Now and Ten

Season 10 has had the most tepid opening of any season I can remember. Signing Buffon was probably the highlight.

Matches are fast and furious, fouls are few and far between, and goals also seem to be at a premium.

If it wasn’t for the still-plentiful headers from crosses and corners, I’d only have scored a couple of goals all season.

I’ll never, ever stop going on about fouls in PES nowadays.

I’m continuously astounded, at the end of a 10-minute match with zero fouls in it, that this kind of thing is allowed. Konami would say to me in return: ‘So how come you’re starting your 10th season of Master League? Hey? Hey?‘ To which I would just have to comically splutter.

After my transfer window wheeler-dealering I was left with this Treble-challenging squad of 26:

(Image altered to show the three players that wouldn’t fit onto a single 23-man screenshot.)

Quite a few Youths in there.They’re here to play when my real players are knackered. Getting Youths in the final season is mostly pointless. This is definitely the final season.

I’ve been racking my brains trying to come up with a nickname for C BACCA, but it just won’t come. I’m all out of ideas.

I’ve got off to a good start in the Champions League:

Played two, won two. I believe I will qualify for the knockouts in the Champions League for the first time in PES2017.

3 of my 4 goals so far have been, you guessed it, headers from crosses. The headers where you press Shoot almost as soon as the crosser has kicked the ball, when the ball is still 30+ yards away from the would-be header. I still cannot get over the fact that this mechanic is an actual thing. Why hasn’t it been patched out of the game?

In the league it’s another unbeaten start, but again those stubborn draws are mounting up – and look at my pitiful 4 goals in 5:

Season 10, let’s get it done.

Isn’t it nice to be finishing PES2017 as March finishes? That’s a heck of a good run for any PES. Fouls or no-fouls.

Updated: 23rd March 2017 — 23:37


  1. You should be wiping the floor this season.
    I won the quadruple on Superstar with a team much lower rated than you have there.

    by season 5 or 6, transfers in PES are null and void as its impossible to sign any big name players as they want 100mil plus for them, and out of the rest, there’s hardly anyone better than what you already have as your own players develop so rapidly.

    Its about now we start to hear murmurings of the next PES, all I will be looking for is the word ‘fouls’ !!!!!!

    As for a nickname for C Bacca …. im assuming thats a tongue in cheek comment as it obviously lends itself to something very obvious!!

  2. Paul – related to last comments thread, there’s still a hardcore playing Warhawk on PS3. I just watched a YouTube vid of a match. Looks too fast and frantic for me these days, but it was a huge deal in 2007 on the PS3.

    Re C BACCA, I’ve been racking my brains for a nickname, but I just cannot come up with one. Tobacco-chewer? Something like that? Maybe it’ll come to me.

    PES2018 will have the same fouling environment as PES2017. As far as I am aware nobody mentions it on the forums, apart from a token few posts here and there. It’s not something that’s going to change because it is what the current customer base wants. And I hold to my view that it is 100% deliberate on Konami’s part, not a mere programming failure of any kind.

    PES2017 just won’t roll over for me, but I like that.

  3. Tobacco Chewer, nope, struggling to think of a name either!!!

    If Konami do NOT change the fouls issue for 2018, then I wont buy it, cant be doing with that again.

    Just checked and Warhawk is available on the PSNow service on PS4 – definitely gonna play a bit of that this weekend!

  4. that’s a good point you make on the previous thread Paul – to blame the rise of online gaming for the demise of Master League ignores the fact that FIFA have massively improved their offline offering in the same environment, even if the gameplay isn’t to everyone’s tastes

  5. I don’t think there’s any contradiction there and no case to be made. This is straightforwardly a case of two different companies making different strategic decisions for their products within a particular marketplace. PES needed to survive at a critical juncture and its creators decided to streamline and fit it for online play, and also chose to transform the single-player experience in that light. The alternative scenario is that the development team have spent three editions of the game (four if you include PES2014) failing to get to grips with the most basic programming that game developers do. It doesn’t seem at all credible that this could ever be the case. When it comes to the fouls issue in nuPES, there can only be one reasonable judgement as to what’s behind it. The balance is overwhelmingly in favour of Konami’s deliberate choice rather than their continued cock-up. If this was a court case and I was the prosecuting counsel, I would be sauntering back and forth in front of the jury box right about now.

  6. My counter-argument to that NG would be that within PES, it’s only the human player that is handicapped with never getting any fouls.
    I can be hacked, pushed,m tripped, barged, assaulted in the box, and I would never be given a penalty, similar blatant fouls all over the pitch result in the same, no free kick, or very rarely a free kick.

    If i was to perform the same types of challenges on the COM, then it would be given, id concede FK’s, penalties, have yellow and red cards.
    Only cocking up the logic for the human player doesn’t make any sense, and I stand by the case that Konami didnt sit down and say ‘right, online gamers are morons, they like pinball style football, lets change our game, and ignore basic rules of the sport, to create a non-stop frantic paced game’ which is what you are implying.

