Edin and volleyin

Season 4 of Master League on PES2016. I’m in the Premier League at last. I’m playing on Superstar, at last. And I think I’ve finally got past the stage of routinely doubting PES2016, at last.

The game’s not home and hosed yet by any means. If I was doing an end-of-year review right now, I’d still struggle to give it more than 8/10.

‘No fouls football’ is stupid and unforgivable. Defensively, the multipurpose slide tackle (combined with no fouls) promotes a relentless, churning, hurdy-gurdy gameplay that is often reminiscent of turn-of-the-century FIFA at its worst. To name just two of the game’s many issues.

But I have found myself playing the last few sessions just enjoying the things that feel right and proper, without thinking so much about things that are wrong.

I might even be believing that the October 29th update changed the gameplay slightly for the better.

I can’t be sure it’s not my step up to the Premier League and Superstar, but the game often feels slower and heavier. I’m noticing more midfield play, more individual battles, more of everything that I tend to regard as good and desirable in football gaming.

My first season in the top flight marks my permanent move to Superstar. I was braced for the worst, but it’s not going too badly. I think I’ve got my transfer signings right.

Here’s my First XI and complete Squad for the first half of the season at least:

PES2016 season 4 squad and First XI

I got Aimar and Marquez from the Youth team. That’s Schneiderlin sitting in my DMF hole, missus, with the captain’s armband on. Jese is a loan player with the Pinpoint Crossing trait. (I’m keen to road-test crossing and heading, which seems weak in PES2016.)

I did indeed sell on my great Youth keeper, Friedel. He was one of my heroes of PES2015. I’m looking for new heroes this year, so he had to go. Using the money he brought in — £5m, not bad — I got the experienced Cassio. My other Youth recruit, Weidenfeller, might turn out to be my long-term keeper this year, who knows.

The headline signing there is my £17,000,000 man, one Edin Dzeko. He’s 32 and in decline in this world now, and has already dropped a point of OPR in his short time with me, but he remains the big, skilful striker that he is in real life. I might only get one or two good seasons out of him, but they’ll be worth it, I hope.

He’s also something of a litmus test for PES2016’s player individuality. It’s a grim fact that too many players feel far too similar in this game, to me. You could swap nearly all of them around and I’d barely really notice.

I’m pretty satisfied with Dzeko up to this point. Only one goal so far, but he’s starting to gel with the team, and I’m starting to learn exactly what he can and can’t do. Such a refreshing change from the identikit strikers that PES2016 seems to throw up.

PES2016 season 4 rivals match hype

After a couple of indifferent opening matches, I met my big local rivals, Birmingham, in the Cup, and promptly lost.

PES2016 season 4 early results 2

Manchester City were almost unplayable and I did well to keep the score to 0-3. I also did well to hang on for a 1-1 against Liverpool.  At this stage I started to ‘get’ Superstar, and it felt just like slipping on a pair of comfortable old trainers.

PES2016 season 4 early results 1

The rest of my results… haven’t been at all bad. I’m holding my own in the Premier League. For now. I’ve already met a few of the top sides and sensed the gulf in quality that separates us. Mid-table is likely to be my final resting spot for the season. But wouldn’t it be good to get into Europe in my first season back in the big time?

PES2016 season 4 after 8


  1. Developed Odegaard up to 90ovr. Boom.

  2. Undefeated in 12 in the League and only Conceded 2 goals. Just drawn 0-0 with Chelsea, City and Arsenal. 14 points behind Chelsea.

  3. Since losing to liverpool ive played well – 10 games, 9 wins and a draw. 7-2 v swansea, 4-0s, 5-0s etc. Chelsea haven’t conceded a goal. Not a goal in 10 straight wins despite me buying their keeper. They are 11 points clear and clearly there’s no way of catching them.

    On a positive note my regens have enabled me to sell a few previous regens. Pizarro has gone, I doubt crouch will stay, eto’o and the spanish fella Aduriz? look good and Rio ferdinand is exceptional. I’m lining up to buy a mega star if I can get one. I think to win the league im going to have to hit top from day one and stay there. The pes catch up pegging variable is working heavily against me.

  4. Spoke too soon. Lost 1-0 to Hull.

    Scored this in the next game to make me feel better.

  5. Keeper should have had it….

  6. Just wondering how long the flashing red form arrows lasts? Giorza has had one for 4-5 games.

    Just in the jan tfr window, I remember seeing on here about players joining your team 6 months early… Just bagged ilori, bernat and salih ucan on frees – all straight in the team. Giorza and castledeine the only defaults left in the first 11

  7. Lloyd – that’s one hell of a demolition job on QPR in your compilation reel back there. That Malouda goal above is sumptuous. As ever the debate: scissors or bicycle kick? I’m a bicycle purist and so I say it was scissors…

    Pete – last year 4-5 games was about the limit for the glowing form arrow, but I’ve seen them for 10 games or so this year. Just noting as well the incredible turnover of players that’s possible in PES2016, and wondering what the implications are for bonding with an ML squad that’s perpetually changing.

