Friday the fourth

I’m far enough into Season 11 of PES2017 to get to the first transfer window, and this has happened:

This is Friday’s fourth stint at the club, for those trying to keep track.  I originally bought him in the first transfer window of Season 1. About a season later I sold him for much-needed cash, but he was so good in his last few matches for me that I regretted the decision and bought him back as soon as I could. Several seasons later I sold Friday again after I got better players who showed him up as being rather average. Then I brought him back on loan just a few seasons ago, when he got a handful of goals before the loan ended. And now I have outright bought him back for a token few million in the twilight of his career.

My thinking here is to water down my team of Galacticos by bringing in several Youths and veterans, and shipping out a few unneeded superstars. I’ll keep the likes of Aduriz, Ibrahimovic, and Wesley Sneijder – but they’ll often be playing alongside the likes of Friday (an in-decline, 74OPR, 31-year-old now) and some brand spanking new Youths including:

The 17-year-old Gareth Bale. He would have cost £50m from Real Madrid, but I got him for £10m plus a player. I’ve never had Bale in any PES and am looking forward to seeing how his individuality develops, I’m quietly growing a newfound respect for many aspects of PES2017, and I’d like individuality to be one of them.

I’m enjoying being back on PES2017, not just because of the game itself – so heavy and solid! – but the convenience of playing on the PS4. My PES5 thing might have worked out if I’d given myself more time to prepare an abode to play it on. Something like an always-on PC next to the main TV might have done the trick. One to note for the future. Some part of me will always dream of joining the PC gaming master race, but I probably never will.

I’ve also signed this old friend:

The 60-rated Jarvis will get games, not many, but some. Again, I want to dilute my squad and make the experience harder. If I don’t, I will just go through season after season like a threshing machine, hoovering up all the trophies.

I also picked up a couple of other Youths: De Bruyne from my own Youth squad, and Thiago Silva from whatever club he was at. The latter got a cut-scene.I won the International Club Championship at the start of the season, beating some nonsense made-up Konami team 2-0 in the final.And this is the current mid-Season 11 league table:

I’ve got a good chance of a Treble this season, something I haven’t managed on a PES since PES2013, I think.

And Friday has returned. At the time of writing I have only managed to play one match with him, and it made the whole experience better. If I was the kind of ML player who made up stories about my club and players (rather surprisingly, I’m not that kind of ML player), I’d say that Friday was the Ian Rush of my team, and always had to come home.

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  1. great post not-Greg. I stick to my view that PES2017 is a 9/10 game. Although there are a lot of individual flaws that one can highlight it just has a really good feel to it and overall is a pleasure to play. Will undoubtedly be returning to it myself before the summer is out

  2. PES 2017 – like 2016 – is definitely all the better if you can somehow avoid the temptation to have a squad full of 90+ rated superstars.

    There does seem to be less stupidly high rated players in this year’s game but you still need house rules or attachments to lesser players to make up for the lack of a need for squad overhauls.

    Anyway, it’s nice to see you looking settled with a PES again n-G.

    Me? Well I was up late with FIFA 16 last night and then, just as I was about to turn in, I had a sudden urge (no, not that!). Let’s just say that my FIFA fuelled PES rants of late might be coming back to haunt me sooner than I expected…

  3. abbeyhill – it took a few weeks away, but I am having amazing times with PES2017. Seeing so much of PES2014 in it at the moment, currently. Down-grading my team has helped enormously. I might end up thinking it’s a 9/10 game too – but I will be knocking off a point for no/low-fouls, whatever happens. Possibly the fouls and the slide-tackle are the only real turds in the punchbowl

    Regen Jarvis is a joy to work with. Eerily playing above his 60OPR stats among my Superstars. I’m going to field him and Friday together in the Cup and see what happens.

    Shed – nobody would deny that FIFA plays a great game of football, but I do question its longevity, particularly for us PES veterans. As it sounds like you re-discovered last night, there is nothing like the heavy feel of Pro Evo. That certain special sauce, eh?

