Mr 15%

If it wasn’t for all those draws, I’d be out of sight by now at the top of this league.

Perhaps that’s the reason why I’ve had all the draws. The game keeping me in sight, keeping me honest, keeping me interested.

I should have won most of the 12 drawn matches, maybe even all of them. They were mostly matches with 15-to-20-plus shots on goal for me, but with either no goals or just the one goal to show. Wasteful finishing was undoubtedly part of the reason, but only goes so far as an explanation.

Anyway, with 6 matches now remaining, I hope to win the league title this season for the second time. The game always has the capacity to do a number on the human player, though. So we shall see.

I’m also in the Europa Cup quarter-finals. I will be doing my very utmost to win that trophy.

First because it’d make a most satisfying poor man’s domestic and European Double.

But second (and perhaps even more importantly) because I’ve rarely won the Europa Cup in PES since its first appearance in the series. This has always been the way with the UEFA Cup-type competition in PES. It’s only in one or two seasons that I qualify for it. The rest of the time I’m either outside the qualifying spots, or playing in the Champions League.

I’ve won quite a few WEFA Cups in PES down the years. Thinking back, I don’t specifically remember winning the Europa League since it arrived in PES, although instinct tells me I have done.

I’ve got Everton in the Europa Quarter Final – one of those falsely enticing all-domestic affairs that so often turn out to be plodding, sterile encounters, in PES and in real life. What’s the betting I’ll meet Everton in the league immediately before or after (or between).

I’ve been having some good sessions in the game over the past few days. Not great. The game only plays how I want it to approximately 15% of the time. ‘Playing how I want it to’ means fouls and free kicks in abundance. It also means a feeling that the players on the pitch are individuals, rather than more-or-less identical flies buzzing around a green rectangle.

That 15% figure has been plucked from the top to my head (or out of my ass, if you prefer). There’s nothing particularly rigorous or scientific about it.

How long has PES2017 got left? The fact it’s still going strong – and it is doing that – here in late February is very much to its credit, I think. They almost ripped the heart out of PES when they turned the focus toward online multiplayer. No-fouls is an abomination. No in-play injuries ditto.

But there’s still enough of a football game, and just enough of PES, left to have carried me through to here.

I’ll play the remainder of this season and at least 1 more season – Season 9 – for certain. I’ll see how I feel this time next season, a few from the end. There might be a Season 10, depending on the circumstances.

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  1. You’re doing well.
    I cant bring myself at present, to even finish season 7, the season im halfway through, in an attempt at the Quadruple.
    Its just such a no fouls, no free kicks, no penalties, no injuries, rinse and repeat sterile affair that when it comes to a few hours downtime of an evening, Id rather sit and watch a documentary about Nazi Super structures than be bothered to walk 3 feet from the couch to the PS4 to play PES.

    I WILL finish it, and soon, as season 7 and this quadruple hunt has to come to some closure, either way, whatever happens this will absolutely be my final season on PES 17.
    I always had it in my mind even from release day, that in March, I would start playing FIFA. and so be it.

  2. Paul – I do both; play and watch documentaries on the nazis (other historical documentaries available). Will you keep posting once you’re done with PES? Your kits have definitely enhanced my experience. I think I’m in season 8 or 9 (I’ll check) and don’t see an end in sight for myself yet!

    NG – reading your comment about your game when you signed only Warsaw Pact related players I remembered a Championship Manager game I had where I only signed players from countries where ISIS have a foothold – a kind of Refugee FC. I couldn’t for the life of me win the CL but did win PL once or twice. Team consisted of Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Egyptians, Pakistanis (Zesh Rehman) and later Nigerians. Had a few Algerians too! I wrote an in depth story on CM0102 forums about it!

    Instead of “big hair” only I might take a second tier Spanish side and sign only over 30s that are available on frees.

  3. Paul – well I just played my 1st leg Europa Cup QF, against Everton. I got the Burning Wall pre-match image, so the game must have decided to class it as a Rivals match, which to be fair it usually is when domestic teams meet in European competition, so that’s a nice touch I thought.

    The match itself, though – pure garbage. 1000mph, zero fouls (I committed 2, but only through really trying).

    Jay – ISIS has only been a thing for a few years, so you couldn’t have had them in mind when you played your concept CM0102 match (unless it was in the last few years). Did you mean Al Qaeda?

  4. Jay – will definitely keep posting, im sure NG wont mind a few FIFA related vids posted on here, nice to mix it up, between his forthcoming PES 5 shennanigans and FIFA it should make for some interesting discussions.

    NG – exactly, thats all too ‘the norm’. PES 17 on thge face is a very very good game, but under the top layer of facade, its crippled, always the same with every single PES game, offers so much, fails to deliver.

    Having said that and being so negative, it has been my most enjoyable PES game, gameplay wise, for some time, just a shame the basics ruin it once again.

  5. I keep trying to post and it isn’t letting me. Might be because I am including a link.

    But basically I do mean ISIS, NG. I play a patched CM0102 from ChampMan0102 website. They update the database and patch it for today’s competitions etc

    Was a really good career. The one I did before that I only signed Jewish players and israelis.

  6. Paul – when you do play Fifa let me know and I will post you the sliders again as there is a very good game waiting for you there. You will be impressed with the total club management as well. They have really invested in the career mode.

