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I’m firmly mid-table in Season 2 of PES2017, on Professional difficulty. After a brief rally that saw me nuzzling the outer edges of the top 6, I’m now 12 points off the top 6 with 10 matches left. That’s probably not enough time to haul myself into promotion contention. Even the most generous ML league table script would struggle to look away whistling while I hauled myself up from here:


I would pretend to be all ashamed and embarrassed about being mired in Division 2 on Professional – but pretending is all it’d be. I’m having much too good a time to be bovvered, really, about not measuring up to some notional yardstick of performance that I don’t subscribe to anyway.

Master League players do not compete with each other. I also don’t think they play to ‘beat the game’. They’re in it for the self-contained experience – for the journey, if I may say so. Nobody walks the road with you. The whole point of walking this road is that there’s nobody else there to spoil the fun. It’s just something for you, and you alone, and that is its glory.

It’s time to talk about long-rangers in PES2017 – or their absence, by and large.

Since day 1 of PES2017, I have scored two goals that could be classed as long-rangers. There was this one by Hettich, which earned him the accolade of My Favourite Player, until I sold him not long after.

I don’t regard that goal as a true long-ranger, on account of its placement in the net. The kind of long-ranger I am talking about is struck from 30-40 yards and rockets into the postage stamp corner of the net, preferably cannoning off the underside of the bar or the side of the post. Or even, in the best cases, the underside of the bar and the side of the post. Netting a thundering, blasting shot from decent range is one of the principal joys of Pro Evo, and of life.

So far, I have yet to score one of these in PES2017.

This isn’t a moan. I’m not paranoid that there are no long-range goals in PES2017. I have seen examples. (So please don’t post any stray videos you’ve come across in forums. I’ve probably seen them already. Although I am interested in your own.)

The forums opine, based on scanty evidence as usual, that long-range shooting is reserved for the top-rated players. This makes no sense given the abundance of long-range goals throughout the lower divisions of ‘real life’, but it is just the kind of thing that PES Productions are capable of doing.

Long-range goals were too common in PES2016. I thought the balance was just right in PES2015 (the most underrated PES game since PES2009, or even arguably since PES4).

Maybe the keepers are the key in PES2017. They’re the best PES keepers we have ever seen, of that there’s no doubt.

Here’s the other quasi-long-ranger I mentioned. I scored this just yesterday. It’s an interesting one, as it’s a bit of a daisycutter that appears to fool an unsighted keeper from a diagonal distance of 25+ yards:


Updated: 21st October 2016 — 11:11


  1. NG – no long rangers from me neither. A combination of the following:-

    – Keepers way to agile
    – Long range shots seem to floaty
    – The pressing nature of this game makes it difficult to create any sort of space to get them away.

  2. I have also been struggling with long-range strikes. I can get some superb power in the shots, but most are too central and end up safely in the ‘keepers midriff. I’m trying to train myself to pull left or right (or up and down, as you look at it) but my natural method is to not pull it too much. The goalkeepers will save most attempts regardless. I feel I’m getting closer, but still a million miles away at the same time.

    One thing I read somewhere is that to execute a long range drive you should be pressing R2, which I’ve never tried as I naturally assume pressing the finesse but will take all the power out of a shot. Having the long range drive perk helps with this, but isn’t essential. Again, I’ll have to try and give this a go more often.

  3. My long shot attempts come mostly from rebounds. Balls that come from defenders after a cross, or similar. As far as i can remember i had one successful such shot. Most go wide or hit someone on the way. No video to show for it, though.

  4. Similar point in the journey, similar league situation, but not really having a great time. Perhaps it’s superstar but I’m finding it similar to 2014 in that I’m being muscled off any ball in the final third, winning none but the most brutal fouls and creating very little. And yet the season started so brightly with a good goal scoring run, Peter crouch seeming the answer to my prayers.

    Never mind, a true ml always saw promotion in season 3 so this is a building year, if I get a fair crack of the budget this time. I just wish I could score a few without the prospect of dropping a level.

