I have seen the Yellow Light

Monday morning, 4th June 2018, started like any other. It’s my cherished Monday morning tradition to have a leisurely breakfast and then spend an hour or two on whatever football game I’m playing at the moment. In recent years, Monday morning is often my first footy gaming since at least the Friday before.

I’m playing Master League in PES2011 on the PS3. I am in the middle of Season 3. It’s been a wonderful experience so far, going back to play a PES that was not made with the online player uppermost in mind.

My first order of business was to decide whether or not I was going to get Old Forlan in the mid-Season 3 transfer window, I’ve been dithering about it for a few sessions now.

I also put a very cheeky bid in for the ageing Drogba, who is currently at Stoke in my ML world. Drogba was way out of my price range – £16m.

I decided not to get Forlan. My squad, such as it is, is a settled one. And Old Forlan is not as old as I thought. I thought he was about 36 going on 37. Turns out he’s actually 34. So he’ll be 35 in Season 4. I’ll get him then, and enjoy a season with him. Or so I thought…

My first match after the transfer window happened to be against Stoke, and Drogba happened to be their pre-match screen representative.

I went into the formation screen, checked that all my First XI were on their customary positive form arrows (the benefits of investing in quality backroom staff).

I clicked Kick Off.

The loading screen started to go through its paces.

I was fiddling with my phone. I let the loading cutscenes continue without interruption for longer than I usually do.

I was still looking at my phone when I heard my PS3 make a peculiar sound – or rather, make the absence of sound. It was the sound of silence.

All consoles make noise. There’s an ambient wheeze in the room at all times. When that wheeze suddenly goes silent, you know something is up.

This was the sight on the TV:

Just that. Nothing else.


I waited for a minute. Then I sighed, and pressed and held the power button on the PS3 for several seconds, an attempt at a hard reboot – but it did nothing. Eventually I had to unplug the PS3 at the power socket. I still wasn’t too worried. We’ve all done this hard-hard reboot of a games console several times. The kind of scenario where the console gives you a gentle bollocking at the next power-up. Nothing to be greatly concerned about.

I waited a polite minute for the capacitors to discharge or whatever, then turned it back on.

Three sharp, loud beeps. Again, this was nothing to worry ab-


A Yellow Light.


And that was that. My PS3 had gone for the old Yellow Light Of Death. I knew what to do, what to try. All the unplugging of leads, and blowing into vents, and whatnot. I did them all.

This has happened to me before – way, way back in April 2009, my original 60GB backward-compatible PS3 died a similar death.

From August 2009:

Nobody expects the Yellow Light Of Death

(I’ve only just discovered that I can place snippets of previous posts like this. Click the title to read the whole thing.)

On that occasion I sent the PS3 off to a firm called ConsoleDoctor for a repair, which cost £70. Which was well worth it. I got many more months of use out of that PS3 before it died its final death in April 2010:

Requiem for a PS3

The brand new slim PS3 that I describe myself buying and setting up in the above post, is the PS3 that has now died, 8 years later.

It hurts, it’s annoying, but not as much as you might imagine. I am completely backed up on EVERYTHING.

I have a full clone image of the PS3 hard drive stored on an external HDD, which includes all the PES2011 Option File images — but not the most recent saves, unfortunately.

Fortunately, I renewed my PS+ a few weeks ago. My most recent saves should all be safely stored online.

It won’t take much for me to get back up and running. At worst, I think I will lose a session’s progress.

But of course for that to happen, I need a functioning PS3.

I am not getting a brand-new one. I will check the prices on eBay and Amazon, and also in physical stores. I will also check to see if a ConsoleDoctor-type repair is more financially viable. (It’s looking like it’s not.)

So there we have it. At best it’ll take me several days to get back on my feet and resume PES2011 on another PS3. I think it might be a week or more, though, as there’ll be lots of faffing around to do with restoring the clone image from the external HDD to the new PS2 and so forth. That’s a few hundred GB of data. And I have to actually get the new PS3 first.

But I will do it. PES is worth it. PES2011’s ML was just getting going, really. I have to see where it takes me.

What do I do in the meantime? Obviously I am not going to play any other Master League and risk disrupting my immersion in PES2011.

But I have to play something.

FIFA17 or FIFA18 on the PS4? But what mode would I play? Ultimate Team? World Cup?

Or are there any devoted PES2018 myClub players lurking out there who want to seize this opportunity to persuade me that it’s worth giving a chance to? Don’t be afraid to tell me how mistaken I am, and how good it all is.

This little hiatus from the flow of events is most unexpected.

Normal service will soon be resumed, I am sure.

Updated: 5th June 2018 — 11:43


  1. You need to edge this post in black and have the Chopin funeral march playing softly in the background. Goodbye old PS3, safe journey.

    The cost of them nowadays I think you should forget repair and place it in a small boat, push it off the riverbank and shoot a flaming arrow into the vessel.

    maybe I’ve been playing Skyrim a little too long…

  2. It’s God’s way of telling you to play a FIFA 18 World Cup tournament.

  3. NG – Oh crickey I never saw that coming. I hope all is revolved soon. Pity I have just given away a PS3 as I had no room for 3 consoles. As for previous post I am hoping to stick with Fleetwood now as I have felt a real connection with the team. Also thanks to having a week off last week it meant I got through season 1 in 6 days which is good going for a modern Fifa.

  4. RIP nG’s PS3 II. My son has a rather pathetic video of me having done all those “fixes” on my beloved Phat PS3, when it suffered the same fate. It ends with the three-beeps and me looking genuinely crestfallen. “Oh well, at least I tried,” has become a family in-joke because of that vid. And no, I’m not posting it here.

    n-G – Maybe you should try FIFA 18’s World Cup mode, just because we’re edging towards that time. I’d certainly be interested in what you make of it.

