Born free kick

Those are the camera settings I have ended up on for the PES2019 demo (as seen in today’s short highlight, further down the page).

This is likely to be the camera I play the full game with. The perfect mix of close-upness to enjoy the graphics and immersion, and far-enough-awayness to play the video game. It’s broadcast-like, without the annoying zoom to the sidelines.

I have now played approximately 25 of the 5-minute matches that the PES2019 demo has to offer. I have used most of the sides. I have played on all difficulties.

I have not played with or against Barcelona, because I am so pissing tired of that whole ‘Barca’ thing with PES. I could cope with never seeing or hearing about ‘Barca’ in PES ever again. Same goes for all the Reals and Uniteds and Ronnies and Ibras and all that glittery garbage that has done such harm to the series. I am well aware of the PR and marketing dynamics that force a developer’s hand when it comes to big clubs and big stars. What I’m saying is that I don’t like it. But this is a side-issue.

The main issue is that this is the best PES demo I can remember since… Right now I haven’t got the time to look back over the blog records. I think not since PES2015, maybe, have I really liked a PES demo.

This one is very good.

It has fouls. It has injuries and fatigue. I haven’t seen much of Visual Fatigue in any great quantity. The 5-minute matches don’t represent the feature very well. But I have seen enough reports in the wild, and from commenters on this blog, to be confident that, yes, Visual Fatigue is a thing in PES2019. For now.

Because it all depends. It depends on Konami not watering it all down for retail. And even if the game gets past that hurdle unscathed, not watering it all down in a patch or two after release.

Both of these prospects are very real dangers. Konami have a history of putting out relatively slow, more sim-oriented demos, and following them up with faster, more arcade-oriented retail releases, and/or patches that achieve the same.

I would guess that the majority of PES online players are teens and twentysomethings who don’t really know about PES, and don’t give two shits about the legacy of PES. What the majority of online gamers wants is what tends to come about. Watching for suspicious signs will now be a huge focus of release week, and for the weeks and months after it.

Free kicks come along with wonderful regularity. Roughly half the matches in an 8-match session feature a free kick in shooting range. That’s a huge increase from roughly 1 in 10 matches on PES2018.

The only slight drawback is that they feel a bit easy. I would be in favour of free kick success being made more stats-based.

Above is a nice one I scored. I thought I’d aimed too far wide, but the left-stick aftertouch delivered the ball with wicked whip – and that’s a great pitch-level view of the ball going in, as last year.

It’s quite gratifying to feel oneself in the wrong about a game – at this stage.

Fouls, injuries, fatigue!

Some players report not seeing many fouls, and in truth there are still only 1 or 2 for me in most games – but 1 or 2 is a lot more than 0, which is what PES2018 would be giving me, match after match. And these are only 5-minute encounters. You would hope they’d scale up to longer match times.

Fingers tightly crossed. At this stage I will be gutted if retail PES2019 lands with PES2018-levels of fouls in 10-minute matches. My Day 1 fouls count per-match will be very interesting.

Updated: 10th August 2018 — 12:07


  1. That’s a great Camera angle, I’ve been fiddling with customised cams in the demo, but will be stealing this one.
    Also a delicious free kick, love the pace and whip-curl on it.

    So, with PES19 surprising you, will it be a ML or MyClub focused year ?

    The more I think about playing in a licensed SPL, with Rangers, in proper Stadia, with the different league teams to the usual Championship affair, and with the League split system, the more excited I am.

    Just hope the PESUni OF is out for day one.

  2. worth a watch, doesn’t bode well though.

  3. Paul – that’s exactly what I found when I ran one player for the whole of a match. No difference at all. But just as the handwavey response to the demo is ‘it’s only 5 minutes, not enough time for Visual Fatigue to show’, something similar could be said of that video. ‘It’s fixed cursor, the game is programmed differently’ etc.

    The PES2019 demo has surprised me in a positive way. It’s possible that the PES2019 retail version will surprise me in a not-so-positive way. It’s not beyond Konami to employ all the dark arts at their disposal and put out a demo to please as many as possible, including old-school players, and then do an about-turn with the version that the online kids will want to play.

    If PES2019 retail is like PES2018 (no fouls, no stamina drain with actual consequences, no individuality), it’ll be mostly myClub. That’s all such a game is really good for.

    If PES2019 retail is like its own demo, I think ML will get a traditional 6+ months out of me.

  4. Thats the worry, Konami hitting that big fat panic button.
    The stamina system can only really be gauged with proper length matches, in a proper competitive scenario, such as ML.

