PES 5 Chronicles

The time for PES5 has arrived.

That’s my original copy from 2004 with the GAME price sticker still on it. £29.99? From an actual shop? What times they were, eh?

I’ll actually be playing this ‘version’ of the game:

Which has the benefit of better graphics, and of being playable in widescreen displays. The 2004-era graphics look splendid even on a modern HD monitor. No need to soup anything up.

I’d have snapped my thumbshot using the PC box, which I own, but it’s away in a drawer somewhere and I haven’t got the time to look for it. Or Photoshop it.

I bought PES5 four times in total — on PS2, on PSP, on the original Xbox, and on PC.

Here in 2017 I’ll be playing on this laptop:

A 2014 Toshiba Satellite. 8GB RAM. Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Intel Core i7 CPU @ 2.40GHz.

I have it dual-screened and will be playing PES5 mainly on this:

— a 24″ Acer HD monitor.

Or, when I have time, I’ll be using this:

— to play on this:— a 32″ Samsung TV, from roughly 2011 or so. So old now that it doesn’t have all the Internet bells and whistles, but it’s a great gaming TV.

I’ll be playing

starting with this lot (team name edited to COVENTRY CITY):

— with the kits edited per season to something Sky Blue-like.

I’ll be starting out on PES5’s top difficulty level, the old-school PES equivalent of Superstar:

– in this Master League Division 1 and Division 2 environment:

— using this wired controller:

I know, using an Xbox360 for Windows controller to play PES5 is sacrilege… But it’ll do me until I can find the time to spend an hour to set up a PS3 controller using one of the several utilities available.

I’m using a random Option File that I grabbed in 2010-ish from PES Gaming or somewhere like that. The Option File is pre-Kitserver. It changes all team names to ‘proper’ names (no Manchester Red, etc.) and does a decent job of all the badges and kits too.

I’ve given lots of thought to a Certain Matter That Is Bound To Come Up, and decided that I will not offer any assistance in the procurement ofcopies of the PC version of PES5. I understand why the query may come, but it doesn’t have to be addressed by me. Anybody who has access to an Internet-enabled computer has all the advice and assistance they need right at their fingertips. If all else fails, there is always eBay and Amazon for the procurement of preowned copies.

And with all the set-up niceties out of the way, I throw my slipper at you.

Updated: 25th April 2017 — 10:27


  1. Glad to see you’ll be playing it patched. To not do so on the PC would be a bit like wearing hair shirt. Does it use KitServer, and if so will you fiddle with LoDMixer to improve the in game graphics? A modern laptop should lap it up.

  2. Chris99 – this is pre-kitserver (or if there is a kitserver-ed patch for it, I’m not using one). No bells and whistles needed for graphics. They’re great as they are. I will add these two items to this post now, as the post going to double up as an FAQ for me to link back to in the weeks and months to come.

    A modern laptop does indeed lap it up. My 2014 Toshiba runs PES5 with as much ease as it runs Notepad. I can have other applications (Fraps or equivalent) and browsers running and everything without a hiccup.

  3. Legit tearing up! Bringing Macco on when Espinas is tired, choosing who best to partner Castolo up front (the 38 year old Huygens usually did the best for me) And my beloved editing! Aaahhhhhh can’t wait to get involved!

  4. Mike – Castolo will have a prominent role in Tuesday’s post, is all I can say for now…

    I always loved Macco, even back in the day, and moreso now. The early slog with the Defaults in classic PES wasn’t that bad because there are only 8 teams in D2! I forgot how great that was. Never long to go to the next transfer window. Build up the Points, grab a single decent player… great stuff.

  5. All so simple and straightforward. Awesome. Look forward to the first match reports.

  6. nG – There is a discussion about a PES5 Exogenesis patch at that mentions KitServer, so it seems to have existed that far back. I didn’t start patching the PC version until PES6.

  7. I always thought of Huygens as ‘peter’. No idea why, I never named any others but he was my go to as well mike. Beautifully set up, like a hanging cross in the box waiting for a head, what could go wrong…

  8. In PES5 it’s Huylens-with-an-L, lads 🙂 twitch It was Huygens-with-a-G until PES2. I checked this on this interesting webpage.

    And the ridiculous crossing/heading mechanic in PES2017 is already costing me in PES5. My muscle memory keeps trying PES2017’s preposterous early press of the button, which gets you nothing in PES5, and rightly so.You have to wait until the ball is actually near the player’s head, instead of being able to press it when the ball is still 40 yards away.

  9. There is a 2016 patch for PES 5 as I had it applied on my copy.
    Uses kitserver. Pretty good too.

  10. Oh that betrays an old school player, I had no idea it had changed to ‘L’. I always pronounced it ‘H-wee-guns’ rather than ‘Hoy-gens’, no idea if that tallies with his nationality. Weirdly I don’t remember any of those iss pro defaults though

  11. Hamsun up front for me, a big man with a good teamwork stat so he links up play and gets in better positions than you would expect. Loving that default players website, it’s the PES3 and PES2012 line-ups which have me all misty eyed

  12. But look at the entry for PES2013 where the page declares that

    All players are renamed and don’t have any connections with the previous editions.