    I played it last night and it looks the business – as FIFA always does with all its licences. I’m still not quite feeling the gameplay for some reason – with or without tried-and-tested sliders.

  5. Hmmmm. YLOD and WENB closing on the same morning.

  6. Repair is indeed more pricey and there’s too much packing-and-sending nonsense to go with it. I was in town just now and could have walked out of CeX with a 500GB Slim PS3 for £75. I held off, as if I had got it, it’d be sitting in its box on the floor right now and would stay there until next week. I might as well see what’s available on eBay/Amazon over the coming days as I won’t get time to do all the setting up that I would have to do, including transferring 300+ GB of data from the cloned copy on an external HDD. I think that part of it will take 10 hours or more. USB2 ports on the PS3.

    After the YLOD yesterday morning I still had to play something in my usual slot, so I stuck in the FIFA17 disc in the PS4 and played a few matches of a custom World Cup. What a wonderful sensation being back on the current-gen console! Not at all convinced about the game still, but it was good enough.

    Undecided what to do for the next few days. I was saying a few weeks ago how I had not got round this year to even playing my usual token session of online footy gaming. Every year, I at least play something. So I’m thinking either Ultimate Team or myClub should get a look-in here while I’m getting my new PS3 and setting it up.

    So, if any lurking online players DO want to de-lurk – or indeed if any regulars wish to out themselves as secret online players – and want to make a case for me playing a few sessions of either UT or myClub, despite all my foaming-at-the-mouth anti-online ranting of the past 10 years, now is actually a good time!

  7. Lloyd – YLOD was yesterday, when WENB was still very much up as I had a look. I see the forums are down today, but is it terminal or maintenance?

  8. It’s been announced on Twitter that’s is closed due to the toxicity and there are no plans to reopen it

  9. Blimey, you have to admire WENB’s admin for being so ruthless but no forums will surely spell the end of that site. There is no other content, not that I go there very often.

    The timing also seems a little odd what with PES 2019 on the horizon and the fact that all forums are full of scathing comments and putdowns these days. I mean, just look at some of the abuse Paul gets on here over his mink slippers and solid gold latte skimming spoon.

  10. It’s nectar to Paul, he loves watching us plebs aim token jibes at him while he alters our future with his almighty algorithmic powers (on a diamond and saffron keyboard of course).

    I’ve only been on wenb once in months (I never posted) and it was a page of game discussion followed by twenty odd pages of ‘you know f’all’ ‘no, you do and I’ll quote your stuff back at you’. It was as dead as Adam’s twitter feed. We can only hope the massed ranks of middle earth don’t head towards this gentle and accommodating site.

    75 quid seems overpriced this day and age – like my ps2 buy you could easily get an eBay bundle that might pay back a large slice of cash by way of second hand trade ins. In the meantime there’s only one thing for it…..bal….bal…bal…bal….bal…..

  11. A shame about WENB, as that’s a little bit of PES history gone. Just been reading on EvoWeb that WENB was left largely unmoderated in recent months, and that explains why whenever I dipped into the place, most of the posts were at various stages of ongoing arguments, where the participants would quote previous posts, then the response would also quote that post, until it got to the stage where entire webpages consisted of perhaps 3 posts quoting other posts in a massive chain. Scrolling for ages to read somebody saying ‘no, you’ at the bottom – which would then be quoted in its entirety in the next post, and so on. Probably that multiple-post-quoting thing is the telltale sign of a mostly unmoderated internet forum.

    Uncle Turf – I’m considering a very competitive £59 160GB PS3 from Amazon at the moment. I might just swoop for that £75 500 GB on my day off next week though. In the meantime I’m afraid BaL just isn’t going to cut it. I’m still waiting for somebody to make a sincere and passionate case for either Ultimate Team or myClub to occupy my next few days. I bet there is a lurker and/or a regular commenter who secretly plays one of them, who could have a go. What is it about these modes that I just don’t get? What is it about playing online that is actually all right, or possibly even good?

    Shed – unless WENB reinvents itself in some way, that site is now dead, yes, which is sad. Back in 2007 it was so hip and happening, the creation of two superfans, a labour of love etc. I personally enjoyed the period when Adam was the forum admin and ruled it like a cranky Darth Vader, which was a great demonstration of how having a strict editorial policy gives a media outlet an identity and a direction (as with newspapers like the Daily Mail and the Guardian etc). I see PESfan is also down currently, for maintenance only – that site is well overdue for a renaissance. PES Gaming is still alive! EvoWeb, of course. Reddit’s WEPES section is quite lively lately. There’s still a lot of the PESverse left online.

  12. Oh Jesus!! This is mad after my own PS3 re-visit (and the purchase of quite a few old classics my own original never repaired PS3 60GB lasted 3 weeks from there it has been My Club! Im outed I feel like the closet door is open!! More info to follow about individuality and why the old online game might recapture old pes given time better than anything I have ever seen………

  13. Gary – well I’ve spent today amusing myself with a game-game on my PS4 hard drive (Fallout4 finally getting a proper airing) and wondering if I really have it in me to even dip a toe into the online footy gaming world. Re. the UT/myClub thing, there is method in my madness: I caught a whiff of a comment on a forum the other week that players can be developed and grown in myClub now, that it’s very hard to build a decent squad and nigh on impossible to get Messi, Ronaldo et al, and that the experience of playing it is more ML-like than ML is. Can it be true?? And can there really be any greatness in football gaming when other people are the opposition?

  14. ach what bad luck not-Greg. My own original phat PS3 died, after almost 10 years trusty service, just at the culmination of an epic PES2014 campaign and I still wonder whether I might have won the treble that season on the final ‘proper’ PES. I recommend you take a break from footy gaming until you get back onto PES2011

  15. NG – Bad luck dude. I remember my old PS3 fat dying two weeks before PES 2014 came out. I managed to get funds together to get a slim with twice the mem of the old one and two pads. Still in working order I think.

