Alas Schmidt and moans

Things are heating up nicely in Season 7. 3rd after 26 matches. A 5-point cushion to 5th. The league leaders are 20 points away, so not even ML league table scripting at its worst/best will haul me up there this season.

But a Europa League finish at least is pretty much guaranteed. A Champions League finish is highly likely. Once again I will miss out on competing in the Europa, which is a shame, but it means I’d get to compete for a Treble next season. I’m well on track for next season – Season 8 – to be my last, as planned.

In my most recent session, late on Thursday night, I scored this direct free kick:

I’ve had N SCHMIDT for about two seasons now. That is literally the first time I have ever noticed him on the pitch. He plays quite often too, as he’s an 82-something rated AMF with good supporting stats. Alas, so are hundreds of other players in this game, all of them pretty much the same as each other.

He curls that free kick up and over the wall very nicely indeed. The way things work in nuPES, that might well be the only memory of N SCHMIDT I ever have.

I’ve had about 3 shooting-range free kicks so far this season – and I’ve scored them all (with different players).

Free kicks in PES2018, it turns out, are quite easy. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are so few of them. If we did get an average of 1 free kick in shooting range every match, it would be an almost guaranteed goal every time. Maybe that was noticed in testing, and the nuPES panjandrums decided it was yet another reason to cut back on the fouls. Balancing, balancing, balancing.

In comments on the previous post I mused about how much I am looking forward to breaking nuPES’s conditioned hold upon me.

Every year since 2015 I have picked up a sub-standard PES game – which still happens to be a decent football game – and spent months playing it. Months that I could and should have spent playing a traditional PES game instead, with traditional PES values and respect for the single-player – or even FIFA (whispers: nuPES with polish).

The automatic routine has to end, and it will end with PES2018.

Last night I had a very good session on the game. Context is everything in Master League and I am at a stage in mine where every match feels meaningful. Every point and every goal really counts. I sigh and groan and cheer as the match events unfold. In a session of 4 matches I only had one of ‘those’ nuPES games. 1000mph. End-to-end. There wouldn’t have been a single stoppage if it wasn’t for half-time.

The other 3 matches were pretty decent, actually. Still few fouls, and little player individuality on show, of course, but nuPES has almost taught us to be satisfied by such meagre offerings. I’m getting out of nuPES before there’s any real danger of being converted.

Which all sounds like an extended whine, but it isn’t. I’m really excited about getting back to truPES when PES2018 comes to an end. (Reminder: the last bit of this season, and one more after it, and I’m done.) There’s so much to choose from in the series’ back-catalogue. I have a feeling in my water that truPES will only go from strength to strength.

Updated: 26th January 2018 — 11:17


  1. Twenty one games in and I reckon 2018 is giving me something different to every other pes. It’s giving me nothing. Every previous ml has offered a little spark of hope in season one, not this one. No penalties, no injuries, no red cards for any team. No default you think can stay for a season or two. No bargain to be had among the frees. No real decision making due to the mad wage budget as selling your discoveries doesn’t alter who you can sign. I feel like I might as well sim the entire season so we can start sensibly with the odd regen and financial boost.

  2. Which is what I just did. I wanted to check I wasn’t wasting my time as in 2017 I was let go at the end of year one and ended up bouncing around clubs with little chance to lay down foundations. I ended up with a bollocking but 53m in the bank and 4.5m wages. Obviously I can’t take that as I simmed but it encourages me that it won’t be in vain. So I’m starting over, again in Scotland but with a new team and new approach – no signings unless they are free and can easily make a profit. Season one is meaningless, it is all to build up for season two. The mighty St Mirren.

  3. NG: nice free kick. It is kind of sad that you are enjoying the game but at the same time you want to be done with it so you can move back to better versions.

    Turf: good luck with your restart. The new budget system seems to be pretty bad.

    I just had something in Fifa 15 that never happened to me before: second season with Accrington, got promoted in the first one so I turned up difficulty to World Class and edited a couple of sliders. So far 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost game in the league. All matches I am playing can go either side so I like them. Two of my players are injured (2 and 4 months), next game 7 of my players leave for international duty and… I have only 17 players available so I have to forfeit the match. 0-3. First time it happens to me.

  4. Wow, that’s harsh, I’ve not seen that. Way back in 201something I organised a pes red card fest to test if the game would default on my next match and indeed it did but it was very hard to get the cards – it seemed to click that it was close and I got away with some horrendous challenges. One of the advantages of knowing the budget will ease up is I can spend season one whittling down to 17 players. It’s not as if a. Anyone will get injured b. Anyone will be suspended and c. Arrows matter. Whole games pass by without making substitutions either.

