I didn’t wanna see the Gordon Milne tonight

This summertime’s torrid affair with myClub continues. It’s one of those ‘If you had told me 1 month ago that…’ situations.

And the penny has finally dropped.

I believe that I now ‘get’ myClub.

Like many long-term single-player players and also many older players (a Venn diagram that could be almost a circle), I never have ‘got’ the Ultimate Team and myClub modes.

I mean, just take this screenshot:

What does it mean? What does it represent? What gaming value does it have? What kind of footballing and PES philosophy does it embody? What am I going to do with that team, and those players, that has any meaning or purpose?

It turns out that there’s quite a bit of meaning and purpose in myClub.

Look at the name of the manager. Top left. KELSEN.

That’s the Kelsen, the GK of Defaults fame.

What’s he doing here? Well, last week the game offered a series of Old Default stars as special managers.

Okay. What does that mean?

The manager role in myClub is very important. It defines a squad’s formation and tactics. In this case, Kelsen offers a 5-2-1-2 formation (you can switch to a detailed formation view that shows the fine-grained positioning).

After suffering a few proper thumpings online (not many, but still too many), I wanted to adopt that seemingly ultra-defensive formation for my squad, so I duly snapped up Kelsen in the Default manager sale. 22,000 GP. Not cheap.

You can only play with the formation your manager offers. It’s a seemingly arbitrary restriction that has a gameplay value. In order to play with different formations, you have to make multiple separate squads – there seems to be no upper limit to how many – each with a separate manager.

I presently have 3 managers assigned to 4 squads within my Club. I currently have about 35 players shared between the four, all in differing permutations.

I am aware that this still isn’t clear. The uninitiated are still puzzled.

Okay. Stick with me. Here’s my main squad, the straightforwardly named Squad 1:

Torres up front next to Bacca is as frustrating and enigmatic as in real life, but is decent enough to keep his place until Veldwijk is trained up enough to take over.

This is the first time I’ve been able to put together a First XI without a Default in it, but note the subs’ bench still has them.

Castledine is on the bench, but I want to develop him and all my other young players. Player development in the form of ‘Levelling Up’ after a match, as in Classic ML, is a huge element of myClub in PES2018. It’s new this year. For me, I’d go as far as to say it’s what makes the mode worth playing. It’s the clincher.

Yesterday I spent an entire session on the game creating a squad of low-rated players and playing a few matches with them (offline).

This is all happening within the same club  – Coventry City. The multiple squad system within one club is a baked-in feature of the mode. You’re meant to play it, and enjoy it, like this.

The Irregulars, I call my new no-hoper squad.

I assembled them by using all my spare Scouts, one after the other.

And I used Dominguez, my so-far favourite manager, for this squad too.

Look at that rabble.

Note the keeper on the bench. The shrewd choice in myClub is to include a reserve keeper in every squad. I never used to in Master League. But very often in myClub you get to pre-game and find that your first choice GK is red-arrowed, at which point it’s too late to swap in a reserve keeper if you haven’t got one on the bench. No dipping into the rest of your player pool is allowed. The squad is the squad.

Now we’re getting to the meat of My Case For myClub. (I know. Unbelievable. This is almost Ian Paisley-Martin McGuinness/Trump-Kim territory.)

I spent a session putting the above lot through their paces in an offline Cup competition. I haven’t got the figurative balls to take them online yet, but I could.

I have started to bond with The Irregulars in an unbelievable way. Zigoni up front next to Veldwijk is similar to the latter, and so far slightly better. Each of the other players stands out in a weirdly unexpected way. The online database of all these players indicates Zigoni might develop to be top striker.

I am aware that I still have not really answered the key question.

What is this all for? What is it all about? What does all this messing about do? What is the point? What do I get from it all?

I think I get it now.

It’s all about the players – the in-game players, not the human players, although they’re significant too.

It’s all about your own identification with your players and squads and managers, and the surprising story that automatically develops when you take them – and yourself – off on an adventure into an unknown land.

