading stuff is not what I want to do.

  18. The general consensus on Evo Web is that it’s sped up a touch, but I haven’t watched the video myself yet.

    So much promise. So much anticipation. It’s all falling apart very quickly.

  19. Yeah hopefully we’ll find a workaround of sorts NG.

    Anyone use a smartwatch?
    New PESFX branded Samsung Gear 3 Frontier watchface 🙂

  20. Ignore previous comment on speed, actually consensus is that it’s the same.

    News in that Pes World are releasing a day one option file for Prem, Champ, Serie A and La Liga which is great. Bundlesliga to follow a few days later, so I’ll probably hang on for that.

    I’m just re-positing stuff from Evo Web, I need to stop.

  21. Still not pre-ordered PES 2019 and after a few more games on the demo yesterday, I’m not feeling the usual excitement for PES Day.

    I played ten games of Liverpool vs Barcelona on Superstar yesterday, dominated possession in each one but didn’t score once. The shooting feels off to me and keepers seem suspiciously proficient in saving just about everything thrown at them. I don’t like the attacking headers either.

    Of course this is only the demo but, given I have a very busy week next week, I might just hold off on throwing more money at Konami until I know a little more about what we’re getting and what we’re not.

  22. PES Universe also have a day one option file, Prem, Championship, La Liga and Serie A.
    with lots more to follow and regular updates, membership to download though.

    Shed – That’s the trouble with the demo (offline) its way too short.
    Konami didn’t do themselves any favours with he crowd that need a little persuasion to buy day one, as PES 19 is much more of a simulation, the slower pace and more tactical depth means you are rewarded by playing patient, probing, considered football, and there just is not the time in the demo matches to do that effectively.

    You either end up playing Arcade style ping pong pass, and get dispossessed regularly, or just finish the matches like you say with barely any shots at goal.

    That Mid-Ranger goal I posted up, was incidentally on Top Player using Advanced shooting, which has been tweaked this year, gives much better precision over shots, being able to hit daisy cutters from 20+ yards is lovely.

  23. Paul – I like the idea of Advanced Shooting, it’s just never been implemented quite right. I might give that a try as I often found in those demo games that my shots were drawn to the keeper or suspiciously just wide of the post. Even in short matches, I would expect to put one or two chances away eventually.

    Otherwise I got the feeling that the game is very PES 2018 but with the chance of an extra foul or two and a dollop of leg worrying. The player individuality certainly doesn’t appear to have improved.

  24. Unfortunately Shed, the demo does nothing really to showcase the game as something new, as its just too short.
    I like adv. shooting as shots are missed which are much more realistic, it was often too easy to score in PES, but this balances it out, you have to aim more considered, and have more control, plus gives you the option to hit low shots into any corner you want, rather than the game deciding.

  25. Not many fouls on show in what I’ve seen of the full game so far. The deep, abiding doubts I have won’t go away until I play the full game and see the 5-minute match demo fouls scaled up to 10-minute matches. After the demo fouls, I would feel properly scammed if they’re mysteriously gone from the full game.

    Still excited for next week. Whatever happens, I anticipate getting my thirty-odd quid’s worth. Every year could potentially be the real, actual end of PES as a single-player game, though. If these rumblings prove true about the AI often deciding to pass rather than shoot when in on goal, that could be it.

  26. NG – I noticed anything lower than Top Player did indeed see a few instances per match where you would have expected the AI to shoot, but instead turned back or passed, saying that I did lose a couple of games on professional level.
    TP and Superstar, from my experience, the teams have been quite lethal in front of goal.

    Also had a match last night with 9 fouls in (3 for me, 6 for the AI) but which also saw my player get a straight Red card for a very nasty slide tackle, so will be disgusted if the foul levels are as per 2018 again.

  27. Paul – Can’t be fussed with all that tiered membership BS. Pes World keeps it free and simple, and I’ve always been impressed with their attention to detail. Pes universe last year felt a little rushed, imho.

  28. Tommy – Think both of them do amazing jobs with all the kits, I know just how long it takes to design each kit from scratch, but yeah, the PESWorld OF is great quality, and if its free, all the better.

  29. Paul – I’ve got a Samsung Gear Sport and have also been playing with Facer to design some watch faces. They make it very easy, but it still seems to have teething issues.

  30. Nice one Chris99. Prefer it over the Apple watch, but have some limited functionality as im using it with an Apple iphone, the ios to Android (Tizen) device can push notifications to the watch but I can’t interact with them. Still does me for fitness tracking mainly and a nice sleek looking watch though.

    Facer seems quite good in terms of the code and tags you can use, downloaded the Samsung wearables SDK app for the mac, so will have play around in that too.

  31. Paul – I had the first Samsung Gear, but a wearable mini-phone soon seemed to be a better idea than an actual thing. I sold it on to a young person who really did like it and uses it to this day. Sadly, this young person does not know a thing of PES, never mind PESFX. We live in dark, troubled times.

    This time next week I’ll have installed whatever Option File is doing the rounds and I’ll have likely begun an ML (whilst paralleling it with a filthy myClub thing, of course). I’m not bothered about the likely much better OFs that will emerge after a few weeks.

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