    Weirdly I am enjoying the game though. Everything says I shouldn’t but I think that break has been worth it. If I was as regular a player as NG I just couldn’t handle the lack of variety from last year to this. I miss ordaz and the rest.

  5. Uncle Turf — I forgot you were sacked that one time in PES2017, no wonder you seemed strangely skittish about the prospect in PES2018. I had some truly wretched seasons at the start of my own ML (and then my first season in D1) and got loads of warning messages but no executive action.

    The arrows don’t indeed matter that much, but I will always automatically de-select any player on a down-arrow of any kind, out of habit. The few times I’ve been forced to play a down-arrowed player (or indeed when I’ve overlooked one and started without realising it), I’ve never noticed.

    JS Hutt — I need to return to a PES that gives me what I want. E.g. I’ve just passed through the transfer window in Season 7 and picked up one new player, who I haven’t mentioned in this post because such things don’t really matter anymore. The joy of PES and ML in particular was hoarding your resources to get one player who made a difference, and then fretting over him being injured or fatigued or out of form. I never get that feeling about any player at any stage of ML in nuPES. not even Castledine and Arcas early on.

    To get an ML experience where I’m leveraging every ounce of finance to squad-build and manage, and it can all hinge on picking up one new player whose performance will be so different from my current players that it can make a difference — for this I need to go Back to the Future. PES2018 is a good football game but it fails to deliver the signature experience that made PES’s name.

  6. Splutter! Cough….no, no, for the sake of my reputation I must point out my contract was not renewed. One might even say it was mutual, a desire to spend more time with the family perhaps. Sacked indeed, not me.

    You’re right though that I was worried all my effort would be wasted but if I can finish bottom with nary a vessel to relieve myself in then I know it will be ok for my restart. They must have said it will only happen in challenge unlike last year.

  7. Fucking shite cunt windows. Was winning a glorious match against fulham, 2 nil up in the 85th minute when the pc decided by itself to override steam and restart the goddamn pc all by itself to install a (shit) update. Result ; no more sound through hdmi (which means no sound at all for me), resulting in me rolling back (again) to an older version of windows after which it will begin to force itself to update every 15 minutes or so. Fucking hell.

  8. You could always schedule a task to kill the Windows update service every five minutes and see if that works.

  9. Playing games on a pc….it’s just wrong.

    Came across the odd loan option for your youth players. Nice feature I thought, get the youngster out playing and maybe earn a few quid. Except what the f?! You have to pay his wages when he goes on loan? So how is that useful in the current climate of zero budgets? Sometimes I just don’t think konami know enough (anything) about the business side of footy. Granted Man Utd etc may pay the wages of a player on loan but me sending a 16yo to a big club and bunging him 85 grand a season?

  10. Turf – I think Konami are just too lazy and can’t be bothered to check / test these things. Also – gaming on pc is bloody brilliant. Most of the time that is…

    Solved the issue by downloading a new Nvidia driver for my graphics card. Apparently that does the job though it makes no sense to me. So if anything should encounter the same problem ; update graphics card drivers first.

    6 games to go and top of the championship. The game is throwing some serious nerfing scripting my way but I keep winning regardless. 13 wins in a row without conceding a goal – 1 draw against third placed Wolves and after that a 4-1 thumping of second placed Sunderland. Had to check if the difficulty was still on professional – it is. Jarvis is top scorer by a mile with 21 goals scored. Very reminiscent of my first season last year… If don’t get promotion now with about 6 games to go, something will have gone terribly wrong. Looking forward to see what the premier league brings.

  11. Uncle Turf – I think Konami think you’re meant to value the prospect of a Youth getting experience and stats over the value of having his wages paid. The reality is of course that if there’s a great Youth you want to develop, you’ll do so yourself and get your money’s worth yourself. The way nuPES is, a decent 70-something OPR Youth player isn’t far beneath the performance levels of a senior 80-something OPR player. Just one of many ways that the intricate interlocking systems (player individuality/player growth/club budget/grinding results etc) that made Master League what it was in the Golden Age of PES, have been misunderstood and destroyed.

    #1 – why do I get the feeling that PES is nudging you into another one of your ‘states’?!

    Also – just head into Windows Update options and instruct the OS not to download or install any updates itself.