  16. Sorry to hear about your YLOD NG, just as PES 11 was hitting the heights for you too, as you say, will be relatively easy to be back up and running but the inconvenience of the fiddling to do so is unwanted.

    I had the day off yesterday as it was my Birthday, and after a gym and spa session, fired up FIFA 18 WC Mode, have to say, its pretty damn glorious.

    Fairly basic in that you choose a team, play your group matches and attempt qualification, with n other real options or anything to do than pick your team and play, but thats all you really need from such an add-on mode.

    As usual the presentation is superb with every WC stadium represented, and WC specific commentary delivered superbly, but the game play for me, was sublime.

    There have been two supplementary game play patches since I last played FIFA 18, and EA have definitely without a doubt improved various elements of on-pitch play, plus im using the Operation Sports sliders, and every match just felt amazing.

    I played as England, on World Class Level, drew my first group game 2-2 against Tunisia after being 2-0 up, then beat panama 5-0, then lost 3-1 to Belgium. I squeaked through on GD.

    Player individuality felt really good, Kane’s finishing is deadly, whilst Belgium had DeBruyne bossing midfield with his passing, Lukaku powerful up front, Hazard dribbling all over the shop, Alderweild cutting out my build up play at the back … you could really tell every players unique and real-life strengths.

    A late 2-1 win in extra time vs Poland followed in the last 16 round, then I was trounced 3-1 by Germany in the Quarters, again, Muller etc really showed their skills, Germany played the ball around, dictated pace, kept the ball late on, just realistically managed the game. Impressive.

    Quite keen to reinstate my Newcastle FIFA 18 Career now after sampling the goodness once again.

    Forgot to mention, The wife bought me a Ltd edition Star wars themed PS4 Pro for my birthday, so was playing FIFA in glorious 4k, and it shows, the visuals are so crisp and clear and vivid.
    Also fired up PES 18 to see how that looks and again, really vivid crisp graphics, you can see individual blades of grass, and details on club badges etc from normal game play cam.

    As for WENB – about time, that place was a cesspit of PES fanboyism, and general aggressive, swear word laden posts just promoting peoples egos.

  17. Paul – Many happy returns for yesterday. That Star Wars PS4 Pro sounds right up my street although I can barely imagine the current crop of games looking any more glorious than they do. The quality of game graphics these days is amazing – even more so having spent time on PS2 of late.

    I don’t know why FIFA 18 isn’t quite clicking with me. It’s so PES-like in the way it plays (or PES 2018 is very FIFA-like) but I still can’t quite feel settled with it. I too have implemented the Operation Sports Sliders using World Class but assisted passing.

  18. Thanks Shed. getting on a bit now.
    I was amazed how much extra clarity 4k provided, and as PS4 Pro is a much more powerful console, it runs a lot quicker and frame rates are much better, so animations are smoother, less interlacing, and just looks really nice overall.

    This is the one i got:

    Just been looking at the new Samsung QLED Tv, seriously tempted now as my current 4k TV doesn’t have HDR.

  19. Well, yesterday morning and again last night, I played Fallout4. I actually started playing it a few weeks ago but never mentioned it here, as I have a habit of jinxing game-games by talking about playing them before they’ve got off the ground. Well, now I’m Level 10, with several quests under my belt (and I like the way you can control how many quest markers appear on the compass). What a haunting, unpeopled world it is. Just starting to really build my own settlements.

    I can’t take abbeyhill’s advice and hold off on all football gaming until I’m back up and running with a new PS3. It’s part of my life. E.g. today, with 40 mins or so to spare before work, I’m not going to start up Fallout4 – I’m just not ever going to do that. I need 2 or 3 hours to enjoy Fallout 4. In that 40 mins, I want a footy game.

    Still waiting to hear back from Gary about how grievously misjudged myClub is. As I remark above, I did read a few weeks ago some very interesting views on the mode as it is in PES2018. There is player development, and rubbish starting Defaults, and Default-only squads, etc. Relatively few players have Messi and Ronaldo etc, and they have usually paid money for them.

    But I will probably start up FIFA17 and amuse myself with tournament mode.

  20. Paul (and Shed) – just a shame Star Wars has gone ‘a bit nuPES’ with the two recent films.

    Re. the 4k TVs, it’s inevitable they’ll be the standard eventually, and I am keeping an eye on prices. Quite reasonable already, but I’m anticipating a massive drop as the takeup really kicks in. I remember when I stubbornly sticking with a CRT TV for a year or two after flatscreens came in, then not believing I waited so long when I finally made the jump.

  21. n-G – The new Solo Star Wars movie is really fun but because it’s not made massive money over its opening weekend, it’s being labeled a bad movie. The Last Jedi enjoyed huge box office success which helped it avoid being criticised for the poorly put together movie it is.

    As for online PES, I’m willing to give it a go but I find playing human opponents rather stressful at times in a way playing the AI isn’t. There’s just something about knowing there is some stranger is punching the air in glee as they score a flying back-heel a winning goal that makes me all angsty.

    Paul – Are you playing assisted passing on FIFA 18? I think I’m going to try the same settings but with semi-passing and assisted through-balls, just to see if it might help me get into the gameplay a little more. The shooting though is utterly brilliant.

  22. Shed – I play semi assisted passing, semi assisted crossing and assisted through balls.

    NG – RE: MyClub …… ashamedly over the last couple of months, I have been dabbling with this, just kept it quiet.
    I have played a mixture of Online divisions and general MyClub matches.

    A quick summary ….