    Uncle Turf – much like not wanting to know what goes on at the sausage factory, it’s probably best not to look too closely at the jiggery-pokery behind the ML league table. Here’s how I think it works: you have to take at least 4 points from your matches against the uber-team, and/or get your average OPR above a certain level (say 80-85?) – only then will the ML macro-script ‘allow’ you to keep pace with the leader(s) and/or overtake them. Your Chelsea (or whoever is up there next season) will start dropping points once the game deems you worthy of being a realistic competitor. Just my speculation, but I’d bet a lot of money there’s something like this working behind the scenes. It’s how I would design something like ML if I was in charge. I’m afraid the belief we all have of our own honest efforts accounting for some or all of our triumphs is probably just a pleasant fantasy. Which is why it’s probably best not to look too closely at ML. Or at anything, really.

  8. 17mil for Djeko….?!!???

    Mugged off mate!

  9. I believe bicycle should be perfectly vertical and a long sweeping motion of one foot coming up to the ball whereas scissors is on an angle and may be a shorter leg motion. I won’t attempt to discuss ‘the volley’.

    Had a quick look at who may regen shortly. Pirlo, lampard, ibrahimovic, some great names still going.

  10. NG – QPR are the whooping boys of this PL.

    Into CL quarters against A.Madrid. Cup Semi against the all conquering Chelsea. 3rd in the League, a massive 20 points behind Chelsea.

  11. NG – that is why I am enjoying Rory so much right now as the results come from your own skills and input, well you would like to think so but who’s to say that when you think you haven’t hit a straight shot it wasn’t the fact that you hadn’t moved the stick straight but was actually scripting at play. Best not think about it. Fantastic game though and by far the best game I have played on the PS4 so far. What a pity they released such a half job game when it first came out as I doubt it has that many playing it anymore. Kind of quite like that as it is my own little paradise. It is also nice to be playing a game with my own imposed media blackout and just learning everything myself. We forget that is what gaming is was all about. The internet has ruined it as well as everything else.

    I realised the other day at work I had not claimed my long service award so I think I am going to invest in a tv for the other room and as Mrs Darryl was asking what I wanted for Christmas I will ask her to get me a PS3 so that I can have a set up in each room.

  12. Uncle Turf – a much simpler definition of a bicycle kick is where the kicker’s back is parallel to the ground, or just off ‘true’ parallel by a trifling few degrees. Anything more turns the kick into a scissors kick no matter how long and sweeping the motion of the foot is. This means true bicycle kick goals are extremely rare events. Trevor Sinclair: bicycle kick. Wayne Rooney vs Man City: getting into the grey area and almost a full bicycle kick, but I’d say scissors kick. Benteke vs Man Utd: definite scissors kick. Lloyd’s Malouda goal above: scissors. I should be a special consultant for the dubious goals panel.

    The volley is very straightforward to define – any aerial ball that hasn’t bounced, i.e. has come directly off another player or part of the goalframe. Often confused with the half-volley, where the ball bounces on the pitch just beforehand. One of the great disappointments of recent PES games, incidentally, is where you’ll get an achievement notice for scoring with a volley, when it was a half-volley. A case of the Japanese developers showing that they’re not quite as up to speed here as they are in other areas, and to be absolutely fair, the volley/half-volley confusion is a widespread one in old Blighty too.

  13. Darryl – looking into my crystal ball, I see copies of PES2011 and PES2014 arriving shortly after your (re)new(ed) PS3. I also see a dangerous period of vacillation and still not settling, possibly leading to a continuation of your current unhappy football-game-free state. So pick one and go with it! I recommend PES2014, as the update servers are still live and will update it to the fully patched version, and also it’s the great unknown: a fascinating, one-of-a-kind game that represents an evolutionary branch of PES that’ll never be explored now. Probably the last ever football game where frequent stats-based unresponsiveness was an essential ingredient of the whole.

    If you go for PES2011 you’ll be stuck with the vanilla 1.0 version as the update servers were deactivated yonks ago. I backed up my entire PS3 hard drive to an external HDD because of this problem. (And no, I can’t copy out the update data from my PS3 or the external HDD. I’ve tried.)

  14. Yes, the volley mention was purely as I knew it was on your radar of PES errors. As a non rugby player I often wonder what the drop goal is classed as and if it has to be hit in a certain way to be legal. Is the ball touching the ground as it’s struck, is it on the rise from the ground or is it on the way to the ground?

    You are quite correct, the parallel idea negates the sweep of the leg. Either way I think what we’re both saying is that Lloyd can’t score bicycle kicks….no matter how often he tries…

  15. ….boom

  16. I rest my case. Boom.

  17. Now that’s a bicycle kick…

    I’ve only scored one in PES, during the lifetime of this blog too. Think it was on PES2009 or PES2010.

  18. I agree, that is a bicycle kick, and a great one. However, we have no evidence Lloyd was the team in red…

  19. Turf – very good lol.

    Starting to dislike Chelsea very much. Just knocked me out of the cup, still haven’t beaten then yet. Into CL Semis against PSG.

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