Players in myClub definitely feel more individualistic than in Master League. Every slight edge counts. Torres has been the blandest, most nothingy striker in nuPES ML over the last few years, but in this myClub adventure, so far, he’s been distinctive in positive and negative ways. Flashes of his old brilliance, with spells of frustrating anonymity.

This, right here, is the appeal of myClub for a Master League aficionado.

In a curious way, myClub is a more self-contained, self-centred, and all-about-your-own-personal-gratification mode, than Master League ever has been.

It’s about the connection between the human player and the virtual player(s).

The same thing as Master League, except in a much more focused, streamlined fashion.

It’s a Pokemon mode for PES, in a way. I mean that wholly positively.

Would all this have convinced me, just two weeks ago?

No. It might have intrigued me – hearing from me, the arch-sceptic of all things online and all things myClub, that there is unexpected value in it, and even something almost Master League-like.

But on its own it would not have convinced me of anything. It is something that the player has to experience for themselves.

I got promoted from Division 12:

Did this feel like an achievement? Hell, yes. It very much did. Look at that sequence of results. I TOILED for this.

I won my first – and so far only – victory of myClub in game 9 of the 10-match season. It was a crazy game that I wish I’d recorded. The other player was a Bournemouth club with a similar-rated set of players to mine. (I have been fortunate with the matchmaking so far. Only about 3 players out of 15 or so have been obnoxious sprinting pressure-whores.)

Things were tight with chances at a premium. He seemed to be a player much like myself. I.e., interested in playing rather than button-mashing. I fluked the winner midway through the second half. A goalmouth scramble presented the ball at Castledine’s feet 5 yards out, for him to joyously side-foot it into a mostly unguarded net.

I held on for the win. My opponent’s quirk was that he loved to run with the ball, which was a refreshing change from all the tika-taka merchants who had preceded him. He was unfortunate not to at least draw this match.

Here is my updated global rating after the battle (yes, Sancho_Smith is my PSN username; no, you won’t be able to ‘Add’ me):I am the 109,443rd best player in the myClubverse.

I took a look at the top guys out of interest. The current #1 ranked player has about 4000 matches under his belt.

And so to my second season in myClub – in Division 11. I will have more to say about this on Friday – which will be half about myClub, and half about Master League on PES2011.

I have a new PS3 and it is fully restored to the condition of the old. It took most of a day, but it is done. This is why you make full backups of everything.

I will be honest. This myClub thing has been totally unexpected. Totally.

Will it draw focus from Master League? Inevitably, at least for now, yes it will.

And the future? What does this mean for PES2019. Is there a chance after all that I will be there on release day, ‘spamming’ the servers, or whatever the yoof lingo is?

God help me, yes, there is a chance of that.


Here are a few snippets that I couldn’t fit into the above ‘Apologia for myClub’, as it turned out to be.

First, a Special Agent opening. Yes – I have been merrily spinning balls.

Most readers will have seen this kind of thing on YouTube or Twitch over the past few years, and many, like me, will have shaken their heads. How can this be happening? Where is the glory of PES in this?

But you do get to a place where it is interesting, and dare I say it, fun, to press a button and watch a virtual roulette wheel in action.

The only way to sign new players in myCub is via the Agent system. I was awarded a Special Agent for winning an offline Cup competition.

Casemiro. I was initially pleased, but he just doesn’t seem to fit into any of my squads, and he doesn’t gel with any of my Managers. That affects Team Spirit, and this is a massively important factor in myClub. So much so that Casemiro rarely plays. A bit of a waste.

How about if you want to sign a particular, individual player?

The only way to sign a named player in myClub is to use combinations of Agents. The game awards Agents, of varying quality, quite liberally. To get a particular player you either combine the ones you already have, or bid for the ones you need in the Scout Auction House.

E.g. I really, really wanted to sign Lars Veldwijk, one of the stars of my Master League campaign. Some myClub players want to fill their ranks with Ronaldo and Messi, asap. Many, though, don’t. I am one of the latter group. I won’t turn down the ‘slag’ players, as they’re picturesquely called by some, if they ever come my way. (I can always fill one ‘slag’ squad with them and happily play with others.) But my vision thing for myClub is of a range of quirky squads put together for my own private needs.