    I simply believe no proper play testing was done, as any pre-release playing is done by journos and public playing their mates, with limited time on the game, and the collision detection and code logic that triggers a foul or no foul event isn’t correct, by the time the game was released, it was too big a change to patch out without affecting other stuff. So they left/ignored it.

  7. Chew-Bacca —- the wookie?

  8. werd – you are literally the werd.

    Paul – your scenario could happen – once. But not three times in a row. At that point, the only reasonable judgement is that it’s a conscious choice, IMO. I’m not sure who it was but somebody in the Konami PR team was quoted on EvoWeb round the time of PES2015 as stating ‘fouls impede gameplay’. That says it all.

  9. And you believe everything you read on a PES forum?? surely not!!
    we will never know what the true scenario is, but either way, it stinks!!!

  10. not-Greg – sure, don’t disagree with that, I wasn’t really taking a side on the Konami deliberate choice v cock-up debate. It was more a disagreement with the ‘horrible online gamers have spoilt things for the rest of us’ narrative when there are still so many amazing single player experiences available (albeit not in PES)

  11. Holy tits that’s some kind of squad you got there Not-Greg.Champs League should be yours for the taking I reckon.
    It goes without saying that I interrupted my self-imposed break to sneak in a match. Surprise – it was against my own team Arsenal! Great, I thought to see all those old face and players I molded into what they are now. Alas – it was a horrible shit match. To top it off, NO mention at all of me being their old manager or some of my current players having played there…nothing. As if the first few seasons at Arsenal never happened. So, so poor. It ended 1-1 in a “thrilling” match where I had 17 shots on goal and Arsenal….can you guess? One. My former trusty winger Matthiessen hacked me down inside my own box (no foul given of course) and was free to slot it in. I will win the return of course. But moments like this really show where PES is lacking so much.

  12. #1 – I dont mean to keep banging FIFA’s drum, or promote a PES vs FIFA thing, but its these types of things you mention that always let PES down so much.

    I’m Playing as Liverpool in my FIFA career, I sold Origi to Sunderland. Before the match I had a press conference, where I simply chose to ‘Motivate’ my own team.
    During the match the commentary mentioned that Origi would be wanting to prove himself in this game against his former boss and team mates and that Liverpool would also be fired up after their manager gave a confident rousing press conference yesterday.

    We won 3-1, Origi didnt score, the commentary mentioned at the end of the match about how now the game was over, friendships built during Origi’s time with Liverpool could be restored now that the players had done their bit in the battle on the pitch.

    It gives a sense of immersion, that its an actual football world you are contained within.

    PES feels hollow, shallow, empty, like nothing matters, the commentary in PES is worst than its ever been.

  13. Paul – that is true, which is why I will either be revisiting fifa 15 after concluding business with pes or getting fifa 17. The thing with pes and fifa for me is that mostly what one does well the other doesn’t and vice versa, or at least it used to be that way in the past. A deterrent for me is that traditionally in fifa the eredivisie is represented even worse than in pes but we’ll see.
    Oh yeah, about the commentary – it is indeed the worst ever in this year’s pes. Even pes 5’s was better, and I’m not being hyperbolic for the sake of argument. Saying my aforementioned match was “very much in the balance” and “a back and forth affair” with me having 70 percent possession and 17 shots versus the cpus 1. I can’t remember the commentary grating so much, ever before. Makes me want to strangle the commentary team on many a occasion.

  14. That episode of the simpsons where they try and indoctrinate homer into ‘the leader’ cult and have to resort to humming the batman theme…Werd, you are priceless.

  15. C. Bacca… Nope, out of ideas I am.

  16. abbeyhill – I’d recast that as ‘horrible football game developerss who wish to please online gamers first and foremost have spoilt things for the rest of us’. I don’t blame the online gamers (not that they’re able to read this).

  17. Charity shield in the bag, my new line up features bale (a bargain at 20m), embolo and delle Ali. There is no one in the game above 91 and that’s a declining Lionel Messi. I have set myself up for a mammoth season five though by accepting a national job – England, Egypt, Tunisia and Germany wanted me but the quality and age of their players didn’t convince. The chance to take Argentina through qualification did though.

  18. nice work Turf, sounds like an epic season ahead, although this edition of PES is not perfect it has still given a few of us on here a lot of mileage

    not-Greg – I was wondering if your formation of 5 90+ OVR players up front is contributing to the fast & furious nature of the matches and lack of goals? Not a PES that rewards quick passing and turning up front, you might be better playing everyone a bit deeper so they can charge forward into space rather than being instantly shut down? Although my favourite 4-5-1 sounds a depressing formation there are always loads of chances

  19. All right, here goes. Isn’t it lovely nG that now the clocks are going forward an hour, we get an extra hour of sunlight in the day?

  20. abbeyhill – I think overall PES2017 has provided me with a good single-player experience. Not in the top rank of PES/ML experiences, but not right at the bottom either. Lower-middle for me. As ever I expect more of PES. I’ve played enough matches of PES2017 to know what it’s missing. With just one change – the re-introduction of numerous, constant fouls, by the AI and by the human player, to penalise playing all button-mashy and sprint-clampy – PES2017 would have been a top-5 PES.

