Assing Persistence

I was going to download the PES2019 PC demo and use the time expander to play some longer matches, but have not got around to it. So far. I will do it eventually, but probably not until next week. Or I might just leave it, as the full game will then be just over one week away…

I’ve played another 7 or so matches versus the AI in the PS4 demo. My view on the demo is unchanged. Positive, and cautiously optimistic. The fouling environment is a very positive development. Will it make it into retail? Will it last the course over hundreds of Master League matches? We shall see.

Notably, I also played two online matches. The latter were interesting for various reasons.

First, both were 10-minute matches. I lost the first one, quite comprehensively, against a good player who was only an ass 5% of the time. It seems obligatory to be an ass some of the time online. Even I am, with my keep-ball antics that visibly angers many opponents.

Look at my possession % up there. I was Liverpool. That’s the second match, in which my opponent was an ass 100% of the time, which shows amazing commitment to the cause. Every time I scored he would pause for the full minute. By the end, he wasn’t even playing. Good old Johnny Online, to a tee.

The only fouls in this match were committed by me, despite my opponent being considerably more aggressive. Several times there were tackles and collisions that I am certain would have been whistled versus the AI, but were not here.

I hope one of the themes of PES2019 doesn’t turn out to be ‘Whatever Happened to Visual Fatigue?’

I clean forgot Visual Fatigue was supposed to be a thing until I sat down to write this post this morning. I spotted a stray comment on a PES forum asking if everyone has already forgotten that Visual Fatigue is supposed to be a thing. The answer is: nearly.

I have forgotten Visual Fatigue. I never experience it myself. I never notice it in the opposition.

In my two online matches, my opponents sprint-barged for the entire duration, and I wasn’t shy in doing so when necessary (which it unfortunately is). Not a single thought in my head about Visual Fatigue, neither mine nor the opponent’s.

Let’s see what the deal is with Visual Fatigue in the full game. If we get fouls but don’t get Visual Fatigue, I will consider it a good deal. Konami can give it a bit of Marketing-PR flannel, as long as the nuts and bolts – fouls – are back.

But if fouls are gone and Visual Fatigue is barely existent, or (more likely) non-existent, no more proof will be needed about what PES is meant to be in the year 2019.

But anyway, all doom-laden notes aside, this is the most bouncy and positive I can remember feeling before a PES release since PES2015.


No new post this Friday, 17th August 2018. The irregular summer schedule continues. I will of course remain fairly active in comments throughout.

I will be back with a full post – hopefully about the time-expanded PC demo – next Tuesday, 21st August 2018. Regular Tuesday/Friday posts will resume from then.


Updated: 14th August 2018 — 11:58


  1. n-G – Thanks. Losing those two Div 2s doesn’t really affect me but I hate this latest example of Konami not respecting its customers. Why create such bad feeling among followers of the game – most of whom have been very positive about the PES 2019 up to now?

    I’ve only played the demo about ten times – not really enough to tell if it’s substantially better than PES 2018. I did have a couple of good matches against Barcelona using one of the lesser sides in which Barca had a player sent off – straight red. That simple moment was enough to give me some hope for PES 2019.

    Having said that, I’ve still not ordered the game. I’m sure I will, just to partake in PES Day and all, but a little part of me is toying with the notion of what it would be like not to have a new PES on the day of release…

  2. Shed – PES day is a week Wednesday. 9 sleeps away. It would normally be a week tomorrow, 8 sleeps away, for Simply Games preorderers, but there’s a Bank Holiday spoiling that this year. I think it’ll be tough for you to resist.

    The demo shows a good game that actually has an acceptable amount of fouls in a good proportion of matches. There are still matches with 0 or 1, but there are agreeably many with many fouls, and lots of cards. As we have been banging on about for years now, fouls and free kicks provide variation and tactical depth, penalising simplistic defending through use of sprint+tackle. Will it make it to the retail release? I have deep, dark doubts actually, as the shrewd Konami people are more than capable of cooking up a special brew for a demo (to appease those of us who look for such things in a demo) and going back to watered-down dreck for retail.

    A week Wednesday, we will know. Actually we should know well before that, as the mythical Azerbaijanis who always get the game early, have got the game early. Screenshots are starting to appear on EvoWeb, and gameplay impressions will soon follow.

  3. On holiday, data roaming bust and only occasional wifi in the evening. Cannot understand why Konami hamstring PES year on year. Don’t buy the driving people to myClub theory, as EA have FUT but still have plenty of other non microtransaction ways of playing the game.

  4. There is no such thing as lack of space, when in the current generation of consoles you cannot play the game from the disk. You have to install it and then download the update. So they should be thinking about other excuse.

  5. Trying to catch up on that main PES news thread on Evo Web, but there’s a lot of pages to get through! A lot of angry men in one place.

    One thing that keeps popping up that I don’t know anything about is about a bug causing goalkeepers in the demo to be rooted to the goal line or something? Can anyone shed some light?

  6. Tommy – I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s coded like that (at the moment). The other ‘big’ thing from the demo is the AI not attacking directly and not dribbling with the ball.

    I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA this past two weeks so not currently feeling the PES hype. The demo was OK but it just doesn’t feel like PES to me. I’m going to give ML a go but foresee a swift return to career mode. I also foresee FIFA19 day one purchase for the first time in over 10 years.

  7. Tommy – it’s quite sad to see the anger on the forums (or forum singular, at the moment), because we all know, and Konami know, that it’s meaningless and empty. It’s a kind of performed anger. There will be no consumer boycott. This time next week, or just after, all but one or two of us will be playing PES2019, myClub will be up and running (and apparently earning back the entire cost of the game’s development in a single afternoon), Master League will be another 5% diluted, and the countdown starts to PES2020. At the current rate of devolution, offline will be gone eventually – of course it will be. The next generation of consoles-in-the-cloud and internet connections will do a ‘cassette tapes’ on it.

    Chris99 – no reason why Konami have to ape EA’s strategy. EA clearly invest a lot of time and money in their offline modes. Konami seems not to want to do that, and are strategically focused on driving users to online. It is working. Cf. my summer of myClub.

  8. nG – I still don’t see the point of investing time and money to kill one part of your game. I’d be amazed if when ML dies they sell the same number of copies, and even more amazed if a high percentage of those sales make regular in game purchases. Who here would?

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