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Season 7 moves into its final third with me in the FA Cup semi-finals, and still sitting pretty in 3rd.

I’m very excited at the thought of maybe taking home a shiny trophy this season, then tussling for the Treble next. It’d be a fitting swansong to PES2018 and nuPES in general. I’d love to finish with a bang instead of a whimper, and wave nuPES off into its multiplayer future with something like regret instead of relief.

A few busy life and work days forced me into a mini-break from all gaming over the weekend. From Thursday to Sunday, I played nothing at all, so when I switched on PES2018 yesterday morning (Monday morning), it was like a breath of fresh air.

These are the absolute best times with nuPES, I have always found. Playing it after a few days of not playing it.

When I don’t play any of the nuPES games for a few days, whatever the reason, their undoubted positive qualities overshadow all the reasons why they’re not good PES games. For the first match or two, I forget what’s so unPES about nuPES, and just enjoy the very decent generic ‘FIFA with a garnish of PES’-style football gaming that’s on offer.

I loved it. Looking at all the bright, pretty colours. Pinging the ball around, fashioning chances, scoring goals. Old-school PESheads really are a pampered, spoiled bunch, with stratospheric expectations. Sadly, those expectations are grounded in reality – the reality of PES as it was – so, uh, whatever, you know?

Two solid sessions, high on the enjoyment factor. PES2018 is like a meal that is best consumed when an appettite has been worked up by not playing it for several days.

And I scored a long-ranger! Sort of. My only previous long-ranger on PES2018 came along very early on, back in early October last year – remember this? – so it’s been a long wait for my next.

As can be seen, the build-up play is a bit ‘gamey’ (leveraging PES2018’s one-touch ‘fun’ aspect), and the placement of the long-ranger is too low in the net to be really satisfying, and it’s probably on the cusp of being a medium-ranger anyway – but to hell with it, I’m calling this a long-ranger and I’m loving it. This really pleased me late last night:

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  1. Paul – signal strength itself wasn’t the issue for me, it was the card and antennae (one or both) just not matching the wifi performance of my good old iMac, for example, which sits next to the PC. I hope your experience is better. Try a range extender box if not and run the Ethernet from the PC to that. I do that with a part of the house that’s a wifi dead zone, and it’s pretty much the same as a full wired connection.

  2. I did think of that after I posted, I have a range extender plugged in upstairs because some parts of upstairs, the east and west wings 😉 have dead zones, and Im sure the powerline extender has an ethernet port.

    Anyway, that PC spec I posted was £550. pretty decent spec for a decent price.
    I just dropped my iPhone X and need to get the screen replaced, which is £300 from apple, just for a screen, so will get that sorted then may look at that PC.

  3. I thought the age of scripting was over, unnecessary in these times of overpowered AI and samey tactics. How wrong… I was one nil up, a rare scenario, and a free kick in shooting range was awarded to them. It wasn’t even close to being a foul. I knew what was going to happen so I decided to move a defender to the goal line. Sure enough free kick came powering in, keeper missed it but the defender stopped it. It then mysteriously flicked up off his chest, spun in the air, hit him on the head and went back into the net. It was beautiful old school shit.

    I’ll be playing season one to a finish tonight, with huge anticipation for my wage budget….currently 3 wins and 3 draws from 20, 50 goals conceded.

  4. Paul – seems everyone’s dropping their phones and breaking their screens at the moment. Woman I work with dropped her Galaxy S6 (that’s the 3-year-old S6) and was quoted £160. Apparently it’s the curvature of the glass that makes the replacement so expensive (plus labour of course), but I’m not convinced. I would bet that screen replacements don’t have to be as expensive as they are, but there’s market forces at work. As Apple themselves know, ‘everything is worth what the right number of people are willing to pay for it’. I’m still sporting an almost 4-year-old Note Edge, which was one of the first phones to appear with a curved edge, hence the name. People used to marvel at the screen edge until all phones had them. I should get another year or two out of it yet, but needless to say if I ever break the screen it’ll probably cost me. Would you lend me a footman with a velvet cushion to carry it around for me?

    Uncle Turf – oh, scripting is very much still a thing. Most noticeable just after you’ve scored, IMO, when the AI has irresistible momentum behind it. Also, if you’re 1 goal up you can sometimes just forget about having the ball for very long. Whole halves go by with maximum AI pressure and aggression until it gets its equaliser. Still, it’s the AI that we need, so I forgive it…

  5. NG – I rarely ever damage my phones, every iphone I’ve had I’ve given away or sold on in immaculate condition, just so happens the latest and most expensive iphone, with the biggest glass surface doesn’t like falling out of a trouser pocket from 3 foot face down on a gym tiled floor. £286 repair cost, ridiculous to pay a third of the whole phone cost just for a glass panel.

