We Vardy said a word

And I’m back. On Master League. On PES2011. On a new-old PS3 that will hopefully last a good long while.

This return came a day or two later than anticipated, after a PSN ID snafu that delayed matters until I’d ‘turned it off and turned it on again’ enough times to appease the PSN fairies. It wouldn’t let me complete the installation of the backup until I’d signed in first.

Or so I thought. Turns out I was doing something wrong, as ever. You know those people in supermarkets who loudly berate the self-service checkout machines as if the machines are to blame for everything? I was like that for a while.

It was good to get back to this sight:

Although, to be perfectly honest, I could not shake a lingering feeling that the real action had now moved on elsewhere, to the quasi-ML-like environs of the long-cursed, but somehow strangely compelling, myClub.

I know. I didn’t like the feeling either.

Hmmm. I hope that feeling doesn’t persist. I enjoyed this session back on Master League, playing PES as I still believe it was meant to be played. Relaxed, controller in hand, lolling around with a mug of tea at my side and a podcast on in the background. No stress. No compulsion. No requirement to be anywhere at a specific time. Just open-ended, idyllic PES gameplay.

Strange, then, that I constantly felt that tug of Veldwijk and co. over on myClub.

Anyway – I trounced Gijon in this match. 4-0, my biggest win of the season by some way. Was it the result of spending a week and a half up against the whirlwind sprinters online? Possibly.

That result lifted me up to the heady position of 11th.

I think now that I have effectively avoided relegation this season. Only a calamitous collapse in form will drag me into the mire now.

I won’t be upping the difficulty to Top Player, for the simple reason that my pre-condition for doing so was not met. I was not in the top 10 at the halfway stage of the season.

And now I must take a quick look at the current parallel track of my football gaming.

On Tuesday night just gone, in a not-unprecedented turn of events, I met up with a regular commenter, Paul, for a couple of myClub friendly matches online.

One of the burning questions I had was: can other players see my Edited custom kits and badge in myClub? Some said ‘yes’, other players can see Edited kits, but I failed to see how that would ever be countenanced by Konami and Sony. The potential for abuse is too obvious and would be pounced on with delight.

Before we got going, I took a screenshot of the view from my PS4 before the match:

There on the left is my player in one of Coventry City’s many old classic strips (made by Paul himself). And there is the badge, too (ditto).

Meanwhile Paul was screenshotting what he could see at his end. Here is what was on his PS4:

And so there we have the simple, conclusive proof. Other players do NOT see any part of a custom kit, and they do not see a custom badge. They see the club name only.

My opponents all see the Burton Albion kit and badge. That’s the club I overwrote in Edit mode with my Coventry City before Master League got underway last September.

Here are the edited highlights of the two matches Paul and I played – Game 1:

A win for me (including a howler from Paul). Strange thing, while playing this match originally, it seemed to me that I had the upper hand, but the feel I got while editing it was that I had been fortunate to win. 2-0 grossly flattered me. Paul edged me on possession, despite all my keep-ball tactics, and created more chances.

And Game 2:

A win for Paul, and again he exceeded me on possession. I had loads of shots but couldn’t score (and I really bottled that late one-on-one). Paul protected his early lead and took the result.

Honour satisfied, we went our separate ways into the night.

Over the coming summer weeks, I will be making myself available for occasional one-off online matches – in myClub, or in PES2018’s general online mode – against anybody reading these words who wants to play. I will post details as and when the occasions arise.

Updated: 15th June 2018 — 10:07


  1. Wow, At the time of playing it felt like the 2nd match that I won, I was in control, but seeing those highlights, you battered me and should have taken at least 4 or 5 of those 15 shots you had.

    Both good games and enjoyable to play.

  2. Who would have thought it, turns out Gary was Yoko all along. Looks like the rest of us are left with yoga retreats and Thomas the tank engine.