The only way to get Veldwijk was to combine two Scouts: one for FC Groningen, his real-life club, and one for South Africa, his place of birth.

I possessed neither Scout. I got the Groningen Scout relatively easily. 3000 GP in a quick auction.

The South Africa one was a bit tougher. I ended up bidding a maximum of 8000 GP, and having to wait 13 real-life hours to see if I won.

Here is a minute-long video showing how the signing happened from the moment I won the Auction bid:

Note that the spin was a formality. I had effectively zeroed in on Veldwijk by use of the appropriate Scouts. The game itself gives you a thumbnail tutorial on this, but not a very impactful one.

This Scout system in myClub might be the quirkiest PES feature since PES2009’s ‘giant pointing transfer arrow’.

Word has it that PES2019 will feature an orthodox transfer market, no doubt complete with Ultimate Team-style player-controlled auctions.

Updated: 12th June 2018 — 11:34


  1. Great write up, not sure the old school will still ‘get it’, I don’t fully get it myself just yet, in terms of what the overall objective of MC is, other than to build squads, but can imagine Turf, and Shed sat there twitching, foaming at the mouth.

    I’m eager to get back on and start tidying up my squads, as you have done, one for elite players, one for silver players and a bronze level team too, but way too much to do this week as I go away on holiday at the weekend.

    One thing I wanted to ask – When you edit clubs and choose your kits etc, does it allow you to choose from any of the image files you have imported into the game or do you just get the option to select a club and use its assets?

  2. I’m intrigued NG, i’m plodding through CM on FIFA 18, having got bored of PES18’s ML. Sounds like the mode has a lot going for it.

  3. Paul – just whatever the club’s kits and badge are at this moment. You’d have to Edit your MK Dons beforehand to get a specific kit from the stock of images.

  4. Neil – I was surprised by it all. There’s deep squad management, individuality, player growth, capacity to have ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’ (and more) teams in one club (wouldn’t we love that in ML), and a basic but adequate set of offline games to play. E.g. I’ve scraped my no-hoper Irregulars into the semi of an offline Cup, and am really looking forward to seeing if I can win it tonight. I had to really play to get through a Professional level QF. The difficulty ramps up the further you get, so next will be big teams on Top Player and SS.

    I also haven’t been totally appalled by the online lot. Yes they are an ‘orrible lot and many don’t really play PES, they play a twisted high octane version of it that the game sadly enables and rewards. There are barely any fouls online either, but easily 20 per match would be justified in being awarded.

    But about half my opponents so far have been tolerable, I’ve enjoyed frustrating the obnoxious ones with solid PES play, and some have been genuinely good players too who’ve given me a lesson.

  5. Cheers NG, thought that would be the case.
    See the streaming fiasco from Ubisoft and E3 – quite amusing watching twitter implode

  6. n-G – I’m really stunned by this and I do feel compelled to give MyClub a go. My one big problem is that I’m not sure I have the time do it under my new schedule which allows me very little uninterrupted time in front of the main telly which the PS4 is hooked up to.

    All that jargon is rather off-putting too. ML or CM has the advantage of being a reflection of the real footy world so you go in knowing how the league structures and transfer system goes. Even though you don’t see a hint of a trophy in ML these days, it still feels like you’ve accomplished something when you win a league or a tournament. All these one-win promotions and combining coaches who used to be players in order to get a player sounds a bit naff to me.

    Still, not knocking it as I’ve not tried it and I’m glad it’s revived PES 2018 for you n-G. Clearly we were all playing the wrong mode all this time.

  7. Paul – I’ve only had time to watch the main trailer so far, where’s the best place to follow the drama? Re. the trailer, if there was any new substance to ML, it’d be trumpeted in there. Seeing only the new leagues’ logos flashing up almost makes me weep. That’s yer lot. This week of myClub has opened my eyes to exactly how ML has been put out to pasture, pretty much.

    Shed – it becomes familiar through use, really. I would agree that it’s modified my view of PES2018, which was entirely through the prism of ML, for the better. Still appalled at the fouls though. It was always said that there are fouls online. No, there aren’t.