    I will never go 4-5-1. Any more than I will ever believe it is currently Saturday. (Or now that it’s after midnight, it’s supposedly Sunday? What’s the completely made-up rule on this again?) My formation looks more top-heavy than it is and plays like a 4-4-2 in practice.

    Chris99 – there’s an extra hour of daylight in the same sense that I’d be in Paris if I were to paint over the WELCOME TO COVENTRY sign at the city limits with the words WELCOME TO PARIS and then get enough people to believe it. Aren’t these hidden-in-plain-sight belief systems wonderful? Just like religion, except so universal and accepted that they go unnoticed by all.

  21. not-Greg – You really should consider adding Kim Shin Wook to your roster and pairing him up front with C. Bacca. Then buy J. Prim and R. Propper to create another dynamic duo in central defense.

  22. Ha ha. It’s like catching mackerel, you just need the right bait. Maybe I’ll put them forward again in the autumn to make winter less dark and depressing. Or perhaps we should put the clocks forward 6 or 7 hours like Norway does to get 24 hour daylight.

  23. Chris99/NG – I think you’ve both got a little confused, we didn’t gain any daylight, what in fact happened is we lost an hour of darkness – Saturday was one hour darker than Sunday will be. There were still 24 hours in the day we just had 12 hours of night compared with today’s 11. I for one welcome the loss.

  24. Oh no, I swim joyfully toward the bait. I love the invitation to expose the Big Lie. The clocks-change is my biannual chance to shine a spotlight on the deepest, darkest recess of mass belief there is – our time-keeping and calendar systems are wholly invented conventions with no relation to reality. I’d say I’m available to take questions, but I know from experience it’d be all ‘so I can turn up for work at 10 tomorrow and tell my boss it’s all right, the clock isn’t real!!!’ It’s easy to imagine oneself free of the big religious collective belief systems, but there are bigger ones that’re so big you don’t even know they’re there. At 18:00 tonight, alter all your timepieces to make them say it’s 23:00, and try to imagine it’s really 11 o’clock at night. You won’t be able to. Why? Because you’ll be fully aware that nobody else believes it.

  25. Little one got his karate purple belt this morning. Unbelievably this site earned me some “awesome dad points” last weekend. We were in Game and my youngest was looking for a game but couldn’t find it. When I asked what it was like he said it was like football but not really. After a pause I said “Are there cars in it?”. The beaming response was “yes!”, so I replied “That will be Rocket League then”. Apparently it’s big in school at the moment.

  26. Well done small99, I was at a judo red belt presentation last week and really hope he sticks at it, so much nicer than some of the idiocy I see at junior football.

  27. Finshed top of Serie B with Parma. Won the league by 3 points with Pisa and Hellas hot on my heels. Had a wassive clearout and picked myself as fave player. My Puscas(romanian not Hungarian) topped the scoring charts but withered last 7-8 matches.
    Bernardo Silva from Monaco on loan for most of the season was a big help. Signed him on a full contract along with Schwarzer and Cannavaro regens!

    #1 – dont know if you remember Vonlanthen Swiss/Colombian played for Roda? in PES 5/6. I loved the way the commentator said his name and he was a speed merchant so I recreated him as a LWF. Along with Yukio Mishima for the hell of it 🙂

  28. Werd – I do! Bald guy if I’m not mistaken. Think he played for PSV at one time as well…

  29. #1 – thought you would. I transferred him to my Feyenoord team and slightly pimped his stats. I edited over Boateng with him in PES 2017.

    Perusing the other leagues as I do I noticed. PSV romped the Eredivisie with Romario as golden boot, PSG was 20 points ahead in Ligue 1 even though I nerfed them before starting. Arsenal pipped Rangers to the BPL title by one point, I also noticed I hadnt edited the Spanish leagues…must be losing my touch.

  30. I’ve curiously lost interest again. Not sure if it’s the prospect of 70 odd matches to complete the season, the ease of winning the title/cl or the way I simply signed one of the worlds best players showing how little is required in squad building nowadays. I think it’s more the latter – that feeling of needing a negotiation to come off so you have at least one decent player in your season one squad, maybe getting up to five or six by season three, has just gone. You can sign pretty much anyone based on profits from selling youth teamers but even when you do they might be no different to everyone else you have. Some of those online matches must be laughable, it will be two identical teams simply sprinting towards each other.

  31. Turf – Transfers in ML are pretty much null/void/pointless from season 3 on …..
    the whole thing of playing 38-50 matches a season, including cup games, where you dont even need to sign anyone, and even if you win the league you dont even see a trophy just brings the process tumbling down, theres no allure/reward.

  32. Unce Turf — I do agree, the joy of squad-building was the absolute heart and spine of ML, and it’s been pretty much gone since… PES2013 or so? PES2014, maybe, although that game’s finances were pleasingly tight, which made up for it (I still had poor Defaults in Season 6ish, I recall). Ever since, there’s been a definite emphasis on shortening the ML experience.

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