  5. And that’s a good point by darryl, it is a very ‘pressy’ game in my experience.

  6. I was worried about a vanilla PES2014 situation, but unlike PES2014 I can score decent long-rangers on the PES2017 training pitch, which was impossible in vanilla PES2014. However, it takes a lot of work and persistence in training and only about 1 in 10 efforts is successful. Replace those training ground conditions (I typically play with all 11 players vs 4 AI players, sometimes no AI players except the keeper) with real-match conditions, and there’ll be maybe 1 such opportunity every couple of matches, so they’re going to remain rare I think.

    And yes, this is the most pressing-intensive AI since PES2011.

  7. First and third points that Darryl made, absolutely agree with.

    Have not scored a true long ranger either, have hit the bar from 30+ yds, and have scored a volley from 22 or so yds but no proper long rangers, the keepers are way too good this year, and there’s rarely ever an opportunity for a long shot as you are closed down way too quickly in the final third.

    Even attaining a player with high shooting stats, long range shot trait and good kicking power stats is pointless as he will never, or rarely ever get enough chances to actually get a shot away.

    I plan to edit every premier league teams tactics at the end of this season to make them more realistic and less pressure-aggressive.

  8. Tommy – cheers for the tip off, but one of my house rules that I chose to stick to is not to buy from clubs higher ranked in the rankings table, so unless I see Alli move to another team first, he may be a way off ever signing for my PES United.

    Having signed Lobato from the youths, I sold him as soon as an offer came in as he refused to sign a contract – £7.75m he went for. Pair that with the 3m I have been offered for my back up striker, I might consider buying Gallagher by tricking myself into thinking I have only paid ~4m ‘net’ on him!

    I do like signing Saints youth players after all and Olomola is doing well for me at RW.

  9. Paul – as was mentioned by someone before, my gut feeling is that they won’t carry through to your current ML save. I’m happy to be proved wrong though, mind.

  10. Paul – is it you that makes kits? If so could I make a request? I’ll happily return the favour

  11. Really Tommy? Damn, if that’s the case then no point really as Im 4 seasons in, here for the slog, not keen on starting a new ML.

    Jay – yes mate I dabble in kits, what you after?

  12. Tommy, on the skill training menu, we can see that in order to activate the Long Range Drive ability, you have o hold the “finesse” button. So, in order to make it happen you have to have a player with the skill, in position, and use the button.

    I do have such a player, but since he is a CF, it’s hard to create the situation and then remember i have to use the key.
    When a cf is running towards the goal at that distance, i’m normally trying to get distance with the sprint key. I’m too discoordinated to make everything fall into place.
    Might be better if he was a cmf coming on a rebound, or something. Hmm, this gave me an idea…

  13. Paul – I was thinking one kit that looks like can of Red Stripe(!) with the actual design of the can as the shirt, so a red sash with Red Stripe written in it in white. I imagine white shorts and socks with red trim would be best. And then for a second kit, identical design but with Boca colours – yellow in place of the red and for the socks, and dark blue in place of white. My club crest is the PES logo ()

    No worries if too much of an effort and thanks a lot if you fancy it!

  14. Jay – ok mate leave it with me, I’m away most of the weekend but will get something to you asap ok. are you @falselibero on twitter?

  15. @TheFalseLibero yeah 🙂

    Thanks a lot – and no rush!

  16. Finesse button for the long range drive skill is news to me and, as Paul remarks, is counter-intuitive to how PES traditionally is. But I do remember that year (2012) when they altered the finesse thing itself by only representing finesse when it was pressed after shoot… so I will try this new fangled thing. However… long-range shooting shouldn’t be limited to long-range drive (LRD) skilled players. This R2 business is, I hope, for the execution of the LRD skill only, not for long-range shooting in general. Please tell me Konami haven’t restricted long-range shooting to those players with the formal LRD skill….

  17. I would also hope that any kick from any distance has some chance of hitting the goal.

  18. It’s still possible for players without that particular skill card from what I read earlier, the card just makes it easier. I don’t have anyone with the LRD skill. I had a few attempts in my last few matches, but even from range, my players just want to turn their body sideways and go for more of a curling strike. More practice needed.

  19. Jay – Home kit done…. away to follow over weekend. Hope its ok

    View post on imgur.com

  20. Old Premier League badge, I’m docking you a point Paul 😉

  21. Haha noticed that after I rendered it Tommy. It’s only an armband and I was itching to get out of work. Lol

  22. In my new “house rules” ML career with Wolves, I broke the bank (and, within six months of the first season, my own code of transfer conduct) to sign Walace, a Brazilian DMF with the Long Range Drive, Knuckle Shot and First-time Shot skills. I know that I could have picked up a more suitable anchor man for half the price, but hey – those long shots from clearances and lay-offs are an absolute joy.