  3. Paul – I had such good chances in match 2, and fluffed them all. I’ve noticed in PES2018 all along that it’s very easy to drag shots wide when trying to ‘make sure’, so in this morning’s offline vs COM International Cup (reward: 15,000 smackeroonies) I focused on hitting the target first and foremost and had a much better strike rate. In offline ML all year, such discipline was rarely necessary as I ended up confident of getting a goal if I needed one.

    I really did record myself having two spins at the Classic European agent just now. I will upload later.

    Uncle Turf – give it time, give it time. You and others may remember the Rocket League craze of a few years ago, as well as my previous flirtations with Ultimate Team and even myClub.

    I will say though that it feels different this time. As if something fundamental has shifted…

    I think it’s the player levelling that got me. One of the crown jewels of ML is now in myClub, see. How far can I take Veldwijk? What about Castledine? And then there’s the likes of Bacca and Denis Suarez too. I can’t help myself…

  4. I recorded a spin this morning, when I got Bailly, as my spin landed between 2 black balls, on a gold.

    I find I aim dead in the corners, ie push the LS as far to the corner as possible, and this often skews shots wide, I believe the same invisible aiming system is used that is used for penalties, whereby the further you push the stick to a direction, the bigger, and more inaccurate the aiming reticule becomes, as scorchers that have flown in have done so by nudging the stick more gently in a direction.

    I have Brewster his first sub appearance in a match this morning, and he scored, invaluable exp points, I also converted a surplus CF and GK into trainers and used them to train Brewster, he’s now up to level 12 from level 3.

  5. Paul – of course in your mega-spins later, each time you land on a player you remove him from pool of potential results, so your odds go from 1 in 100, to 1 in 99, to 1 in 98 and so on. By the time you’ve done 10-15 spins, the % chance of landing the one(s) you want goes up by a significant amount. Your very last spin of the 20 would be odds of 1 in 80, assuming you splurge them all on the same Agent.

  6. One in 80 is still pretty low odds.

    at 10k a spin I could spent 500k – 50 spins and still be left with a 1 in 50 chance of getting the right player ….. lottery.

    amazes me how these players have a squad, not just a team, but squad full of black ball players.

  7. Paul — the all-blackball teams with Ronaldo and Messi and other current players are assembled by getting the relevant Scouts. You might be better served spending a chunk of your GP on the Scouts for the current-era players you want instead of the lottery. I had two spins and enjoyed them, though, so it’s worth doing. I’ll upload the vid later.

    Ronaldo and many other players like that are on the Euro Agent list, and they shouldn’t be. It should all be retired Classic players only IMO, but I think we missed that one earlier in the season.

    It’s very, very clever how myClub is run, quite brilliant as a money-making scheme really.

    You can guarantee getting Dalglish, and any others on the list of 100 players that you want, by ensuring that you have 100 spins. That means having either 1,000,000 GP, or – and this is the genius bit, from Konami’s perspective – 25,000 myClub Coins. Which is doable on the Store. I think it’d be about 40 quid in total. Our you can purchase smaller amounts, 2000 say, that would give you 40 spins, a good chance of lucking out.

    It’s brilliant because it exploits the ‘I gotta’ feeling that exists in PES anyway and that we all feel in Master League, and to a large extent right here in myClub too. But the ‘I gotta’ is maximised in myClub thanks to its Panini-stickerlike collectables angle. There is just no way to use Scouts to get Dalglish, Scholes, Gerrard, Maldini, etc. The 100 spins is the only way. And the Classic players would definitely provide an edge on the pitch too.

    I never will indulge in purchasing Coins, myself, as that would be contrary to what I want from PES, and also to what I’m enjoying about myClub so far: that grindiness of it. What I will do in the future, though, is hoard my GP when I get a nice lump sum, in anticipation of this kind of offer.

    I think your 20 spins will be certain to yield at least one black-baller, and there’s a reasonable chance it’ll be a player you really want.

    p.s. your Brewster will shoot up quick but as you’ll already know, the EXP requirements to level up also rises exponentially. A top player converted into a Trainer gives that a massive boost.