  12. NG – no not by a long shot, having a pretty good time with it actually!

  13. Season 5 of my PSP series – the roster is still the same from day one, except for two released players – and I’m very close to achieving the main objective for this season: to get a top-4 spot in the league once again. Olympiakos is getting closer and closer to the 2-peat, sitting in the first place with 10 more points than us and Zenit, whilst Shakhtar (2-time World Super League winner) sits two points behind in 4th place, all of this with 7 matches to go. We’re going to fight for the 2nd place – in S4 we finished 3rd – even though it’s not really important whether we finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th since league’s top-4 get a CL group phase spot in next season. Honestly I’m much more looking forward for fixture 33 clash against Olympiakos…it’s by far the hardest team to play against – though Shakhtar has better players – and defensively they’re close to perfection. They’ve only lost 4 league matches over the last two seasons!

    Our domestic cup run was short, as always. It’s a curse. We swept River Plate in the first round but Boca Juniors dominated us in the second, despite being a mid-table team for the last 4 years or so. It’s Season 5 and I never got past the 2nd round…

    Much better was our first-ever participation in the Champions League. We ended up in a group comprised of Inter, Chievo and Nancy and finished 2nd, moving on to the elimination round. Then we met Manchester United and overall both teams scored 5 goals, but away goals eliminated us despite winning 4-3 at home (we were losing 0-2 at 20′), which despite our elimination will go down as one of the best victories ever for our very own ML United. I was pleasantly surprised with our performances – particularly against Inter and Manchester United, two of the best teams in the game. It is worth saying that Olympiakos and Zenit also got eliminated in the round of 16, which means only Shakhtar will be our only World Super League representative. Last season, they reached the semi-finals.

    Right now, Volpato is the league’s leading scorer alongside Galatasaray’s Kravets but Shakhtar’s chinese Messi named Jiu Niyi is one goal behind, so it’ll be a hard task to make our eternal number 9 the top scorer for the 3rd season in a row – which will also make him the first player ever to score 100 goals for ML United.

    Such a handsome man deserves it.

    View post on

  14. NG – yes, I think that’s it, and yet as you suggest I reckon I could dump half a dozen day one youthies into my squad without adverse effect. I have always liked mircolian but usually the regens drown him out after a season, I think he may have some traction this year.

  15. Boom, promotion secured with 6 games to go. Curious how the commentary is only able to count as far as “five” btw (wins in a row clean sheets, etc). Curious how much extra budget the board will reward me with.

  16. #1 – you’ll soon discover that you’re rolling in as much transfer cash as you could ever want or need. The salary budget effectively caps it though, no matter how much it is.

    Uncle Turf – given nuPES’s undoubted positive qualities as a decent football game of the current era, a way to play a custom Purity ML would be to ban all transfers in and only work with what you star with and the Youths, with no other House Rules (i.e. you can keep your young stars no matter how far they develop). This would ensure a high degree of attachment to your ML players as in the old days, having hand-reared them all so to speak.

  17. not-Greg – Honest question: would that work in nuPES? I know it’s feasible in old-PES but for example in newer Football Manager games it’s impossible to maintain the same squad over the years because of players often asking to be transferred to a bigger club, eventually even refusing to resign a contract with your club after having been denied the chance to climb the corporate ladder of modern football.

  18. orlando.jabulani – it would work, yes. In the 2 or 3 editions since that squad unhappiness/contract rebel feature came in, I think I’ve lost 1 player because of it. Assuming a general upward trajectory for the ML overall, player expectations and contentment tend to keep pace with the club’s. Like so much else in ML since PES2013-ish, squad restlessness has been half-heartedly implemented, for example you can tick a box to ‘Refuse all bids’ from other clubs on a per-player basis and it works 100%, and those players are never unsettled. It just shouldn’t be possible, but it is.

    I’m loving yours and abbeyhill’s missives from the true-PES glory editions. That’s where I’m headed – back to PES as it was meant to be. One and a bit seasons of PES2018 left. And then no PES2019. The end is well and truly nigh for nuPES. They’ve been decent enough FIFA-style football games, but decidedly average PES games. Even the weakest PS2/PS3 PES game (PES2008 on PS3, say) was a more credible PES game than any of the PS4 PESes. The nearness of the end is actually making me feel better-disposed towards nuPES than I would be if I thought I was just going to go on playing nuPES forever.

  19. not-Greg – Crazy stuff right there. I’d expect that in a 2005 game but it’s just not acceptable in 2018. PES should be borrowing elements from FM’s realism in squad management and instead it’s not only ignoring but tearing apart the little it has improved in that area of the game.

