The End

I started playing PES2018 on 12th September 2017.

I stopped playing PES2018 on 8th March 2018.

That’s a few days short of 6 solid months of play, which is fantastic value for 30-odd quid.

Whatever else I have said and will say about PES2018, there is no faulting its value for money. And the same was true for all the ‘nuPES’ games, from PES2016 on.

I’ll get to my full overview of PES2018 in Tuesday’s post, which will be my full End Of Year Review of the game. (Thumbnail preview: good football game, not-good PES game.)

For now – Season 8 of PES2018 has ended.

I failed to overhaul the leaders, and missed out on the Premier League title by 3 points.If just one of my draws had been a win… if just one of my defeats had been a draw.

No matter. I was not too bothered. If there had been a Season 9 in this game I am sure I would have won the title at a canter. I am not leaving with a sense of unfinished business here.

My two big successes were in the two Cups. The FA Cup and the Champions League.

The pic at the top of the post gives away how the Champions League turned out. But the FA Cup first:The FA Cup first, and my final opponents were Leicester City. At this point I want to mention something weird that happened in the latter part of this final PES2018 season. Recently I have bemoaned the absence of true PES-style individuality from the game – and suddenly, my forgotten striker, Stepinski, emerged as one. As an individual. Seriously, he has made a late, late clam to be the individual of PES2018 for me.

Take a look at this mini-compilation of goals from Stepinski, from my run-in. The second goal is a bona fide long-ranger, only my second or third such in PES2018 as a whole. The final goal nicely showcases one of PES2018’s loveliest animations, the outside-of-the-boot lob:

Also in the above clip is a bonus shot of the closest I got – or will ever get – to scoring from my PES2018 corner routine. If that one had gone in…

So Stepinski was The Man of the run-in, and won me the FA Cup as seen in the screenie above.

The overall top scorer for the Premier League, though, was my much-maligned Harry Kane. Despite never really standing out as an individual on the ball, he continued to rack up the goals.

And so to the Champions League final. The opponents: Manchester City.

I groaned when I saw it’d be them. I would have liked to have come up against a proper Continental heavyweight. It was to be my last-ever match on PES2018. This football game has been part of my life for 6 months. That’s half a year. We don’t get to live all that many years as human beings. Some marriages don’t last 6 months.Matches against Manchester City have been among my very worst nuPES matches, full stop. Fast and frenetic, relentlessly end-to-end, whenever I want to think about why nuPES is a shocking betrayal of sacred PES values, I tend to think of matches like this.

So it was again. The fouls count at the end of 90 minutes was, of course, 0-0. I do not remember a single thing about anything that happened in the match. But I was a 3-1 winner in goals.

The European Cup (as we must always call the trophy itself) is one of the few actual trophies that you get to see presented in PES2018. No, I don’t know why either. But there it is, looking good.

For some reason, though, you only get to see some of your team in the traditional group shot. In the picture below, it looks to me as if there should be a full complement of players around the Cup. But it seems we have to have either an Invisible Cup or Invisible Players. Strange.

And that was that.

The game loaded up its next in-game week, forlornly flashing up the usual squad messages and so forth – but that next week will never be played. Not unless I have the kind of change of heart experienced by St Paul on the road to Damascus. Don’t make me tell that story again.

Tuesday’s post will explore the main reasons why PES as a living, breathing, annually-renewed force, will no longer be part of my life. Spoiler: because PES was usurped several years ago, and the pretender can no longer be allowed to occupy the throne.

Updated: 9th March 2018 — 11:12


  1. Congrats on the Cup Double.
    That Long ranger was an absolute belter, nice placement and the dipping top spin on it.
    The outside boot lob goal demonstrates one of the things I detest about PES, ridiculous ball physics.

    In a real life situation, that outside of the boot goal would never ever have generated the loft, and dip that it did, with the way the player stabbed at it.
    running at that pace the player would have had to get his toes under the ball and flick it up and over the keeper, the shot style your player used would never have produced that goal.

    PES thinks its ok to produce these ‘wonder’ goals in any situation as it keeps the masses happy, i can’t stand it.
    Like when you see a player in PES strike through the ball at an angle and it flies off in totally the opposite direction, defying the law of physics. Euuugh.

