Burke and Hair

This is the kind of team I usually start with in most matches now. And that kind of subs bench too. The only difference is that R BURKE goes in the starting line-up if he’s got a full stamina bar. Otherwise, he’ll come on in the second half.

I’ve decided that when I get to the end of this season I’m jettisoning most of my high-rated superstars. Maybe all of them.

I’ve brought in some extremely low-rated youngsters and brought back Friday – an old man of 31 in decline – and the game is all the better for playing with them. I’ll re-stock my squad with Youths and players in decline. It’ll be, gulp, ‘fun’.

I think I will keep Ibrahimovic and Aduriz to play up front when I fancy a change of pace, but the rest will go at the end of this season. If I was a story-based kind of ML player I’d imagine the club encountering some Rangers-style catastrophe, except without the relegation.

For now, I play most matches using a peculiar mix of top-rated and bottom-rated players.

I signed that Youth called R BURKE who is rated 61 OPR. I’ve now played about 7 matches with him as a starter. Truth be told, I don’t notice him being any worse than my 90+ OPR-rated CBs, which doesn’t flatter PES2017 very much. My pet peeve with nuPES, that too many players are too indistinct, still holds. The series’ rich heritage of player individuality has been watered down.

And my no-fouls peeve still holds too. That’s a peeve that’ll never go away. No doubt the early play-testers of PES2018 will come back from their 99% multiplayer-focused testing sessions gushing about how many fouls there were.

Of course, multiplayer matches do feature a few more fouls than the single-player game does. So the PES2018 play-testers – their fingers still throbbing from all their R1+Square+X-squeezing and Circle-sliding – won’t actually be lying to us. They just won’t have played the actual game that we’ll be playing come September.

If I had any hair left, I’d tear it out every single year at how this fact seems to sail right by the over-excited play-testers. Pro Evolution Soccer is a single-player game too. When they fail to test the game in single-player, they fail to test the game.

I made this short video of Jarvis scoring his first goal since his return – and then missing a goal that would have been the greatest PES2017 goal of them all.

Friday is also here missing a few as well.

NB: In a rush to edit this video last night I accidentally mis-positioned the replay of Jarvis’s goal. You’ll spot the mistake.

Updated: 30th May 2017 — 09:39


  1. delighted that PES2017 is getting an extended swansong. I was wondering not-Greg if you have a plan for the remainder of ML once the ‘fun’ of a weaker team and the associated better gameplay wears off? For example if the team is marooned in mid-table with no chance of challenging for anything will you start signing the superstars back?

  2. I’m glad I had house rules in operation given how many 90+ rated players you’ve accumulated there n-G. My highest rated player is 90 with the majority around the mid-70s.

    As I hinted at the end of last week, I’m also back on PES 2017 and loving it. I enjoyed FIFA 16 and miss aspects of it but in switching to assisted passing due to frustrations again with that aspect of the game, I unwittingly opened the door to PES again.

    I spontaneously played one PES ML game after a long FIFA session late last week just to see how it felt and FIFA hasn’t had a look in since.

    A couple of years ago I started running – signing up and completing a marathon, half-marathon and a couple of 10k events – all the while thinking all this effort would see me finally enjoy pounding the streets for exercise. I didn’t and don’t. I feel the same with FIFA. I like the idea of it and feel compelled to put the effort in to get what so many others love about it but in the end I just feel like I’m fooling myself.

    I don’t hate FIFA or running. I still do both occasionally but more comfortable and rewarding pursuits always draw me away eventually.

    So, with another hopefully slightly different PES vs FIFA analogy logged, I’m now ready to have my nose well and truly rubbed in all the ML scolding I did while writhing in all that glossy FIFA CM for the past few weeks.

    It feels good to be back playing PES – with house rules in full effect of course. My Brighton side is currently second with a dozen games to go of season 6(?), still in the FA Cup and with a chance of a rare Europa League trophy having failed to qualify from my Champions League group.