  7. Some Fifa goals. First one just for NG as I know he loves a team goal rather than one of those silly long range efforts:

  8. And this header which shows off the variety of goals you get this year with the new engine:-

  9. n-G – Good luck. I reckon you’re on for a second title there.

    Paul – It is an odd mix this year. I too enjoy the game but things like no fouls, the crap transfer system and lack of injuries do rather leave me flat at times. Still not sure whether my present season will be my last.

    Darryl – Blimey that footage looks slow. Is that because PES is still fast in comparison or have you implemented certain slider settings?

  10. Shed – yes sliders that make the game a much more slower measured game. This has always been my preference.

  11. Jay – I have a lovely patched up CM0102 game that I play some of every now and then.

    Shed – it’s since become a 4-point lead with 4 to play…

    Darryl – it’s the commentators’ and pundits’ disproportionate gushing over team goals that appals me… Great couple of goals there and the game does look really good. Why were you playing at home in your away strip?!

  12. A couple of random bits from a little post work session this evening.

    * My first champions league game was a hugely enjoyable 1-1 draw at Schalke. They battered me in first half and I got a scrappy own goal equaliser.

    * 2 1-0 wins away at newly promoted sides in the league, both horrible games

    * My second champions league game, a 5-0 hammering of Atletico Madrid at The San Siro! Featuring 2 firsts – The first time I can remember hitting the post in this entire career, and my first “goal from a shot on the run” apparently. Which I think says more about the style of football the game tries to cul de sac you into.

    Incidentally, that goal brought up 200 points, what are these points for? I’ve racked up loads but assume they’re for online buggery …..

  13. NG – I know it is your beef with the pundits I was just messing. As for the strip it was really the only alternative I had in that one particular game as the others clashed or slightly did. My eyesight is getting worse with age, so the kits have to be far apart and for some reason the away teams third kit was locked.

  14. Having one of those sessions when the every CPU player is stronger and faster than any of my players. This game is a fucking joke sometimes

  15. I finally got PES United to #1 in the club rankings at the end of Season 9 having beaten Barca in the CL final for a third consecutive title. As was always the idea I’ve moved on and the only offer on the table from a South American or Asian based team was from Rosario Central.

    I was expecting decent funds as, I think James said, the transfer and wage budgets increase when you move clubs. This wasn’t the case for me. They had £12m and £1.something m.

    I immediately released a few below 70s, accepted bids for two players which brought in £17m and freed up some wages too. As many managers would, I brought in some trusted heads: Abelli was my DM for 8 years at PES Utd and my vice captain, he’s followed me to Rosario, and I signed some players I had managed earlier in the game including two original Defaults Minanda and Jaric, whom I started with!

    For the first time in this ML Campaign I’ve signed some youths, Digne (72-LB) Salah (73-LW) and Bellarabi (74-RW) slot straight into my starting XI and a couple more sit on the bench. Additionally I’ve signed Manucho on a free to lead the line up top.

    As soon as I’ve won the South American treble I will move on to Asia!

  16. I like the story you’re creating there Jay. You’re like an Argentinian Harry Redknapp.

  17. Minanda started his career in Argentina well! If I am the Argentinian ‘Arry he’s my Niko Kranjcar!

  18. And a long ranger from this morning….

  19. Blimey Darryl, it really is a different game with those sliders. No one attempted to close you down after the free kick.

  20. Any tips on contract extensions?

    Is it possible to begin negotiations too early? A couple of players have ‘no intention’ of extending contracts, even though I play them regularly.

  21. I just repeatedly offer them new contracts. Most will accept sooner or later. You can offer anyone a contract unless they’ve just signed one

  22. Chris – in all honesty I rarely get that space (marking 75) and for once the CPU failed to close me down so it seemed perfect to have a crack.

  23. Jay – cheers. I’ll keep trying…

  24. Jay – now that’s a real concept ML – winning the Treble in every league! Should fill up the rest of the footy game year.

    Mike – the points you’ve been awarded are indeed for online shite. The way to avoid all that online-oriented shite popping up in the corner of your nice peaceful as-God-intended single-player screens is to go into the game’s Settings and prevent the game connecting to the Internet. It only stops the game connecting to online rubbish, not the PS4 as a whole. It’s in PES2017’s Settings. This also avoids real-life squad updates, which offends me on many levels, not least the implied assertion that there is a ‘real world’.

  25. I’ve also found to my horror that the game can only save TEN replays. For a next gen console in 2017 that’s pathetic.

  26. Jay – the huge wage budget after moving to another team was a bug. They’ve patched it out.

  27. Well that’s no fun! Fun. Fun.

    I joke; hopefully it’ll make the experience that much more rewarding!

  28. Fun?! *splutters*

  29. Mike – that does seem to be an absurd limitation, but I had no idea it was in place, and for a very good reason. On next-gen consoles there’s no real need for a save replay feature. You have the much better option of directly saving recordings of all your goals as video files. If you haven’t already, configure your Share settings to record the last 1 minute of action. The console is always recording. Then when you want to save a goal, press the share button and go to the menu and save it as a video file. If you like, enter the replay menu and capture the exact angle you want too. At this point, I know from experience of advising others on so-called technical matters, people sometimes pretend their heads are going to explode.

  30. Awesome, thanks NG

  31. NG – Id like to nominate another player for the Individuality label along Fellaini. Virgil Van Dijk. Having seen him live many times and on TV, he definitely has the feel and aesthetics of an individual. Recommend him as a defender for anyone!

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