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Deco about to strike

My new CMF strikes the winning goal from the penalty spot in Game 1 of Season 10.

Pre-season 10 of PES2014. Before I even dreamed of Deco, first on the shopping list was a bloody reserve keeper.  After the last transfer window’s proper howler, it was the very least I could do. Then a quality midfielder – Deco popped up, and I got him. And a quality defender or two wouldn’t hurt either…. I’ve got enough strikers. Here’s the outcome of everything:

PES2014 season 10 starting squad

Wellington at CB is already proving himself. And that new reserve keeper, Barbera, is called Hanna in my head for obvious reasons.

But Deco is the headline acquisition. He’s a young super-Regen, of course. The super-Regens have now been around in my ML world for several seasons. Deco is 20 years old. At this stage it’s starting to seem less cheesy to get them, particularly when you factor in the difficulty that PES2014 is throwing my way on a regular basis. Going 1-0 down in this game is usually trouble.

So I’m happy that my squad now looks as a Season 10 Master League squad should. Quality from back to front. The defence only looks weaker in comparison to the strong midfield and very strong forward line. I should win things with this squad. In any other PES I’d have won something with what I already had for the last few seasons. Time to get some silverware on the shelf.

The only weak area, really and truly, is my subs’ bench. PES2014’s shortened and limited transfer window means I’ll have to look at strengthening that bench in mid-season. For now, this squad is the army I go into battle with. I like ’em.

Finally a bonus item — the highlights from my opening day 4-0 demolition of Bolton Wanderers. They finished just below me last season and were tough opponents, so this was a good win.

Idiosyncratic as ever, PES2014’s highlights engine decided we needed to see Robbie Keane’s goal 6 times from different angles. Maybe because it was a bit of a curiosity, to be fair (like the game itself). I’d raced Keane in from the wing and rather overdone the R1 tapping. The ball ran slightly ran away from him as I pressed shoot – resulting in a rather bizarre, ground-level, sliding scissors-kick.

I won the next game as well, to make it two wins out of two… I’m not saying anything. It’s like when a snooker player pots two reds and two blacks. Doesn’t mean a 147 is on the way.


  1. Deco is a master league regen from the past, I’ve had him pop up in the youth team a number of times, I’ve always taken him and ultimately always been more than comfortable with letting him go. Sorry to be sizest but pes is no place for a shorty in my book. Not with the volume of amfs around. I don’t actually think 2014 is an overly physical incarnation so he might be more at home here but it’s your Torres and Joaquín I’d be taking.

  2. nice squad not-Greg and that opening day demolition looked very promising. Still impressed that you can make a 4-1-3-2 work on PES these days as I usually find with 5 attacking players the AI can suffocate play and make it a horrible manic game, with no space to turn or run into. Different playing styles I guess

    Just downloading and reading the PES2014 manual for the first time, that low shot/bouncing header you can get by pressing triangle after shoot sounds potentially useful, anyone tried this?

  3. Hmm, I’d imagine given 2014s delayed/accurate input I’d be trying to bounce the header in five minutes after its gone over the bar.

  4. Uncle Turf – I had two more penalties in this morning’s session, both taken by Deco. Scored one, missed one. He’s not been great so far, but I’ve got many midfielders more or less on a par so he doesn’t stand out.

    abbeyhill – I’ve played with the shoot/triangle combo for shots (and they do indeed go low and hard), but never for headers. I think PES2014 would get in a right tizzy over that.

  5. Continuing to enjoy Fifa 16 and the more I play it the more it makes my mind up that the game was influenced by PES 2014 but with the usual Fifa slickness. A couple of factors really add to the experience:-

    Broadcast Camera – even though I liked the camera option in the past the angle made shooting difficult to master. This year it is so much better and is easily the best angle for variety of play.

    Off the ball dribbling – mastering the little feints and movements is a game changer and adds real authenticity to wing play.

    Game physicality – You see much more instances of opponents pulling your shirt and off the ball nudges. You use the left stick now to push into and hold of your openent and is easier to pull of than PES 2014. This is the area they have clearly stolen most from that game.

    Variety – so much more variety in play than Fifa games used to have in the past. Even on assisted settings this is the case.

    Defending – the defending is now back to being more like true tactical defending, which was what it was meant to be in Fifa 12 and is more about organising your defence and forcing your opponent into making mistakes and knowing when to make a challenge.

    So far there are only two areas I would like to still be improved. Player switching is still a problem. I played PES 2011 the other day and it was so much more smoother. The other is fouls as there are some but not enough.

  6. sounds great Darryl. I forget, are you playing it unpatched?

  7. Abbeyhill – I was originally but relented. Don’t believe what people say about the update as at first it seems a backwards step but the more you play it you realise they have got the balance just right.

  8. Yes abbeyhill I use to score loads thru triangle press after header.i am surprised that you haven’t used it so far.Even the shot n then triangle press is useful.practice it.
    Apparently pes 2016 has got a new patch and early reports r that scripting has been toned down a lot.I l give it a chance this week and report.these days I am playing dbc 2014 online.its fun.Only if you know how to play.Anyways pes 2016 with little scripting sounds promising lets see it l take a few days of online n offline play to know

  9. FA cup second round; Chelsea beaten 3-2, hazard booked, second was a penalty. A good test for where my team is at and I’m happy.

  10. Now it appears the script has changed, scoring goals not a problem, but the AI is going nuts – I score a hat trick, their guy gets 4. I think they’ve decided I’m going to be in a relegation dogfight no matter what.

  11. Uncle Turf — I’ll save the bulk of it for tomorrow’s post, but I think I’ve tripped an invisible threshold. I’m having many more multi-goal thrillers than I used to. It seems impossible to stop the AI scoring at times. You score, we score, you score sort of thing. This is the best period I’ve had with the game overall, but I agree there’s a definite ‘levelling-up’ effect by the AI.

  12. Ship steadied a little here, a solid 1-0 win v Chelsea (despite adding lewandowski to their near current squad they aren’t that good in my game) and a 2-2 draw away to man Utd (their equaliser being at least six minutes into the four minutes added time). I’m up to 16th and feel I’m going to start climbing away. Klose has been poor but as Kane is starting to play well I suspect this pes simply has a significant player adaptation period, the teamwork stat maybe, where they handle slightly below par for the first few months. I don’t have much choice but at the moment it’s Kane and welbeck starting, and that pair is really not top level compared with the 95s in the side above.

  13. I’m enjoying 2016 again in season 2 in Spanish division 2. I think this is the peak enjoyment period for this iteration of the game. I just had pirlo and a couple of other stars turn up in the youth team so now my first team has 5 16 year olds in it. This is a strange ml for sure but the game is pleasing in an arcade football kind of way.

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