    So onwards and upwards then Good riddance PES 18.

  2. Paul – I thought the lob was nice and while I was only ever a goalkeeper, and don’t believe in kicking balls except at goal-kicks, I’m sure I’ve seen outside-of-the-boot lobs? Not going to turn YouTube upside-down for them as I’m really done with PES2018 now and all nuPES. Whatever the merits of the lob goal, it’s very much the case that the series now seeks to be crowd-pleasing to a fault. The ‘stars’ can all just go and do one. I’d love to play a football game with 100% made-up players, I really would. (Hmmmmm…. I’m putting that on the to-do list for the far future.)

    As the coming months roll by I’ll refer to nuPES less and less, to the point where hopefully I’ll just have truPES values shaping my outlook. As the years go by and more and more nuPES games emerge, we gain the historical perspective to see that a deliberate left-turn was made around PES2015-PES2016 way. It’s a measure of how invested I was in the PES doctrine that it took me 3 editions to say ‘enough now’. Back to basics.

  3. It was a really nice looking goal NG, that classic 1-2 give and go round the back of a defender works all too well in PES.
    All I meant was the way your play just ‘flicked’ his outside foot at the ball, would never generate the height and dip from that range that it did, he would have to get right under the ball,m which he didn’t in that clip.

    Just being pedantic, but I notice things like that in PES all the time and think, WTF!??! how is that even possible.

  4. Paul – of course, with the best example being the ‘shinned’ goals in PES of the Golden Age, where you would look at a close-up replay of a great goal at your peril. So much that we enjoy requires suspension of disbelief.

  5. NG – congratulations on the double as well. Of course it is not the end but a whole new beginning. The lyrics for The Scientist by Coldplay seem very apt for where you are right now. I think you have done very well to rinse whatever you can out of the nuPES era and the time seems right for you. Will be following your next adventure.

  6. I guess its another balancing act between whats funa nd enjoyable and realism, too much realism my dampen the fun factor, and too much fun, isn’t realistic.
    It is what it is.

    So is it safe to say the future of the blog will be PES 11 ML driven ?

  7. Darryl – of course, and it could be said to be the real beginning of the blog now, after 10+ years. No more tyranny of the annual cycle, with one eye on the calendar. Just pure open-ended footy gaming.

    Paul – PES2011 ML is next, but it’s by no means a done deal, will have to see how I adapt to the PS3 after 4 years of the PS4. That will be hard. I’ll miss the easy media sharing and the Standby function and the big controllers (perfect for my non-Trump manhands) and so much else. I’ll be back on the PS4 with FIFA at some point no doubt.

    End of Year for PES2018 on Tuesday, with the new beginning this time next week! My only worry really is struggling to adapt back to the PS3. Screenshots and replays will be at a premium from now on I think.

  8. Congrats on a fitting end to PES 2018 and to nuPES n-G. I’ve traded in my copy of the game now and never did win any silverware. I only played three four seasons of ML in the end. I don’t recall playing any other PES bar 2008 so little.

    Looking forward to your rewind to PES 2011. Why are you not playing it on that big, shiny, light-up PC you splashed out on? Surely that would make returning to an old game feel almost like new with all the patches available.

  9. NG – lets hope you dont end up back at the same place you did IN December 2010 with PES 11:

    I have tried to love PES2011, but I don’t love it and I don’t think I ever will. I loved the demo. I loved the first week or two with the game. But it’s been sharply downhill ever since. After over 110 hours’ play now, I think it’s time for me to accept that.

    It takes a lot to tear me away from Master League. This will be the first time I have ever abandoned a PES without playing my ML career through to some kind of conclusion.

    I just don’t think PES2011 is a good game of football. I think it’s a bad PES game, one of the worst we’ve ever had. And I don’t want to play it anymore.

    Also you can use your PS4 dualshock wirelessly with PS3 quite easily:

    1.Plug in DS4 controller via USB.
    2.Go to Accessory Settings and Manage Bluetooth Devices.
    3.Scan for Bluetooth Device.
    4.Unplug DS4, press Share and PS Buttons.
    5.Once device is found, plug DS4 back in and select Wireless Controller.