  8. I will never ever pay actual real money for any coins or anything in PES, ever.
    I’m happy to grind it out via scouts and the like.

    I’ve completely redesigned http://www.pesfx.co.uk

    New Look & Feel, dedicated members Area for being able to share files, send kits etc, A blog which will contain all sorts of posts ML related, Myclub, tips tricks, videos etc, Amended the Request a custom kit form, will add a ton of PES 19 formatted kits once the template is released, and added a Live chat/comments box and weekly updates of which Agents are in MyClub to the bottom of the home page.

  9. I’ve also granted permission for any member of the site to be able to post blog entries, so if you feel like venting something, sharing thoughts and opinions, or general comments about anything, sign up to the site, and get blogging !

  10. New site looks good Paul, but there is a slight issue in IE11 with the main background stadium image being wider than my laptop screen. This is causing the top navigation to be half off screen to the right, and when I scroll to it most of the page then has a white background.

  11. May God have mercy on my soul.

  12. Is that the first time you’ve narrated on the blog NG? Nice to put a voice to a name. I’m going to get stuck into myClub this weekend.

  13. I reckon this new turn makes the buying of pes 2019 by this there site owner a guaranteed certainty. Soon as the 2018 server is due for termination you’ll just have to do it.

  14. Neil – NG has done a voice over before but I think it was way back when. Can’t remember what it was about to be honest.

  15. Neil – I’ve done several voiced vids in the past, a random PES2014 one a few summers ago and something else I can’t remember.

    myClub for me is all about the players and a deep PES-style identification with them and their growth over time, and also the development of your multiple squads. Very ML-like in that regard. The mode is only secondarily about contesting online. Warm up with a few offline matches before venturing there – and may you be fortunate in the opponents when you do. I think I was in my first few matches. The game should match you with fellow newbies, who are always arriving.

    Uncle Turf – it’s looking that way isn’t it? If this madness persists for another few weeks I’d say it’s certain.

  16. NG – if that is the case with PES 2019 then the stars have all aligned for you. The reason being is that you will have a good few months of getting more and more familiar with the mode.

    I have just heard Sky Sports describe Ronaldo’s hat-trick as stunning. Hardly was it with a penalty and a keeper blunder. Actually watched the match despite all I have said.

  17. Darryl – yes, the free kick was the only ‘true’ goal and even there I thought de Gea could have done better. It wasn’t the postage stamp top-corner at all. I thought he could have got to it.

    In the Egypt-Uruguay game there was a Cavani shot that the keeper batted away. The commentator went into raptures about the save, but the replay clearly showed the ball travelling at a good height and only just off-centre to the goal. It was the kind of save any keeper above park level would be expected to make, if he even wanted to be a keeper. Granted the Egypt keeper still played well, and had to have the alertness and reflexes to make the save, but it was a bread and butter save, not the miracle stop that the commentator was framing it as. There’s going to be more of this kind of exaggerated praising of ordinary football events as the tournament progresses. From the Second Round on the generally more interesting group match-style of match starts to become rare.

  18. NG – that is one of the reasons why I have been turned off by football as it is more the pundits and the commentary that has brought about this for me. There is the need now in society to be constantly entertained. Thanks to my boss putting on the football during our business planning day I saw that save and thought the same. In football you do have great moments that stand out in isolation out of hundreds of hours of play. But that is what makes them memorable. Exaggeration of the mundane just dilutes those special events. I also don’t know why we have to have high scoring games to appreciate the football. We kept hearing last night how the tournament ‘has now started’. It was an OK game with two teams who can only defend by putting everyone behind the ball. It just makes me grumpy.

  19. Thanks for the feedback Chris. I shall look into that.

    Undefeated in Div 11. 5 wins and a draw so far. 1 goal conceded. Promoted to DIV 10 with 4 games spare.
    Also entered the level 3 online challenge cup and won that.
    Got 10,000 GP and some scouts and other bits.

    Spent 80,000 GP last night on spinning for the European legends. 2 gold ball players, no one even name worthy. Rest average silver players. Not one black ball.