    Upon startinhg and opening my ‘welcoming’ player packs, I was given Sneijder, Dybala, and Ramos. So immediately had 3 superstar players in my squad.
    I had built up thousands of GP over the year, so used it frivolously on ball spins, either via a special agent, or scout, or legends agent.
    I never managed to get one single ‘Legend’ or Black ball player, I had one Gold Player, and the rest were all silver, so Mid 60’s – mid 70’s rated players, I spent about 150,000 GP in total, but no real money.

    The whole idea of building a squad, having to bid for or buy manager cards, contracts for players, use skill or form or condition cards on certain players etc, whilst climbing up the divisions is actually quite addictive, there is just one major issue with the whole MyClub thing …… People.

    99% of the people I played against (and it does match you quite closely by skill rating etc) were all ‘Play to win at all cost’ types.
    Ridiculous tactics, high pressure, pass to the fastest player and sprint, direct play, pinball one touch passing, hack you down anytime you get the ball, watch replays for every goal, lag cheating, pausing the game for the max time allowed for no reason ….. it was all there in abundance.

    I don’t have the patience for those types of people.

  23. Shed – I loved The Force Awakens but was appalled by Last Jedi. Not actually seen Solo yet. I refuse go to cinemas with people and their phones in them (not been since 2003 or so) so I need to wait for a decent copy to pop up online.

    What I’ve heard about myClub is that there’s about a 50/50 AI/human opponent ratio, as the offline vs COM matches and tournaments are so well rewarded with ‘GP’ (groan) and the like that it incentivises that sort of mixture. Paul had a look a month or so ago, I remember, and seemed to enjoy everything but the actual matches.

  24. Clearly the answer is to create a pes chronicles league. We’ve got along for years now but within minutes of online play against each other it could all go disastrously wrong…

    I couldn’t get away with fallout at all because it’s so bleak. It’s not just me, I’ve spoken to other people who are put off by the opening scenes in the cryo chamber and either think it’s unnecessarily grim or they simply don’t care about the need to find (spoiler).

  25. A PesChronicles League could actually be quite good fun, scheduled matches vs each other with a League, or 2 groups and then a KO and finals. I’d be up for that.
    The stumbling block could be that not many of us are actually playing the same game.

  26. Paul – very interesting news from you there. I’m simultaneously impressed and scandalised! And I wonder how many secret myClub players there are reading this, who’ve been put off revealing themselves and arguing the case for myClub, by my spittle-flecked Nuremberg-style ranting over the years?

    Would you say your experience of squad-building in myClub is akin to classic Master League? That’s what I heard in the wind the other week and it has intrigued me. I.e. do you see incremental growth, with it being a pretty big deal to get a better player, who then makes a marked difference on the pitch? And of course there is traditional ‘levelling up’ of players through accumulated EXP points now, which was new in PES2018 I believe. (News that completely passed me by.) Can you keep, say, Hettich and level him up to be a world class player?

    Your initial 3 classic players seems to have been a one-off. The ‘spins’ not bringing you any of the Ronaldos, et al. I’ve heard that’s the common experience, and if so, that’s a massive plus-point for the mode. I had assumed literally everyone had access to Neymar, Messi and co. if they wanted it (without spending money).

    As ever, people are the weakest element of any online experience. Do you ever get an opponent who plays ‘properly’? And if you do, and then you or your opponent takes the lead, does the other automatically default to the sprinting aggression style? I always found that sadly to be the case in experiences of years gone by. No matter how well-intentioned, when my back’s against the wall, I would play just like the usual online player does.

    Uncle Turf (and Paul) – I have nothing against the idea of a PES Chronicles league in principle. It’s the cold hard fact that would get in the way. First, this is all moot unless enough are playing online, ideally including me, and that would be a considerable turn-up for the books, to put it mildly.

    I think I will pick up the £75 500GB PS3 from CeX this week, and should be back up and running on PES2011 by Monday evening. Which means there are 5 days for me to sample myClub. It’s happening. Friday’s post will be about it. I’ll start today, in my 40 minutes! If the unlikely happens, a PES Chronicles league is on.

    Re. Fallout4, I am ignoring the main quest line to find [spoiler] for now while I just immerse myself in the world. I am a huge sci-fi fan, not so much of the slightly skewed sci-fi of the Fallout world (1950s atomic steampunk etc.), but still loving this.

  27. NG – I didnt mention my MC exploits as I didn’t think I’d be playing it for long so wasn’t worth mentioning.
    As a result I dont feel I have played enough MyClub to give a valid comparison between it and classic ML squad building, but on first impressions, I’d say No, it is nothing like ML.

    In ML you start with a poor squad, choose your formation, tinker around with it until you find a system which ‘works’ to some degree with the poor players you have, then over time, acquire better players and slowly build your squad, in the relevant transfer windows.

    In MyClub, you start with a predetermined squad, and can acquire players at any time, as many as you want by using GP, either via the scout (for a specific position or skill trait) or by bidding in the auction house, or by spinning balls via an agent.
    You have to also acquire a manager who has a set formation, so you can only change formations if the manager card you have allows it, or by buying with GP one that has the formation you wish to try, no experimenting at free will.
    Players do ‘level up’ which is akin to training ML players I guess, but you also have to constantly keep acquiring cards to renew contracts, replenish stamina etc, which gets very tiresome and excessive.

    Apart from moving up divisions, there is nothing real to play for in MyClub either, you can enter the odd tournament but unless you’re a R4pT0R!!# Type 15yr old player you’ll never get anywhere in them, so it’s just moving up divisions from 12 to 1, collecting GP as you go along to buy new players, cards, managers etc.

    Its top trumps basically with the addition of playing matches thrown in.

    I’d say 1 in every 8 matches I played I came up against someone decent who wanted to play good football, was sporting and not a complete fucktard.

    My opinion is that if you are in a big ‘clan’ like the PESUniverse guys who play MyClub Co-op matches or 11 on 11 etc with your mates then its a great well implemented sociable game mode and good fun.
    For the single player who wants a career type experience, it definitely doesn’t fill that void.