  10. Shed – it was a fitting end and I leave without any regrets other than the time it’s taken me to accept the truth about nuPES. Good game, but it’s not PES. I want PES, so it’s back to the future I must go.

    Playing back on PS3 is a convenience thing more than anything. My preferred footy gaming environment is relaxing with the no-hassle setup of a console. I’ve yet to install PES2011 on the new PC, and getting it installed and properly patched and modded etc which would take an hour or two I don’t currently have. In any case I have the PC in another room at a desk, and I love it there doing what it does – XCOM, Civ, various other games that I can now enjoy with maxed-out graphics – but it’s not currently a long-term footy gaming environment. That will change in the years to come as I embark on the adventure of catching up with all the lost PS2 PESes via emulation.

  11. Paul – yes, a funny old world isn’t it? That’s precisely why I’m heading back to PES2011. The sense of treating that game unfairly, and of unfinished business. If you look at posts subsequent to the one you quoted, I believe you’ll see me coming back to PES2011 again and again before giving up in baffled bemusement as to why I kept bouncing off it (the stumble was a massive part of it). As the coming weeks and months unfold I’m going to be often quoting myself and musing about my reactions now and then, I think. Going to be interesting.

    Thanks for the DS4 tip, solid gold that.

  12. I recall a similar approach with PES12 NG where the centralised shooting really annoyed you and you left and then came back to that.

    PES was the ‘re-boot’ of the series, the first move away from the 8 directional d-pad dribbling, so had issues, the stumble, catch-up bug and elephant touch were aq few, but still gave me one of, if not the most memorable ML’s to date.

    to Reminisce:

  13. That brown Hummel City kit look great in those pics. Can’t remember if that’s a Paul creation or not. If so, then big thumbs up from me.

    NG – At risk of sounding a little fawning. I just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining coverage of your master leagues of various new (and nu) PES over the years. It will be very strange when you don’t pick up PES2019.

    I do look forward to where you go from here however.

  14. NG – are you picking up an old 2011 ML or a from scratch? I have a few days off next week and the ps3 is coming down from the loft for a nostalgic PES Day!

  15. Am soon to convert the office at home into a gaming/movie room.
    Will have a wall mounted 65″ 4k Tv with PS4 Pro, PS3, and PS2 connected, so will have retro gaming on demand.

    Yes That brown Cov Kit was one of my creations Keith, glad you liked it.

  16. Paul – that brown kit was so good because it was a reddish shade of brown with design features from the here and now, so a retro-future kit. Nice to see Villalba again in your video.

    Werd – a brand new ML. I do have a one-season ML save that I could start from, but I might as well do the full thing. I’ve been playing a few warmups in that early ML save and I have Shimizu and Schwarz and Palmieri et al in it. I won’t be able to resist getting them again.

    Keith Hennessy – cheers, and it will be very strange not picking up PES2019. I’m sure it will be a good football game, but for me there’s not enough PESness in the series now to keep me coming back. I am looking forward to following (from a distance) what it’s like and how it’s received. I anticipate witnessing a carbon copy of last year and the two years before in almost every respect, from the first reveal through to the early play testing and then Gamescom and the demo, and then the general experience of playing it. Too fast, too furious, no individuality, no fouls, etc. It’s that carousel I’ve finally decided to step off, and get on with devoting precious time to some real PES.

  17. Pleased you went out with a trophy winning bang NG but doesn’t that insipid game and bizarre playerless trophy celebration sum up the problem of the series nowadays. The cack handed presentation could be forgiven, or at least overlooked, if the match had been amazing. Alas the on field action has declined sufficiently to make the continued off field failures more irritating in my eyes. I look forward to a rough arsed centre half from the old school cleaning you out in your next one on one scenario.

    Speaking of which, I used to score a whack of goals in 2012/13 and FIFA 14 from through on goal just the keeper to beat scenarios. Have they all gone now? I can’t recall a single one this year in either title. A consequence of the mourinho type formations? The defend deep pressing AI?