    Thanks, it has really been an amazing experience. It brought me back that feeling of being able to write a whole book just on my journey with my ML team, something that was lost in the past few years. Only the 2008 defaults (another PSP take) rank higher in my top-3 ML teams ever, but then again, it’s hard to top such an interesting squad – the old guys like Minanda alongside young prospects as Gutierrez and Ettori.

    I’m very curious to see which game and platform you’ll choose to travel back in time, there’s a lot to choose from indeed.

  20. Restart is going well – played 5 gf 3 ga 16….

  21. After a very long while of not visiting none of the most famous PES-dedicated forums, I just checked-in in one of them to understand the people’s judgment on PES2018 and I’m fairly shocked with what I’m reading. Over the past few years even the more underachieving versions of the game were given a free pass and not overtly criticized as they were in other non-die-hard fan forums…now, I’m just scrolling through tons and tons of posts complaining about the stuff we read here too such as no-fouls, hockey-like gameplay, single-player mode erosion – and every single post has many likes. Gone are the days when users complaining about the game where absolutely shunned by the community, now I can’t believe I’m seeing this, but it is the norm and barely anything else is being discussed besides how awful the game is. On top of it all, we’re still in January.

    I don’t know where we go from here but from what I’ve seen the fanbase is being completely torn apart between long-time, die-hard fans – who are checking out of the series – and the new generation of gamers who understand no such concept as brand loyalty.

  22. orlando.jubilani – the forums have been in ferment for a while, but I imagine most of the dissenting voices will be back on-board with PES2019 come September. Still, enough oldsters will drift away from the FIFA-esque nuPES series year on year that by the time we get to the PlayStation 5 and beyond, the old-school players will be a shrunken minority of the new demographic that nuPES is deliberately intended to court.

    I disagree with an aspect of your last remark. The new generation of gamers of course have no conception of PES as a brand, no. But quite a few old-school players do, and that is deeply harmful to PES. It means PES can get away with being the FIFA Lite game Konami want to make it into. PES is something that existed in its pure unadulterated form between 2000 and 2015 (give or take a year or two). Based on that now-unthinkably-distant period, a puzzlingly large amount of the old guard see PES as a brand, which means that because PES2016/17/18 have the PES moniker slapped on them, hey presto, that means they’re PES games and that they’re automatically entitled to the brand loyalty that the series accumulated from 2000 onward. I have come to the opposite view, to put it mildly. I don’t see PESes 2016/17/18 as PES games at all. They’re something else with the PES label on them. PES2016 in particular should have been the canary in the coalmine. The fact that it wasn’t – that it took till now, PES2018, for me to say enough is enough – shows that I had the brand loyalty delusion too. Feels fantastic to be shaking it off now.

  23. not-Greg: I mentioned nu-gamers’ lack of brand loyalty to demonstrate how a subpar product might suffer against a much steadier one if the first one’s support base not only shrinks but becomes much more volatile, which means they’ll always choose FIFA unless somehow PES becomes king of the microtransaction/e-sports/online-gaming galore in the following years – Konami would have to multiply the effort they’ve been putting on by a 1000 to do so.

    However, die-hard fans were part of the problem too, I agree. We failed to recognize the product wasn’t the same as it once was and will likely never be so we kept feeding the beast until it became a full-blown f***-fest, sloppy product that seldom resembles real-life football. We’re paying for our sins now.

    Anyhow, I realized it’s better to let go and let Konami do their thing, there are exciting new markets rising for them to explore so I wish them good luck; though as long as I go on being a football enthusiast, I’ll forever keep on wanting a deep, challenging, realistic experience rather than a 5-min. explosive and vapid release.

    I don’t know if you’re on the same page, but my belief is that we desperately need to fall in love with PES again. The kind of love that binds me and my pencil-moustached striker Volpato, soon to hit the 100th goal for the club. nuPES has been truly the dark ages for football gaming and we’ve all been affected by it, judging by the negativity and the feelings of hopelessness I read everywhere. We need to get that passion back, we need more latino-bombshell Volpatos and less AMF/SS forgettable hybrids! We need to build legendary, unforgettable teams all over again. If one’s able to do all of this with PES2018 or any newer version, go ahead…but we need the spark back!