    Turf – The Europa league game 2nd leg I lost last night reeked of scripted BS. when they went 2-1 up it was blatantly obvious there was only going to be one outcome, as NG said, swathes of insane AI pressure, keep ball, every flick, backheel, trick and deflection falling in the COM’s favour, you just can’t fight it.

    NG – I’m still miffed at how you have such a low salary budget? I’m only one season ahead of you, and mine stands at £50mil, and that’s after splashing 9mil a year on Lukaku’s wages.

    You must have signed a few players with seriously hefty wages in the early years? or agreed contract renewals with massively over inflated wages without realising or something?

    I can currently afford to buy any player in the game and afford their wages with ease, the only caveat is that as I haven’t won anything yet and am still ranked over 100 in the club rankings, the top players won’t sign for me, its irrelevant though really as there no considerable difference between my 84 rated player and a payer in the same position rated 94.

  6. if you will insist on wearing silk plus fours to the gym it’s bound to happen.

  7. W4 d4 l18 gf15 ga59

    I was a long way adrift.

  8. Paul – Emre Can pretty much rinsed my wages budget for a few seasons. By now I think I’m up to about £40m wages budget overall, but the big players won’t come. I think they will after this season though.

    Uncle Turf – you did quite well there, those are the kind of stats I was getting on Professional in the early seasons.

  9. Nothing like Can for me, it’s mainly Icelandic midfielders, ghanian strikers and Slavic keepers. Even the players who I recognise are very low starting points. I went for one expensive signing with a million pound wage in that identikit amf position but as with anyone half decent there’s an annoying release fee which no club would ever countenance. I think what I have can lead to a mid table finish which will likely be enough for me and the chairman, then I’ll be off.

  10. Play the youth system Turf, they develop really quickly and can usually be sold on with relative ease for 3-6 mil a pop. good way to build funds.

  11. Uncle Turf – 7 seasons later for me and those funds remain unspent, so playing the Youth system is effectively just busywork as I doubt you’ll play that many seasons. No matter how many times you chuckle and rub your hands together with glee about picking up a nondescript Youth and selling him half a season later for 5 million or whatever, that money will never do anything for you as it goes straight into the transfer kitty, and in PES2018, that’s not the kitty that counts. The odd Emre Can is as good as it gets, and looking back I fluked him.

  12. Yeah, I suspect it will be interest in my club and wages. But then again as I’m definitely leaving st mirren, no matter what, then it doesn’t matter too much. I’ll move clubs based on who they have in their ranks. Total mercenary.

  13. I’m just not having these wage issues.
    My lowest rated player is around 76 OVR and highest 86 OVR, have renegotiated contracts for all my players several times, signed Embolo on huge wages, Lukaku on 9mil a year, and have many other players earning in the 3-6mil a year bracket and I still have shed loads of cash in the wage bucket, over 50mil.

    Not quite sure why you are so wages skint NG.

  14. Paul – this is the here and now, after 8 seasons for you. You did have the wage issue in your first 4 seasons or so. I remember you talking about it a lot. 4 seasons or so is how many seasons roughly that Uncle Turf usually plays.

  15. I’m playing with £1 mill wage cap per player and some of the youths I can now only afford for the first season before contract negotiation time. I’m quite enjoying having to get rid of some players due to contract demands and I’d appreciate a setting to manually adjust ML budgets. I wonder if a mod exists somewhere.

    That goal is definitely long ranger by PES2018 standards NG. I have a couple saved from my first 4 seasons on PC, one of very similar range I was over the moon with.

  16. Cook – PES2018 keeps nearly letting me score the greatest long-rangers, but the keepers either get the edges of their gloves to them or they just whistle past the upright. PES2014 definitely introduced a policy shift on long-rangers as they were once very common – probably too common, I’ll admit.

  17. Yes NG, but im talking about YOUR situation right now, in what? season 7 ?
    By now you should have amassed a similar amount to me in terms of wages?

  18. Paul – season 7 just over and later I’ll be posting a screenshot of my budget situation for Season 8. £200 (TWO HUNDRED) million transfer. £14 (FOURTEEN) million salary… I could pay a big player’s wages, and might have a chance of getting one now, after 7 seasons. I do have some high earners. But I like my team, as the post delves into, so I’m not really looking to the transfer market. PES2018 does something good by accident: puts the brakes on the transfer merry go round.

  19. £14 mil is still low though NG.
    I haven’t won anything, I’m not in the top 50 ranked teams in the world, but I have still amassed over 50mil in wage budget, and that wasn’t through frugal spending at all.
    I could sign any player in the game and affords numerous ‘big’ players wages, not just one, I just don’t understand the disparity between our finances.

    You’re right though, after a while transfers seem pointless, no one better than your actual squad to sign so the money just mounts up and has no use.

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