    Whereas it’s plain to every ML-lover that Castolis was an incarnation of the Castello/Castolo/Cinalton character. For one. There are several similar parallels.

  13. Uncle Turf I named him Glen! I have no idea why. And again I don’t recall naming any others.

  14. Franco Dodo, although after a few seasons the fans called him Frankie.

  15. In an acceptance of reduced time, more commitments and small boys taking over my machines to play Lego games (Lego worlds is very buggy if anyone was looking at it), I have had a clear out and am down to a core of mainly PS4 games (I accept now NG that it does have the breadth and quality). Plus of course my pes collection, shorn of 2016 and 17. I want a game to dip into regularly so despite my Werd-like flitty flotting around the list recently I’m planning on firing up an ml and seeing it through. Question is which do you recommend?

    I have 2008-2015.

    I barely remember 2008-10, I am clearer on MLS before that period – my pele, maradona, voller front three, hulking dmfs, etc.

    2011 shouts ‘ping pong’ to me in the outrageous ball physics as a cross flew into the stands yet I feel it was a classic.

    2012 was the classic, the year of the big man and I don’t intend to spoil that.

    2013 was insane and it broke for me quite early – minandinho and his 100 goal season, etc

    2014 oh how we laughed, then some of us re-evaluated it.

    2015 I left this very early as the downward spiral started. Did I miss a trick?

    I know I recently looked at FIFA 15 but really the hours of transfer dealings and massive seasons of potentially meaningless games – mid table is quite common for me on FIFA – work against it.

  16. Mike/Chris99 – I never gave names to any ML player, ever, or imagined them having lives outside of their ML world. This says more about me than anything else.

    Uncle Turf – what a tough, tough question. Given the overwhelming likelihood that whatever you pick you will play 2/3rds of a season or so and then drift away, the decision might not be as momentous as it seems. It might be best to eliminate games and see what you’re left with. I remember you playing a decent bit of 2010 a year or so ago, so that’s out. 2012 too for the reason you mentioned – you should never go home again. 2014, maybe you slaked that thirst last year. 2013 could be good too if you avoided having it break by playing a non-dev ML, but player development is one of ML’s core attractions, so I wouldn’t play that.

    2008 is still a painful memory, but might be a wildcard choice if you observe abbeyhill-like house rules in the transfer market.

    2009, one of the most under-appreciated PES games, is also possible. They beefed up the difficulty for that one. The wonder-dribble was eliminated.

    2011 of course for me is the PES That Got Away. I played 11 seasons but abandoned it, wrongly I now think.

    So I think it’s between 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2015.

    Now you whittle down from the shortlist. I think it’s between 2011 and 2015.

    If it was me and I didn’t have PES5 on the go, I’d be PES2011-ing it all the way, but only because of my history and the fact I played PES2015 to death.

  17. 2008 – shocking
    2009 – didn’t bother
    2010 – decent ML, boring gameplay
    2011 – hmm… some interesting elements, mostly a bit clunky
    2012 – absolute classic, best PES ever alongside PES3
    2013 – almost as good, if you can find a way of offsetting player development
    2014 – brilliant
    2015 – crap, one-paced uninteresting gameplay

    hope that helps

  18. I disagree with 4 of Simon Cowell/abbeyhill’s assessments there.

  19. 2011 was the one in my eyes. Some wonky physics but still the best previous/ current gen one in my opinion.

  20. NG – yes, I fear I may get around a season before I think; the graphics don’t cut it, this was a weak ml, I don’t like the fake names, etc. However, the mere fact I can’t recall why both you and Abbeyhill agree on 2008 being awful suggests I have some revisiting to do.

    I certainly have no roll of honour outside of 2012 and 2013. I remember players much better but have no idea of who I used as my team – likely newcastle rather than my post 2012 Gateshead – and why I stopped (before I came here ‘the treble’ had little significance). I did play quite a bit of bal as well so maybe one of them was the year of waiting. Does anyone still play bal??

    Seems quite straightforward in the light of your comments – start at 2008 and discover why it hurt.

  21. Uncle turf, you don’t remember the wonder dribble of 2008? I switched from pes5 to pes2008 thinking: next gen is here,this is going to be so much better! Not so much….

  22. Hear’s to you and the big PES 5 kick off n-G.

    As we seem to be doing this, here’s my PES summary since PS2…

    2008 – Oh dear.

    2009 – Loved this game and played it to death to the point that…

    2010 – …. I initially hated and didn’t get to grips with this one at all, despite the sexy nets. Finally gave it a second go and loved it, partly through stumbling across PES Chronicles.

    2011 – An upgrade on 2010 in that it have 360 movement didn’t it?

    2012 – A very bad start due to the central shooting issue which I absolutely HATED. This was resolved once you bought star players which isn’t how I like my ML.