    I tried to address the ‘what’s the point’ factor in the post, but it admittedly would not become clear unless and until that ‘identification’ effect with a myClub squad (or squads) kicks in for yourself. The achievements of myClub are strangely self-oriented – imagine an RPG where there was no final boss battle, but just a continuous unbroken game world of levelling up your hero(es) and fighting random encounters, obedient only to the narrative in your own head. There is the concrete goal of Promotion and avoiding Relegation in Divisions, but even that entails imagination.

    As for your ending remark, we’ve said for years that PES as it exists today is very much a reflection of how it has to be to please online players, and that view is only reinforced by spending a week with it.

  8. Neither twitching nor foaming, I do like the whole ball/lottery thing but the deep flaw in the mode is right there in your sequence of results – promoted from division 12, with one win. And then you’ll start climbing the leagues, and then what? It’s the end game I don’t see, it’s purely playing just to play, not to win a pot. I know there’s a whole team development aspect but it feels more like one of those iOS app games I play when I’m half watching the tv. It will never end as you just keep levelling and playing, it’s rpg. I love RPGs but not in football I’m afraid. And in any case they turn the servers off and all your work goes down the toilet – no return pes5 style.

  9. Uncle Turf – that’s the starter division with a purposefully easy promotion target, and believe me, it was a slog to get those 3 draws to qualify. The win was a bonus. Difficulty scales up all the way up the Divisions, to the point where you’re fighting relegation against players who are determined to win. Gary last week was saying he’s been stuck around Divisions 3-5 or so after 500+ games and with a proper star-studded team.

    That is a major demerit about the end coming when the servers go. Not that you’re one for going back to old MLs, as such, but I certainly am, and all is by no means rosy in the brave new shiny world. I believe there is a way to export ‘legend’ players from myClub for use in Master League, but that’s as far as it goes.

    I think I’ve already answered in the post the point of the mode, as I see it. Squad-building and nurturing talent can be described as ‘playing just to play’, of course, but could also be described as the point of playing, and a worthy (if light, relative to ML) goal in itself.

  10. NG – I saw the PES 19 New Trailer, what did they show us that we didnt already see in the other reveal trailer weeks back?? Nothing, thats what.
    Just more CGI graphics, good trailer but nothing informative at all, ML fgot a quick flash, but no actual info at all.

    Loads of the streaming community was re-streaming Ubisoft’s event from E3, as a result it has triggered some youtube account setting which has banned all people streaming it from streaming anything for 90 days.
    People who make a living from streaming video games, massive Games publications like IGN, VideoGamer etc, all who streamed Ubisoft’s event have been banned.

    There is a Twitter backlash against them to get them to fix it, quite amusing.

    I’m still partly with Turf in the whole ‘whats the point’ camp …. I totally get NG’s perspective that its all about the players, but I never really played ML for that in itself, obviously developing players, attaining a better team is all part of ML, but the end goal is trophies, championships, trebles…. there’s a set in stone objective, MyClub just doesn’t have that, and no matter how you dress it up, bettering players and being promoted to another division, and another, and another, with an endless slew of games, with nothing as reward other than playing even more ‘win at all cost’ opponents, isn’t really a proper reward to me.

    And as Turf rightly said, all that combining scouts, training players, playing matches, amassing GP …. when PES 19 is released, its back to square one, no carry over.

    Despite all that its still intriguing and a decent gap filler.

  11. n-G – I do get the point of playing MyClub having dabbled on and off with Star Wars Battlefront II. That game is also all about levelling up and enduring the odd bout of online misery. Given your comparison, I think I’d be more tempted to play Fallout 4 or more SW BF than MyClub though.

  12. Shed – Fallout4 is astounding. I’m only about 10 hours in total ‘in’, but just wandering this ruined, rusted world is a treat. I’ve progressed the main storyline only so far, but am refusing to continue with it for now while I build the perfect settlement. And if you’re a fan of Missile Command, as I was and still am (after Asteroids, my go-to arcade game of the late 70s/early 80s), there’s a minigame version of it in Fallout4 that’s more than adequate.

  13. For me the sad part of MyClub is that once the servers are closed, you lose everything.

    PES 2019 trailer was hilarious: “The classic uniforms will not appear in the game”.