    Best long shot so far for me was a screamer from a centre-back, Reece Oxford. I tackled an opposing striker on the halfway line, side-stepped a lazy challenge and suddenly – and rarely, for PES 2017 – found acres of space ahead of me in the centre of the park. Around thirty yards out, I just cracked it for the sheer hell of it, and grinned from ear to ear as it curled just inside the top-right corner.

    In general, though, I’m finding that long shots while a player is actually running with the ball rarely find the net, even if you hit that “sweet spot” with their stride pattern and stronger foot. However, if you can set up situations where they run onto the ball, ideally hitting it first time, the results can be spectacular. I think the trick is to add a *little* bit more power than feels right.

  23. Paul – it looks ace in play but PSN is undergoing maintenance and stops my from sharing. I will keep trying 🙂 thanks again

  24. Wow, that strip takes me back to sweaty nightclubs and the smell of Lynx in the 90s.

  25. If that isn’t what you want from a kit I don’t know what is haha

  26. Finished season two in 9th; 19/14/13 gave me 71 points (95 won the league – that’s a big haul in my world). Only 37 goals conceded but a mere 45 scored. Sadly it was a loanee – origi – who came good for me. I’m in serious trouble if I don’t get a decent budget as I will not have enough players to form a minimum squad.

  27. James – I’m finding that with the first-time shots as well, they really feel satisfying. In this aspect PES2017 is like PES4 (PES4 has now had two rare mentions from me!) where first time distance shots were a bit of an exploit, truth be told. I had Michel Platini and George Best in that ML – in an era when individuality really meant something, and thus having Platini & Best really meant something – and they just kept racking up the first-time goals.

    Jay – that kit isn’t as bad as is being made out. Maybe it’s because I never did the Red Bull thing.

    Uncle Turf – did you put aside a separate save file from the start or midway point of the season? Although I imagine if you do get a Game Over or something similar you’ll want to start again.

  28. It’s Red Stripe not Red Bull and it is beautiful!

    Here it is beating Liverpool in the second round of the Cup!

  29. I never did the Red Stripe thing either. I gave up lager in 1989. Drank Brew XI, or any bitter (do people still drink bitter?), and then moved onto Guinness sometime in the late 90s. I don’t drink at all these days. As soon as the stonking all-day hangovers started happening in my late 30s, drinking’s days were numbered for me.

  30. Take a look at @loydpay’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/loydpay/status/789621144504635393?s=09

    Really going to struggle next season as I only have a squad of 18 players. Thinks it’s a case of too much to early. Fought hard for it though, lots of tactical changes game by game, man marking teams danger men and hanging on for those 1-0 wins. Onwards.

  31. Actually NG I miscounted – it doesn’t let you go below 16 own players even if you have a dozen loanees and with my youthies I had exactly that. Meant I couldn’t sell anyone but I got 4m for wages and immediately added origi and depay to my staff. Ridiculous to have them I know but they’re aren’t so far ahead of the pack and I’ll need them to get anywhere. No house rules on superstar for me, I’m just not good enough at scoring. I was really wary of keeping back money as I got a screen at the end of the month saying ‘well done, here’s 2 million’ and then when I got to the end of season a week later it said ‘well done here’s 4’ – seems to me like they’ve got this bit broken and would fully expect a screen at the start of season 3 saying “well done we are taking it back”. Too late as I also bought the permanently transfer listed lamela from Spurs.

    Not a bad starting eleven I think but once the AI gets going I’m actually losing in the possession battle now. If not season three it could be a rock n goal years; carasso, Samuel, alves, mbabu, Tiago, keita, lamela, depay, Bernardo, crouch and origi.

  32. Did noticed something yesterday. I’ve picked up countless knocks from cpu challenges during a game that have amounted to nothing, they just come back on the pitch with no ill-effects. The one time I sub a played who was off the pitch with a knock (Alli), the commentary told me he was injured and was subsequently out for 8 weeks. Perhaps just a coincidence, but interested to know if anyone else has had the same thing. Add that to T. Henry who is in the middle of another 12 week absence, and for the first time my squad is feeling a little threadbare. Luckily Rashford is a very capable understudy and probably the best all-round striker I’ve played with so far in the game.

