No Man’s Fallout Manager

The blog will be taking a break for new posts until the PES2019 demo appears.

The next new post will be the day after Demo Day – on Thursday, August 9th (or possibly on the day itself, Wednesday the 8th, depending what time it arrives). Either way, it’s less than 2 weeks away.

I will be active in comments here until then, and reserve the right to pop out a surprise new post if something unexpected occurs. I’m always likely to randomly start up PES3 or the like, and have something to say about it.

The only real reason I would play either PES or FIFA right now would be to have something to blog about, and ‘playing for the sake of blogging’ has never been what the blog is about. The blog is driven by my footy gaming activities, not the other way around.

I’m barely playing any football games other than Football Manager 2012. I’ve also got Fallout 4 on the go, the rejuvenated No Man’s Sky, and as ever I’m reading a couple of books.

Football Manager is going well. I play a session of one or two matches a couple of times a week – for me, this is the only way to play Football Manager and keep it going as a live proposition. I started the Blue Square North season with Hinckley. I got a first-day away win and then a home draw against better opposition, so a great start.

No Man’s Sky’s long-awaited major update is a wonderful transformation of what was already an intriguing, peculiar game. The NEXT update added a few mainstream gaming loops, but also a lot else that deepens and widens the core experience of being a lone traveller in a mysterious, fantasy sci-fi galaxy. Actual in-game screenshot here. No one has ever remarked that NMS screenshots can look like 1970s prog-rock album covers. No one. Ever.

Fallout 4 has settled into a grinding groove. I’m bogged down in updating settlements and doing the quests.

All in all, the typical midsummer period of a football gamer.

What of the latest PES2019 news? When it comes to nuPES, I’ve transitioned from saying every year: ‘oh dear God where are the fouls?’ to the much more interesting question: ‘why do I think, every year, that they’ll bring back fouls?’

It is the much more interesting question now. It must be abundantly clear to everyone that fouls (and penalties, and injuries, and deep single-player modes) are gone from Pro Evolution Soccer for good.

I’ll never stop being amazed that this diabolical transformation was done right under our noses over the past 4 years or so. We watched and saw it happen, but somehow always remained convinced it was some kind of mistake that was going to rectified.

The ‘hardcore’ PES community effectively fiddled while Rome burned – always a case of ‘next year… next year… next year…’ Then, every summer, it was ‘this year… this year… this year!’. Then inevitably back to ‘next year… next year… next year…’

And Konami just kept on quietly pumping out the game that the marketplace demands: a fast-flowing, interruption-free, online video game based on the sport of football, that bears the PES name.

I’m getting PES2019 and doubtless will have an epically awesome week 1 dabbling with everything and getting over-excited – and I am looking forward to it, after genuinely believing I wouldn’t bother again – but a week of mania is really all I’m expecting. After that comes the disillusionment, the acceptance of a pseudo-PES product, and getting the best from it I can. I’m looking forward to trying out my Irregulars idea in myClub 2019, and curious to see if Master League will still fly.

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  1. KnotGreg could still attract the wrong type of audience.

    Will you be Doctor Turf then?

  2. I think that’s a turn around three times and spit moment Chris99. We don’t mention that until it’s happened as I could end up arguing with my examiners or discovering I’ve missed a full stop out of some pivotal point I was making. It does mean my relationship with the fair city of Preston is pretty much ended though. I doubt we will miss each other.

    Not-Greig, whilst the proms are on?

  3. Uncle Turf – life post-student is never quite the same. Better in some respects, but in most respects, worse. What you never get over losing is losing all that leisure time to spread out in, taking leisure in its broadest sense, including just sitting and doing nothing. Staring at a wall.

    Good luck with the thesis. I hear you’ve really got to Ronnie Rosenthal it over the bar to fail after submission.

    Re. my blog username I was thinking of some werd-like crossover episode where I take a strong dislike to a popular High Street bakery. Not-Greggs.