  3. Abbeyhill — I don’t anticipate ever dabbling with superstars again. It’ll be Youths and Veterans all the way now. The Veterans will be players ratedmid-70s at best and in decline. (Star names are permitted, but they have to be knackered and on their way out.) Tempted to start all over, but I know I wouldn’t stick with the grind of another Season 1. Much more interesting to ‘do a Rangers’ whilst still in D1 and see what happens. Early impressions are, with just a sprinkling of Youths and Veterans, that goals will be hard to come by and the AI will be proportionally more threatening. That’ll do me for now.

  4. Shed — nobody will take you task, having been there numerous times before. Well, Paul might be gnashing his teeth in whatever fur-lined abode he’s hiding in, but nobody else will. Chris99?

    I think FIFA always suffers when we come to it second. For a FIFA to have staying power with PES players, it has to appear first in any given footy game year, I think. It has to have a good few weeks on its own, without months of intensive PES preceding it.

    It’s the weightiness of PES that draws me back. Not that FIFA’s animations and modelling lacks substance, it’s just… I don’t know. For a couple of matches, FIFA16 felt like the greatest footy game in the world. I know I could pick it up right now and get that feeling again, probably. For a few matches.

    In PES this will be my first serious dabble with House Rules for many a year. I’m easing into it with the latter half of Season 11, playing mainly with Jarvis and Friday up front, and it’s vintage PES, really. Vintage!

    It’s good to come home again.

  5. n-G – I’m at least proud of myself for not doing the usual and splashing out on FIFA 17 – even if it is cheaper now. I agree that when FIFA came out earlier than PES, it helped with getting to grips with the game but then we all knew we would hop over to PES eventually anyway.

    I think I might have been swept up in Brighton’s real life ML-like promotion and the prospect of playing as them in a fully rendered Amex Stadium in FIFA 18. I’m less enthralled at the prospect now unless the gameplay really blows PES 2018 out of the water.

    I wonder what happened to Paul. I was looking forward to his FIFA 17 insight but it seems he may also have come to a similar conclusion with that FIFA too.

  6. Rodrigo Palacio 99ovr! In his dreams!

    I’ve recently started a new ML on PES 2017 PC, and decided to trial a few ground rules with a mind to maybe instilling them from the start in 2018’s ML…

    In Serie B with Ascoli
    I can only sign players from Italy
    I can sign regens, but…
    I can’t sign any youth team players

  7. Tommy – curious how you get on with it on PC. Playing with any mods / fan patches?

  8. #1 – Just PTE 5.3

  9. Shed – I saw FIFA17 for £16 on the PS Store last week. Wasn’t even slightly tempted. Paul’s workplace blocked this site and his own domain, and that seemed to be the end of him as regards blogging and commenting.

    Tommy – Palacio is actually rated 100 in CF/SS now.

  10. I know this is not your thing but rather than starting again or nerfing your squad what about….taking one of those job offers? Resurrecting a fallen giant? Conquering Europe from Spanish div 2? Etc

  11. Uncle Turf – maybe, maybe… I’ve got until the end of Season 11 to decide. It’s something I vaguely considered a few seasons ago actually, and again before the start of this season when Newcastle came knocking.

  12. And then returning to Coventry to sort out the post ng mess?

  13. I wouldn’t want to do it and then get tired of it quickly, and the kinds of offers I’d get right now would be other clubs of comparable stature rather than a D2 minnow. I will see what the offers are though. I might well take a Norwich or even a Villa-style offer, but a Bayern or a Roma, nope.

  14. Still deeply engrossed in Pes2017 (but then I only started in January).

    Having no issues with scoring or fouls, but man, can’t seem to keep a clean sheet!

    I do, however, play a counterattacking 433.

    I also have a fancrush on Arcas.

  15. Switching clubs was great fun to me this year. Ng – maybe consider the Bundesliga…i remember you saying having a blast against German teams. Could go borrusia Dortmund and have a kick about in the signal iduna Park…

  16. I’ve had a couple of sessions with ado den haag, it’s been refreshing to have to work hard to score and ending matches clinging onto a lead.