  33. Currently lying second behind Chelsea with 14 games left. I did have a sobering thought last night. As the on-line clowns have been saying that crossing and heading is overpowered, what would happen if they nerfed it in a patch? I would be screwed as it would take away a good percentage of my goals.

  34. Darryl – it is overpowered, and is my go-to goal in a pinch. However I’m more than happy with that as it feels more realistic to be pumping balls into the box in search of a goal instead of my go-to goals from PES 15 + 16. Also I’ve found that as my players are developing and I’m getting better at the game, I’m using it less an less in favour of different types of goal. It’s very much a mixed bag at the moment and I’m very pleased with that.

  35. The variety in goals really is good. Also from the CPU. I played brighton (I think it was) and they kept trying from long range for some reason. Fulham, constantly harassing and trying to catch me on the break (they did). Wolves – pumping crosses into the box. I like it! Though like I mentioned before, as far as I can see only the English leagues have gotten this treatment. In the eredivisie it’s press a little, constant midfield battles and then try.. Something. Over and over and over.

    Something else I read :anfield will be added to the game in November. Has anyone ever played in one of the “official” stadiums (Camp nou) in an ML and if so, does it really add to the atmosphere (chants and the like) or is it purely cosmetic?

  36. #1 – the samey cpu goals in pes 15 drove me mad! I played in camp nou in exhibition last week against a mate, and it does have that little bit extra in terms of atmosphere compared to the other stadia.

  37. Tommy – that’s what completely turned me off to 15.only played that for a few weeks, I even played 2008 longer than that! Good to hear about the stadiums BTW. Shame there are so little at the moment.

  38. Hey guys, really been enjoying this blog, think I’ve read every post thus far. First time PES player after growing tired of FIFA and I’m glad I made the switch. I’ve only made 3 shots from outside the box this year and while they might not be considered long rangers they were really satisfying. I play on manual shooting and didn’t know about the finesse shot long range drive skill til I saw the post today.

    First time using share factory/uploading a video to twitter so hopefully this works.

  39. Tommy – Injuries are a little odd in PES 2017, but I’m pretty sure I have it figured out now.

    – Players who pick up a knock and receive treatment on the sidelines will usually rejoin the match within five or six minutes of in-game time with no adverse effects.

    – If a player is receiving treatment when substituted, or if the match ends before he returns to the pitch, he automatically picks up an injury. The latter instance is a problem when the AI switches to its hyper-aggressive defensive or attacking states in the closing stages of matches where the referee’s guide dog is having a shocker. Fortunately, I don’t think you can have more than one player off the pitch at the same time.

    – Very occasionally, twice in the five seasons I’ve played so far, a player who leaves the pitch for a rub-down with the magic sponge will not return to the match. This doesn’t lead to an automatic match stop or onscreen notification. You actually have to listen out for a line from the commentary team. Or, as was the case with me in one instance, visit the tactics screen to find out why someone has completely disappeared for fifteen minutes. At first, I thought it was a weird bug.

    – Random training injuries appear to be linked to squad size. If you have the full 32 squad members, it seems that you might get more of these. They’re still pretty rare, though.

    – Injury durations range from one week to four months. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that the Injury Resistance rating makes players any more or less susceptible to injuries. My only player with a 1 rating is Chamberlain, and he gets scythed down all the time without incident. Wickham and Loftus-Cheek (both 2), by contrast, have had half a dozen trips to the treatment table between them over the past season or so.

    For the record, I do not field players when they have either type of “down” arrow. These may make players more susceptible to injuries.

  40. Season three starts with a bang….0-0, 1-1, 0-0….if we were playing in the back garden you’d shut your curtains. Awful football.

  41. James – Cheers, I’ll bear that info in mind!

  42. Well, that’s my lad’s Christmas present taken care of. Smyths had a PS4 with two controllers and FIFA 17 for £259. As Lloyd would say BOOOOM!

  43. Chris99 – obviously it will need to be thoroughly tested before the day to make sure it isn’t d.o.a. I’d be booking a week off work.

    Underwhelmed by the Nintendo reveal.