    There nay be something in it that you can latch on to though, might even revisit myself and have another look around.

  28. OK MyClub after 551 matches:
    I will be buying PES 2019 on launch day because of this mode I have now placed PES 2018 way up on my PES rankings because of this mode, and as anyone knows I was not the biggest 2018 fan. I am here since the ISS days I know me PES your honour! Why I hear you ask well here we go.

    The mode itself whilst basic at a top level has many many layers. Agents, managers, players all have a massive effect on the pitch. I was luckily advised before I started not to use my saved GP for the first few sessions or any of the other free spins the game would throw at me. It is all about steady and slow growth your 1 star teams needs to progress to a 2 star and on to 3 not in session 1 but organically over time. I now have a four star team which is a struggle to stay at that level so I have to leave some star players out every match (yes this is a thing that sounds ridiculous but in practice is highly tactical).

    Once a week the special agents/challenges change it is now my Thursday morning first thing to check on my phone what mode is available this week. In the current mode it is a COM match daily that if you win gives you 5XTrainers who each will add 2,000 exp to your players which over a week spent on 1/2/3 players at varying levels could transform a team. The special agent is a 250 gold coin agent for a gold or blackballl player. Nothing can prepare you for the excitement of a blackball spin when you find yourself involved in the game! It is the equivalent of a 90+ minute winner!!!

    To stress I have never spent a penny on the mode and have ample coin and GP for whatever I want! The game is generous and if you apply common sense no issue playing for free.

    Player development sees every player with a level gauge e.g. 1/50 some agents will give you a player already at level 30 others at level 1. I got Mpappe at level 1 and now have him at level 42 this is achieved through playing matches and trainers. trainers have 2 types specials or players you don’t want and convert to trainers which in turn makes ex points available to the trainee. It is a slow process initially you could raise a 75 rated player with one special trainer to a 78 Ovr but as the levels increase so does the ex required for the next level.

    On contracts players all are contracted for 10 games after this you need to pay a renewal fee you do not have to pay this instantly though and could merely leave the player out you will not lose them. I however have always had the funds for this no issue. Managers are expensive and have a 25 game contract if they meet the criteria the renewal is free if not its GP again I have never had an issue and have bought 3 managers. Tactically you need to stick to their formation with small changes being applicable from your side again it adds an element you will need to ensure you have the players for a formation and your own ability.

    On the pitch I can honestly say at the start I was very cynical the team star element makes ROnaldo impossible to face in 1 star and if you were playing against him with 2 star the rest of the team would be so bad to accommodate it would be a doddle, truthfully now at 4 star I don’t worry about a ROnaldo or Messi I will mark them out of the game and tactically unless the opponent is better than me it won’t be an issue.

    Other player ah yes the ionline I will win no matter what I have to do yes it can be annoying as hell it can also be rewarding on another level, when you play your own game at your pace around a player who is attempting to harry and press it feels so so good! I have seen so many sending’s off and countless penalties which is such a contradiction to offline play. I have also experienced some of the deepest tactical master classes that I have ever played in via this mode a 1-1 with a similar minded guy is a game I will think about for the rest of my pes days!!! In summary you become better and better and the annoying human becomes nothing more than a stubborn AI team you play your game you break them down it really is something I was unprepared for to happen but it has! Sometimes you will lose to an inferior “little prick” but take it and move on the next match will be better!
    Division is a intriguing mode starts off easy gets so hard! 10 games points visible to stay up point to be promoted nothing more simple but effective. I have gotten to div 3 and one point away from 2 but now find myself in 5. For a promotion or staying in the same division you get a free contract renewal which for top players is very useful as their costs are high!
    My starting team is Buffon (free team of the year black-ball), Thiago Silva, (weekly agent 10,000 Gp) Marqunius, Sane, Sergio Busquettes, Insigne, Mane, Hamsik, Romario (7 blackball legends week) and Mbappe and my manager is current inter manager with no money spent!

    Do it give it a proper chance!!

  29. So now I know Paul’s name, where he works, and his birthday. All I need are his mother’s maiden name and some fake biceps. Then I’ll be ready to launch Operation Chrome Ocelot.

  30. Gary — that is a brilliant write-up and exactly what I was asking for, much appreciated. I’ve just dipped my toe in and actually played a match too (offline, too scared to take the no-hopers I’ve got online). I have some follow-up questions I’ll ask later when I get the chance.

  31. Gary – That is indeed a good introduction to My Club, given that I have never even looked at the mode. I’m still confused by it and unsure what the ultimate goal is in playing it but it’s clear this is where Konami has been focussing its resources while letting ML grow stale.

    I’ll look forward to n-G’s early impressions of it but suspect he will come running back to offline modes as soon as he encounters one of those obnoxious on-liners.

  32. Good summary Gary but you already have a team of Superstars, whats the point in ‘spinning’ for other players now? there wont be much better than what you already have.
    Secondly, as I mentioned, You aren’t playing for anything in MyClub, other than to earn more GP, to yet again spin balls to acquire more players.

    There is no long term objective, just to win matches on a match by match basis.

    I personally find the whole having to keep renewing contracts and buy specific cards in order to train players, or increase stats or play a different formation, intrusive and annoying.

  33. Chris – How do you know what I choose to show you is not just an alias or persona?
    I worked in Info Security, and Fraud, you see what i want you to see 😉

  34. @ Paul I would have to disagree with you I am pressed all the time by the allure of Division 1 and actually doing well in it! GP earning for me is no motive promotion relegation etc. Thats what presses me on. Also my team of Superstars still not 5 star level many of those will need much more development plus I have a 70’s rated Casimero, Vardy that I am also working on, stamina is a big thing in my club 1/2 games in a row max before you need to rest them also would not dream of playing a down arrow. Strenght in depth is whats needed and I dont have it yet! I love the contracts things and the special trainers are from special matches you bloody well earn them when I see one pop up im delighted!
    @N-G cheers and happy to answer any questions you might have from issues you encounter!
    @Shed yes agreed they have put the time in MC and allowed ML to go backward.
    I never ever thought the mode would get me but after a week I was hooked. It can be knocked it can be spoken as just spinning balls but there is a world to it that has way more depth than “some other modes :-)) in 2018!