    Do Not repeat last year and fundamentally change the game from the demo to retail.

  5. Paul – you call it the panic button. I call it the ‘this was the plan all along’ button.

  6. Im no authority, but I can’t see the match length changing how this visual fatigue works. All the players are tired after 9 minutes running right? So it’s already scaled to whichever match time is chosen. I wouldn’t put your hopes on that one.

  7. Updated PESFX with some new retro kits, all PES 2019 ready.

    Arsenal Away ’91-93
    Man Utd Away ’92-94
    Liverpool Away ’95-96
    Wolves Early 90’s
    Spurs ’84
    Luton Town ’84

  8. I gave online on the demo a go, played a couple of games. First game was a close 4-3 loss, we were pretty even really with a couple of mistakes from me to throw it away at the end, but largely down to fatigue and my players taking an age to respond. Fatigue really was an issue in both the games, but no visual leg rubbing or pulling-up to speak of. But very evident in 10 minute games none the less. Second game, and a convincing victory, is below if you fancy a watch. 3 red cards! Hammered.

  9. Tommy – of course he had to be Barcelona!

    3rd time lucky with Milners FK’s 😉

    Good to see the professional foul given as a straight Red!

  10. ‘At this stage’….still not enough for me, yet, given the way demo and full release rarely agree. A campaign by a vocal minority of the micro transactioning public and it could be the end of fouls again. I found conceding fouls in 2018 to be really quite arbitrary, particular after the necessary hacks of previous years, and that one you won for the goal looked odd to me, like you won a foul initially, weren’t given it, got jostled a bit, then the ref thought maybe he should have given you the earlier foul so sought to redeem his error. Pretty much as they do now in real life in their ‘common sense’ way.

  11. Uncle Turf – I cannot remember an edition of PES where the final game was not noticeably different from the demo. Even to my cynical placebo-sniffing eye.

    Tommy – you did quite well in that match didn’t you! The hyper-aggressive way your opponent played is how many online players play. I wonder how long before the cry goes up that all the FKs and penalties are spoiling the flowing fun?

    Henderson’s likeness in PES2019 isn’t the greatest I’ve ever seen.

  12. Been playing a fair bit of the demo and echo most comments as it has so much promise due to the weight of the ball, game speed and feel being spot on. For once I felt no need to adjust the game speed. The fouls seemed to be more prominent and earnt a penalty in one match where I drew the opponent into making the challenge. Also advanced shooting is worth a look as it had had an overhaul. The target is much bigger and stays on screen much longer. This allows for easier adjustment. The size of the target also seems to change between different players, so could be taking into account player stats. Overall very positive but doubt the retail version will be anything like this. If it was it would tempt me and I would have to play a Scottish set up similar to Paul.

  13. Does anyone know (Paul is probably my best bet) whether there will there be an editable league which can be applied as a 2nd division for the SPL or any of the other new leagues?

    I’m back on FIFA 18 for now. Playing with tactical defending and semi-assist settings has made playing PES feel a little uninvolved. Defending is mainly spamming R1 and X and attacking can be one-touch passing up the pitch before it gets a little more interesting around the box. The dribbling and control of players in PES is great but I’m enjoying FIFA more and can’t see that changing with the 2019 versions. NuPES is just too ‘arcadey’. Konami have perfected Hollywood football.

  14. Well this weather is very evocative of a new PES game, isn’t it? Cool and damp. The sun noticeably lower in the sky. The evenings drawing in.

    Darryl – they’ve never not adjusted it for final release, and there’s always the patch embuggerance possibility/probability. And to be honest, from my perspective the demo is only just over the line in terms of what I want regarding fouls. Visual Fatigue also hasn’t been a thing for me. It’d only take a minor tweak to a few coding values to make the final game PES2018 all over again. I will download the PC demo Monday and sample a few 10 and 15 minute matches.

    Look away Paul

    Cook – all good points and if it wasn’t for the abiding feeling of emptiness that I always end up feeling in FIFA of all flavours, PES would no longer be anything to me.

    You can look back now Paul.

  15. Reluctantly, I’ve climbed back aboard the hype train that is a new PES game. After many promises to myself that this would finally be the year I failed to pre-order the game for release day, I’m here after playing what I can only describe as the best PES demo I’ve played in yonks.