  18. that’s one of the joys of PES2011 (3DS) Turf, the one-on-ones with the keeper and the decision whether to try to chip him, dribble past or roll an early shot into the corner. I usually try to scorch past him with a change of direction and have been rewarded with a few red cards/penalties. Such a shame this is no longer a thing in footy gaming. Am I right in saying that 1-1s are also rarer in real life these days?

  19. That Nu-Retro feel for the brown kit was what I was going for NG, glad it came across and you liked it, glad it also helped you to a Cup win 😉

    If you’re starting PES 11 afresh, I have knocked up a set of kits for you in PES 11 format, from what I recall there was no in depth shorts, socks design etc it was just a basic shirt front design, have attached them below, obviously no probs at all if you dont want to use them.

    Home Kit:

    Home HTML: 58b8e5
    H: 199
    S: 62
    V: 90
    R: 88
    G: 184
    B: 229

    Away Kit:

    For colour matching to the shirt colour in PES, here are the Colour values:

    Away HTML: cd0000
    H: 0
    S: 100
    V: 80
    R: 205
    G: 0
    B: 0

    Goalkeeper Kit:

    GK HTML: 048842
    H: 148
    S: 97
    V: 53
    R: 4
    G: 136
    B: 66

    Turf/Abbey – I have had a few one on one goals in PES 18, not many as the defence sits back so deep in such a rigid structured line that its almost impossible to get anyone behind them, but in FIFA 18 already I’ve fashioned a good 3 or 4 proper one on one’s, one of Which Vardy put at the keepers legs and was saved, and another, with Gayle, a quick stab of the shoot button (less than half a bar of power) and rolled it along the ground precisely into the bottom corner.

  20. Just realised that I’ve revealed my surname for the first time on a comment earlier. Now concerned for my internet security. They know I’m a Cov fan. They know I don’t live in Cov anymore. They know my surname. They know I’ve played a lot of Pro Evo. Time to be more cryptic…..

  21. orlando.jabulani

    not-Greg: about that desire of yours to play a football game with 100% made-up players, that reminds me of an idea I had years ago of replacing every player in a PES option file by Football Manager regens. I’d sim the FM save until the 2040s or so and just copy the best players from one game to the other. It’s on my bucket-list-of-editing, would be an interesting OF to play with.

    It really speaks volumes to the nuPES scene given you just won the Champions League and you found the match not memorable at all.

    Last night I fired up ISS for the first time on my PSP (through a PSone emulator) and chose China to start a World Cup with – the worst national team in the game – on Hard, the hardest setting. After drawing my first two matches with S. Arabia and Tunisia (0-0 and 1-1), lost 2-1 against France in the last fixture so I missed the 2nd qualifying spot of the group by one point, game over.
    Fired up another one with China and this time I ended up in a group comprised of Chile, Turkey and Slovakia. I don’t know how but I managed to win 3-1 against Chile – who commited 7 fouls in the first half only of a 15 min. game…- and drew against Turkey 0-0, so I have a decent chance at qualifying for the next round if I don’t f*ck it up against 4th placed Slovakia.

    Got to say this was unexpectedly fun. There’s a few gameplay aspects that really stood out to me: think fast, or you’ll lose the ball quickly because of the opponents’ pressure. Also, don’t play stupid passes. Spot who’s open first, then give him the ball. The AI is very quick on intercepting passing lanes, I wasn’t at all used to this.
    No way you’re going to pull a Guardiola and tiki-taka your way through France. When facing big teams, you’re literally forced to play long balls the whole game because your players are noticeably so much worse that you’ll lose the ball in a flash. Against France I had 1 shot on goal, they had 27. Don’t know the stats for ball possession as the HUD doesn’t show it, but I’d guess about 25-30%. Throughout the whole game I can’t remember a single play in which I pulled off more than 5/6 consecutive passes.

    All in all a very exciting experience. For two hours I was absolutely sucked into the atmosphere the way good-ol’ PES used to do.

  22. K – do not board any buses….do not talk to any older ladies….under no circumstances engage in eye contact with anyone. If a colleague tells you they are leaving work at the end of the week – run.