  44. Not too sure I’d get away with that. We even had a choice of colour for the second controller.

  45. My lad, not a euphemism, has just pointed out that the bundle cost £249 not £259.

    Are there different levels of PS4 membership like with the Xbox?

  46. Just hit a little bit of doldrums myself – closing in on the end of Season 2, will definitely not get near promotion now, and the fouls have dried up almost completely. I tried the R2 Long Range Drive quite a bit this morning. It’s not my idea of long-range shooting. My idea is more a ruler-straight cannonball, Bobby Charlton style, with curve and dip, yes, but the predominant feature being power. The LRD skill in PES2017 is a placed curling shot from distance, which is what we’d expect R2 to do. So long-range shooting hasn’t been bounced into the LRD skill, I hope.

    Individuality is also annoying me at the moment, or rather the lack of it. We really have got 3 or 4 types, a la FIFA. A big CF/CB type, a nippy AMF type, an industrious full-back type, etc. Watching Shaqiri do his poor man’s Georghe Hagi impression on MOTD just now, it struck me: what would be the point of getting Shaqiri (or Hagi) in PES (or FIFA) nowadays? How would he be different from any other nippy AMF type? This near-elimination of individuality in new PES is a greater disappointment in its own way than any other issue, including the fouls one.

  47. Kyle – hello and thanks for your comment – and those are 3 great goals, each one better than the last. Very encouraging for us long-range shooting fans.

  48. NG – You definitely need to either hit an incoming ball first-time or to tap a ball ahead to get that holy trajectory on the strike. And, playing on Superstar, the latter instance happens once or twice per season. As I have a fairly pitiful success rate with standard free kicks anything more than 25m from goal, I’ve taken to sliding the ball to Walace to blast it. I don’t care if it goes in – it just feels *right*.

    I was thinking about the individuality issue earlier, and there are other archetypes that become apparent over time. At the moment, I’m really enjoying Loftus-Cheek in midfield: tall, not particularly fast, fairly skillful, but surprisingly powerful and good in the air. He can’t move like Halilovic (the very model of the nippy AMF) ahead of him, but this informs my style of play whenever he’s in possession. And he’s absolutely distinct in comparison to Alli, my other main CMF. Alli’s built for driving runs, for the most part. Loftus-Cheek builds triangles. Knowing the Premiership team AI styles pretty well now, I can usually pick the player who will make the best contribution in my single CMF berth in any given fixture. (Unless it’s against Sunderland, who totally have my number no matter what I do.)

    I’m definitely finding that tall players seem to have more character than shorter players. Perhaps it’s an animation thing. The short guys scurry and slide and scrap, and I mostly find myself almost entirely unmoved by their industry. (Apart from Halilovic, who is a *godlike* playmaker.)

  49. A selection of Walace efforts that I’ve scored since your post yesterday. I’ve just finished a big project, so I’ve tried to address my usual all-work to no-work unease by playing PES 2017 obsessively. I know that you habitually, stubbornly refuse to buy anyone that your blog visitors recommend, but seriously: can’t you see how you *need* this man? 😉

    PES 2017's long shots are absolutely glorious. pic.twitter.com/3JKLByDasY— James Price (@_GamesPrice_) 23 October 2016

    For the avoidance of all doubt, a replay: this was one of those shots that follow an almost perfect trajectory. pic.twitter.com/CbE4dIKpQR— James Price (@_GamesPrice_) 23 October 2016

    The trick to really good long shots in PES 2017 is to strike the ball as you're running onto a pass. Walace is outstanding at these. pic.twitter.com/b1j3NRWLqE— James Price (@_GamesPrice_) 23 October 2016

    PES 2017 tells you that you need the RT/R2 modifier to strike these long shots. Not so. This is the general result with RT/R2. pic.twitter.com/XVyPXjqMSO— James Price (@_GamesPrice_) 23 October 2016

  50. NG – with regards to the modifier being restricted to players with Long Range Drive skill this is even more evidence of MyClub impacting and stripping away what is left of Master League (if it can still be called that). The reason being is that there are a few skills with special commands including the Long Range Drive. In MyClub there is a special agent to find players with each of those attributes/skills. Great so just strip away the Offline mode to accommodate this. Players will be able to do nowt at this rate until you unlock special players.

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