    And yet, why do I still feel like anything can happen between now and the 30th of August? Every year for at least the past five PES games, I recall shouts and iterations of “PES is back!”, only to be let down a few months into the game’s life with the same old, same old. Last year it was, “injuries and fouls are back!”, but I can count on one hand the number of penalties I had on PES 2018. The new, reworked free-kick system fell flat on its nose amidst a comical lack of fouls.

    Last year, most of us here got PES 2018 two days early via Simply Games. Two weeks ago, I was in the distinct position of not caring whether I got PES 2019 two months late.

    The fact that I’m now wondering who I should pre-order PES 2019 from says it all.

  16. I was wondering the same Cook. Adam
    Confirmed that the game will still have several editable fake leagues so would assume one of those would be editable to be a Scottish Div 2.
    I don’t know whether the option files (PES world or PES universe) will include a Scottish div 2 now that the SPL is licensed ?!

  17. I hope it’s the case Paul. I imagine there will be all sorts of option files eventually but only ready for a 2nd play through in spring time.

    There’s lots of talk on the forums about the reluctance of the AI to shoot from outside the box. I wonder whether Konami modeled it on how onliners play with the constant low pass into the box. Also very weird how the goalies rarely leave the 6 yard box, hopefully both are sorted in the retail version.

  18. Dan – it is all very encouraging – but just wait for retail, and wait to see where the focus pivots to (online) and what it brings. Cooks’s point above about the fundamental character of nuPES – Hollywood football – is a very relevant one.

    I bit the bullet last night and had 2 matches online on the demo. One decent opponent, who beat me thoroughly, and one absolute arse of an opponent, whom I was delighted to thrash. Everything obnoxious in online football gamers and in people was in this latter jerk. When I took a 2-0 lead he started pausing the match, and didn’t even bother playing when the action was forced to resume. These people are the people whose agenda is valued most by Konami.

    From a gameplay point of view, there were 0 fouls in these two 10-minute online matches. The many many moments when fouls should have been called (and would have been in the offline demo), fouls were not called, and the ‘flow’ went on. Which suggests to me that Konami have indeed implemented a different coding system for the two arenas.

  19. Played about 40 matches on the demo over the weekend.
    Different teams, different skill levels, different conditions, online and offline.

    That Custom Cam angle you posted NG is superb, well happy with the broadcast style of it but with enough of a view of the wider pitch to make it playable, I was considering spending £700 on a high end PC pretty much just to get a decent camera angle, but this will do nicely.

    The demo does play amazingly well, you can play some beautiful football and the pace of the play is perfect.

    Saw a few matches with around 6-10 fouls in (across both teams) had quite a few shooting range FK’s too.

    Couple of things need tweaking though, Konami need to realise that not every single physical contact should lead to the ball player being dispossessed. The physical side of the game needs m ore jostling, the player needs some control of whether he keeps the ball or not, way too many times the defender just shrugs you off.

    And even though early signs are there that the fouls are better, there’s still way too many blatant fouls that are not given.

  20. Paul – I suspect the logic behind ‘collide and turnover possession’ is that it keeps both players in an online scenario interested and having ‘fun’. There’s no football reason for it. It’s totally a game reason.

    I’ll take the offline fouls situation as it is right now and say thank you very much. So long as it does translate to retail and to longer match-lengths of course. I will be sampling the longer PC demo matches later today.

    Oh, and I pulled the PS4 Pro trigger. It arrives tomorrow. I’m going to see what it looks and feels like on my 32″ standard HDTV first. I gather it’s a notable leap even there. No matter how good it does look, though, inevitably there’ll be a humongous-inch 4K TV along soon enough to go with it.

  21. Just to update turf watchers interested in the router outcome….apparently it’s “at least ten years old and plugged into an obsolete BT socket”. I’ve gone from 1Mb to 18mband should get 40 odd when fibre comes next week. I feel like Werd’s country cousin, telling ma to crank the handle a few more times to keep the electricity going.

    Played a bit more of that there myclub and it’s not going to be for me, I’m just really bored of facing the same teams – beat Liverpool 4-0, beat Barca, lost to Monaco, ah it’s Liverpool up next again…and so on. Master league is where it should be at and if that doesn’t do it then I can’t force myclub to fill the gap.

    No mans sky is awesome though. Even with my non 4K pro setup the light shows are tremendous and I still love the concept.

  22. NG – Congrats!
    The PS4Pro is much faster, and more powerful and the upscaling is good, but you will need that 4k HDR compatible Tv to get the most from it.

    Turf- welcome to the modern ages!!!