    Pazzini a CF in my one star team who I have levelled up from 66 OVR to 72 OVR and up to level 40, is a goal scoring machine.

  20. In keeping with the recent direction of travel – I’m going to fire up fortnite battle royal tonight and see what all the kids are on about. I expect instant death repeatedly, the equivalent of the Ronaldo sprint clamper.

  21. Paul – I intend persisting with myClub through this summer to see where it leads and I hope you do too. I did get the feeling that your mixture of styles would be perfectly suited for online play. Over the years I’ve read that the sprint-spammers are easily outplayed with PES nous. How many Divisions can you rise and with what players?! I think I’ll be toiling in the lower Divisions for a while.

    I can imagine you took 8 spins and realised you were throwing good GP after bad. Any gems among the ones you did get, or are they all fodder to be ground up into Trainers and fed to Brewster? That is an intriguing mechanic btw. You missed the week that the offline COM matches were rewarded with 5x Special Trainers that offered 2000XP each.

    I’ve got a few surprise discoveries in my own 1-star team that might make it. This and other aspects of myClub are ones that any ML aficionado would relish.

  22. Uncle Turf – a shame you traded PES2018 as, like I say above, there’s a lot in myClub I think you’d like. You always say that you’re not in ML for the long-term 10-season career. myClub would scratch many of your itches. Think Master League without the seasons, in a weird way. It’s a difficult framework to imagine without seeing it from within.

    I’ve been tempted by Fortnite myself over the past 6 months, off and on.

    ML on PES2011, myClub on PES2018, and Fallout4, though. That’s my summer.

  23. NG – I’ve just come off a two hour first session of fortnite and for the reasons I have misgivings on that I would also feel disinclined to myclub. Namely other people and their interest in exploiting game mechanics purely for the win. I’ve done alright for a newbie in the online killing fest, despite playing twenty odd games before even killing someone (and then I only have one kill in total, a grapple over a pistol in a classic movie ‘kill or be killed’ scenario). I scouted the map from the air, chose my territory, gathered my resources and set off on a stealthy hunt. I saw no one, I kept seeing messages that others were dying, but still saw no one. The circle moved in, I relocated. I moved up to 4th, without seeing anyone. Then something suddenly exploded from the air, built a big box around me and shot the fuck out of my bloke. Same happened next time out, high position, no sightings, then wallop. As you are able to watch what happens after you die I followed the action. The eventual winners always, without fail, have numerous add ons to their starting setup and have learned how to build, move and shoot faster than I can process. Hunger games it isn’t, it’s more like a jump-fest of building mini fortresses until you get a better vantage point, lightning quick, then shoot. I can’t engage with that as I’m never going to buy things with real cash. It feels like the carefully husbanded myclub team against a paid for squad of greats sprinted up to full and ready to hack. It is enjoyable for a while, and very ‘one more go’ but it’s not my idea of a battle royale, the building is just too exploitable. A more sedate ‘rogue male’ scenario would suit me but these kids and their two minute spans of interest and constant need for gratification as Darryl highlighted of the footy mean I’m way out of touch. I’ll likely continue with it as an amusing diversion but they’ll not keep me long term. I suggest you try if only to let me know if I’m just an old knacker.

  24. Uncle Turf – I have to say, playing other people online is my least favourite aspect of myClub – but it’s still ‘not bad’ enough of the time to be tolerable, and it’s the fuel that drives the engine.

    The last time I popped onto an online shooty-bang game must have been when I took a nostalgic look at CounterStrike a few years ago. Or it might well have been the Battlefield 4 that came with the PS4. I started off stealthily strategising the environment and my methodology, and carefully scouting around corners, and – instant death. The problem is always one of other people and their different agendas. You think you’re engaged in one sort of activity, and that it would be most agreeable if others were to view it, and play it, the same way. Most others are not of that mindset.

