Life begins at Master League

Here we go. A very short, sharp post just to say two things. I’ve installed an Option File. I’ve Edited in my usual bespoke Coventry City. I’m about to start Master League. That’s three things. I’m excited and I lost count.

I got the game on Tuesday, which was super-early. It meant I had to wait longer than usual to begin Master League.

I played plenty of matches in Tournament and Champions League Mode and, God help me, offline shiteClub mode. I understand it’s easy to start your very first match on shiteClub with the likes of Suarez, Bale, and Morata playing up front. The future of football gaming, folks.

Today, I shove aside the trivial and get down to serious business.

Option File now installed, it’s time to get underway.

I am starting as a bespoke Coventry City. I had to Edit over one team. I usually Edit over WE United or PES United, and then import them to my chosen Division 2.

I couldn’t find PES United anywhere, but scrolling through the leagues I located WE United in the PAS League, and got to work.

I imported all the kits provided by the blog’s regular commenter, Paul (check out PESFX for plenty more, and to make requests).

Over the course of about 15 minutes I patiently went through each category of settings for WE United, overwriting them with every morsel of info. For my custom banners I picked four of Coventry’s most famous sons (and daughter).

If you don’t have to Google any of them, well done.

Then I discovered that I couldn’t move my newly-created Coventry City from the PAS League into the Championship.

So I reset WE United back to their default settings.

I went over into the Championship, and did everything I’d just done, again. Another 15 minutes.

I had to overwrite one of the existing clubs. Bad luck, Burton Albion. You’re just not established enough as a ‘proper’ team to have made the cut.

And now I’m all set.

I will start this very night. Bit of dinner. Bit of telly. Then Master League. Challenge mode. Professional difficulty.

A long and multiply-winding road ahead, leading who knows where?

One of these days a PES game is going to lead me straight off a cliff-edge (no-fouls, I am looking at you).

Will this be the edition that does it?

Or will it be the edition that redeems not only Master League, but PES as a whole?

I cannot wait to find out. The journey of a thousand miles starts here.

Updated: 15th September 2017 — 16:57


  1. My ‘challenge’ much like everybody elses, is to finish 9th.
    Approaching January and I’m 24th, rock bottom, 2 wins from 14. The sack is inevitable.
    So I’ve made the decision I’m going to turn challenge mode off, as restarting all over again doesn’t appeal.

    I will continue playing without the fear of losing all my hard work so far, and it will be many seasons at this rate before I start challenging for promotion.

    As for challenge mode itself, when starting a ML with this mode, it says ‘a more challenging option, with hard to deal with players, owner goals to be met and many more challenges along the way’ – really?!?!
    All I have seen so far in the way of challenges is the 9th place finish. nothing else.
    No want away players, no other owner challenges, no orders to breed youth, no orders to sign players, like we had in PES12’s ML.

    It seems as though this ‘challenge’ mode is pretty pointless.

  2. After looking around, it seems quite easy to adjust the fouls level in pes2017. I haven’t tried the patches, which just consist of editing a certain cpk file, using a text editor. Hope that the editing is similarly easy in pes2018. Only then, will I buy it.

    I’ve not bought anything since pes 2015. Currently just playing pes5 very occasionally.

  3. I’m looking forward to at least one Challenge restart, already with a clutch of ‘noob errors’ to put right the next time, but I doubt I’ll do a great many Challenge restarts. I think I’ll have a couple of restarts in me but no more than a couple.

  4. what are the ‘noob errors’ then NG ?

  5. Not treating each match as a singular event, i.e. using the same formation for each, not tinkering with marking and etc. MLs of recent years have been set up formation and just play until you start getting traction. This ML Challenge mode won’t have that.

  6. n-G – I’ve stuck with the same formation as changing it messes up Team Spirit and without at least a mid-50 rated team, it’s extremely hard to defend and fairly tough to score.

    I’ve also not set up any marking but I do have Fluid Formation on which basically means I have all-out-defence when the opposition is attacking and four up front when I have possession. Seems to be working well so far.

    Whatever tactics though, I suspect a high Team Spirit will eventually negate any tactical tinkering.

  7. Oh, and Paul – do I remember you saying in the summer that your contact at Konami had assured you that ‘fouls were sorted’ now? What the hell was going on there?!

  8. NG … already doing all that and its not helping me any.
    Players need to play in a same/familiar formation to get used to it, otherwise as Shed says, TS takes a huge hit and makes things even harder.

    and YES, you do recall correctly and trust me, I have called him out on that very same statement about fouls, all he could say was that it had been passed back to Japan as feedback and he’d relied upon them to act upon it. SO kind of a false statement on his part.

    Community —> Feedback —–> PES PR People —– Diluted Feedback –> |||| JAPAN

  9. Shed, been tinkering, another retro brighton kit going up on PESFX later…

    View post on

  10. Paul – That is a thing of beauty. Thanks man.

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