    I’m having a good time jettisoning my superstars. I will have to come up with a set House Rules formula (only 2-3 90+ rated players, or something like that) for almost the first time in my PES-playing days, as the gameplay is really first-rate. I remember saying often in the early seasons that this was the best PES gameplay I’d enjoyed for years. I might just scoop up a load of 60-70 rated Regens, ditch all my superstars, and proceed from there.

  4. oo that sounds like an interesting approach there. I remember Gareth Bale (the old one, not a regen) getting injured for about 3 months , forcing me to field regen (75 rated or so ) Jesus Navas. He got injured too which meant I had to field regen Robben (also in the low 70s). Suddenly the game felt very different, in a good way.
    I’m feeling the call of PES17 as well again. only choice for me to make is whether to go PC or continue my ps4 save.

  5. I want to make a statement, which is! Pes2014 is the best football game there is right now. I was playing it in the end of last summer (because of this blog) but all the positives about pes2017 (in this blog) made me play it through the winter but the downfall was as many times before the difficulty. House rules as many of you call it sorts it out a bit but that shouldn’t be necessary. Back now with 2014 and the biggest reason of it’s greatness is that it is far far away from being an “online” game. Enough said! Damn it’s good.

  6. Loving that statement Willie! It was a classic PES. Still have regrets that my 10 year old ps3 expired in the last season of PES2014 ML when I was on course for a first treble

    not-Greg fully agree that PES2017 was at its very best in the early seasons and am sorely tempted by a restart

  7. Pes14 ftw! No base copying players and many assorted inconvenience s as well as harsh scripted momentum, but anything to avoid NuPes’s ball trajectory ensuring constant 3 goal comebacks for AI.

    The ethos of ” its onlines’ fault” is as good an explanation for the automated whirr and blatant team collapses as any.

    I don’t want to get involved in Pes 2018, but as a Yankee I can say
    Fifa is quite awkward and shallow compared with its Jap comp.

    Try being told all your life that UCL and LA Liga, Premier League and Serie A, the WC and pretty much all football is “gay” and its unavailable to watch. You want existential angst as it relates football?

    Now we have overbearing samurai masters hording wins for the AI on our most potent escape to an idealized football world.

  8. #1 – I’m just about to sell one of my super-duper superstar CBs and replace him with a 60-rated duffer from the Youths. A time for heroes to be born. This is a new era for me. A summer of just enjoying Pro Evo like I used to do.

    Willie – I’m with you there. I said somewhere above that I’m seeing lots of PES2014 in PES2017 at the moment. This is because I had an unmentioned session on the PC version of PES2014 the other day, and able to make an almost side-by-side comparison. Lots of ideas from the flop that was PES2014 were recycled in subsequent games, albeit in watered-down style. If I didn’t have to be on PS4 at the moment I’d be playing PES2014.

    abbeyhill – why not play PES2014 on your gaming PC? If you don’t want to mess about with ‘acquiring’ the game by other means, the boxed PC DVD is currently going for £3-4 on Amazon. The expected array of superpatches are available for PES2014, but have to be looked for a bit harder than PES2013’s, say. PES2014 being the PES that almost nobody really played.

    FootballGay – if you become a regular could you be FootballGary instead of FootballGay? And I genuinely think that the rest of the world should get down and thank everything that the USA gives football the cold-shoulder. If football was of the same stature as baseball in the US, there wouldn’t be a proper league anywhere else in the world. Everything would be located there in America. What a different world we’d have. And we might actually have referees who enforced the game’s laws too.

  9. My statement is only based on gameplay and difficulty. And a fully patched pes2014 plays a very thoughtful type of football which is my personal preference. It is impossible to just bomb forward and I guess that is the reason so many hated it. In the early stages of ML and I feel that the best teams are unbeatable just as it should be.