    2013 – “Bootgate” distracted from what was and is an excellent PES. This was the start of the ease of transfers that has gone some way to derailing the ML we all know and love.

    2014 – Rushed out unfinished and faulty which was a shame because the patched version has a lot going for it. Shockingly bad loading times and poor ML experience.

    2015 – My last PES on PS3 and a very good one on the pitch. A refined PES 2014 system but by now the “heart” system and transfers had made playing ML the way we used to rather pointless. Sign who you want and a tactical side that is totally overridden by the Team Spirit element.

    If I were to go back and play one it would be PES 2015, only because I never played the PS4 version and the small detail that is my son having nicked my PS3 for his room.

    Paul – How’s FIFA 17 holding up?

  23. Nope. And until I recall it I can only assume you were not particularly skilled players back in the day…

    I’ve spoken before about how odd it is that I have owned all the iss/pes games, plus many more that I remember in all their glory or failure – actua soccer, this is football, Olympic soccer (Alan green commentary – seriously?!), etc etc yet while I have very clear memories of the early days of classics, defaults and the very short seasons, I have large blanks where the ps2 and PS3 come in. There is no logical reason for this – I was child free, gainfully employed, in my early 30s, not addicted to memory weakening substances…and yet nothing. Maybe I simply played more champ/football manager those years?

    Well at least it might be short. It gets fired up tonight while newcastle secure promotion.

  24. Wow, 2008 really is disliked by the small sample on here. And yet it doesn’t appear at the bottom of those lists, for what they are worth.

  25. Uncle Turf — how could you not remember PES2008, the worst PES game ever produced by some distance? It definitely is at the bottom of my list. It makes PES2016 look like Dwarf Fortress. Literally running circles around the opposition was only one of its major flaws (enjoy the frequent slowdown, and what I learned was called ‘v-sync tearing’). The wonder dribble won’t be apparent to you at first as at least that game stuck with the principle of the Defaults being rubbish.

  26. I could still get a lot of joy out of 2013 and I played that to absolute death. Must have started ML’s with at least 20 different teams.

  27. Well it’s in the machine….I’m turning it on…. and, hmm, there’s a patch. Could it have changed?

  28. Uncle Turf — there have been no patches since, no. It was patched many times throughout its year of existence, most in an effort to fix the many technical problems. I played it for many seasons at the time — most of the year in fact. ‘So it can’t be that bad then, jolly good…’ All the best.

  29. Ha ha, just read your tears of a clown post and Paul’s grumpy response.

  30. I’m going to abstain from the roll of honour primarily because I never played any of them on a console. I could give my PC top and bottom, but I don’t think it would help.

    nG – I thought you Christened Colin. Was it Paul then?

  31. Uncle Turf — that’s a different Paul, who sometimes called himself ‘Paww’. He does sound a bit like latter-day Paul, though…

    Chris99 — I for one would welcome a glimpse of a PC modder’s PES-by-PES ratings.

    I did not christen Coynborough, as I steadfastly called him. Possibly Paul or Uncle Turf did the baffling deed.

  32. No, wasn’t me, wasn’t it Abbeyhill? He has more affinity for the defaults than me, I try and jettison them before the end of the first season.

    Two games in, a hammering and a scoreless draw. I’m not seeing anything other than robust football, thumps and crashes. Very underpowered shooting? Certainly can’t dribble for long without being tackled (same was true for my exhibition warm ups). Attritional, aim for nil nil as all old school matches were. The transfer system is cack and where’s the training? No, I don’t remember much of this, yes the old league place allocation and the on field stuff seems familiar but the intro music was a surprise.

  33. Kaiser Chiefs intro music and video was amazing Turf. I remember installing PES2008 on PC and luxuriating in the intro several times, then watching a few AI v AI matches to defer the pleasure even further, absolutely certain that next gen PES was going to be the best thing ever….

    ‘Colin’ Coynborough was definitely Paul not me, I didn’t play with the guy until PES2014, when he was a pale shadow of his previous incantation. Actually if the Paul/Paww around then was a different one then I’d like to claim back the title of longest serving peschronicles commenter?

    Great shout on 2013, Mike. A fully licensed Spanish ML, including the stadiums, was an awesome experience

  34. Ahem… I can’t lay low any more. I confess. It was I who christened Colin Coynborough. There I said it.

  35. One of the greatest PES intros ever, inspiring and creative and exhilarating, beaten only by PES2 (We Will Rock You). I used to watch it all the way through each time I booted up the game. In that year I also played a crazy amount of seasons on the very different and vastly better PS2/PSP version of PES2008 (a proper old-school PS2-style game, PES7 in everything but name). So I probably played more seasons of the two versions of PES2008 than any other PES game except PES5, and saw the above intro hundreds of times.

    The PS3 version was the worst PES game ever. It’ll be interesting to see if Uncle Turf can do a PES2014-style redemption job on it. Especially when he discovers the wonder-dribble.

    Shed – now I remember, suddenly, just like that: you dunnit.

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