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On show above-right is my new 2nd strip, again courtesy of regular commenter Paul (of PESFX fame). This 2nd strip is evocative of Coventry City’s famous/notorious ‘excrement’ brown strip of the 1970s, but red-shifted just enough to give it that 21st century gloss.

Late last week I changed the Difficulty setting of my Master League to Superstar and, for better or worse, I have left it so.

I made the change with the idea that Superstar was just a trial (in every sense), and I would switch back to Top Player after a few matches.

But I’ve stuck with it. I feel that I had to, really. I was starting to win around half of my Top Player matches very easily. Half of the other half were moderately difficult, but still easier than I liked. Which left about a quarter of matches that were still tough, but even they were not that tough.

So Superstar it had to be, and I was wary. The toughness of the AI (That We Need) is 90% a positive experience. The 10% unpositive side usually arises when I’m behind and chasing the game, and the AI starts indulging in uber-Barcelona-style flicks and passing triangles and backheels. Which would be acceptable from Barcelona, but is incredibly aggravating from Hull.

So Superstar revolves around coping with that. It needs the willing suspension of disbelief, and patience.

So far, I’m coping, and I’m getting tough matches again.

And goals like this feel extra-sweet:

A nice mid-range, first-time strike from my under-mentioned AMF, P Gurpegui, who seems to be a made-up Konami player. He’s quietly one of the best AMFs I have had in PES2018. Gurpegui bucks the nuPES trend that renders 99% of AMFs virtually indistinguishable from one another. If nuPES is partly a quest for the handful of non-clone players that still do exist in the game, Gurpegui is another one.

Peter Crouch teed up the shot for Gurpegui, but at the time of writing I have agreed a deal to sell Crouch in mid-season. I seem to try every year, but just cannot recapture Crouch’s PES2015 magic.

The League table after 10 matches:

The switch to Superstar came after 8 League matches, and I lost one, won one. It’ll be interesting to see how the switch affects what seemed to be a near-certain chance of major silverware this season.

Updated: 13th February 2018 — 10:23


  1. Haha for gods sake – the data pack still completely entirely fucked up my game. All fake teams are back again even though I disconnected my game from the online part. For fucks sake. I think I should abandon this now and be done with it.

  2. #1 -I always take a backup of the edit data file before i apply any DP’s in case crap like this happens.

    Konami release a game with so few licenses and such bare content then leave it up to a dedicated community to pretty much ‘finish’ their game for them, then release broken data packs that undo all that good work, they just can’t help themselves can they.

    They should stick to making mobile games.

  3. Paul – my current Season 8 is turning out to be taking so long that it seems more than adequate to exhaust all my needs. What I don’t want to do is come crawling back to PES2018 after a week or two as usually happens when I quit a PES too early, so I’ll be making sure there’s no sense of unfinished business. I think there won’t be, as I’m really hankering now to move on.

    #1 – I thought the PC masterrace was meant to be immune to such console peasant troubles?!

  4. #1, mine went the same way. Not too bad though, only the team names have changed. Badges, kits and players all ok. Had a couple of end to end shitfest games last night before switching off in disgust, it’s definitely the patch…

  5. NG – so did I, but there ya go!

    Paul – utter and complete incompetence. SO piss poor it’s hilarious.

    Cook – mine is completely fucked. No kits, no badges, no nothing. there’s a sort of workaround but I don’t even feel like reading up on it.

  6. Cook – my Superstar sojourn is now over because of the end-to-end shitfest matches. Definitely a per-session variance factor involved, as I’d had engrossing matches on Superstar previously.

  7. I have been playing a bit of 2015 of late. I have an ongoing save from a new start I did around November and just play a game or two whenever I feel like it. This week I just fancied it. At the time it was one of my favourite of the series but now in the cold light of day it feels very similar to 2018.

  8. Darryl6464 – I’m just putting today’s post to bed and wondering if in 10-15 years’ time anyone will remember any of these PS4 PES games with the same sentimental fondness that we have for the PS2 and PS3 games, and I really don’t think anyone will, not even the online players for whom these games are made.

  9. Well thats it for me – a lot of teams now also have “original player” in my master league, I could have compromised on the other things but this is a serious no go.
    FIFA it is! To think I still put 70 hours in total into this game…shame about the progress I was making, was getting into a pretty good groove with it as well! Ah well.

  10. #1 – if a few of us move over to FIFA at least we can compare stories and signings, etc.
    NG – what game will you be moving on to Post PES 18 ?

  11. #1 – strange how that happened, was there no auto-backup made up of Edit data before the DLC was applied?

    And for me the time of making any kind of special accommodation with PES is over. The game for which that would have been worthwhile is pretty much gone.

  12. Paul – undecided. I’m favouring PES2011 or one of the ‘lost’ PS2 PESes. My soul really does sing at the thought of giving a year to one of them, and watching the inevitable PES2019 fiasco come and go with Zenlike detachment.

    I do have that FIFA17 disc sitting on the shelf though.

    I think it will be PES though as the whole point now is to get my PES fix, which is only obtainable from PES, not FIFA. I really don’t trust any football game made after 2013 to deliver that authentic taste. PES and FIFA have done too much pissing about with their recipes in order to serve up bland gruel to the online masses.

  13. NG – Darryl is fine, no need for the 6464, so I may change that at some point. I think 2011 would be a good choice and would be curious to follow your Donald Crowhurst type adventure.

  14. Darryl – no idea why I typed the 6464 bit, I never usually do, am distracted this morning with multiple tasks so that’s probably it.

    I take it you’ve read the Donald Crowhurst book about his voyage? One of the most haunting books I’ve ever read, because that’s basically me. If I could swim and wasn’t scared of boats, I’d be him.

    PES2011 is the overwhelming likelihood, as it has the convenience of the PS3. I could go full patch PC-style but I know my football gaming habits too well and I would soon wish for the comfort of the console again. And I never did ‘complete’ PES2011 on PS3, back in the day.

  15. PES 11 would be a good choice, probably the last ‘proper’ PES since NuPES started to creep in and a solid ML Mode.

    Some good patches available here

  16. Paul – I’m already all patched up on PS3. It’s the same PS3 that I had in the year of PES2011 – it replaced my old phat PS3 that conked out during PES2010. The PES2011 Option File I installed has all the D2 teams and kits, including Coventry’s 2012-13 strip. I think I’ll just go with that. Defaults of course.

  17. There are some OF’s on the site that update PES 11 to 2015/16 squads and kits, if you fancied something a bit more recent. If not then your good to go already !

  18. pes 2011 is brilliant in my mind – one of if not THE best. I will revisit that some day for sure.

    I was able to revert pretty easily to Data pack 2.0 after all. just delete from the download folder and update the DPfilelist (Dictates which files are in use on PC) and presto. means – apart from a damaged system file but who cares – that I can continue as-is. Was quite fancying FIFA but the gameplay on PES is still too good to walk away from now. SO for now; to be continued…

  19. #1 Good save, and good job you are PC literate and know your way around the infrastructure, if that had been somebody else who isn’t as knowledgeable, they’d have lost everything and probably ditched the game for good.

  20. Am quite happy that I fixed it Paul, was well irritated when I saw all that unfold this morning. Luckily I have more than a little experience with modding (or at least using mods) oblivion and skyrim which means I’ve done some troubleshooting in my time. Which means a second chance for pes after all (or actually third, or maybe fourth…). Will be following your FIFA exploits with interested as I will be making that jump sooner or later as well.

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