    In footy gaming world, news is quickening on the PES2019 front. It’s the time of year when you idly drop in on a forum to find it in a frenzy about some tweet or other. This time next week, demo. My little blog holiday has just one week left.

    I haven’t been tempted to play myClub, knowing it’s all doomed. My Master League is another story. And there’s still FIFA18. I will crack something open between now and PES2019 demo.

  4. Turf – Or while the cricket is on (all be it with a different pronunciation).

    nG – As you’ve already PESd have a brief flurry on FIFA. A quick compare and contrast before PES 19.

  5. I concur with Chris99.

  6. I’ve heard that the Turf is quite manicured up that way, teenage boys pay extra for that apparently.

    I’ve been playing a bit of the Journey on FIFA 18, just as an aside from normal footy gaming. Finished Uncharted 4 (what a story) and fancied something else story-driven.
    Have to give it to EA, they took the BaL premise and absolutely smashed it.

    The story and cut scenes is very well put together, you have to make key choices that affect your relationship with family, your club, other players, the media etc, which means your’journey’ can branch off in different ways, and then when it comes to playing the matches you can play BaL style as Hunter, or control the whole team, with objectives and targets to hit for each match.

    The great thing is that if you come on as sub, the match starts at the point you come on, so you don’t have to sit and idly watch COM play, same when you go off, you can choose to simulate the rest of the match or watch it.

  7. The great thing is that if you come on as sub, the match starts at the point you come on, so you don’t have to sit and idly watch COM play, same when you go off, you can choose to simulate the rest of the match or watch it.

    Paul – what could have been, eh? BaL in PES, hitched to the Master League-style ethos of growth and immersion, could have been the greatest mode ever created. But no, Konami had to spoil it with the most baffling, counter-immersive decision ever: making us watch reams of CPU vs CPU action.

    Incidentally, a week ago I read on EvoWeb that BaL has been removed from PES2019. Not that I care – I hate the mode with a passion because of the CPU-vs-CPU thing – but what a damn shame. One simple decision away from a great mode.

  8. FIFA’s the journey is a prime example of what BaL should have been. it works in every way, if you want that story-driven type mode.
    Incidentally, the journey also has player development, as you play, and hit targets, you are awarded growth points, which you can allocate to different categories, such as finishing, passing, strength, vision etc which then over time ‘levels up’ and increases your OVR.

    You can also acquire traits, so if you are a CM who likes to dribble and try long shots, you will earn the trait of ‘creative dribbler’ or ‘long shot master’ and such like.

    Not surprised Konami have dropped BaL, it was dead in the water, the least played mode in the whole game, and no way to monetize it at all, so it just gets dropped.

  9. BaL’s enforced CPU-vs-CPU action was the reason it was the least-played mode in PES. Not the main reason – the only reason. Astonishing really that they never made that one tweak that would’ve saved it. Makes you wonder.

  10. Astonishing? for Konami? Nahhh…..
    Its just a further sign that they put no effort into anything that they cant make additional revenue from, if ML didn’t hold such a cult status amongst PES fans, then I believe that would have gone by now too.
    You can tell by how little is done with the mode that they only keep ML as a byproduct of ‘having’ to offer a career mode within their product.

    MyClub is fairly new and fresh, it is loved by most PES fans, is the reason a large proportion of PES players buy the game, and it made Konami tens of millions last year, whereas ML mode is what PES built its reputation on, it is revered for the ML mode, and hasn’t had any substantial updates in years, yet Konami choose to only tweak transfers and add in a pre-season tournament that 90% of ML clubs cant play in, but completely redesign MyClub from the ground up.

    There’s your priorities.

  11. My astonishment was of course purely rhetorical. As I’ve been saying recently, it’s surely time now to give up the ghost when it comes to the annual surprise when the new PES comes out without essential features, without fouls, without injuries, with player individuality that is at least watered-down and (IMO) pretty much gone, and looking like a Binatone Pong game from 1977.