  35. Gary – Thats fair enough mate, if you are enjoying the mode then great, we all pay our money and whatever satisfaction we get from the game, whichever mode we play, is positive stuff.

    I’m speaking purely from a standpoint of NG’s original question in that is MyClub akin to the old classic Master League experience, and in my opinion, no, its not.

    If you are happy just playing match after match in order to move up through virtual divisions, if that satisfies you then fine, but its not like ML whereby you play to get promoted, win leagues, win cups, and qualify for europe.
    Once you hit division 5 and above on MyClub, the players playing are either of such a high level, because a lot of them devote their free time which they have plenty of, to gaming, often, its their actual occupation, or they are just so ‘win at any cost’ that the fucktard to decent player ratio is 1 in every 25 matches, if that.

    Also worth considering that so much of the MyClub mode is made of non-playing essentials such as acquiring trainers, contract cards, manager cards, spinning balls, choosing squad selections, etc, that if you play the mode properly, at the level of depth which would make it worth bothering with, then out of an hours session, you may only get time to play one match, what with all the other dickering around you have to do.

    I have seen streams on Youtube of MyClub, that are 45 mins long and the guy doesn’t even actually play a single match.
    That doesn’t fit into the restricted time / pick up and play / disposable accessibility that Master League does.

    In its own right, MyClub probably is a wonderful game mode, very in depth and tactical, but ML or a viable alternative, to the single offline player, it is not.

  36. Right, well I had a very interesting hour before work (not 40 mins). First of all, my first boot up of PES2018 since whenever I stopped ML left me with mixed feelings.

    Then I played a single one-off (i.e. not myClub) warmup online match from the main PES2018 menu. After much dithering I settled on… Fulham as my choice. I was paired with an opponent who had chosen… I was expecting ‘Barca’ or ‘Real’. It was similar: Spain.

    I drew it 1-1. He was all over me but I have always been a solid defender online, in all my little dabblings. I sensed him getting frustrated and I bet he was gutted at the end not to have won. Nelson Muntz says ‘haha’.

    Onto myClub and it was all a bit bewildering. I thought I was somewhat familiar with the mode, having had a previous dalliance in PES2016 (I think I played it for a week back then). But a lot has changed.

    First of all — PAUL — there was no starter pack of star players, no packs, and no cards of any kind in evidence! I was handed my starting squad of Defaults (more or less the same as ML) and allowed to pick 1 star player to have on loan. (I chose ‘Ibra’.) I also explored every menu looking for the Auction house to sign players with my impressive amount of GP. There isn’t one! So a swift Columbo-like deduction later tells me you’ve been playing Ultimate Team as well! (What’s it like?)

    Gary — a few questions. I have many but no time right now, got to work.

    *I saw your tip about not splurging my GP, and haven’t. I ‘only’ have 80,000 though, which seems low considering how it must have added up. Is there anywhere I’m not looking? (I originally did disable Internet access for PES2018 as a whole from day 1, fed up of the ‘GP’ notices in ML. I’m guessign this is where my missing GP is.)

    *I had a few ballspins regardless, because heck, why not. I got some decidedly average Silver players and one OK Gold, my old friend C BACCA. I didn’t spend any more GP than that. Is there any lore around when to press the button, or is the outcome predetermined and you’re watching a cosmetic animation?

    *I see there’s a sale on Managers at the moment, named after ML Classic players — Burchet and Espimas et al. Are any of these worth it?

    *You have got a good team after 500+ matches, which is the same amount of matches as about 12 seasons of ML! When did you start? At what stage of those 500+ matches did you start to accrue the good players?

    *Is there any other team in the higher divisions with a levelled-up Castledine/Hettich/whoever still playing? Am I dreaming about keeping some of them around? Giorza?

    *I only had time to play one offline match and the difficulty seemed locked to Regular. I won easily of course. Any way to change offline difficulty?

    *The game’s little demo of how the Scouting system works puzzled me. It suggests that the only way — literally the ONLY way — to sign a particular named player is to ‘triangulate’ him using a combination of scouts. I.e. if I wanted to sign Ibrahimovic, I would have to have Scouts who were ‘players from Sweden’, ‘position: CF’, and so on — and even that might not get me Ibra. Is that correct — there is NO other way to sign individual players — or have I missed something?

    That’s more questions than I thought I had time for.


    For anyone bemused about all this, it stems from PES2011. As everyone who knows their PES history knows, Master League Online, which became myClub, started in PES2011. I was reading up on the lore of PES2011 over the past week and read about MLO, and then myClub, and a few further steps (capped by the PS3 going kaput) have led me to here.

  37. @Paul seriously mate I do think if you put time into you would see that 80% of your last post is not right! I am honestly not on for a virtual debate or to justify my “MC” expirience and I dont think that you are either but trust me, I spin less than a ball a day prob average one ever second day. Trainers are aquired through special matches, contracts are a yes no answer, squad selection is similar time given to any footy game I have ever played. uTube for ML is just crazy pay nop attention.
    Virtual division yes promotions relegations yes but how does that differ so much from ML, inb Divisions I can get promoted, win a league or division true cant qualify for virtual Europe. 1/25 is also harsh anyway as you say we all pay or money and right now I am getting a better expirience than ML has provided in years.