  24. Scotland Turf? Are you trying to be a Brendan Rogers?
    Guaranteed Success, which ultimately counts for nothing as the Scottish leagues are not even ‘proper’ leagues or competitions. 😉

    Spent much of last week playing FM2018 on the Macbook pro in my hotel room whilst away on a training course, there’s so many ‘bits’ from FM that Konami could implement into ML without taking it down that ultra deep managerial route, but just giving enough of an actual feeling of being in charge of a football club, of course they won’t as a) they don’t understand football, and b) its not their business vision.

    Still playing PES18, season 8 has just left the January Transfer window, I’m currently top, by 5 points, in the FA Cup Quarters, and last 32 KO round of the Europa Cup, could a treble of sorts be on the cards?!

    Top player throws up the odd challenging match, where I will scrape a 1-0, claw a draw back or infrequently be held to a 0-0, but I expect to, and do win most games, my current record is played 24, Won 14, drawn 6, lost 3, +26 GD.
    Next season, season 9 will also be my last season, on Superstar, before moving over to FIFA.

  25. #1 – I downloaded and installed the Kilay patch over the weekend. I can’t use it now because of my ML already underway but it looks the business. I noticed there are some changes to formations, tactics etc. Does it make a difference to gameplay at all? I also noticed Kilay has stopped his work on PES which is a shame. It’d be great if Konami embraced PC modding from next year, a Steam Workshop for PES. The community was built on customising the game and to embrace that again would possibly give PES a competitive advantage.

  26. orlando.jabulani – we’ve already got plenty of football games that offer a ‘deep, challenging, realistic experience’. Every PES from PES2 to PES2014 fits the bill, with one or two exceptions. Market forces dictate that we’ll probably never get a new one again.

    Paul – but will you keep playing FM? That’s the question! All that fiddling around with press conferences and the like isn’t for me. The perfect balance between the two was FM2010.

    Cook – I believe that was one of the patches tried by #1 and he reported initial good tidings, so see how you go. I don’t believe formations and tactical changes do affect gameplay. The PC community for PES isn’t really famous for modding the game surely – ? The whole deal with PES is that it always provided the best gameplay out of the box and there was no clamour for gameplay modding, so it was all cosmetic.

  27. NG – The lure of FM style games harks back to childhood days, where I had some truly memorable and fantastic management games on the Spectrum, and later the Amiga, which I still remember fondly to this day.
    Back then apart from School, I had all day every day to play and become engrossed within that world, obviously today, 25 years later, I don’t, being an adult doesn’t lend itself well to gaming, especially in-depth games, I don’t have 10+ hrs a day to invest, as you all will know too well with your own busy lives, so No, I probably won’t get through 10 seasons on FM 18 anytime soon, but the beauty of it is, I don’t need to.

    Like you with your departure from ‘Nu-PES’ there is no rush, because you can play the back catalogue of games at your own free will with no pressure to be playing the latest and not-so greatest, with FM18, I don’t need to get 5/10 seasons in before FM19 comes out, I can just play it as and when, as videos render in FCPX in the background, or whilst sat watching TV, I can play a few matches here and there, as deep and invloved as FM is, it lends itself to casual/portable gaming quite well.

  28. Scotland is simply the peu league Paul, so very few mcs, macs and weegies – and I haven’t gone to town on the editing, just team names and stadiums. It’s still rock hard as the average 70 ish of the opposition is being boosted by superstar.

  29. NG – I was referring to the cosmetic modding rather than gameplay. I think a workshop for kits, leagues, stadiums, boots/nets/tattoo/faces (for those that way inclined) would be a real boon to the series, even if the gameplay is still the same. Although gameplay modding would be the holy grail I can’t imagine they’d want a completely different game being played on PC.

  30. Theres a full scottish PL option file licking around out there Turf, not tempted?

  31. No, I won’t be stopping in it long and some of the option files seem to have unintended consequences. I’ve slimmed it down to 14 teams as well so it’s really the bastard offspring of the sfa.

    This has never happened to me in any pes, not sure if it’s ever been reported here by anyone either, but I reckon I’m unlikely to get a single point in this first season. I’m often 3 nil down by half time, the AI simply speed passes and flicks me out of the game, no amount of backs to the wall defending can stop it and this time having a weak keeper means I’ve got no chance of staying level. The end of game stats show how konami want the AI to play – no variety at all, it’s barcelonas tiki nonsense with 170 odd passes minimum to my 80.

  32. Turf – I commented on this during the 2 seasons I played on SS, that every team performs multiple intricate passes, backheels, flicks, lobbed through balls, all with pin point accuracy whether its Burton, Barcelona or Bradford you are playing, and apparently some people were of the notion that this is a great AI, and we need it.