    Amazing job Konami, as always.

  14. JS Hutt – many of us have treated/still treat ML like a one-off year-long instance of itself, though. I think they leave the myClub servers on for a 18 months or two years, not sure. True, though, say I do end up taking The Irregulars on an impossible journey, when the servers are turned off, I never get to play with that team again…

  15. Konami are definitely missing a trick with the lack of a MyClub specific app, to check bids, and arrange teams etc, maybe they’ll be something coming after 2019’s move to a more FUT orientated feel.

    If there is an option to side load legends that you have acquired in MC, into your existing ML team, then that may be a bit of a pull to warrant playing the 2 modes side by side.

  16. I think, looking ahead, based on how I feel today, I could go for being 20% a myClub player and 80% an ML player (retro ML only; won’t touch nuPES ML ever again).

    I have fired up my PES2011 ML again. It’s pure imagination of course but the colours look more vibrant and the loading times seem shorter on the new (preowned) PS3. I have checked the model number and there was no uptick in speed or graphics for this one, so it’s all subjective, like many things in PES.

  17. NG – fallout is brilliant isn’t it. If I’m not mistaken you never tried fallout 3 either but do own it, right? That’s a gem right there. Question: are you on survival difficulty in fallout 4?

  18. Madrid appoint the Spain manager?! No question of which is the tail and which the dog nowadays. International management is just not the final prize for a successful career any more.

  19. Uncle Turf – and a very Konami-like name he has too.

  20. Thanks to NG for 2 thoroughly enjoyable online matches last night, Look forward to the decider.

  21. Paul/n-G – You crazy online guys. I look forward to seeing the highlights of this epic encounter.

  22. I think NG was going to upload the match, we recorded it in its entirety.

  23. Paul – 2 good matches indeed. I think we both felt the enhanced sense of individuality – from your Sneijder in particular. At one point I thought it a shame there are no injuries/fouls in PES2018, as I’d have kicked Sneijder out of the game otherwise. (And yes, that is one of the reasons why there are no fouls and injuries in PES any more.)

    We were also able to confirm that other players do NOT see your custom kits and badges online. 100% confirmed NOT. Instead of my Edited Coventry City with my old Sky Blue kit and badge, Paul instead saw the Burton Albion kit and badge that I overwrote back in September pre-ML.

    I made a booboo with the recordings somehow and have two files that start at around the 10 mins mark into the match. In any case I have a slow upload connection (around 1.3MB at best) and it will take hours to upload one. Would you do the honours?

    Shed – this is very reminiscent now of my Rocket League enthusiasm a few years ago, which many will remember with similar disbelief.

    I am up for playing you or anyone else online this summer while the myClub mania persists, but there’s a but – I don’t want to do appointed times. I.e., I can’t do the whole ‘okay, let’s meet on Thursday at such-and-such a time’ thing. That just isn’t me and doesn’t fit in with my mental habits, as I discovered yesterday all day when I knew I couldn’t do anything else last night (such as start watching a film or whatever) as I had to be online at a certain place and time, by prior agreement.

    So I’m not doing that ever again. A horrible feeling of confinement, really. I think Paul had a similar feeling. We need to be at liberty in our own lives, not ball-and-chained to an online thing!

    So, moving forward, the way I’ll do it this summer is I’ll say ‘and I’ll be sitting in Online Lobby [number] tonight at [time] for 30 mins if anyone wants to turn up to play’. That will work for me.

  24. n-G – I’m not sure what an online lobby is or where to find it but I’m tempted to look into it as a summer thing.

    I suspected you wouldn’t be able to see each other’s edited kits and badges. What about team names?

  25. Shed – team names yes, no worries there. The kits and badges are from your own local machine, so if you were to pick Brighton for example, I would see your kit and badge OK as I have the same OF. But my CCFC kit and badge is only on my PS4.

    An online lobby is just a reserved space within a game. I.e. you would navigate to ‘Online Friendly’ in the myClub menu, and then see a list of servers to join, and follow the breadcrumb trail.