    I might still have a look at Fortnite soon, if only to see what all the tabloid headlines are about. Cut to this time next week on Fortnite Chronicles…

  25. My lad and his mates play a lot of Fortnite. You need the reaction times of Usain Bolt on PCP to stand a chance.

  26. Absolutely, they are hopping about building towers with ramps, shooting and recharging while I’m still working out where the bullet came from. If anyone has ever done these ‘laddish’ activities it’s the best way I can think of describing it – my world is paintball, find some cover, check your weapon, wait for movement, stalk and fire. The fortnite world is laser quest – run round a warehouse zapping everything that moves without even trying to hide from view.

  27. Promoted to Div 9 now.
    Levelling up Brewster, he’s up to 63 OVR and just bagged his first hat trick.
    8 our if the last 10 matches I’ve played have all been against decent humans. Trying to play football, no fuckery, it’s been a joy.

    My team level is now 2 star, a scout spin got me Jack Wilshere, but he’s usually sub, Rode is solid in DMF and keeping him out.

    Off on holiday Monday for 2 weeks so my good form
    And momentum will take a pause.

  28. A brief note on fortnite, they have weekly rule change competitions, for example x weapons only. This week they’re doing sniper and long range weapons only which brings me much closer to the ideal. It’s still not hiding in a foxhole and dumping in a carrier bag for six days but it’s much better than the express version.

    World Cup not doing it for me, seen most games but nothing that really got me interested since Spain Portugal. The Germany game was a good result but they were really poor, it’s all a bit a scruffy midfield stuff for me.

  29. Paul – in keeping with my overall skill level and approach I’m still chugging along in D11 with something like a DLLLDLLD record. I think my opponents are also mostly OK. Most of them sprint-clamp too much but I never encounter any of the pause-grieving that you saw a couple of times early on.

    I coped better with online opponents when I had poorer players, weirdly.

    I’m fascinated by the mode and the new environment to play PES in, and will be continuing also.

    Saturday night I got frustrated with Divisions and played a one-off Online Challenge where the prize was a black ball spin, and won it! My only victory since my last win in D12. The player I got was very decent: David Silva. Again though like Casemiro he doesn’t really fit into my current formation setup. Looking at a new manager to accommodate those two and to shake things up a bit for me too. I am enjoying it, it’s fair to say.

    Uncle Turf – an online game for older gamers/gamers with deeper expectations would be something to behold. Real and binding constraints on behaviour that enforced strategic thinking and tension. There are dozens of Fortnite-a-likes on Steam I am sure, and I would bet one of them fits the bill. I don’t keep close enough an eye on general gaming to know.

  30. Uncle Turf – I like a nice, cosy sniper position in a FPS too but you rarely get them. Star Wars Battlefront is more sniper friendly than Fortnight by the sound of it.

    Played a bit more MyClub with Shed XI over the weekend. Won the International Cup with a tense semi-final win vs England despite playing much of the second half with nine men. Brazil in the final were actually not that hard to beat. No celebrations let alone a trophy presentation although I suppose that’s not the point of MyClub.

    I’ve signed a few more decent players and created a reserve team. I also ventured online and won my one and only match 1-0 it what was actually a decent match.

  31. Shed – the GP and free Agents are the only prizes in most offline Cups. I enjoy playing them too, not least as it’s a way to rest my other squad prior to venturing online. So I go online Squad A/offline Squad B/online Squad A/offline Squad B etc and in that way never have to use stamina items – until I want to swap them over and play Squad A offline, Squad B online etc.

    I’m enjoying it all hugely, and contemplating a decent summer of diversion at the very least. Probably longer now.

  32. n-G – I’m still at the stage of enjoying the fact I’m playing matches in a different format. No matter what footy game you play, there is always an element of fatigue at having to go through another rigid league season – especially at this time of year.

    I’ve only played with my A-Team Shed XI so far but I’m going to have a go with my reserves (The Expendables) once I have got my head around training.

    I bought a manager who plays 4-2-2-2 formation intending to use him for my main team but I’ve switched back to the faceless 4-1-2-1-2 manager I started with. I like the formation for being nasty to play against online.