    I cleared out all but 2 of their players in the pre-season window and used the cash to hoover up a load of regens which wouldn’t be possible if starting from scratch so I’d recommend staying in your ML world (some of my old youth team followed me but most didn’t), it’s interesting to see how poorly my former club, forest, are being handled.

    I brought in a declining 77ovr Welbeck on loan so I would have an element of fire power but he’s so far contributed little… Scot Parker and Joey Barton regens are my CM pairing, Wes Brown and Riccardo Carvalho at CB.

  17. Mr Noodles – by ‘no issues with fouls’ do you mean you’re getting the standard nuPES average of 0-2 per match and that’s OK for you, or are you getting an average of 7-9 per match (which would be an acceptable amount IMO for a 10-minute match)? An average of 7-9 of course would mean that half your matches would feature many more than 7-9 fouls per match.

    #1 – I’ll have to decide at the end of Season 11 which is some ways off yet. I’ve not managed to get on the game over the past few days so I don’t know what the heck I’ll be posting tomorrow.

    Pete – Welbeck is a fading striker I looked at for my ‘Youths and Has-beens’ plan in Season 11 but in the end I went with… James Wilson!

  18. I nearly threw my controller through the f***** TV last night. 2015 was infuriating me. Skipped my first couple of matches (Roma, started again) until I had a few semi decent players, my first match was the first leg of a cup game against Aviegorgrizovic which I comfortably won 3-1 away. The return leg? 2-0 down after 20 minutes. I managed a goal in the second half to squeeze through. Next game, a 3-0 battering against Carltonpalmerino with some striker of there’s scoring a Messi-esque hat trick. Including one where from near the corner flag he tricked past 3 of my players en route to goal and scored in the far corner. Checked said striker’s stats afterwards and he was a 68 over. No decent attributes. Absolutely stupid. In both of these games I could not even complete a pass. I can’t recall ever being as p***** off with a PES ever. Came very close to jettisoning it again. The 2 options I’ve got are to wait until the transfer window reopens so I’ll have improved OR be able to get some better players…….or go with Fifa 16 which should be plopping through my letterbox today.

  19. NG – interestingly I do keep a look out now and again for James Wilson. The reason being was that he was a star player in my Fifa 15 Portsmouth career, where I took them up from Division 2 to the Championship. I always am curious as to why their ground appears in every Fifa over the last few years.

  20. nG, I would say 3 to 5? The scripting is way more off putting (although I have learnt to live with it). Pes thing, you know.

    I will say this: I do experience individuality in some types – pacy wingers like El Sharaawy, and targer men. For the rest, there are differences, but not as I would like it to be. Few players force me to adjust my play around them (although maybe I am just picky on who I buy, haha).

    Also finding the defaults and regens to be a better fit than known players. I mean, Gabriel Jesus was an absolute waste, for instance.

  21. I’ve restarted 2017 with a house rule of only buying players from the British Isles. I transfer listed all the foreigners and accepted any bids coming in so I’ve lost all the decent defaults.

    I picked up James Wilson on a free. He’s the only player to score for me in 10 games so far, he has 2 goals. Team spirit is at 20 so I imagine once that picks up a bit it’ll get a bit easier. Grind, grind, grind.

  22. MrNoodles – 3-5 AI fouls as an average seems quite high – for that to be your average, you’d have to get 5-10 AI fouls in half your matches, and matches with that many fouls in them are once-per-season freakshows for me. In fact I don’t ever recall fouls getting into double figures on PES2017, ever. Even if you do get 3-5 fouls per match, that’s still not enough fouls imo.

  23. 2015 has no fouls either.

    And I’ve had to go down to professional to get enjoyment out of it. Terrible.

  24. Mike – are you Donald Trump?!

    PES2015 is a great PES game, and there’s nothing particularly troubling about playing it on Professional for a while. The zoning of difficulties was different from that edition onward. If you’ve been playing on higher than that, no wonder you were struggling to get to grips with it. Terrible!

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