    I haven’t seen or hear anything about late-game fatigue. Quite the opposite, the only thing I’ve seen people saying is that it is barely noticeable (some say not noticeable at all), doesn’t affect the passing and shooting, and doesn’t force the player to make any subs etc. Once again, if true, this is a potentially PES-enhancing tactical feature sacrificed on the altar of multiplayer values. Less than a week now till we find out.

  12. Paul – With The Journey I also loved the highlights reel before you come on as a sub, which adds to the immersion.

  13. NG – Its the Glasgow Play test day today, so be interesting to see what comes out of that re Stamina.

    Darryl – Yes, that’s a good shout mate, that little highlights package sets the mood for the match, they must use the same engine and render process that they use for trailers etc, as it looks superb.

  14. You have to take your hat off to EA. They took the least popular part of FIFA, added a not-Rashford driven story line, and produced a whole new mode nobody realised they wanted. All without putting the cost of the game up.

    Am I the only one who thinks Glasgow Play Test Day will see people deep frying discs and end in a massive fight?

  15. In another world EA makes PES and we love everything.

    But then I’d only have to find something else to be annoyed by. The fact that the second day of the first test is a Thursday?! Every right minded person knows a test match starts on a Thursday, with Saturday being the crucial middle day. I blame Brexit.

  16. Turf – Oh for the good old days when Sunday cricket was sponsored by a tabacco company.

  17. Nevermind that Cricket nonsense, British wrestling is back on ITV on a saturday tea time.

  18. I saw the World of Sport nonsense. Can’t understand what adults get from watching it.

  19. I recorded it Chris, haven’t watched it yet, expecting it to be a cheesy low budget affair, good for a laugh.

  20. Just seen the saddest sight I’ve seen in PES for a while. A Tweeted picture from Asim at Celtic Park. All those PES2019 screens. All with two seats in front of them. Generational shift is final.

    Paul – anything from Glasgow about Visible Fatigue? Anything from anywhere substantial about Visual Fatigue? What are we thinking Visual Fatigue is going to turn out to be? It’s baked into the name, really, I think. It’ll be a visual effect at most. Gameplay-impacting? Nope.

  21. Idea for a Master League campaign: The Lower League Legend.

    Remain in L2 indefinitely. If you are promoted, transfer yourself to another second division team and repeat the process.

  22. Tommy – that’s a very good idea. The challenge would be to get promoted and win the Cup in the same season. Then transfer to another team (in any D2, in any league) and repeat. The goal could also be to do it in every nation. The Lower League Legend Challenge.

  23. nG – That initial grind for a few seasons I find the most enjoyable. My side ML with Avellino of a couple of years ago stands out, limited budget, foraging for budget young talent. Fizzles out when you get to D1.

    I’m considering it, at least I could try moving clubs once or twice and see how it goes. I can always move up to a top tier club after my manager has made his reputation and earned his big move.

    I may even consider some of the new leagues (Denmark, Switzerland etc) later on my travels before a top league.

  24. Not to offend Tommy, but that sounds like a horrible idea, for me personally.
    The 46 game slog each season in Div 2 is time consuming and a ballache, worth it only to reap the rewards of then playing in the prem against bigger teams and try for european football.

    To go through a 46 game slog season, only to then have to repeat it over and over and over …… no thanks.

  25. Paul – I plan on taking my time with my ML this year, so the slog is fine. I want to tinker and control more of of the manager side of game, the tactics, formations and researched singings, rather than smashing through games as quickly as possible and burning out after a couple of months. It’s the same every year, and I’ve decided the champions league doesn’t have to be my end-game anymore. Mick McCarthy never dreamed of Europe.

  26. There’s been as much deflation than elation in getting to the Premier League in recent ML years, with samey teams to play against and of course our ML squads (without House Rules) quickly assume galactico status. E.g. I have no memory of playing with Lacazette in PES2018, but I know I did. For two seasons. But where is my memory of him, the individual? He was like nearly all the other strikers I had in PES2018 (and 17 and 16).