  33. Having a horrible time at the moment in serious danger of relegation to Div 7 and have seen my rating drop from 880+ to 704. I just cannot find form and to be honest 5 star teams are murdering me when you are pitted against Ronnie, Messi, Cavani and co every match you realise very quickly that without 2+ of these guys its very hard to compete, think I am going back to 4 star and hoping for a change in fortune. On a very useful signing Barkley he has a thunderous shot and can hit them from anywhere really enjoy playing with him.

  34. Shed – it’s important to have good, fast defenders online. I know how to defend in PES and it works against online players too – but only up to a point, and that point has been reached. I played someone the other night who shrewdly spotted that John O’Shea and Nathan Aké in my back 4 are not up to much, online-videogame-speaking, and just ploughed through them with Mbappe, time and time again. He only started doing that after a while too, so I doubt it was his go-to move. George Graham philosophy required. I’ll have to start spending GP on the Scouts required for decent defenders.

    The main interest for me right now is building up my B and C squads. It’s possible to get good players quite regularly and build a decent A squad. But it’s also possible to get average and bad players and see what you can do with them. Use your free Scouts singly to spin for random players and there will be a few diamonds among them, ML-style.

    The most common formation I see is a variant on 4-3-3. I’ve tried a 5-3-2 and been battered. Then a 4-1-3-2 and been semi-battered. I might have to dig deep and actually give a serious try to 4-5-1. The manager is so important for the formation and for the player affinity, with Team Spirit being a massive factor online, much more so even than in ML.

    p.s. I still feel sentimental about my summer spent sniping in Battlefield 2, circa 2004-ish. The maps were huge and the little hiding spots plentiful, and most players would leave you alone and not come after you as it was a distraction from their melee run-and-gunning.

  35. Gary – I would like to see measures introduced to penalise the many online players who sprint-charge at you for the whole 90 minutes. That aspect of online play is never going to stop annoying me. If there was some obvious price they paid for doing it, it wouldn’t be so bad.

  36. Abbeyhill – I apologise for this suggestion of engaging in an online, shared game experience, I know how foul and disgusting it is but…do you want to swap ids when Pokemon go trading comes in shortly? I’m now lvl 31 and added some lovely shiny friends this recent community day.

    Paul – I’m not having any grief from myclubbers, yours is the far worse hobby….

  37. Uncle Turf – that’s an appalling thing to suggest to abbeyhill, with him maintaining a diplomatic silence amid all this summertime online frenzy.

    I see the World Cup matches have quickly found their level. We’ll see a Spain-Portugal type of match again, several of them in fact, but dotted so far apart from one another that you’ve got to watch a lot of dross to make sure you see them.

    I find myself watching with the kind of tactical eye I haven’t had since my Football Manager days. I’ve also been filthily watching some of the myClub YouTubers’ content. There’s a lot of quality coverage. This gentleman has pretty much persuaded me to go with his recommended 4-2-3-1 (a 4-5-1 with footnotes). I never concerned myself overmuch with tactics in ML. The AI – even the one That We Need – being in general so passive that I was always assured of being able to impose my game on it, no matter how I, or they, lined up. Now I’m blowing the dust off my Jonathan Wilson books again.

  38. It’s fascinating to read about My Club here, I switched to playing online in pes 2012 after starting the game offline from pes 4 days. I have been in Top 10 also once on Pes 2014 pc, but that was a true PES classic. On Ps4 I have been top 300-400 it’s not that tough. Once you play consistently week in week out you become better. The trouble with My Club is scripting. When you are playing with a lesser team the script is on your side, of course, it still needs some skills to beat an opponent who is good and has a better team. However, there comes a point where you have all Gold and Black balls but no individuality. You put Neuer in the goal but if scripting kicks in he is gonna be no better than your div 2 silver rated unknown keeper after you have few of such games you wonder all the time you had put in to get those GP’s for Neuer.