  38. @NG
    *I saw your tip about not splurging my GP, and haven’t. I ‘only’ have 80,000 though, which seems low considering how it must have added up. Is there anywhere I’m not looking? (I originally did disable Internet access for PES2018 as a whole from day 1, fed up of the ‘GP’ notices in ML. I’m guessign this is where my missing GP is.)
    *I had a few ballspins regardless, because heck, why not. Is there any lore around when to press, or is the outcome predetermined and you’re watching a cosmetic animation?
    I believe it is random/predetermined lots of videos about how to do it everytime!!(Bullshit)
    *I see there’s a sale on Managers at the moment, named after ML Classic players — Burchet and Espimas et al. Are any of these worth it?
    Yes absolutly but not yet build your current manager you dont need a new one for 50+ games, wait until you have felt your way a little first.
    *You have got a good team after 500+ matches, which is the same amount of matches as about 12 seasons of ML! When did you start? At what stage of those 500+ matches did you start to accrue the good players?
    I got Buffon from the team of the year blackball very early on who was a solid base. Mbappe was also early on but mid-70’s you see names can be aquired through the special agents at LVL 30 whicch is pretty good I got him through auction house and was level 1 therefore very average to start. Now however wow!!! Differnt promotions on the weekly change will also provide you with certain player types e.g. there was a Com tournament recently 3 matches again regualar, top and theSS which gave a gold ball I got Vardy at 82 OVR.
    *Is there any other team in the higher divisions with a levelled-up Castledine/Hettich/whoever still playing? Am I dreaming about keeping some of them around? Giorza? Yes it is rare I still have Giorza and Castledine not played either in a while Castledine I think I have at 80Ovr. I have seen Hettich a few times, you will also see them on the bench to keey team level down!
    *I only had time to play one offline match and the difficulty seemed locked to Regular. I won easily of course. Any way to change offline difficulty?
    No based on the match type will decide the difficulty tournaments never go above SS
    *The game’s little demo of how the Scouting system works puzzled me. It suggests that the only way — literally the ONLY way — to sign a particular named player is to ‘triangulate’ him using a combination of scouts. I.e. if I wanted to sign Ibrahimovic, I would have to have Scouts who were ‘players from Sweden’, ‘position: CF’, and so on — and even that might not get me Ibra. Is that correct — there is NO other way to sign individual players — or have I missed something?
    You are on the money triangulae based on bids to get the player you want, it feels very counter intuitive initially but it will grow on you!! The excitment of winning the last agent you need for a player that you bid on 5 hour before has got me out of bed to check the aution result!!

  39. want to add when it comes to individuality something changes online I could pick 80% of my team by a few touches a 93ovr Romario is unreal!

  40. n-G – Are your PS3’s YLOD didn’t emit some kind of mind altering radiation? I have never seen you so engaged with online footy gaming. Look at all those questions! Get a grip man.

  41. NG – No not playing FUT. The 3 world class players I got right at the very start of MyClub, cant remember through which route, team of the year, Day one bonus or whatever but I got them, can even screenshot it if you need proof.

    Gary – we will agree to disagree then mate, as you should have seen from my previous reply where I state that MC is a great mode, for what it is intended for, so I am not criticizing the mode, or your love of it, just pointing out that if someone was after a classic ML feel mode, I don’t believe MC would be it.

    As a result, I don’t feel that 80% of what I said was wrong at all, its subjective.
    I said there is no long term goal to play for in MC, other than to collect GP, level up players and promote through divisions, that is correct.
    You don’t aim for a league title as such, or FA or league cup, or europe.

    Having to win games to collect GP to then buy scout cards and combine them in order to attempt to locate a player from Sweden who’s a CF by needing 3 different cards, is just weird, its more like Fortnite or any other gather, collect, combine type game than football.

    You also mentioned you spin and acquire less than a ball a day, even if its one every other day, that’s equivalent to signing 3 or 4 players a week. In effect you could sign 8 new players in the same period it would take to reach just one
    ML transfer window, the player churn is so high, how do you ever build an affinity with the players?

    And besides all that, it is absolute FACT that online play is even more heavily scripted than ML.
    You only have to read any forum, twitter, anywhere from people that religiously play MyClub to see the complaints about online scripting, I have even encountered it myself many times, whereby you may be equally matched on paper, similar player ratings, form etc but the opponents players are all noticeably faster, stronger, can pass better, shots always go in, never get fouls given against them, I’ve seen it lots, and also had it work in my favour.

    Let’s just see how NG gets on, I will bet my PS4 Pro that it’s not for him, if he’s looking to fill a Classic ML void.
    The very mode which has single handedly led to the downfall of the offline game, being embraced by NG? With online play, and real humans and everything?

    More chance of England winning the World cup.

  42. With you there Shed – it’s like NG is on holiday and his 15 year old nephew is filling in on work experience. Just wait for the youthspeak to start…w00t, lol, roflmao…

    I actually like the packet opening, ball spinning or whatever they do now with the lottery type stuff – reminds me of panini sticker buying when they weren’t small and ridiculously expensive (did pick up a free album though as I have no other reference for the tournament – I’m definitely weakening, sorry Darryl). The mode would be fine for me if it was offline or I had 20 odd mates I could confine matches to. I’m just never entering that random mush of online sprint spamming.

  43. @Paul scripting in PES what is this you speak of surely not.
    It can all be viewed from the negative angle for me I have given the mode a fair chance (more than) and after having been with ML from the very start found this new mode (to me) to be very entertaining.I spin to attain players which may add to my core squad. I spin hoping for someone who may add to my squad from the last two weeks worth of spins I have no new additions to my core squad maybe 1 or 2 that I will use for Vs Com and the rest will be used for trainers. My affinity to a player such as Mbappe who I have seen from LVL 1 is immence more than I have had in the last few ML. In fact my first 11 I am very attached to all their digital little heads, (but if I spin Messi….).
    The agent system can of course be explained away as weird as if we want to take a negative angle most things in life can. Truth of it is can be very rewarding and again provides something new and different.
    Anyway I have now said all I can on the matter of MyClub and shall return to my status as lurker!