    A Lower League Challenge of the kind Tommy has dreamed up is more like the Default Challenge than anything else. Not for me I don’t think – no time, and I always want to take the traditional old route. By the time I’m done with regular ML the regular way, I’m usually done for the year.

  27. nG – It’s just an idea, of course. Reduced playing time (two kids now) and other factors may force me back to the more traditional route. It will take a few seasons before I need to make that decision anyway, so I can weigh up my options then.

    On a separate note, I hope Konami are keeping themselves apprised of the events in Serie B. They’ve only just filled the league with 22 teams, as 3 teams went bust last month. Add that to the usual tax irregularities (werd’s beloved Foggia) and it’s a right old mess. Hopefully it’s been noted, and addressed pre-release of in a patch.

  28. All respect to you for wanting to get the most out of the game in a way that suits you Tommy, I wasn’t rubbishing your idea, just meant for me personally, it wasn’t appealing.

    House rules are always a subjective thing, there’s the consensus that if we have to make allowances for a game to be playable, should we waste our time playing it to start with, then there’s those that swear by house rules of sorts.

    I think PES has always lent itself perfectly to having some kind of rules to follow, with its make-believe ML world, my ‘All British’ only ML last year didn’t last long, but was perhaps more a result of coming off the back off a standard 10 season ML, fatigue had set in by that point.

    I’ve toyed with the idea of only being able to sign new players that are within a 6 point OVR gap of my highest rated player, so for example if my best player was 68 OVR then I could only sign players from 65-71 OVR, so prevent instant-galactico squads.
    There are of course asides to that, one blatant one being that the money could quickly amass, like last year, both NG and I had over half a billion in the bank when we finished our ML careers, and nothing to be able to spend it on.

    Here’s hoping the ML finances have been tweaked this year, Konami did say that you can now allocate budget much like in FIFA, split it between Transer funds and Wages, that would certainly help.

    Despite all we have said and noted about the relative decline of PES as a true-PES game, I’m still quite excited and looking forward to a new ML, in a new game, that does admittedly look gorgeous, with new kits, and a whole raft of new players to discover.

    I’m also very torn between going the usual ML setup route, editing MK Dons in over a Championship team and taking them on a quest for glory, or, as the SPL is fully licensed, stepping into Stevie G’s shoes and starting as Rangers, with the defaults, in an attempt to overthrow Celtic’s dominance.

  29. Pokemon alert…..look away now Paul….

    Abbeyhill – did you know about the egg hatch, transfer, distance thing? Basically I got sent an egg from a friend I have in Sweden, it hatched into an alolan Pokemon I have loads of. So I traded it with someone local. However, rather than it saying ‘durham’ which is where it hatched, it said ‘sweden’ so I got loads of km for the trade (and a medal). Now I understand why people were going on twitter to swap friend requests even though there was no prospect of ever meeting. I felt such a newb.

  30. Keep looking away Paul…. Played Tottenham this morning on PES 5. Lost 2-1, all penalties.

  31. thanks Turf, actually had no idea about that. Just need to make more friends!

  32. Keep looking away Paul (could this be a meme?) – I’m so wrapped up in the born-again NMS that I don’t feel I care about PES2019 right now. Not the demo. Not the full game. None of it. This will certainly change come midweek. I’ve kept an eye on the forums and so far Visible Fatigue does not seem to be a thing. Consensus from the video-analysers seems to be ‘spruced-up PES2018’. My favourite new theme – why do we continue to feel puzzled and surprised, every year, that the new PES isn’t an overhaul of any kind – continues to apply.

  33. whats all this look away nonsense? Have I missed something?

    NG – Thats contradictory to what I’ve been hearing. Had a couple of direct chats with guys that actually played the game on the various Konami play test days, recently in Glasgow too, and they all said the fatigue/stamina system is very visible.
    You can see players running half-assed, misplacing passes, not making as many forward runs, defenders being caught out of position on counter attacks etc.