    Personally I’d love to be in a rogue male type situation, on the run and hiding out in a den somewhere.

  23. Wasn’t a big fan of PES 2011 back in the day either. While you could put together some nice passing moves, it had the worst ball physics ever to feature in a PES game IMO, allied to crap player positioning, particularly defenders who stayed loitering around the 18-yard line while you were moving the ball into the opposing half.

  24. Well done on the European Cup NG, the one trophy I didn’t manage to win this year. I’m looking forward to PES 2011 on the blog because it was the one version I never played at all.

    I’ve not played PES for 2/3 weeks now I think, just got bored of it as each game merged into another. Instead I’ve been playing some F1 2016 which I picked up for £3 but the football game itch is back so downloaded FIFA 18 earlier. I’m going to start a career in League 2 with Matt10 sliders once I get to know the game a little better.

    #1, I’m on PC, what’s the modding scene like for FIFA? Which forums/sites are the best to peruse?

  25. Cook – to be honest I don’t know – got fifa for ps4 before I learned that you can install steam games on separate hard drives. 19 I am definitely getting for pc though. I suggest perusing a reddit topic here and there… I know fifa 17 had some good pc mods. (increasing fouls even from what I’ve read)

  26. Cook – whilst off the top of my head I couldn’t name any specific fifa modding sites I do know the scene for pc modding is fairly vibrant. Matt of matt10 sliders coupdnpoint you in a few good directions.

  27. Turf – have you ever watched the hunted program on channel 4 ? I so fancy that.

  28. Paul – once again many thanks for them kits, I can’t remember exactly how the kits format worked either, but they do look right and I will be using them. The OF I have installed is pretty basic and doesn’t cover the then-Championship Coventry kit.

    Uncle Turf – one-on-ones are as rare in footy games now as they are in real football, which begs the question of why. I mean in real football. I know the defender routine is to grab at the striker and otherwise ‘use their body’ (illegal but mystifyingly ignored by football’s officials), but you’d still think Michael Owen-type of players would be everywhere. They’re not.

  29. orlando.jabulani – no way is that ISS experience ever going to translate to anything today’s market would ever find acceptable. If I was a businessman and my business was selling football games I know I’d be cold-blooded enough to pump out something like nuPES too. Never old-school ISS or PES. Today’s kids are not ever going to play it.

    rhymes450 – I’ve already encountered the long-forgotten PES2011 glitch of the left-back consistently popping up as an advanced central AMF. No one football game is perfect. Whichever footy game I said I was playing next, somebody would be saying ‘but that one had problem X, Y, and Z’. Even the undisputed Greatest Football Game of all, PES5, had a raft of problems that a purist could pick apart. Nothing is going to put me off playing PES2011 on the PS3. Not saying that was your comment’s intention, I’m just observing a general truth about footy games that will never be untrue.

  30. not-Greg: Absolutely. Only a nutjob like me and a few select others would actually be happy after realizing they just had 25% ball possession in a football game, shooting only once vs. 27 of the opponent whilst forced to play long ball after long ball to my helpless chinese striker duo, and on top of all this, losing the game and the chances of advancing in the competition by consequence. But I loved it because everytime I was able to get the ball out of my own midfield I celebrated it like a goal. So you can imagine how happy I was when I scored on my only shot of the match…

    The kids you talk about badly need a PES-detox. First, a few weeks of abstinence of football gaming, then a few weeks playing the ML defaults on ISS/any decent PES – so forget any of the PS4 crap. Then maybe PES5 on 6 stars difficulty and only after winning the World Cup with Angola they’d pass the test. After all this, no way they’d go back to praying to get “black balls” on myClub (yeah, this is a thing now), or watching some dude play the game you love.

  31. Just checked my LinkedIn searches, and one of them is the British Army. That’s it, we’ve all been rumbled. I’m not going anywhere near a bus today. Time for you to go into Hunted mode Paul. Head for the countryside and don’t use your phone or plastic.

  32. I can’t stand the Hunted show as it all seems a bit scripted to me. I personally found the Manhunt for the bouncer who shot the policeman in the North East a few years back quite fascinating.