    I will next be up for an online game probably one early evening next week. I’ll put it on here and all comers are welcome. Unfortunately I won’t be able to shift that. So if I say ‘7pm for half an hour’, but you or anyone says ‘ah, I can’t do 7, can you make it 8 instead? or even 11pm tonight?’, no, I won’t be able to be flexible. I realised yesterday and last night that I can’t have that feeling of obligation hanging over me.

  26. Individuality is much more prominent online, I felt able to dribble and pull NG’s players around with Sneijder due to his ball control and dribbling ability, whereas, every time NG’s Torres got near the ball, it was danger as he can finish brilliantly.

    I definitely also feel a dampening of response online, so many times during out 2 matches I had 2 or 3 passes and moves lined up, like a snooker player planning ahead, but the delayed responses in button presses meant NG was able to close me down and block passes or dispossess me before the move could play out.

    I felt that the ‘flow’ was against me in the first match in terms of responsiveness, but was much better for me in the 2nd match, not sure if NG felt the same.

    I will upload the videos later tonight, after gym, I have a 20mb up connection so should go quite quickly.

    I could see NG’s team name ‘Coventry City FC’ but not his custom kit or badge.
    Shame that other people don’t get to see nice kit designs.

  27. Paul – I did feel something of a ‘macro’ momentum shift between the two matches, but felt it was more your increased determination to get something from the second match. I liked you upping the ante on the physical front! Nice to see a few fouls in PES2018 for once.

    I’m still on regular broadband where I live, 15MB download, and a pitiful 1MB upload (maybe that was a factor too). BT laid fibre optic cable in the road and surrounding area nearly a year ago now, but it still hasn’t come. I’m on the waiting list.

  28. NG – It was more a case of ‘defend better’ and grab something in the second game, but it did feel more responsive control input wise.
    A lot of online gamers say there is a definite momentum bias when playing online.

    I was trying to break play up with a few meaty challenges but balance it between not coming off as a ‘hack em down’ type player.

    That’s poor from BT.
    They have just upgraded our area to superfast fibre, I get 90Mb down (often more around the mid 70’s) and 20mb up, and the exchange is literally on the grass verge at the bottom of our front garden.

  29. Paul – I liked a match with some fouls in it. The offline PES2018 average of 0.5 per match is also the same online in my matches. I think there were 4 in that second match – nosebleed time.

    Speaking of which, yesterday saw the first gameplay footage from PES2019. It looks like a better-looking PES2018. No-fouls still the same.

    There’s a vs AI vid out there too somewhere.

  30. I have seen a slew of game play vids, first impressions were whilst it looks great on pitch, those menus ……. like they have been designed by a colour blind 10yr old.
    dreary, drab, greyness. not enticing at all.
    The players also look ultra nimble and fast.

  31. Yes, and after the last week and a half I know exactly why those players look ultra-nimble and fast. They have to be, or else the myClub chicken won’t lay the golden egg.

    The future for me: retro Master League on retro PES (80%), combined with myClub on current PES(20%). I know this is a viable future. It’s the best of both worlds.

    PES is no longer a single-player game. We knew this four, five years ago.

  32. Anyone else think that there is a whiff of football-related dogging about NGs offer?

  33. Better than Cottaging.

  34. Uncle Turf – I’ll be putting my offer out there on the days I’m available. One person only per day, please. Nobody spectating. Offer expires at the time stipulated. Offer-taker bears all responsibility.

    Paul – poor old Fulham.

    Incidentally, I’ve decided now to change my myClub team kit and badge now that I know none of it is seen by others online. I’ll save the custom ML kits for ML. I’ll change the myClub kit to one of my favourite-ever kits, that of Fiorentina (although this year’s effort isn’t one of their classics). I think I’ll also change the name of the team. All of this will happen in a few days when I get round to it, as I am back on ML now in PES2011 and loving it. Nice relaxing ML with a cup of tea and an audiobook playing next to me.

  35. What have I done? I went and did it, that’s what. I’ve played MyClub. I started as Brighton, did some stuff, got Torres and Mo Sallah in the lucky dip ball thing and won my first offline game 2-1 in what was actually a very enjoyable match.