    This wasn’t a comment by just one person, several said things all along the same lines, so I’m more inclined to believe genuine people that have actually witnessed it first hand than forum naysayers, with that being said though, I won’t get too excited about anything until I’ve played the game myself.

  34. I can’t remember which pes it was where stamina seemed to be a big deal on first plays – 2014?15? I certainly recall players being whacked by half time. Anyhow, whether it was patched out or simply became easy to deal with I don’t remember it lasting and doesn’t feel like it’s been an issue since the early days. I’d be astonished if they had made yer Messi, Ronaldo and others unplayable for onliners beyond 60mins due to fatigue. They dropped it as a cumulative thing in master league as well – no more returning from internationals the day before on the bone of their arse.

    You can look back now Paul…

  35. Look away now Paul.

    Seeing how the whole ‘Visual Fatigue’ thing shakes down is going to be one of the fascinating things about PES2019. Now, if you were in some weird Konami Kasino, and had to place a bet on one of the following outcomes, which outcome would you place a bet on?

    1) The excited playtesters and event-attenders who have reported a palpable, unmissable effect of Visual Fatigue are proved correct. By 60 minutes of every match in which a human player has flogged the team with R1 for the entire match, several players are noticeably knackered, particularly in online matches. Forced substitutions are once again common in PES. Neymar and Mbappe hobbling off in myClub whilst clutching their hamstrings becomes a common sight. Peace and jubilation settles upon the land.

    2) ‘Visual Fatigue’ becomes the new ‘placebo or not?’ battleground. Most players notice nothing at all. Some players vehemently insist that they get injuries and they see late-game space opening up (which definitely isn’t caused by poor coding and/or an opponent sprint-clamping players out of position). Generally, most players see something sometimes… but really, the evidence is so threadbare and fleeting that it is argued by some that there’s nothing to it. Visual Fatigue becomes the new ‘every now and then you get a match with fouls in it’ type of thing.

    3) Nobody notices anything. Not a single mention is ever made of Visual Fatigue by anyone ever again, after the first week or two post-release when a few people wonder where it is. Eventually people forget Visual Fatigue was ever supposed to be a thing in PES2019. Players go on squeezing R1 as merrily as they ever did without any effect.

    I would put most of my money on 2).

    Of course I would be most pleased with 1). That’s what I want. But the chance of anything even approaching 1) being the outcome is as likely as fouls ever making a return to the series. I would put no money on it.

    Outcome number 2) is most likely to be the way things go. It’s actually probably the best we can hope for. But I would place a sneaky cover bet on 3). I think 3) is as likely as 2).

    You can look back now Paul. Just thinking of your blood pressure in the heatwave.

  36. A few of my fav goals from this year, apologies for the terrible edit its my first ever upload!

  37. So is ‘Visual Fatigue’ actually being touted and used as a selling point this year? But it’s nothing new! it’s in 2018. Players visibly tire late in the game, misplaced passes, more space, etc. It’s actually one of the plus points of 2018. A few extra hands on hip animations… Good work chaps. A year well spent.

  38. Before I had even read your entire post NG I knew what you was going to say.
    Chances are the fatigue system will not be as prominent as made out, they wouldn’t want to upset those online streamers, but I’ll still choose to go with the notion that something they have hyped up, thats a ‘new’ addition, that has been witnessed in person by several people, of whom were not exciteable Konami puppets, may be visible, until I’ve played the game myself and either noticed it or not anyway.

    Chances are they will leave it a month then patch it out so it looks like a bold new simulation type addition has been included, but then remove it to keep the online games fast flowing and ‘fun and ‘PES League suitable’.

  39. Tommy – yes, ‘Visual Fatigue’ has been a prominent part of the PR early on, but I’ve not heard much about it since. I think it’s supposed to be a lot more than just an animation (although that is all it’ll probably be). It’s meant to be something that’ll compel substitutions and tactical rethinks. Very unlikely in the myClub era, all that, but we’ll see. Paul’s info from event attendees is the most I’ve heard. It concerns me because you would imagine something truly remarkable would be a blazing light all over the place, the very first thing that anyone would talk about on EvoWeb or Reddit in a post-PES2019 report.