  33. That was fascinating Darryl but for some very odd reasons, not least of which was the sort of Ned Kelly like eulogising of a bloke who’d just done something terrible. The Ray mears stuff was odd too. A mate of mine was working as a tree management guy up there and was asked to help identify some part of the woods he was supposedly in, and yet locals reported him wandering round the town, he was hardly an ex commando survivalist, just some ex bouncer who’d been inside. It was all very strange.

    Never seen hunted, surely can’t be anywhere near as scripted as storage hunters – eye wateringly fake. Sounds too modern though, I’d need to be kitted out in tweed and be stealing bicycles like James coburn in the great escape.

    Chris99 – didn’t our King Charles lookalike commentor jay do something with apps for the mod or was that someone else on here? Clearly that was the start of the surveillance.

  34. Turf – that was the reasons I too found the whole saga fascinating. There was also claims he was hiding in the sewers or something. Has anyone watched Mantracker?

  35. Turf – That’s exactly how Hunted works. They release ne’er-do-wells from the workhouse, and teams of gentlemen in tweed ride around the countryside on penny farthings with hawks on their arm.

  36. I’ve checked the mods and it seems the frequent patch schedule messes things up, a year old game is likely to be better than the current version in this regard. I also had great difficulty getting the PS4 controller to work properly, I tried all sorts but in the end just changing the USB port of the controller whilst the game is running did the trick, very strange but now I’m up and running. It’s great having some proper lower league cloggers to play with compared to the moderated rubbish players in PES. I do prefer the graphics and dribbling in PES but pretty much everything else is better so far in FIFA. I won my my first game in pre-season 3-1 so I’ve put the difficulty up to World Class to see how it goes.

  37. At the risk of irritating our host…”lol” chris99.. sounds magnificent.

  38. Lol was exactly the effect I was going for. I don’t think our host is in a position to say anything after his use of the word screenie.

  39. Not my intention to put you off playing PES 2011 NG. More that I had to get that off my chest about a PES that gets a lot of positive comment retrospectively and one that I found to be perhaps the least convincing simulation of football of all the PESs I’ve played. Having said that, I think I played well over 100 10-minute matches on the thing (I must fire it up on the 360 and check that) so it did entertain me. Also, apart from the fact that I know the blog will be a good read whatever game you happen to be playing, I’ll be interested to see how you find PES 2011 second time round. Who knows? I might even revisit it myself 🙂

  40. I enjoyed PES2011 more than the previous 3 but still not a classic. Stuttering and awkward animations made it quite irritating at times. Although I did really like the fact it allowed effective long ball football, a rarity in footy gaming. Couple of big lads up front, keep pumping it long for them to hustle the defenders into mistakes, much more fun than tiki-taka!

  41. The Raul Moat Thing ?
    I was at Milton Keynes shopping centre a few days after all that kicked off, it was a Saturday, was sat on a bench outside Yo Sushi! and just caught a glimpse of someone that looked like Gazza, so did a double take and sure enough it was him, with another guy and some woman, I prodded the missus and said ‘Gazza’, he must have caught me staring at him because he just wandered over all casually and held his hand out, so I shook it and said the first thing which came to mind, which was ‘How was the fishing’ in reference to Gazza turning up with a KFC and fishing rod in an attempt to ‘calm’ Raul Moat down.

    He just winked at me and walked off, quite a surreal experience.

  42. When he used to live in Seaham Hall the story was that local kids would ask him for his autograph when he popped to the corner shop for his refreshments. They would bring a pen but not paper as he had once signed a tenner for someone in the same boat. Cue loads of slightly more wealthy scrotes.

    Played a few games of 17 last night and finally scored. I’ve had to throw the wage idea out of the window as no one will sign for what Irish players are on. Even a squad player on high 50s wants around two grand. I’m hoping my hidden gem will be a 6 foot 4 Indian keeper. Now how likely is that scenario – surely he would have been a fast bowler at that height?

    The individuality and recognition is not there yet. I’m on tele broadcast zoomed out and with my squad it’s very samey. Got to be a quality issue, even one good player would surely stand out.