    I had to rush out to do dad taxi duties after that so still have to get my head round all the other bits and bobs. I’ll have to read back a few posts for tips and tricks. It’ll be a while before I dare play another cottager, I mean human.

  36. Just catching up on the day’s comments. Gutted I got beaten to the Fulham gag. The final re-run of my World Cup predictor now shows Brazil beating Spain in the final, mind you that was before they sacked their coach. The surprise package of the tournament are Switzerland.

  37. Shed – welcome to the world of myClub. If you’re worried about it destabilising you in some way, don’t. I’ll be treating myClub as a side-quest alongside the main quest of pursuing PES excellence back through the ages.

    You got Salah! That is a massive result on the spins. To get the best out of myClub you should play 10 matches. By the end of that you should have automatically started the squad management that I believe is the core attraction of the mode. A glorified Panini sticker album, then? Yep. It’s… nice.

    After your Star Wars adventures of the past few years, online should hold no fear for you. I advise the following. Play an offline tournament. They start at Regular and grade up to Top Player difficulty, offer decent rewards (as well as GP), and are quite tough to win with a new team as I discovered.

    In the course of that you’ll acquire some items you can use to increase your Team Spirit. You’ve also got a lot of spare players. Make a reserve squad and play one or more of those cup matches with them. (Choose ‘Squad Management’ when offered to switch squads. Note you can have overlapping players in both squads, if you haven’t got enough.)

    Look at other managers too. One manager can manage multiple squads, but you’ll want other formations and tactics.

    Top tip: if accumulated stamina bothers you, your A team’s stamina recovers naturally if you swap in your B team to play a match, and vice versa. Alternate the two squads. Or you can use items to replenish them all at once.

    Seeing the PES2019 gameplay vids has reinforced my understanding of nuPES as a multiplayer game first, last, and always. And a pretty decent multiplayer game it is too.

    Seriously, give it 10 matches. Play a few online. You should be matchmaker’ed with players who are also just starting out. There’s a chance you’ll encounter a veteran player giving his lowest-ranked squad an outing, but hopefully not. People online are generally hyper-aggressive and crafty. You can play your own style and enjoy it. When you eventually see mine and Paul’s matches form last night, you’ll see me playing ultra-possession football but not really doing anything with it, and resorting to long-ball a lot of the time. I doubt I’ll ever be very good online, but I’m enjoying the squad management right now.

    Chris99 – I’m really looking forward to this World Cup now. I was happy when the domestic season ended, as it was a dull one IMO, League 2 aside. Hoping for lots of quirky interesting things from the summer now. There’s always something memorable even from a poor World Cup.

  38. A few videos to share …

    Firstly, stamina, not resting players and player fatigue in PES 2019 = INJURIES !!!


    Secondly, Played a few MyClub Divisions matches last night and aside from the constant pausing, they do this kinda crap, I hate people.

    Lastly heres the 2 games I played against NG the other night, in their entirety.

  39. Lloyd, I can’t believe we are going to have injuries…

    Now Spain has Hierro as a coach. Hopefully he will teach Ramos how to make fouls and penalties without the referee seeing them, PES style. He was really good doing that as a defender.

  40. Ng, can myclub be played purely offline? The idea of have multiple squads within the team sounds great but are you spending a lot of time managing them?

  41. Lloyd – looks nice but I’ll believe it when I see it. Same for visual stamina. IF it is implemented correctly however that would be pretty big to me.

    What boggles the mind however is that if these features are in and working correctly, why are they not included in Konami’s marketing mumbo-jumbo?

    Occam’s razor suggests I should be cynical and expect that all these features are just window dressing. But you never know..

  42. Neil – Yes, MyClub can be played purely offline.

    #1 – If you have watched any of the E3 stream videos of PES 19, you will have seen evidence of the stamina and fatigue models, there is one video I will try to find whereby the guy runs Mo Salah into the ground all game, around the 75th Min Salah’s stamina is almost zero, at this point Salah stops making runs and starts dropping closer for short balls, and you see hem gesture with his arms as if to say ‘C’mon, play it short’ when the guy tries to send him on a run. Passes were also going out of play etc.

    It looks promising.