    It will be interesting to see how next season, season 9 for me, fares back on SS now that I have a much better team and know what stunts the COM teams pull off, whether its defendable or not etc.

    Stockport County lost 39 consecutive matches in the 1996/7 season. Beat that.


  34. The difficulty that we need. But not the AI.

    39 would be tough as after this season’s 26 im expecting a decent turnover of players. I signed the likes of Ross McCormack and that winger torje (?) purely for their resale value.

  35. Uncle Turf – I think you’ve just resolved the equation of what Paul and I have been bickering about for a month or two. Difficulty is indeed what I mean by AI. When I say ‘AI’, I primarily mean ‘overall difficulty’ (the bird’s-eye view of how a match unfolds). Paul on the other hand means the nitty-gritty of how players position themselves and moves are constructed. The constant back-heels and flicks and tikitaka nonsense are all truly tiresome.

  36. Yes, that’s my take on it. I want the matches to be hard but not because every team is playing beach football at a ridiculously accelerated pace. Just thinking about it I’m not sure I’ve even seen the AI do a slide tackle. They’ve truly embraced the current fashion for taking the physical side out of the game. Its pes for pep.

  37. NG m- I would argue that difficulty and AI (artifical Intelligence) are 2 distinctly separate things.

    difficulty is just how hard the game is, and that can be by a number of measures, boosting of stats etc, whereas AI i envisage to be the actual intelligence of how the game mechanics work.
    Positioning, adherence to player stats, awareness of game scenarios etc, whilst I agree with you that the ‘difficulty’ level is what we need, ie a game that lasts more than 2 months, I strongly disagree that the AI mechanics are abysmal, and difficulty isn’t achieved through the AI, but just through crude unrealistic boosting/nerfing of stats.

  38. Cook – from what I remember from what little matches I played without the patch – midfield is a bit more crowded and I don’t see any outrageous transfers as of yet. Mind you I just have one season in the books. As you say in any event, it at least looks the business.

  39. BTW – refreshing to see that youths aren’t nearly as overpowered as they were last year – at least initially. Picked five up – relative unknowns – from the free agents and promoted forster. All are at or around the 70 opr mark, thus slightly better than the defaults.

  40. 11 defeats in a row, 33 goals conceded, 4 scored and arcas pops up with a straightforward finish to win 1-0. It wasn’t even frantic trying to defend, as if the game pitied me.

    I’ve offloaded another batch of defaults as well. I’ve never understood why some mls have allowed you to negotiate year round (with transfers happening in the window), some not allowing any activity at all till the window and the more recent fuck ups of final year players leaving immediately. I suspect it’s simply konami ignorance again. Please God they never get hold of madden, the draft would be a train wreck.

  41. Highlights from Game of the week …..

  42. Paul – great editing job there, you really gave the game the MOTD treatment. PES2018 looks fantastic in that presentation, and I have to say, I’ve had more good than bad feelings about the game probably for a month now. I caught myself contemplating a Season 9 this morning (i.e. the rest of this season, and then 2 more, instead of just 1 more), but that was a passing thought.

    Around 3 minutes when Lukaku got that FK which didn’t lead to anything, I thought you should have zigged instead of zagged and you’d have had a shooting chance with that famous left foot. How is Lukaku generally, individual or not?

    Uncle Turf – bring back ‘no activity at all until the window’, I say. The classic ML way of doing it. No, it’s not realistic, but ML was always its own creation. Having said that, the best MLs of all – PES2010 and PES2011 – allowed year-round negotiations.

    #1 – I’ve yet to have a Youth who develops into anything remarkable, but can report that you can leave Youths in the Youth team and they will develop and age well beyond Youth status. I finally picked up Gabi from my Youths at the age of 21 and OPR 80. No special Training involved, that’s just what happens now.

  43. Cheers NG, was going for a Sky Sports ews style broadcast, was more just tinkering with new plugins and stuff in FCPX.

    I signed Lukaku from Man Utd, the deal was already done and agreed in December then at the end of December we played them in a top vs 2nd clash, and Lukaku ripped me a new A-hole, we lost 3-1 and Lukaku bagged a hat-trick.
    Needless to say, he’s not shown any of that kind of form for me so far, he’s got a few goals but apart from his strength which is evident, I could have signed CF 101X and it wouldn’t have felt much different I don’t think.

    My CM Diakité, who was signed from the Youth team, has now been given the ‘Conductor’ status, which ramps team Spirit up, and even further if captain, which he is, so my TS is now at 99.

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