Calling in on FIFA15

I’m officially done with the PES2016 demo. There are many who’ll play it for hours every day from now until release. But for me, after 20-odd matches, it’s served its purpose. PES2016 will be a good game.

For the record, I did finally draw a few fouls. Two in the same match. After about 15 matches. As for the rest of the matches — there were NONE at all for me, and I only managed to foul the AI a pitiful handful of times, even when trying my best to.

The PES2016 fouls situation seems so strange that I’ve decided it must be just because it’s a demo. The matches in the demo are Exhibition matches — friendlies.

Refs let things go in friendlies. It’s got to be something like that. There’s no other reasonable explanation.

It isn’t possible that anybody on the PES development team actually thinks no-fouls football is a good idea. Is it? It’s not possible. Is it?

Whatever — a month from now, we shall see. All I’ll say now is that if this turns out to be the final fouling model for the full game, it’ll do well to last long. There’s a threshold of credibility that no football game can afford to drop beneath. A football game completely devoid of fouls and free kicks would be like one without corners and throw-ins. It couldn’t be taken seriously.

Yesterday morning I fired up FIFA15 for the first time in a while.

It was back in June when I last played this game — just one match, out of idle curiosity, that I recall switching off after failing to engage with.

I was still playing PES2015 at the time. Truly, when it comes to football gaming there is no mixing possible. You have to play one and not the other. There can be no ‘just popping onto the other game for a quick go’. It doesn’t happen, or if it does, it doesn’t happen for long.

This week I rediscovered my FIFA15 team — Coventry City, natch — sitting mid-table in the Premier League in April of Season 6 in Career Mode.

FIFA15 CM Season 6 after 34

Yes, that’s Season SIX.

It’s worth remembering that PES2015 wasn’t released until the end of November last year, over two months after FIFA15 made its appearance. In those two months I played over 5 seasons of Career Mode. And had a great time, mostly.

This blog was on its extended hiatus back then. If it had been going, I’d have been waxing lyrical about FIFA15.

FIFA15 CM Season 6 Squad

That’s not exactly a stellar lineup for a Season 6 team, is it? By PES2015 standards, that’s not even a starting Default team.

But I still know all the players. Jarstein in midfield is a Youth player whom I’ve nurtured and seen become a first-team regular over three seasons.

I played two matches. First on the difficulty that I found it set at, World Class.

Away to Arsenal, I lost 1-0 and didn’t really enjoy the match. The gameplay was much too pacy and frantic.

I was, of course, trying to play like PES, and trying to replicate my preferred PES moves. Most significantly, I was trying to hold sprint almost all the time when defending, and too often when attacking.

Second match, I bumped the difficulty down to Professional, and laid off sprint, and things were much better.

Home against Swansea — here is the first goal of the match, in a 1-minute clip featuring the preceding chunk of general gameplay:

In realtime, I was convinced that Swansea defender’s last-ditch sliding challenge was going to be a foul and penalty. But some hidden dice-roll of the game kept my player on his feet, and the ball was in the back of the net. Keeper should have saved it, but as I said last year in many comments over on Ultra Soccer Blog, the FIFA15 keepers are the best I’ve ever seen in a football game, and I stand by that to this day.

The second and final goal of the game is in this clip:

A very realistic punishment dished out on the breakaway against a Swansea team that was pushed all the way up looking for an equaliser.

Neither of the above goals would really happen on World Class difficulty or above, I think. I’m saying this because quite often when I talk about FIFA in a praising way, objections are lodged.  Snippets of video are dissected to highlight moments that fail to meet basic footballing standards — standards that PES itself also often fails to meet, but of course that’s different.

All in all a fine return to a fine game. I’m planning more FIFA15 sessions this week. It’s a long 4 weeks from now until PES2016.


  1. Werd – chocolate or lemon?

    I’m more of an elk man myself.

  2. had a couple of very good games on Rocket League last night, it seems to have been upgraded so there are now bangs, crashes and whizzing noises coming out of your controller! No fouls though, even when an opposition player quite literally destroyed me

  3. I remember buying FIFA and the the guy in game said ‘here try this’ and handed me a disc based demo of PES 3 in a cardboard sleeve, I had to pay 99p for it, but when i got home and tried it i couldn’t believe how lifelike and realistic it was.
    From that point on, PES was always my go to game.

    So no, I have never played PES 1 or 2, or the ISS series,

  4. My first PES/ISS was ISS deluxe on the SNES. Loved it after the robot like World cup Striker(great edit suite though) Then 1SS 2000 on the N64. Then a break from gaming due to a new relationship and back with PES 2 on the PS1. I came late to PES 3 (realtionship again)then 4,5,6,2008(PS2)religiously until 2009/10/11, slight break for baby with 12. 13(found Chronicles)14 on the PS3 and up to present day.
    I must have stopped buying mags so never experienced PES demos.

    Turf – Chuglat deffo.

    This rainy grey weather reminds me of late Oct PES release day. Wandering through the streets just before 9. hanging round rushing to get the next bus home to enjoy the Friday off with weekend ahead.
    Now I order online, wait for a phonecall from Mrs Werd, if it aint arrived by 12:00 I buy from Game then if it arrives from Amazon on the weekend just return it.

  5. still deliberating whether to go with shopto or not, been burned once an didn’t receive the game until 2 days after launch from them, had to buy another copy on the day, so once bitten, twice shy.

  6. werd – just the darkness at around 7.30/8.00pm now reminds me of PES, specifically of an August night in 2007 when I put the PS2 PES6 disc in my then-new (and back-compatible) PS3 and thought with glee of how soon I’d be playing the next-gen PES on it. It was just after 8pm and almost completely dark but I didn’t want to turn on the light.

    Paul – you always have blamed ShopTo, when it would have been a Royal Mail issue in your local area. As I quipped the other day you’re the only person I’ve ever heard of who’s ever not received a ShopTo delivery later than the day before official release. I have heard of another place – SimplyGames – that’s rumoured to be better than ShopTo, i.e. they’ll post the game the weekend before release as soon as their stock arrives. They’re not supposed to do that, by agreement with the publishers, so who knows how long it’ll last – if true. I’ve never used them myself and I’ve already preordered with ShopTo.

  7. NG/Paul – I have ordered from GAME and Amazon in the past. PES 2013 didnt arrive on time from Game but Bloodborne did. PES 2014 and 2015 came late from Amazon. I agree that Royal mail is hit and miss sometimes. I have Mrs Werd on Fallout/Pes 2016 droppage watch incase a stanby is needed. For the second year running no day off on PES day. I have the day after though.

    Love the dark nights approaching. Proper PES weather!

  8. I’m slightly sweating on Metal Gear Solid V, as its release date is Sep 1st and the day before is the August Bank Holiday. ShopTo are a wise lot and know why their customers use them, so hopefully they’ll dispatch the preceding Thursday, and it’ll land on the Friday.

    My anticipation levels of MGSV are way off the scale, greater than for any PES of recent years. This MGS looks like being the Game Of All Time, and any new MGS game anyway is like the Olympics, only appearing every 4 years or so (more like 5-6 years, but the point stands). So I have a lot of stored-up MGS energy that all comes out at once…

  9. I’ll probably just buy PES on the day, then i know i have it, in hand, i wouldn’t get to play it the night before anyway, so is a moot point having the game a day or so early.

    Never played any MGS titles before, had the steelbook edition of MGS 4, traded it in at Game about a year and half later having never even taken the cellophane wrapper off it.

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