  43. I’m always up for the lulz and I’m down with the kids. There are quite a few youngsters at my office and they think I’m one groovy dude. A while back one of them said that something I said that he approved of was ‘bare good’ or something like that.

    An interesting weekend of long working hours and a few rushed footy games here and there. I did try out FIFA17 again, and its time is not going to be now or anytime soon. It feels too similar to PES2018 in too many ways for any FIFA17 attempt to be worth making.

    PES2011, though, feels like a football game from another dimension. Several years of online-oriented footy games make the mid-Silver Age PESes of the PS3 look and feel like a late-night Open University science show. Which isn’t all good, but mostly is. I have unfinished business with this one.

  44. Turf – maybe your insistence on a watered down, difficult career has put some dampeners on it, FIFA contains shed loads of detail but not sure that filters down to Derry Rovers in the Irish 3rd Div.

    Pick yourself a lowly prem team, or established Championship team and go from there.

    Meanwhile, another superb session on FIFA 18 in my Newcastle Utd career, every match feels so different, and presents a new challenge.
    After a few big wins against Man Utd, and some lower placed teams, I also picked up a solid 1-1 draw at Stamford bridge, and then a 2-1 defeat to runaway leaders City.

    They beat me 4-0 earlier in the season in the cup so a 2-1 was progress, it could have finished 5-5. They are a class apart, every player stands out and the threat comes from all angles, a joy to watch.

    I’ve currently got 3 first teamers out on long term injuries too, Slimani with cruciates out for 3 months, Gayle wit a knee Injury out for 8 weeks, and Shelvey fractured his ankle last match and is out for 8 weeks.

    I’ve had to pull in back ups from the reserves, and promote 2 youth team players to provide cover.

    Despite all that Vardy is on fire, league top scorer and we currently sit in 3rd, its a race for runner up as City will run away with it.

    Happy Times.

  45. It’s the lack of default nobodies that makes me start small in FIFA. Same with football manager, I’d never opt for one of the premier level teams as there’s value in the journey, albeit personal career with me rather than staying with one team.

    Btw watched the revenant on Netflix. What did everyone see to give it awards? I was bored stupid.

  46. The trade-off is seemingly lack of players to be able to sign in order to grow/develop your team though Turf, which leads to you having to sign 6ft8 Indian CM’s, which leads to lack of individuality and dampening of enjoyment?

    Quite fancied the Revenant, only based on positive reviews and that it was in 4K.
    Missus wasn’t keen, especially as its about 3hrs long, so never watched it.

  47. You can watch the first ten mins and the last and get the whole story.

    Ah, yes but at the end of season one some inspired chairman will note my miracle working and offer me a position in the French second division…then it will be the Portugese first division…then finally a top club. There will be a trail of blood, sweat and tears marking the route.

  48. Amazing that it should come to a time when we can watch anything at any time, but a long film is something that really challenges us. I know, I’ve still got Blade Runner 2049 waiting to be watched and that’s ‘only’ 2hrs 45 mins.

    The other day YouTube asked me if I wanted to watch this, and I did all of it, all the way through to the evocative theme tune. The full episode is only 55 mins but I haven’t got time. I remembered watching its original broadcast in 1980 (I looked up the year). It strikes me now that there is very little chance of anybody watching stuff like that in numbers anymore. Black Mirror I suppose is an example of an anthology show that is wildly popular, but each episode has the budget of a feature film.

  49. The particularly sinister thing in that introduction is mention of Stoke mandeville on the signpost. In 1980 it would have been very much associated with saville.

    I can’t imagine watching any football match all the way through on tv now. Not even that poor excuse of a World Cup they have lined up in the summer. So anything in excess of 90 mins is highly unlikely.

  50. Was Talking to a guy at work who went to see the new star wars film, The Last jedi, just before xmas, he was telling m that the Odeon did a ‘star wars marathon’ before they showed the latest film where they showed all the previous Star Wars movies back to back, he said he got there at 5pm and got home at 3am.
    Even with toilet breaks, thats way way too long to be sat quiet concentrating on a film.

    The ‘Skip Intro’ button on Netflix is an absolute godsend.

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