  23. Finally had a chance to play the demo last night. Not bad. It certainly plays better than PES 2018. Not sure about that custom camera angle of your n-G. I tried it and it felt a bit too close in. I prefer a wider broadcast view.

    Have fun with the PS4Pro. I don’t know much about them but I almost find it hard to believe that gamey graphics can look any better than what I see on my ‘old’ PS4 and standard 42″ telly.

  24. Shed – Place a standard PS4 and HD TV next to a PS4Pro and 4K TV and the difference is comparable to SD and HD, its so much more vibrant, sharp and detailed, you actually have to see it to realise just how much.

  25. Unless you have 45 year old eyes that find texts a bit fuzzy if theyre too close

  26. Paul – The fact I have no way of making that comparison is exactly why I don’t feel any temptation to splash out on another PS4. I also don’t have a 4K TV. Surely BluRay quality is HD enough. I don’t think the real world is in 4K is it!?

  27. Uncle Turf — that is indeed a werd-level error with the broadband socket. I’m curious — 1MB download speeds, how long did it take to download the average PES demo over the years? A full day? (My upload was only ever three-quarters of 1MB at best; download, I have always got the full 18MB via a wired connection, around 14-16MB wireless).

    Shed — remember the shift from SDTV to HDTV around 10 years ago? I still do, and the shift is comparable from HDTV to UHDTV. Many games only go a little way (i.e. from 1080p to 1400p, which is still a hefty bump), but more and more full 4K support is there. I’m the kind of person who will end up getting a 4K TV for it. Only reason I haven’t already is that I’ll only have time to set up one new thing tomorrow. I enjoy setting up new things and like to take my time.

    Re. the demo, it’s hard to feel too close to the game for me personally, as the chance of the full game faithfully scaling up the fouls from 5 mins to 10 mins and longer matches, is so slim.

  28. Baring in mind that nearly every single Tv set on the consumer market is actually UHD and not 4K, as they are two completely different standards, but all tv manufacturers advertise 4k, or 4k UHD as ‘4K’ because thats what the public recognise most.

    UHD is 3840 X 2160 whereas the ‘proper’ 4k resolution, as used in cinemas is actually 4096 x 2160, only a couple of hundred pixels horizontally but enough to need some form of interlacing.

    HDR is what makes the most difference though.

  29. NG – no, it’s never been that bad, the only overnight download I ever had was Rory mcilroy, and that’s a big game. I think it simply gave up recently and revealed itself to be ancient. A little like when you realise a footballer’s legs have gone having previously considered him an integral part of the team.

    I blame the previous occupants and their weird approach to phone sockets. In a house of two people they had five phone points – living room, kitchen, bedrooms and one next to the stairs. And yet they hadn’t finished the laminate floor. Strange folk.

  30. Paul – don’t worry, I’ve twigged that the TV manufacturers can be naughty when it comes to HDR. Many TVs with ‘HDR’ in their product listing are not actually HDR. I gather ‘Certified HDR’ is the key phrase to look for?

    And was PES2018 4k-compatible? How does it look/play? What about FIFA18? Feeling excited now, as there is nothing like getting a new piece of tech, opening the box, and generally pissing about with it all for a few hours.

    I never got around to downloading the PC demo today after all, so tomorrow’s post is likely to focus on last night’s interesting few matches online on the PS4 demo. It’s very significant I think that both matches featured zero fouls despite all parties being hyper-aggressive.

  31. NG – Yeah, look for a tv set with HDR10+ which is the latest greatest standard.
    If I may make a recommendation, the TV I recently purchased is a 55″ Samsung QLED, UHD with HDR10+, you may have seen it advertised on the Tv recently, its the one that can adjust to the wallpaper or wall that you hang it on, so it looks like its see through.

    That gimmicky feature aside (there are various models not all have that feature) it is an outstanding tv, the boldest, sharpest, most vibrant colours I’ve ever seen.
    I actually bought it after walking past the Samsung shop in CMK shopping centre and seeing it on demo display, I was gobsmacked a TV could have that clarity, and fully expected it not be as good when I got it home, as things are rarely ever as good as they seem, but this is.

    What HiFi website tested 10 4k HDR TV’s throughout the world cup and the model I got was voted the winner, best for clarity, colour, everything.
    The best bit is that all new Samsung 4k TV’s use the ‘OneBox’ which is a small seperate connections box which houses all the USB ports, HDMI ports, digital optical outs etc, which you can hied away from the tv, then you have one almost invisible see through thin wire going from the box to the back of the TV, meaning if you hang the TV on a wall or even just have it on a stand, all you see is one thin wire, not loads, much tidier and aesthetic.