  10. Sounds good NG. Perhaps an idea to do a restart? I know you’re not the type for that kind of stuff but thinking about making a super league myself (mixed teams like in the olden days) and start with the standard Ajax squad…

  11. I put my request in last night to join ado den Haag, they look shit enough… Does anyone know if the youth team goes with you? There are a few I have my eye on so hoping it stays the same

  12. Pete – some of the youth players do, not all.

  13. Just realized – “where legends are made”, pes 2018’s tagline – is ajax’ as well. Shame on me for not knowing but here’s hoping the Johan Cruijff stadium is in there. Probably an unrelated coincidence..

  14. #1 — whether it’s a side-effect of me fielding poorer players or not, the AI seems to play better with lesser players too. I think this way of doing things has long-term legs. My first proper House Rules era for a long long time is at hand. I’m tempted to completely gut my team, i.e. transfer or release everyone, replace them lock-stock with Youths and young Regens (so I’d get to keep Bale and others, until they become overpowered), and see where we end up. That’d be interesting, yes?!

    Pete — I hope you get an all-new roster of Youths, if only because if you don’t, then it’s embarrassingly poor by Konami.

  15. NG – definitely. You should do that! Maybe you could look into the whole “strengthening” opposing sides” thing myself and another poster (was it Darryl?) did.
    I gutted the tean when I moved from arsenal to Ajax as well. Suddenly I had 60 million and 80 rated players. Booted almost all of them out and rebuilt from there. Had a blast doing it. Find myself wondering why I quit in the first place.

  16. #1 — selling Ibra & co. for knock-down prices to the first bidder (or releasing them as Free Agents) is as far as I’ll go down that route. I think it was James and Darryl who did the proper in-depth strengthening of other teams.

    I think there comes a point of every footy game year when we feel we’ve played the main one ‘enough’ and start to look for other things. We live in an era with a solid back catalogue of PES games to amuse ourselves with, and FIFA too. Many times over recent years I feel I’ve given up on the current year’s PES too early. PES2010 and PES2012 spring to mind. PES2011 too. PES2014 for different reasons (it was poor until April of its release year). Feels good to be playing PES2017 again.

  17. #1/NG – it wasn’t myself who did the strengthening of the opposition. It was James who spent a great deal of time doing this. Looking back my best experience of 2017 was the first two seasons with a poor North End team. Although my last season was a memorable one thanks to the young Vardy showing that the individualism hadn’t completely died off.

  18. When did the 4-3-2-1 become the 3-4-3? Football is such a fickle load of personality driven cack at times. He does it so we will to… I hope the cup final ends up at 8 a side and both teams in the dock for engaging in such fleeting formation tinkering. Still if it means the 4-5-1 nonsense is over…

  19. Darryl — you might recall me saying I’d parked a save from that era in my own ML for me to roll back to if need be. I still have that save, but I’m caught up in enthusiasms for taking a wrecking ball to my galacticos now and seeing what happens.

    Uncle Turf — I got very good odds on ‘both teams to score and either side to win’. 13/8. I put twenty on it. Things started well but I need Chelsea to score and one of them to win in the 90. I’m following the FA Cup final from work via a dodgy phone signal, and am not that bothered about it. Until roughly 1993 or so, FA Cup Final day was one of the biggest occasions of the year for me. How times have changed.

  20. How true – I’ve been lucky enough to attend 5 finals, all of them prior to this nonsensical 5.30 kick off time. Apart from newcastles two when I had a vested interest I’m not sure I could name many of the winners after di Matteo scored that one against boro, time was I could have named each line up, the goals, the commentary, etc. The year Man Utd were allowed out put the nail in the ‘big event’ coffin.