    My Club is beautiful at level 1 and level 2 till div 7 or div 8. Once you are in Div 2-5 its hell.I left playing MC regularly because there are no incentives.Player Growth is fine but when scripting kicks in its all useless.You can have all the world class players but you l lose to a newbie cos they want newbies to play MC.

    Now for the MC part which is just class.

    Offline —

    You start off against Regular -Easy….then if you win home and away you get Regular -Medium–then if you win home and away you get Regular Hard….then if you win home and away you get Professional easy and so on….Once you reach Superstar Medium to Superstar Hard its just nice.Those superstar strong teams are a joy to play with.
    Each of these teams are user teams (human created teams)but on Superstar level imagine playing 4-3-3 with front three of Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo with Pogba, Casimiro, Iniesta in midfield and Neur with Thiago Silva and Ramos in defence with Marcelo and Carvajal as Fullbacks with a TS of 99 these teams are hell to play with in a good way.

    Remember you have to win Home and away to climb the ladder,i bet you will take atleast 2 months to win till Legend Hard may be more time…

    I have spent days where i was winning superstar easy then medium then reaching Hard and losing then losing again and again to reach Top player ‘easy’ then start the journey again.Its some of the best football you l ever have.

    The GOAL is to Beat Legend – HARD.
    Once you do that then its tough to motivate yourself to go for the grind.
    But to reach that once it’s so beautiful.

    Regular-Easy, Regular-Medium, Regular-Hard ….they have created mini difficulties within those normal levels.

    If you win 4 on the trot and reach the Hard level on any difficulty, AI goes crazy

    The wonderful part is that all the teams which you play against have different managers so different tactics so the variety is just great.

    The best online football games I had was pes 2018 beta …they had no scripting there, what a game that was.

  39. Jamiey – I’m struggling to get anything going online in D11 with two 70-something CBs, so I’ll be grinding offline more than online for a bit to build up the GP and get a few quality defenders. I’ll be posting a highlights vid tomorrow that shows how hesitant I am on the ball online, which invites near-instant calamity.

    I noticed the way the one-off Offline matches scale up in difficulty. Currently on Professional Medium, I think. I think what Shed was saying earlier about it being good to find another mode in which to play the AI, without the grind of season after season in ML, really holds water.

    I doubt I’ll ever make it to Divisions 2-5 to find out about the scripting myself. I read that many players find their level in Divisions 7-10 and are happy with that. I suspect I’ll be the same.

  40. Turf – of course, sir! Rather lagging behind you now, on level 28, but made some good progress on the Larvitar day too. Still need to catch that wretched Ditto

    not-Greg – although I had never considered playing myClub you do actually make a pretty strong case. If player individuality and tactics are superior to ML then why not? I get the impression that several of us are a bit weary of grinding through 50+ game seasons in a career mode when the AI does not change much from match to match

  41. abbeyhill – definitely a case of ‘if you’d told me [arbitrary amount of time] ago that I’d be playing and enthusing about myClub now, I’d have [some amusing reaction]‘. Everything I’ve put in posts and comments still holds water. I am slightly tiring of the grind against online opponents, but I do want to develop my team and there’s a decent offline component to take regular breaks in. Different squads and player growth and the feeling of tending a garden. It’s a very PESish way of passing the time. God, I’d love them to somehow stop the insane sprint-clamping though. And there are no fouls online either, so it’s not punished.

  42. The advantage is that if you only want to play Myclub, you don’t need to purchase the game. Just wait until they release the lite version and you have everything you neeed.

    If you also want to play Master League, then you need to purchase the game.

  43. JS Hutt – that’s a good point. I think the Lite version follows along months after release, though, although I bet they move it up for the next instalment.

  44. I can definitely see the attraction of playing PES as a mix between MyClub and ML, given how both are very different off the pitch – and on it to a degree if you play others online.

    Playing MyClub has underlined that it wasn’t PES matches I was tired of but the same old ML environment. Even FIFA’s excellent rendering of the real footy world felt rather tired after following the domestic footy season and playing various MLs.

    I haven’t had much time to play in the last few days but I have found myself firing up MyClub just to get the daily bonus and then turning it off again.