  43. Neil – yes, offline-only is possible, you can entirely play your squad(s) in offline Cup competitions and develop them that way. Squad management can be an automated process if you choose. I.e. auto-Select by Team Strength/by Team Spirit. Manual direct control is so much better though and not at all time-intensive. The squad management and player development really is the best part of myClub for me as an ML veteran.

    Paul – that’s at least twice you’ve met opponents who do things like that. I’ve not met one of them yet but it’ll happen eventually.

    And there are the vids, cheers for uploading, and as you can see from Paul’s POV I’m playing in a yellow and black Burton Albion kit. On my PS4 Burton were overwritten by my Edited ML team, so I see my CCFC kits and badges. It has to be that way alas, because otherwise you’d have people playing in custom kits festooned with cocks and balls.

  44. As for this injury vid – the big unanswered question is, what happened next? I.e., was that just a cosmetic animation, and nothing happened next? Or was the player forced to make a sub? We need to know the answer to this.

  45. Just watched the first few minutes of our game 1, Paul, and I have to say, that’s some good PES on show there. A very small minority play like that online. If only Konami really would enforce that style of play using stamina, injuries, fouls etc. At the moment it’s voluntary as to whether or not the player(s) play football or not, which says it all about the state of online football gaming really.

    Your defensive block at around 4 mins annoyed me at the time as it was one of those where when I pressed the button I knew ‘goal!’.

    I notice you don’t have the opponent’s players’ names on above their heads, but you do your own. That looks weird to me.

  46. NG – I never used to have any names above heads because I was so familiar with my ML team I knew who was who, I only turned them on for MyClub as I wasn’t yet used to my team and it was useful to know who had the ball.

    Every player I played last night did those silly annoyance tricks during a game, the next opponent after that match got the brunt of my wrath, I unleashed Sneijder upon him and won that match 2-1 but could have been more.

    Promotion to Div 11, Created a PESFX FC B Team, currently loding bronze and silver players into it, and assigned a German Manager who plays a 4-2-2-2.

    Tried to bid for 2 scouts, one for Egypt, and one for Liverpool in order to get Mo Salah, starting bid in round 1 for the Egypt scout was 4000 GP, I put in a max bid of 20,000 with 40 mins to go, I was outbid, over 20k for a scout and thats just on round 1.
    There were no scouts at all on offer for Liverpool as current club, not one.

  47. Paul – I meant it looks weird to me not to have the names above both sides’ players. I’ve always played with both on, as I like to see who’s on the ball. Flicking my eyes awkwardly to the bottom of the screen and back again wrenches me out of the game. Just odd to see a match I played in portrayed from your POV with the ‘wrong’ kits! (although the look of those Burton kits have grown on me – very Dortmund-like). I’ll edit a highlights package of the two matches later as played out on my PS4 screen with my settings, and upload it if I get time, and you’ll see what I mean.

    Re. Salah and the Scouts, you don’t need a Liverpool scout to get him. See the 100% list at the bottom here: http://pesdb.net/pes2018/?id=57123 E.g. I bet ‘Egypt’ and ‘left foot’ and ‘prolific winger’ scouts will be available and relatively cheap. Look at what he develops to as well. 97 Speed…

    Did you see Shed’s comment where he got Salah in a spin…

    I played a player after you on Tues who was about a 5/10 on the obnoxious front – averagely obnoxious, but not overly so – who had Timo Werner of Leipzig up front, and he was a total beast. Reminded me of a short Schwarz. He’s now on my ‘must get if I can’ list. This is the positive thing with playing against human players. They actually do utilise individual PES players the way we all wish the AI would. I saw more PES individuality in your use of Sneijder the other night than in 4 years of coming up against him or any of the big-name players in Master League. And that is a great shame.

  48. I cant access that link here from work, but i’ll have a look later.
    I did see Shed say he got Salah in a spin, surprised me as he is a black ball player, they don’t usually just dish those out.

    I span the Spanish Stars last night, and landed on a black ball, was some RWF Rated 83 OVR that I had never heard of.

  49. Paul – that sounds very promising, must’ve missed those things, and I hope I’m proven wrong come release time.

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