  21. 77-79 minutes, and cheers were heard from Coventry

  22. Yessssssss

  23. Haha, nice one NG! I was celebrating on the reception at work doing Daniel Bryan “Yes!” arm movements (of anyone knows what I’m on about)

    And speaking of work, it’s a night shift. Brought my ps2 in and will hopefully get 3-4 hours in between 11pm and 5am. Think I’ve got 2008 in so I’ll just throw myself into a defaults ML with an as yet undecided team. Knowing me I’ll waste an hour or so looking at potential teams kits…..

  24. NG – yes I do remember as you suggested I do the same thing, which I did. I am happy to say I found closure with 2017 so have no interest in going in going back.

  25. Konami must be sponsoring that FA Cup because that was some blatant scripting at work. Oh, hang on, it couldn’t have been Konami, a player was sent off 😉

  26. I’m in limbo. Pes 5 got old really fast. Pes 2008 didn’t fair much better. It’s so linear, there’s no freedom of movement, feel like there are predetermined paths in all areas of the pitch. Shooting especially.
    I sacked it off and stuck 2015 on and started an ML with Sevilla. Much more enjoyable but even in the lowly Liga Adelante, Alaves, Mirandes etc all play like Barca with their tippy tappy football. Hugely frustrating. And I’m already sick of conceding chipped goals. A press of triangle = opposition score. Every time.

  27. Mike – it’s telling that when I transitioned from occasional matches on PES5, to it being my daily football game, it didn’t work out. As I was musing last week, the notional ‘line of destruction’ that pursues football games through time might be catching up to our most revered mid-PS2 era games – or might have overtaken them…

    I don’t remember PES2015’s AI being chipped-goal-happy, but it has been a while.

  28. Finally I’ve decided on my next move : continuing the original pes 2017 ps4 save. Was faffing about with the pc version with mods for a while but ultimately you’re left with is some extras but inferior gameplay and visuals. All the extras in the world won’t make up for the first point. I swear I must have tried about 10 gameplay patches and all they seem to do is either slow the game down or speed it up with various knock-on effects which produce glitches and what not. No extra fouls in any of them…guess the gameplay is hardwired in such a way that it cannot be messed with. Anyway – season 10 it is! The story of sneijder and Ibrahimovic continues. Will be taking that Netherlands job as well…

  29. PC PES2014 is a pretty good idea not-Greg as there is unfinished business, although one problem is that my laptop does not have an optical drive so the only option is the illegal one, which I am not particularly keen on

    with Lloyd re-tweeting anti-Labour propaganda and Jay re-tweeting (a lot of) pro-Labour it is hard to know who to vote for – time for an official peschronicles editorial line on the election?

  30. #1 – I had my doubts about that alleged fouls-boosting patch for the PC version. Fouls are just not a priority for the modern-day footy gamer. They’re more than happy with 3 or so fouls per match. Konami actually gave the majority what they wanted.

    abbeyhill – an external DVD drive would only set you back a tenner on Amazon currently (even cheaper on eBay, I’m guessing), so your PES2014 outlay would be around £14 in total – bargain. An external optical drive is a pretty useful peripheral to have laying around in any case. I got an external drive when I got my first optical drive-less laptop a few years back. The drive gathers dust now and has only been used maybe twice but it feels good knowing it’s there. Vote Lib Dem.

  31. NG – right you are. The reactions of the various forum – goers triggered me though. I’m convinced now that whatever they’re seeing from the patches is nothing more than session to session variance. Won’t be falling for that next term.

  32. that is a good idea, for some reason it had not even occurred to me to buy an external optical drive!

  33. abbeyhill – if you follow the route make sure you get the no-DVD .exe for PES2014, as it’d be a pain setting up the external drive with the disc in it every time you wanted to play. Grab the .exe from gamecopyworld or the like. Not a dodgy site, despite the ads. I get all my no-DVD .exes from there if I don’t get them, you know, elsewhere.

  34. #1 –I’ve come to realise that only those of us who were there in the PS2 years know that session-to-session gameplay variance is a thing with PES. The latter-day players of PES genuinely think a patch or a boots update or whatever has changed the gameplay when it hasn’t.

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