  44. Just to reiterate Gary, I never criticised MyClub, In fact I said several times its a great mode for what it is, my whole point was in my own personal opinion, it wasn’t a replacement for us that are fed up with a stale ML mode, thats all.

    I will go back later and revisit MyClub and have a dabble again.

  45. Gary – thanks for you replies to my Q’s and please feel free to delurk on Friday when the post will be about this myClub excursion of mine. I think you’ve been lurking long enough to see that the small amount of salt this topic has generated is good-natured and mostly refracted through a prism of sheer disbelief at what I’m dallying with now. Online? Online? Online? Bad taste metaphor coming up: me playing myClub is like Hitler having a bar mitzvah.

    Shed – it’s a legitimate lifestyle choice! Look at the disbelief and aggro I’m getting for playing 1 (ONE) online game… that wasn’t even in myClub!

    Paul – I get it and I hope Gary can also tell that you were addressing my wish for a proper ML-style through his remarks. I thought you were quite positive about myClub a month or so ago when you mentioned it last. And I believe you about the special star players you got in myClub – I see they’ve had lots of offers, on and off, all year (as Gary mentioned in his great writeup), that I’ve now missed as the ‘season’ is over.

    Your prediction at the end of your last-but-one post… hmmmm. How attached are you to that PS4 Pro?

  46. Gary – hope you’re still willing to answer one question. I’m using the Edited Coventry City that I used for ML. On my screen, my team are playing in the various custom kits that your good friend Paul made for me throughout the year. Tell me, can my opponent also see those kits or does he simply see the original, unedited PES United-style kits?

  47. @NG+ Paul I was being a tad over dramatic with my back to lurking statement earlier! Paul I have taken no offence to your opinion as I hope you have taken none to mine! I am in the situation at the minute where I feel MC Is quite possibly my replacement for ML that is ML in its current state if MC keeps improving and growing excellent if ML comes back….. I am there but I am just delighted to have PES again in a form I never thought I would play it in, I made the mistake of judging without expiriencing over a prolonged period and therefore hope I can convice anyone to give it a prolonged try!
    Nope the customs kits you are playing with appear to the other user with the exception of the logo’s!
    I look forward to Friday’s post!

  48. Gary – between now and Monday evening (probable new PS3 restoration time) I will have time to play at least 10 matches on myClub, and I pledge now I will give the mode a fair go. I’ve been hunting down my ‘PES2016’ myClub week – turns out it was a PES2015 myClub week, and it did not go well.

    It started out quite hopeful. In this post I’m rude about online players, of course, but say how moreish the nuts and bolts of myClub is. So my apparent mania of today is not without precedent.

    I took a fearful hammering.

    The sticky end. (I really put the boot into it there.)

    Re. custom kits, how does the game obscure others’ custom kit logos if they’re part of a single image? Does it pixellate the area where the logos are, somehow cover them with blankness?

    Paul – see, for the next 5 days, your beautiful kits will be going on a mini world tour via the magic of the Internet. Hey, if this mad thing takes off, I’d be up for playing anyone here!

    A L L M U S T J O I N M E

  49. Right….. PES 5. Very fast. Took a while to get used to that! Harder than I remember. One thing that happened last night has sold me instantly. I was beating England 2-0 in the Cup Semi with Brazil and in the 57 minute England made a sub. Off came Ashley Cole and on came Andrew Johnson. The CPU changed its formation from 4-4-2 to a 3-4-3. I honestly don’t remember any CPU team doing this in the last few editions of Pro Evo (I haven’t played 18). Marvelous!!

  50. Gary – absolutely no offence taken here mate, its great that you are enjoying PES 18 in whatever mode you choose to play, in fact I may have been a tad over critical of MyClub in the past as a joke mode, as after dabbling again last night I can see it has alot to offer….. there was just one pivotal thing that ruined the otherwise enjoyable session for me….. one thing that will only ever get worst and can’t be fixed ….. people.

    I played in the Daily challenge cup (offline) and won it, beating Barcelona, was awarded with 5 special trainers and some GP. I used those trainers to boost several players, 3 of them levelling up.
    I also used a team tactical card, which boosted my team strength from 68 – 74.

    I then signed Yaya Toure (84 OVR) on loan and have him in at DMF which boosted the heat map on the game plan screen.
    Played a few more offline games, acquired more GP, span a few balls, didnt get anyone decent so released them.

    All very enjoyable so far…. MyClub just could be the future ….
    Then I played online ..

    I quit at half time, something I never ever do. My courtesy rating is AAA.

    The guy I played, had a team of Ronaldo, Beckham, Nacho, Maradona, Henry, Ramos, Messi, Neur … it was literally a world elite 11.
    He went one nil up and then watched the replay of a very dull goal, then he paused the game, let it run the full 90 secs, didnt make a single change.
    I pulled a goal back, stunning solo goal with Huntelaar, beat 3 players, dummied the keeper, rolled it into the other corner, he immediately skipped reply, then paused again, and let the timer run right down, again no changes.
    He kicks off, but again waits the full alotted time allowed to take the KO, then passes it back to the corner flag to his LB, and just lets go of the LS< so it enables the auto protect move, so i effectively cant get the ball from him as the game sauto shields it, ii had to foul to break the play up, from the resulting FK, he just does it again.

    These people do not play for fun or enjoyment, they purely play to piss the other player off as much as humanly possible. They are the scum of the earth and a result of the social media obsessed, instant gratification, aggressive, hostile arsehole breed that are growing up these days.
    And this for me, is why MyClub, or any other competitive online mode in any game, will never be for me, as unfortunately this demographic of people are the majority.

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