    Paul – the smart money is on the NZ Store updating this very afternoon! If that is the case I might even get a first impressions post up tonight or tomorrow. Feeling excited now. I’ve dusted down my old NZ account and have things set up ready to go. That old PES feeling…

  40. Gary – I was always trying to score a free kick like your Di Maria one when shooting from that range, but never quite got it right. Nice to see that they are (were) possible in PES2018. Cheeky one from Neymar there. And not a bad video overall considering it was clearly your first time with the editor!

  41. Re. ‘Visual Fatigue’, I have just seen this from the Celtic Park event:

    Stamina will be a killer, we ran one player into the ground on purpose and after 75 minutes he was on nothing, tried a sprint and pulled up, hobbled then walked, he chased another pass and he pulled up again and hit the deck rolling about, looked so good and subs will play a big part in this game as will not sprinting all game .Unfortunately i didn’t capture it on video but its definitely in there.

    Encouraging, yes. I note he doesn’t say that he actually subbed this player though…

  42. Quite possibly one of the guys i spoke to aswell NG, as that was the general vibe i was getting off each of them re stamina.
    He doesn’t say if he subbed a player, but who would keep on a player that is next to useless.

    Yeah NZ or HK store are due to update this afternoon, I’ll probably not get chance to grab it as have gym after work, then a footy match after gym, so wont be home until 10pm’ish, then shower, food and bed.
    So will look forward to your early impressions if you do manage to grab it.

    No doubting the game looks gorgeous, and nice to see they have tweaked the broadcast cam angle so there are less of those annoying cutscenes, still needs zooming out a few notches though.

  43. Paul – at this stage the excitement of a new PES is kicking in and all the worries and issues are receding into the background (this is the ‘PES fever’ phenomenon that makes early playtesters’ feedback so strangely vague and unsatisfying). I’m off work today and it’d be immense to get the demo today. Also got to freshen up the site anyway for the new season. If the demo does drop mid-afternoon as expected I should have a ‘first few demo matches’ post up mid-evening.

  44. Sounds good NG, I’m looking forward to PES19.
    I can already see enough from the various videos to see it looks superb and moves superbly, although the days of expecting a gloriously in-depth ML Mode have gone, I’m still excited for a ‘new season’ with new game mechanics to explore.Plus theres the MyClub aside to play with too.

    I’ve updated PESFX with new graphics, and adding new kits daily, there’s over 30 on there now, all ready to be loaded into PES 19.

  45. Paul – just checked out PESFX and the updated kits – all looking good. Am I right in thinking that PS4 kit files are perfectly usable in the PC version? If so, you could adjust the ‘PS4 only’ bit. PC users have to go through so much Captcha bullshit on other sites that they might like just the right-click download functionality of your site. Is XB1 Editing coming this year?

    And yes, the excitement is building again. Demo today (hopefully). Full game 3 weeks today/tomorrow, Simply Games willing.

  46. I believe PS4/PC kits were cross compatible in PES18 NG, dot know about PES19 but no reason to be any different.

    I’ve decided, going to make a departure from the normal championship/prem ML this year, and go for a Rangers ML in the fully licensed SPL.

    Start with the defaults as usual and try to build a team capable of toppling Celtic’s might.

  47. I am actually praying for an improvement on the injuries front. I can’t remember having one in 2018. A hamstring softness slider, anything!

    nG – Demo today? Are we talking foreign PSN accounts here?

  48. Tommy – yes it seems so. See my previous few comments just above.

    Paul – I bet there’s a fair few posters and lurkers who would, ah, ‘object’ to your idea there…

  49. Yes Tommy – PSN updates in New Zealand and Hong Kong today, so should have the PES 19 demo later on.

    NG – Object all they like, you know it wouldn’t bother me one aota.

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