    Meanwhile, England eh!? That last minute win against the mighty Tunisia will surely get the car flags flying now.

  45. Shed – as predicted, the grappling continues to be tacitly permitted by the sheer reluctance of referees to engage with the problem. I wasn’t surprised to see a Colombian referee apparently reject instructions in his earpiece to review the first grapple incident (you could see him yakking away with his hand cupped over his mouth to prevent lip-reading). Most refs in most parts of the world see a penalty box grapple as a legitimate defensive action, despite it being 100% against one of the most fundamental rules of the sport. They would always give a free kick for it outside the box, but inside the box, nope. Very rarely they will, but it depends on how they feel and the overall match context, and then the ref is called ‘brave’ etc. Football is a sport in which the rules change according to subjective interpretation and mood. A flabbergasting truth, but a truth it is.

  46. n-G – I’m enjoying the whole VAR thing, not least as it’s created a nice little bit of pocket money for me through betting on first-goal-penalty in matches. It still isn’t being used properly though. Tunisia were rightfully given a penalty for Walker’s clumsy flailing around. England should have had at least two for the appalling wrestling match that was Tunisia’s defending from corners.

    Overall, I’m quite enjoying this World Cup to the point I’m genuinely looking forward to Russia Vs Egypt tonight in way I really shouldn’t be.

  47. Shed – I’ve been putting result accumulator bets on and would’ve done well too – if it hadn’t been for those Argentina and Brazil and Germany results.

  48. Shed – Braithwaite is level for me.

    ” alt=”” />

    I’ve discovered that so much of my game depends on the aerial return ball coming off that I haven’t really got a game online when they don’t lead to anything, and they usually don’t. Fast defenders and max pressure quenches my usual style. I will never play the way they do though so I need to adapt my approach and make it work.

    Black ball spins are worth the one off matches and I got lucky with my opponent. I started myclub with low GP and it’s been a semi-grind so far. NB: the grind is good.

    Tempted to put a fiver on a Salah goal tonight. It seems fated. All the other ‘name’ strikers have done things.

  49. NG-You will definitely do well at some point in MC. Konami gives every user one or two seasons of HIGH. The script will be with you, your opponents will even miss sitters and blah blah. The idea is simply to give the user a momentum where he will feel invincible then reverse the trend. You will want your high back so SPEND THE MONEY get great players.It’s a different matter that even with better players you l still struggle.

    Ofcourse you can beat the script also but its not easy.Some of the things you can try online.

    1.Use shoot button to clear mostly.
    2.Use 2 or 3 bar passing (I am sure you will be on 1 bar),its a huge disadvantage to go for 1 bar againt 2 or 3 bar.
    3.Use manual long pass with full power mostly to hoof the ball to strikers and man mark the back 4 with your front 4 if behind(get a 4-2-4 formation manager)
    4.Fake shot /Fake long pass shot abuse it.

    Now to the script
    One has to identify the script,you will have momemtum in one of the two halfs,use it fully.If the script is againt you FOUL your opponents.No matter what you l have to break the attacks by breaking fucking legs dont worry you can have 5-6 yellows may be even a red.If nothing is working in Attack,string few simple passes and shoot.If you string lots of passes anywhere on the pitch and shoot from anywhere you l get the momentum back.If the script is againt you DO NOT TRY POSSESION in your own half,play Manual long or through balls.

    If the opposition is pressure whore then use Special control (l2/r2) with long pass to chip the ball above incoming player

    Do not play Frontline Pressure atleast before you get gold defenders or if the oppostion player is good .

    Different cross every time
    Use arieal through ball by wingers .

    Key is to identify flow.If flow is againt you do damage control,if you only 2 down till 70 you will def get the script in your favour in the last few mins you l have you chance.

    When Pes fan is back there are tons of hidden gems you can explore in those forums.

  50. Jamiey – eh, I clean forgot the possibility that other players were on pass support levels 2 or 3. I am indeed still on 1.

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