    Yes PES18 was PS4Pro (4k) compatible and the difference was incredible, could see turf divots, grass on players, and the grass actually looked like grass not like pale plastic astro turf.
    FIFA 18 looked very nice too, crowd detail especially.
    Uncharted 4 was incredible, jaw-dropping graphics, and the RDR2 gameplay trailer in 4k on the Tv’s native YouTube App looked like a 800m dollar budget Hollywood film.

    The PS4Pro will impress you, but without the 4k TV to display it properly, you’ll only get 25% of the experience.

  32. Paul – thank you, that’s excellent info. I don’t think my budget will stretch to the 55″ OLED Samsung at this time – or my physical room! In my console playing area the screen is only about 6 feet from my face.

    It’s a new era all right with the tech, console and display. It really is comparable to the time 10 years ago when we were all slowly moving from SDTV to flatscreen HDTV. 5 years from now, the 55″ OLED behemoths will be common.

  33. If I splashed £1200 on a telly plus £350 on another PS4 (which I certainly won’t be), it would bloody well need to be impressive. And to think a while back we were all looking misty eyed at retro gaming and a second hand PS2.

  34. Shed – I 50% can’t spend that much on a TV, and 50% won’t. It’ll be an entry-level model if any. Going to see what it looks like on my HDTV tonight. I remember though getting my PS3 in 2007 and being blown away by how just the intro to Oblivion looked on a 14″ SDTV. ‘Wow. How much better would this be on one of those new-fangled flatscreens….’ I went out to get a flatscreen HDTV the next day, so it’s going to happen again I think.

  35. Why would anyone want their tv screen to take on the appearance of gold velvet wallpaper? I’m imagining there’s at least one room in Paul’s house that looks like it’s been chosen by an Arab sheikh.

    Having a slight doubt about the no mans sky reboot as it remains the three rather visible, easily interacted with alien races. I’d have preferred more mystery – are you alone, what’s out there, a Robinson Crusoe/man Friday oh my god I’m not the only survivor…instead you see amazing things, go exploring and there’s the Gek equivalent of Del Boy looking to rip you off.

  36. Uncle Turf – sounds like you need some Elite: Dangerous in your life if you want a mysterious galaxy to explore that you can strike out on your own in. Beware though as it’s very much the space sim yin to NMS’s pulpy yang. The Elite tutorial alone is rock-hard. I still haven’t managed to complete the very first combat one.

  37. Just for Info, its the QLED series, not OLED, it uses Quantum Pixels, which makes it comparable to OLED but at a much lower price point.
    I got mine from Richer sounds, it was in the Summer sale, reduced from £1699, to £1099.
    The Wife bought me the PS4Pro for my birthday.

    Sounds like you’d find a 42″ version quite ample? Don’t know what your budget is but
    This is a very good, well rated UHD Tv with HDR10+

  38. Paul – spookily, I have been eyeing up that exact model. It’s going to be around that price range, ideally a hundred or so cheaper, so the 40″ version (429 on Amazon) is looking favourite right now. I think that’s the largest that could comfortably fit in my ‘chilling yard’, as the young people at my office would say. The PS4 Pro is imminent this afternoon, that’s got to be set up first. Got my LAN cable ready to go for the transfer.

  39. Good Choice, just make sure the lower model has HDR10+

    The PS4 copy process is superb. When I copied from the old PS4 to PS4Pro, it copied 500GB of data across in just over 35 mins. Everything, game saves, backups, profile info, edit info, etc, all just ready to go.

    Just remember to deactivate the old PS4 as your primary console and make the PS4 the new primary, otherwise you could get conflicts with PSN purchases and downloads.

  40. Paul – I’ve watched a YouTube vid where it was all gone through step by step, including the de-register/re-register workaround for the PSN license conflict. I’m ready. I enjoy things like this, which is a bonus.

  41. Always exciting getting new gadgets, and the process, as you will have seen, is all relatively hassle free.

    Are you keeping the old PS4 as a backup spare?

  42. Yep, going to keep it. Still has good trade-in value, but I like to have spares for things, and I can use it in another room. Looking into the likely future when there probably will be a 100-inch monster TV somewhere in my life, I can foresee wanting console coverage in multiple rooms. Probably the PS5 will be out by then, but the PS4 will last as the PS3 has done.

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